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Commissioned my main boy Cobalt Falcon from one of my favorite artists @theasgardiandetective!!!! It looks amazing and I love it!
(If you’re thinking of getting art I definitely recommend this guy he’s the best)

This piece is called: “The season two sneak preview has messed us all up and it’s one in the morning but I feel the need to draw angst beCAUSE WHAT IS HAPPENING?!”


Little Lies to Get Me By - [x]

“If you walk behind me, I’ll slow down to let you catch up. 

If you walk in front of me, I will always follow.” 

rich kid asshole paint me as a villain

a nonspecific and nameless story that could be about anyone at all to say: if you find a gentle guy whose default solution to even the smallest of problems is, “i’ll sit right next to you and we’ll handle it together,” keep that guy. 

man,,, any time i watch brotherhood i think about that One Part where gladio is yelling at iris and genuinely?? scares her?? because it’s 100% out of honest to god worry for this girl and terrified that he lost her. she’s in his care, he loves his little sister unconditionally, and while yeah she’s a child, she’s gonna do things she isn’t supposed to,,, it really scared him to imagine losing her.

that being said i often think about how,,, intimidating gladio can be to others?? especially if they aren’t particularly close to him or even know him well enough to see that,,, hey,,, he’s actually this giant teddy bear that cares so much for his friends and would do anything in the world to protect them from harm. 

but like. he’s INTIMIDATING. he looks tough and scary and like he could kick your ass if you did something he didn’t like ( which, in a sense, totally true if that ‘’something he didn’t like’’ involves his #crew ) but he’s?? only gonna throw a punch if he Needs to. 

BUT i feel like he doesn’t quite know his own strength sometimes. like the roughhousing with noctis and prompto,,, how much of that happened and either 1. almost injured them or 2. actually caused a little bit of harm. nothing serious but enough that one of them was like ‘’hey dude that actually really fucking hurts’’ before he realized,,, hey, i need to gauge my strength between battle and regular interactions.

*comes up with self insert/cross over idea*… LETS DRAW IT (i might have another self-insert drawing later… Sooo look forward to that)
Anyway I haven’t drawn a full piece in so long… And this took…6 hours… Everything hurts…