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Gray x Natsu Policeman/Criminal AU

Gray is a policeman chasing an infamous arsonist known simply as ‘END’. On his days off from promoting justice, Gray visits a bar where he meets a young man. They hit it off instantly, and Gray finds himself seeing him regularly, eventually finding out his name: Natsu. One night he shows up at Gray’s apartment randomly, and as things turn intimate Gray receives a message on his work phone:


Natsu leaves, startled. Gray never sees him again. It’s another three years before they catch END, and Gray realises why.

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So... About 5 yrs ago I went like, radical Christian and got involved with a group of people who are intensely against paganism and anything "worldly" (even normal holidays). They all scream that pagan holidays are evil etc but all I've seen about Ostara is pretty cute and I guess I'm confused? Where's all the blood sacrifice they're screaming about lol

idk man, of the 12-ish kinda general pagan holidays i dont think any of them involve blood or sacrifice? they kinda just observe the changes of the seasons you know. ostara’s symbolism overlaps with easter a little, chicks bunnies honey ya know.

i mean, if you wanted blood sacrifice and such you could involve it if you wanted to, but you’d have to do a little digging to find one that is mandatory

tbh in my time as a witch the first time i heard of anyone doing actual animal/blood sacrifice was that celeb and chickens in her closet there was a big fuss about. even then that sort of tradition has roots that use the chicken normally and it’s not very different from normally killing/eating a chicken

blood magic is a thing, but like, minimal amounts like pricking a finger, and it usually comes from the witch doing it. its not very popular i think bc there are so many safety/medical concerns surrounding it but it’s not like evil or whatever

in that video of d+p from the last tatinof show/after party(??) where people are screaming, taking pictures, and trying to touch them is just so strange? i don’t see them as celebrities/famous, they’re just two nerdy guys who make videos that make me laugh and i sometimes get to chat with them for an hour once a week 

anyway, hc whatever you want about wash’s sibling/family situation but talk to me about his sisters that he mentions in the book and how COOL they probably were