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theneverendingpurplesky  asked:

I just love the impact of your fic (and this chapter in particular) in the fandom. I mean, there are DEBATES in the comment section in ao3 (I looove reading them), meta/posts in the tag in tumblr, and this victuuri fic rec blog I love was gushing/screaming about the chapter with other users, and so other people were like 'wait, what is everyone shook about? I need the link to this fic, I wanna know what this amazing thing is' so expect even more readers. Damn, YOU. ARE. AMAZING.

I absolutely loving all the drama I have caused, like I am living off it 


Face off against the Fearsome Elite Four and the ‘champion,’ Negaduck!

Just a silly little crossover of sorts I made because I love Pokemon and these guys scream mono-type users. 

Each of them has a signature Pokemon, a shiny Pokemon, and an Eeveelution. I chose teams I think would fit them best, and I’m rather proud of the result.

I’ll certainly consider doing similar pictures for the Justice Ducks, but they’ll probably be slow-going since these were the ones I had the real motivation for.