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Warning: GUN PLAY, Smut

A/N: I gotcha Anon! My first time I wrote something like this and I’m so excited and nervous! I thought about both, knife and gun play and decided I want to do gun play a little bit more, I don’t know. I just saw the Joker with an awesome flashy gun in my mind and then some sexy things happened and yeah… Sorry I took so long and if it’s bad. School/Work is fucking me over.

Real life sucks. 

He grabbed your throat and pushed you against the wall, pressing his red lips against yours. You moaned, your fingers sliding up his biceps, grabbing them as you felt no air rushing through your lungs. He pushed his tongue into your mouth, dominating you for mere seconds before he broke the kiss, leaving you with want.

“On your knees.” His voice was deep and seductive, and you did what he said.

He pulled out his golden gun and you looked up, eyes big. Pointing it at you, just a few inches from your forehead, he grinned and flashed you his metal teeth. You gulped but trusted him enough to not to kill you. 

“What a little obedient thing you are.” You only nodded keenly.

His gun wandered a little bit down, touching for a second your nose, then moving closer to your lips, and you knew what he wanted. 

And it sent arousing shockwaves through naked your lower parts. 

“Be a good little thing and use your tongue.”

You closed your lips around the gun. It was cold and tasted like metal and gunpowder, something that strangely aroused you. Slowly, you sucked the loaded gun and made eye contact with the Joker, letting your tongue slide over the shaft while you kept your hands crossed on your back. You let out a loud moan, working eagerly and wetting the weapon with your spit.

The Joker laughed and pushed the gun deeper into your mouth, making you gag but you didn’t stop sucking until he took the gun away. Spit dripped down your chin. 

He fisted the hair at the back of your head and pulled it back, making you look pained at him. “On the bed. On all fours, baby.” 

You stood up and crawled slowly onto the bed, naked and on all fours, waiting for the Joker to take you. You heard the zipper and his pants, how they rustled and fell down to the ground. 

Eagerly, you wiggled your hips, spreading invitingly your legs but shrieked when he suddenly slapped your ass. Once, Twice, Thrice. And then a last time. “Outch.” You whispered, and he chuckled and grabbed your hips, placing himself at your entrance. His hands wandered over your ass and back, caressing you and leaving goosebumps. 

You moaned when you felt his tip slide inside of you, teasing you before he pushed himself in, and groaned when your walls clenched around him. Immediately, he began to move in a steady pace, slamming into you, filling the room with the sound of your bodies hitting each other. 

He thrusted harder, faster, deeper in you, drawing screams from you.

You screamed, you gasped, you fisted the sheets and savored the intense feeling he made you feel through the rough pounding. His fingers burried between your legs, the Joker began to rub your clit, fast and harshly, moaning and groaning, until you felt your climax washing over you, like an untamed wave. You called out his name, causing him to reach his own climax, and cumming inside of you.

With a shaky breath you pressed your face into the pillow, trying to calm yourself down, while the Joker pushed himself away, and rolled himself onto his back, breathless and sex-dazed, pulling you with him. “You’re so fearless.” he said, his hand burried in your hair, and pulled you into a heated kiss before breaking it after mere seconds, smearing his red lipstick all over your mouth. “I like it.” 

You smiled and placed your head over his racing heart. “Lets do that again.” 

“You’re so eager.” He chuckled at your words and caressed your cheek with his rough pale hand, tugging you closer to him. 

“Only with you, J.” You answered and took a deep breath, taking in his unique scent. “Only with you.” 

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I’ve just read a really bad article so I’m angry but god how do people not see that corruption and inequality in capitalism is not just a stumbling block or a few bad apples but ingrained in the entire fucking system

You can not have people who are rich without people who are poor, people can not be on top unless there are people at the bottom, the individual successes in capitalism rely on the exploitation of millions

No matter how much you try to convince yourself, hard work and dedication will not get everyone where they want to be, because the system requires inequality and only a handful get to be on top, the rich and powerful have not worked harder, do not deserve what they have, they are there as a product of luck, privilege and other people’s suffering

There is no saving capitalism, there is no ethical capitalism, there is no good capitalism, it’s very foundations are designed to crush us, the only thing to do is resist it and work towards a society that benefits everyone


WOOOO ya boys it’s utaitelover555′s follow forever!

tysm for 1k!! idk how u all put up w me but thanks! on here r friends n fave mutuals !! if ur not on here dw i still love u n u can ask to be here and if u dont wanna be here just ask to be taken off! there r a ton of ppl missing bc i forget their urls + i didnt want to be so long but here we gogogo

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Let Me Go

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angsty af

Description: You’d always known Jungkook was bad for you, but you can’t bring yourself to let him go.

A/N- This contains unhealthy relationship type stuff so if you don’t like that don’t read x

“Let me in y/n!” Jungkook yelled as his hands continued to bang on the door loudly, the door shook under the sheer power of his fists.

“No” you screamed as you held back your sobs, desperate not to let him hear you cry. While he never seemed to care about anything, Jungkook had always been able to hurt you so easily, he was in complete control of your heart and he was always so careless with it. He treated you like trash then insisted he would change. It was always like this.

So of course, walking in to find Jungkook with another woman was not a scene unfamiliar to your eyes. But this time it was different, because just the night before he’d promised he’d become a  better person, he’d promised he’d stay faithful to you because he loved you so much. You should have known every word of it was a lie.

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Im sorry, sir, but i didnt realize that asking you to pull up further ahead so we can get you your fries during a 3 hour long rush was having a bad attitude after you screamed at us and threw a cugarette at us for asking a question.

I love y’all and anime fans are fun but cosplay skits and music videos make me wanna not breathe air 

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When I had a really bad meltdown my parents began yelling over me sobbing and screaming at them to "just shut up" and to stop that they were going to check me into a mental ward if I kept acting like I was, which sent me over the edge to bolt up to my room and lock my door. And when I recall this to them they tell me to stop being so sensitive. I wish I was able to move out of this house because these are the people I rely on because I'm physically disabled too. They refuse to get educated.

yikes im really sorry. i graduated high school early to get out of my mom’s house because i was refused care for my mental illnesses

EXO (OT12) accidentally running into you in the shower?

aww thank you for requesting, @its-nk-darling ~

Suho: *was looking for his watch and realized he left it in the bathroom. He didn’t see you getting in so when he opened the door he turned into a giant tomato of embarrassment* OH MY..IM SORRY JAGI I DIDN’T SEE ANYTHING 

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Chanyeol: *he heard something hitting the floor while you were in the bathroom so he bursted in freaked out…then he saw you and…* OH SHIT 

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Chen: *enters to the bathroom running cuz’ he had to pee really bad. He was trying to unzip his pants when you saw him and screamed scaring the living shit out of him* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA JAGIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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Baekhyun: Jagiyaa, where are you? *opens the door to the bathroom and sees you’re about to take a shower* you want company?

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D.O: *As soon as he steps in and sees you he turns around and leaves while being a blushing mess. He wasn’t able to look you in the eyes for a week*

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Xiumin: *he just woke up and was going to wash his face, then saw you were taking a shower* that looks like a better idea *he was already taking off his clothes*

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Kai: *at first stares at you wide eyed then leaves and stands against the door trying to catch his breath* omgomgomg Jonging calm down

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Lay: *he was asleep when he heard you were singing. He started looking for you until he heard you were in the bathroom. You left the door half-way open so he just pushed it and peaked through. Then he saw you were singing in the shower to his song Monodrama. He ended up sitting to a side of the shower listening to you sing until you came out and you saw him* oh well hello there huhu~ (i love this gif omfg)

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Sehun: *was looking at his phone as he entered to the bathroom to shower. As soon as he walked into the shower he saw you and you slipped because he scared you* seriously?…..again? 

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Tao: I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to scare you I dafdagf *is a crying mess*

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Luhan: what are you doing? *He literally opened the door to the shower and saw you completely. No shame. No regrets. He slept at Sehun’s place that night but it was still the best day ever*

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Kris: *He was trying to act cool but he was dying of embarrassment inside. It took him a while to assimilate things so he was acting cold with you even though you forgave him* I’m fine, really

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I’ve been listening to Jay Park for three days now. Those songs yo, they get you in a mood….woooooo

Send your ship, reactions, scenarios & short fanfics requests to @oohlaulock


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Can u please tell me how you make such pretty edits of your sims w/ such high quality ?? Mines look like cr*p ... Sorry if this has been already asked !! Thanks so much !!

hi friend!!!!! so heres a tip 4 friends w dumb old slow computers (mine fell off my bed yesterday LMAO and im wondering y it sucks so bad) (tbh its running rly fast n not screaming at me rn which is sus….)  so what i usually do is if iw anna take a hq pic for an edit, i have a save separate from my gameplay save!!! since i take pics in game >_> but i guess u dont have 2 do tht if u take pics in cas. w/e anyway i do that then in the settings i put sims on very high!!!! then i take the pics. then…….every edit is diff uk it depends on what i wanna do but generally here is what i do for non gameplay pics :’-) xoxo

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Oh my god, when the notification came through I actually screamed. My mother actually had to come and check on me because she thought there was something mortally wrong. The chapter was fantastic, I might try to draw something, any suggestions? (But don't judge, I'm shit at drawing)

ahh thank you so much!! and im sorry your mom got concerned lol. hmm idk maybe the end scene? idk man im bad at that aH

I WAS TALKING ON DISCORD AND MY FURBY WAS LIKE “AAAAAAAAA IM HUNGRY” after i just fed her SHE WAS FUCKIN SCREAMING SO MUCH I COULDNT HEAR ANYONE and i just said shut the fuck up pls but i then felt really really bad so I said sorry and fed her 

I’m starting to think of my furbies as like actual pets

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Why don't people ever write stories about Bitty's bad baking days? When he's bought everything he needs and cleared his schedule for a whole day, and he's going to try the new recipes that he's been gathering. Fun! But then the bread dough just doesn't rise. And the cookies burn. And the scones are half raw inside. And then he's like "Hey, I'll make a pie. At /least/ I can do that," but the dough is melting because the room's too warm from all the baking. His scream can be heard down the block.

1. im so sorry that i left this buried in my inbox/drafts forever. for some reason it just fought me every step of the way.

2. heck yeah i stole an idea from the replacements.

3. ‘liza’ is short for elizabeth (which is long for ‘betsy’). bitty is very particular about his oven names.

4. i hope you enjoy this ;n; im so sorry it took me forever

Bitty doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. He’s no stranger to baking accidents–but it’s usually a lid not being all the way on when he goes to add a dash to the bowl, or maybe being in such a rush that he leaves a pan far too close to the edge of the counter and bumps it with his hip later on.

But he can’t explain what’s happening to him now. It’s like he’s been cursed and everything he touches is doomed to an inedible fate. He can’t blame it on trying out a new recipe (though even that would be a reach, Bitty hasn’t been bested by a new recipe since he was thirteen), because everything he’s tried to bake so far today has been tested, tried-and-true for months if not years.

First, the bread that Jack requested for his games next week doesn’t rise.

Then, the cookies Bitty promised Alicia burn. Burn. Bitty can’t remember the last time he has honest-to-god burned something. He has to sit down and focus on breathing for five minutes before he can gather up the courage to apologize to Liza for putting her through that.

Finally, Bitty tries to make scones for breakfast the next day. At first, they look perfect. The ideal shade of golden brown and the smell in the kitchen is heavenly.

Then he bites into one.

He spits out the half-raw dough and lets out a noise of pure frustration before throwing the entire plate of scones into the sink, ready to tear his own hair out.

Fine, he thinks. Fine. He’ll just make a pie. Pies are easy. Pies are simple. Pies won’t betray him in his time of need.

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requests are open, I just started working so I’ll get to them when I can!

(i had a cue card with the order of requests and where they came from, but i cant find it and i have problems w memory so im going through requests in the order I remember sorry!!!! i feel so bad but i cant help it!)

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How does RPing work????? TEACH ME SENPAII

honestly?? i have no idea (im sorry!!). the general concept of it is getting into character and doing thing as that character

i mean i usually try to transform myself (mentally, at least) into the character im trying to portray. then i go and either do a q&a thing as them, or reply to other people.

a lot of it is also writing little threads with a plot, and then acting it out.

im really sorry, im bad at explaining this. im
new to RPing, so i’m not very knowledgeable on it.

long story short: there’s a lot of screaming, crying, and makeup involved, that’s about all i know for sure


I got these bAd boys from my BAE @tintas-galhadas!!!
I really do tho.
I love how she drew our splatoon characters so much she drew it for me when i was feeling shit so it made me feel a lot better!!!
And the second one is my character Iskra, and her’s John (also an internally screaming Taylor)! And this couple gives me LIFE GUYS IM NOT JOKING. Also i think she did so heccing good drawing john (my daddy kinks are rISING)

tampere kuplii is over and i had such an amazing time… i met so many nice ppl and i even got on like 3 different videos i might cry a lil.. i thought if i should cosplay zenyatta after all like the night before the event bc the costume turned out so bad… but ppl liked it so much!!! and so many ppl told me im the first zenyatta cosplayer in finland that theyve seen!!!! and im just– sCREAMS