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hello sunshine!!. i dont know if u already talk about this sorry.. it hard to be an adult :o. but can u share with me what do u think this lines mean for harry in meet me in the halfway?? "i walked the streets all day running with the thieves." & the last line "cuase once you go without it nothing else will do"

I’m sorry that I took so long, @tommosarmpits. I had an emergency last week.

Meet Me in the Hallway is a song that compares love to addiction. We know that the song was written before May 7 (when Harry made his IG post about donating hair to the Little Princess Foundation), because of these photos from @kristyjeannn:

I have posted previously about some ambiguity in the lyrics. Apple Music initially had these lyrics (screen-captured by a friend):

Later changed to these:

So it appears that the from “more of you” to “morphine” came later. “Morphine” makes the comparison more straight-forward and explicit. But the initial lyrics already suggests the attitude of an addict:

Just let me know I’ll be on the floor, on the floor
Maybe we’ll work it out
Gotta get better, gotta get better
Gotta get better, gotta get better

Give me some more
Just take the pain away

What’s also super interesting to me is the very first line of the original lyrics (see first photo): Take Me Home. A reference to One Direction (the very first words of the very first solo album), and also a reference to The Wizard of Oz / Home (and Louis’ song). Later, of course, it was changed to “…two, three, four.” 

But the allusion to HOME is not accidental. 

Sweet creature, sweet creature
Wherever I go, you bring me home
Sweet creature, sweet creature
When I run out of road, you bring me home

Incidentally, go to Google Lyrics, and you’ll see that the lyrics still say:

When I run out of rope, you bring me home

Sorry for the detour. I think that the last lines clearly refer to an addiction (to both love and drugs) that only another hit can satisfy:

We don’t talk about it
It’s something we don’t do
‘Cause once you go without it
Nothing else will do

I think the lyrics,

I walked the streets all day
Running with the thieves

describe how a junkie might behave, running in the streets, trying to steal currency to buy his addiction. “Running with the thieves” conjures up a poetic, romantic image. One imagines something like Alibaba and the Forty Thieves, a band of ne’er-do-wells who live and die by street rules of courage and loyalty. 

The Take Me Home lyric opening also makes me think that this song might be about an addiction to the kind of fame that Harry experienced as a member of One Direction– the unstoppable, hysterical adulation that gave him such a high when he was on stage. Once a performer experiences that kind of stratospheric love, it’s hard to deny it to oneself, hard not to want to continue being in the band and getting huge audiences, listening to the screams. 

‘Cause once you go without it
Nothing else will do

Then the lyrics “I walk the streets all day/ running with the thieves” describe what we saw in the If I Could Fly listening party video, at the end, where the tour bus pulls away from the venue, leaving fans behind, the foreground dark. The boys are truly alone. They have no family, no friends from home. They walk with strangers. They are with people who want to take advantage of them, want to sell them and sell to them– thieves. 

Again, I apologize for the delay. Please feel free to message me back. Thanks.


Bands and what they're screaming about

A Day To Remember: I hate my town and my friends
Of Mice & Men: I hate my family and/or deep shit
Bring Me The Horizon: I’m either really angry or really fucking sad. Or both.
Pierce The Veil: I love/miss my girlfriend and I’m gonna be really poetic about it while screaming
Asking Alexandria: We are angry and want BLOOD
My Chemical Romance: Hahahha I’m so fucked up hahahahHAHAHAHA

Linkin Park played a huge role in my life as a teenager. As a person who found it difficult to make friends and to connect with my family, music was my safe haven. The first rock band I fell in love with is LP. I loved Mike’s verses and Chester’s screams, and the lyrics just clicked with me. Even tho it’s been over 5 years since I listened to them, I never forgot them. I never would have thought Chester was going thru that. I met him live once and he was smiling and singing on stage, you would never had suspected that one day he would give in to suicide. It’s always the people you never suspect.


Dear Evan Hansen Jazz Band AU

I don’t get many asks, hardly any, but one person actually sent one in just to say that they enjoyed my Jazz Band AU and wondered if I would ever add on to it?? That was extremely nice and it melted my heart! Thank you, Anon. So, here we go, more DEH Jazz Band, one character at a time!

 Zoe: -We know she plays guitar already, but she is also really good at drums. 

-Convinced all her friends to join.

 -Jared once balanced fidget spinners on her guitar while she was practicing and she was holding back screams (“Kleinman, I swear to god I’ll destroy you”)

 -Jams out with Alana sometimes because it’s a nice way for the two of them to destress (Zoe has played her a love song once or twice.)

Connor: -Saxophone MASTER (You’d never know he’s new to playing instruments. He’s that good.)

 -Zoe forced him to join so they could possibly bring the family back together after his suicide attempt (see first Jazz Band AU post.)

 -Definitely has played Careless Whisper to make everyone uncomfortable -Loves when Evan is cheering for him <3

 -If people are being too loud at practices, he screams into his saxophone to shut them up. 100% happens at least once a week.

Jared: -Trombone player for the sole purpose of doing the “wah wah waAAAH” sound whenever someone messes up.

 -Interrupts conversations with it for fun. The band teacher is no longer phased by it.

 -Has had a loudness competition with Connor and Alana. He won and has never been more proud of anything.

 -It was extra hard to even get him to join Jazz Band. Zoe told him about the weird jokes that usually form in band (as a person in a jazz band myself, this is extremely true.) he joined to learn the memes because that’s Jared.

-Does homework in the back when bored. Gets caught almost always. -Hot Crossed Buns master!

Alana: -Trumpet! She can also play the flute because of lessons she did when she was little, but prefers the loudness of a brass instrument (just like the transition between instruments, Alana became louder and more confident. Yay!)

 -Stares at Zoe during practice sometimes a lot. (Jared teases her about it.)

 -Got a few solos! 

-Her high functioning anxiety makes her want to practice a lot so she can be perfect and not mess up/embarrass herself in front of everyone. She believes that she’ll be a disappointment if she fails. Connor admits he feels the same way about band because of what he did to his family. They connect over this. 

-Makes music puns. A lot. (“You’re gonna get in treble, Jared.” “Shut uP!” “But puns are my forte!”) 

-Music calms her down, so when Zoe asked her to join, she said yes because she thought it might help with her stress.

Evan: -Not in band. Mr. Hansen can not play an instrument to save his life. (“Does a recorder count?” “You still have yours from 5th grade?!” “I was talented!”)

 -Goes to all the concerts.

 -Jazz Band has really helped Connor recover and become a better person with all the support he’s been getting. Evan loves seeing him smile while he rocks out on his saxophone.

 -Has a shirt that that says “I heart jazz” and the heart is made of music notes. The gang finds it hilarious.

 -Snacks! He likes to watch them practice so he is always ready with the candy and chips.

They love music. They love each other. They’re happy.

i truly cannot even fathom how someone like liam is even real. it just baffles me how one person can truly love not only his family and friends but his band, his job and all his millions of fans 24/7. Like hes just a small little lima bean how does he contain all the love?? how many hearts does he have?? i need like 2 hearts just to love him 

I usually don’t like posting negative or sad stuff on this blog and I know that you guys don’t follow me for music-related content but I really need to say this somewhere. 

I just learned that one of my dearest singers has committed suicide, Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. 

Originally posted by kttk-lp

They were the band that got me into rock music and I really became a FAN because of them. I truly loved his voice, it was unique and he seemed like such a nice man, who loved his family, his job, his fans and his bandmates. 

I’m not usually a sensitive person when it comes to celebrities’ deaths, but this man was one of my idols and rolemodels when I was a teenager. Their music and his voice helped me through a lot… I’ve got all their albums, I used to scream and cry and smile and laugh whenever I saw their videos, I went to see them live when they came for the very first time to my country (it was my first concert), I even learned English thanks to them and they were one of the first topics we talked about on the day I met my boyfriend. They really helped me see things differently, they inspired me to continue and I am what I am right now partly because of this band. 

I’m honestly devastated right now.

So please excuse me if I’m not very active for the rest of the day. 

Hell (Chapter Seven: Unexpected betrayal)

Gif not mine

Summary: Y/n Singer, after selling his soul to save Sam’s life, has accepted her destiny (or maybe not?). But her family doesn’t.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1367

Warnings: Angst.

Hell (Chapter One: Fair Exchange)
Hell (Chapter Two: What will we do without her?)
Hell (Chapter Three: Fire and Ice)
Hell (Chapter Four: The enemy of my enemy is my friend)
Hell (Chapter Five: The Demon and the Huntress)
Hell (Chapter Six: The first rule of Fight Club is. You do not talk about Fight Club)

I can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it. They lied to me all this time. The demons were doing to bring back Lucifer, the Devil in person, back to earth, and Dean, Sam and my dad didn’t tell me anything. And I was so stupid not to notice anything. And my father, does he know everything? How can they have done so?
“Sam!” I yell again.
I open the door, and I head to the living room, where I find all three, Dean, Sam and my dad, who is looking at me upset.
Dean gets up and comes to me, wondering where I was. I move away from him, and look at Sam; it’s from him that I want to hear the truth. Ruby is lying, that no one is trying to bring Lucifer back to life, that no one wants to bring hell to earth.
“It’s true? Are demons trying to free Lucifer?” I ask to Sam. He looks at me with those puppy eyes, but they don’t affect me, not right now.
“Y/n, we can explain you..”
I look in the direction of my father; I feel so.. betrayed.
Dean tries to get closer to me again, but I push him away.
“You lied to me! It was happening all this, and you haven’t told me anything. I’m not dead yet, and you already keep me out of what is happening!”
“Don’t say that. We did it to protect you.” Dean says, the pain in his voice.
“Protect me? I trust you, you are my family, and what do you do? Do you hold me out of such a serious thing? And you also said you did it to protect me? You know what? Fuck you.”
I take Bobby’s keys from over the desk, and when I try to get away, Dean takes me by the arm.
“Wait Y/n, we..”  he doesn’t end the sentence, which my hand closed to punch, striking his face. I watch him shuffle as he touches the point where I hit him.
“I’m going to look for Lilith.”
“You can’t go on your own.” Sam says, trying to get closer to me.
“I’ll not be alone. With me there is Ruby.” I smile sarcastically, more to avoid starting to cry, “How ironic, right? At this moment I trust more than a demon, than of you.”
That said, I leave home, and I head to the car where Ruby is waiting for me. We get in the car, and I pull away, without looking back.

After about seven hours of travel, I and Ruby arrive in Massachusetts, Salem. We hunt for a powerful demon in the city of witches. Ironic.
“Where do I find Lilith?” I ask Ruby as I stop the car on the roadside.
“What do you think of doing exactly? Point the gun at the head of the demon and shoot?”
Ruby opens her mouth to say something, but she stops; after getting off the car, I start following her. We walk with discretion, and in the meantime I think of what happened. I still can’t believe my father and Winchester lied to me so shamelessly. Sam is my best friend, I always told him everything; and instead he has hidden such a thing. Lucifer, the King of Hell. He can’t be freed, the world is already horrible, but the Devil.. Fuck, I punched Dean; and that badly to my hand. It makes me laugh; he wouldn’t have done my gesture for pleasure, but he deserved it.
“We arrived.”

Ruby’s words bring me to reality. We are in a small neighborhood, with some semi-circular houses; Ruby tells me to follow her behind the trees, and she orders me to look inside one of the houses. I pick up the binoculars from inside the purse that I brought with me and i close it to my eyes; I focus on the dining room. Near the table are four people sitting with a little girl. Suddenly, the old man rises afraid; the little girl approaches him and looks at him with a macabre smile. The man takes his hands to his neck, as if something chokes him, then falls to the ground, helpless.
“The little girl is Lilith!?”
“She likes children.. this place is full of demons.”
I look around; a couple of people are positioned in front of the house, as if to protect it, and there are others not far from there.
“I need to talk to her.”
I leave the cache to head to the home where Lilith is confined, when Ruby takes me away and locks me.
“Are you crazy? Here is full of demons, and we are only two.”
“It’s just me.”
Before Ruby realized what I meant, I hit her, dropping her to the ground. I get close to her body, and I take the killing knife-demons.
This is my last chance to bring things back to ‘normality’. Finally, I have the opportunity to break the deal, to stay alive; I could continue to hunt, stay with my dad, with Sam. Maybe I and Dean will finally have the opportunity to be together. Even though I punched him. And if I don’t succeed in killing Lilith, at least I’ll try.
With the knife in my hands, I approach the two demons in front of the house, and I succumb to both knocking each one.
With a kick, I throw the front door down, and I head to the dining room.
“Get out!” I say to the people still sitting. In a few seconds, we just stay alone, me and the little girl.
“Hi Lilith.”
The little girl, sitting by the table, smiles with innocence, like a normal little girl. When her eyes become completely white, I understand she is not a little girl. Not anymore.
I threw myself on her by pulling out the knife, but with a little sleight of hand, Lilith throws me to the wall. I try to move, but it’s all worthless. The little girl approaches slowly to my paralyzed body, her furious look.
“I remember you..” she says as she caresses a cheek, “I should’ve killed you so many years ago. But they have hidden you so well..”
I look confused; I don’t understand what she’s talking about exactly. How do she remember me, if it’s the first time I meet her? And when did she ever try to kill me?
“What are you talking about?”
Lilith smiles at me with her white eyes.
I’m about to die, I know. I smile. One year to wait for the hellhounds, and eventually I die a month earlier because of a demon. Because of Lilith.
I would have at least wanted to salute my family better; even though I was still a bit angry with them, I had to apologize to them for how I behaved, and to throw myself into a real suicide mission.
I would have told my father that he and mom were the best parents I could ever ask, and that I would not have changed it for anyone else in the world, not even for my biological father. I would have told Sam that having him as the best friend was an honor, and I would thank him for having been in the happy moments and in the sad moments. I would have just told Dean that he was an idiot. And I’ve never loved anyone like I love him. And I wanted more, I wanted to be with him, live with him day after day.
Adios, I hear to say to Lilith. I close my eyes, and suddenly, I feel my throat tighten, more and more; the breath begins to fail. I try in all ways to free me, to do something, whatever. But nothing.
I feel the eyelids become heavy, I start feeling tired. I can’t move my lips, and I feel that life is abandoning me.
The last thing I see is my family, my parents. Sam. Dean.
I can’t feel anything.

A scream.
“..c'mon breathe!”
One shot.
Two shots.
“She doesn’t breathe Sam!”
“Come on baby. Wake up..”
“..Y/n, please..”
“Dean.. it’s too late..”

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The City (Part 1)

Dean X Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8


The valet takes the keys to the Impala out of a very begrudging Dean’s hand, as I take in my surrounding on the sidewalk. I can hear Sam and Dean talking in the background, but all I can do is feel happy and normal for once in life.

“(Y/N) lets go!” Dean stands in front of the door to the nicest hotel in Boston, looking incredibly out of place in his hunting clothes, but still managing to look like he came from the cover of a magazine. A smile spreads across my face, too amped up to even reply to him. My feet carry me into the lavish entrance, up the stairs, and into the lobby where all of these fancy looking people stood and talked while they checked in.  

For the first time since hearing we are spending a night in a fancy hotel and going to a concert, I feel the smile slip off my face. Standing in my ripped, slightly dirty jean shorts, and my black tank top with a flannel tied around my waist; I felt so out of place, I almost wished we were just back at the bunker. Staring at my black combat boots, I feel Deans hand on my back.

“Hey, you okay?” Glancing up, I see concern and a little mischief in his beautiful green eyes. He cocks his head to the side, making him even cuter. I realize I was staring way too long, so I clear my throat and look away, mumbling “nothing.” I start heading to the bathroom, giving a quick goodbye without looking at him; thankful for the large signs across the room, making it easy to beeline straight to them.

Looking in the mirror, I see what I already knew would be the case; my cheeks are bright red. I splash some cold water on my face, cursing internally at what just happened. I have had a crush on Dean, from the first day we met. We have always had a connection that was indescribable, deep and unspoken. Unfortunately though, he only strongly shows it when he is drunk; saying things like “your so hot” and even going as far as to say “I’m going to fuck you.” on multiple occasions. The last time I was interested in a guy, he spent almost an hour asking me questions and saying things like; he is going to show up to the restaurant we were going to, just so he could meet him. No one knows I feel this way about him, except my oldest friend from high school Liz; who will probably never even get to meet him.

I look back up from the sink, noticing my face is no longer red. Sighing in relief, I take one more deep breath and head back out the door.

Walking across the lobby, I can feel the judging eyes follow me. I get to Sam and Dean, who are just finishing the checking in processes. A woman who is clearly head over heels for the two boys, hand them the keys, finishing whatever she was talking about.

Dean turns and greets me with a smile while handing me the key to our room. Turning back around, he smiles at the receptionist, who smiles back as brightly as she can. Dean and Sam walk away, and I shoot the woman a thankful smile, when her face turns to a deep scowl, and her eyes say “What are two guys like them, doing with a girl like you.”

My happy light feeling is officially gone, as we reach the elevator bank. The boys are happily chatting as we wait for the elevator to arrive; completely oblivious to the self-deprecating thoughts taking place in my head.

Stepping into the elevator, there is a sensor with a plaque that reads: “Elevator for guests only. Please place room key on sensor to use.” next to the floor buttons. Holy crap, this place is so nice you can’t even use the elevator if you don’t have a room key. I have never seen anything like this; I’m slightly shocked. Sam informs me we are on the fifth floor, and the Calvins are right next to us. I nod in understanding, taking my mind off the sensor thing; I start to think back to how we got here.

We are in Massachusetts, ironically on a witch-hunt; when we ran into three other hunters. At first we thought they were civilians at the wrong place at the wrong time. The older man and woman were dressed to the nines in some of the nicest cloths I have ever seen. There was also a girl who looked about my age, dressed more stylish, but clearly all designer. We tried to get them to leave the abandoned house, but they pulled out guns and a bag full of salt and informed us, that they too, are hunters.  

Fighting the ghost together, we made three new friends. After all of the craziness, the six of us went to a bar. We found out the man was named Rob, and the other two were his wife Kim and his daughter Alyssa. Over the course of the evening we were all laughing, drinking and having a truly joyous time. When the night came to a close, we all walked back to the only motel in the area.

When we started to split up, Rob called us back over. He informed us that him and the family were actually going into Boston the next day for the Zac Brown Band concert at Fenway. They were going to go with some of their family in the area, but apparently they backed out a few days ago. They have two rooms reserved at a hotel next to Fenway, and they have three extra tickets.

Dean and Sam looked hesitant; I on the other hand had to keep myself from screaming yes and jumping up and down. Dean starts to decline when I grab his arm and give him my best puppy dog eyes. A soft look, almost like love flashed across his face, so fast I’m ninety-eight percent sure I imagined it. He finally concedes and agrees to go.

Alyssa bounded over to me, jumping up and down in excitement; as you would expect a twenty one year old girl to do. I couldn’t help my self as I joined in on the quick and high-pitched plan making. Out of the corner of my eye I can see Dean glance over at me, and smile. Finally we all say goodnight and head into our respective rooms, excited for the next day.

The elevator dings, signaling that we reached the fifth floor. My mood is slightly elevated from the memory of last night, making my smile grace my face again, as I take in the lavish clean hallways.

This is nothing like the places we have ever stayed in. Reading the signs we take a left, and walk halfway down the hallway to our room. Dean puts his key card up to the sensor on door number 544, causing it to make a long buzzing noise and light up green. Pushing the handle, Dean and Sam enter like they aren’t about to see the nicest room in their life.

My mouth is hanging open as I walk through the threshold. The walls are white, and the floors a grey carpet. Walking further into the room, I see that is the color scheme of everything, with little pops of color here and there. I love it. This is my aesthetic. Tumblr mixed with pinterest, and a little crate and barrel. The room is classy and elegant; while also clean and trendy.

Two giant white beds sit against the wall on the left, with a table between them. I gap in awe when I see that in place of a usual alarm clock, there is a tablet displaying the weather, the time, and even our names! There is a giant flat screen T.V on the wall facing the beds. Having every channel, including premium movie ones. The mini bar that is classily tucked into a cabinet that is fully stocked with all kinds of drinks and food, with a sign stating it was free.

Flipping on the bathroom light, I see beautiful black and white granite counter tops, with double sinks that have shiny silver faucets, so clean they look brand new. The floor was magnificent white and black granite, with gold flakes; making me wonder if the gold is real. The tub is large enough to fit three adults, with two waterfall type showerheads. Touching the towels I gasp at how soft they are, it was like touching a month old puppy. How do they make them this soft? What is their secret?  

Turning off the light I enter back into the main room, admiring all the little details that they even put in the hallway. From the mirror choices to the little rack they store all of their room service menus in. I sit down on the bed furthest from the door. The afternoon sun is shining through the floor to celling windows, bathing me in a golden light.

Feeling amazing, I close my eyes; breathe deeply and just feel. Wanting to stay in this moment, I almost start to cry; knowing this is a big, once in a lifetime scenario, I never want to forget.

so i haven’t written anything 5sos related in two months, but i saw this picture and was instantly inspired…….so here you go lmao hopefully it doesn’t suck too much

Calum always hated the winter. He wasn’t overly fond of snow, he disliked the cold weather and he was usually away from his family when that’s all he wanted to do. Him and his band were playing the Jingle Ball again. He loved playing shows and seeing a sea of fans screaming for his band. But this time of the year, all he wanted to do was spend time with his family.

He missed his sister – Mali Koa, his missed his parents – Joy and David, and he missed his home. He was tired of feeling so small in strange places. He wanted to feel whole and warm again in the arms of his family in a place that he knew like the back of his hand.

But instead, he was constantly stuffed into a bus, spending hours a day on the road driving to the next venue to play a show and do the same thing all over the next day. Calum hated to admit it, but he was starting to feel numb, and not because of the cold.

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12 Kisses | Pearlet

 In every relationship, there are always those 12 kisses that you’ll never forget, these ones were Pearl’s.

This is almost identical to my other kissing fic which can be located HERE but rather than the sad ending, this one is happy. (I think we all need it after the shitshow that was untucked and having to watch Pearl cry) So Enjoy! <3

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katanawieldingfool  asked:

31, 35, 39, 40

31. Song you have to crank up the volume for.
Rich Girl - Hall And Oates I feel like everyone thinks that’s a banger

35. Dream band lineup.
uhhh probably just like have 2009 animal collective and 2009 tonstartssbandht collab

39. Song that reminds you of someone you love.
The Icicle Works - Whisper To A Scream my family used to play that constantly when I was a kid and I’ve got really fond memories of listening to it on roadtrips with my sister

40. Song that’s always stuck in your head
New Order - Run

thank a you so much percy

for over 2 and a half hours, every song was a hit. every song had a place in my heart, in the fabric of my childhood and my family life. i held my parents’ hands and screamed the words. the band were completely musically tight - in particular stevie’s voice was sharp and clear and full. STEVIE. how purely magical it was to see her in front of me, my crescent moon mother, in the flesh, all in black, her hair playing tricks with the light. there was so much love coming from the band directed at us but mainly at each other - I can’t even tell you how special it was to see lindsey kiss stevie’s hand, and speak softly in her ear. it made me believe what lindsey said about the making of ‘rumours’, and where they are now - that it was destiny.
—  Lorde (On With The Show, Nov. 21, 2015)
Meeting Your Parents

Ashton: You were surprised at the calm appearance of your boyfriend as he drove with one hand on the wheel and the other holding your hand.
“Mhm?” He watched the road calmly, glancing over at you occasionally with a smile on his face.
“Are you…aren’t you nervous to meet my family?” After going through the nervous experience of meeting his family and hoping that they would like you, you would have expected Ashton to be at least a little nervous to meet your parents. But as he sat in the driver’s seat leaning towards you and his smooth fingers running across your knuckles, you failed to see any nervous symptoms.
“Why would I be nervous? You’ve told me so much about your family, I feel like I already know them.” You had talked about your family a lot and all the craziness, but you had also mentioned multiple times how overprotective your brothers were.
“And I think they’ll love me. I mean come on, I’m hilarious!” Ashton winked at you as you laughed at him.
A few short minutes later, you directed Ashton to the right house and you both stepped out, walking towards the front door together.
“Hey, Ashton?” You looked over at him as his light brown hair fell into his eyes.
“You’re right,” you kissed his cheek, “they’ll love you. Because I love you.”
Michael: “Babe! Where’s the broom? I need the broom, where’s the broom? Oh fuck, your parents are going to hate me, I can’t even sweep.”
You couldn’t help but start laughing at Michael frazzled state. He was walking around in circles around your kitchen and rearranging things that really didn’t need to be rearranged.
“Don’t laugh at me! Where’s the fucking broom?” Michael walked out of the kitchen only to walk back in empty handed, his eyes moving around the room quickly.
“Michael! The house is clean, nothing needs to be swept.” You pulled Michael closer to you by his arm and locked him in your embrace with your arms around his waist.
“But they’re going to think I’m lazy! You do so much and I can’t even find the damn broom!”
“Michael, they know how important your job is. My sister already thinks you’re the coolest guy and no one thinks you’re lazy.” You glanced up at him as he slowly returned to his normal, bubbly self, “Well, I do…sometimes.” Michael glared at you playfully and was just about to retort when the doorbell rang. You watched in amusement as his eyes widened and glanced around the kitchen one more time before you pulled him to introduce him to your parents.

Luke: “So, you’re in a band?” your older brother asked with a hint of a glare.
“Um, yes. I am. It’s called 5 Seconds of Summer.” Luke looked uncomfortable as he mingled with your family. Everyone loved your boyfriend but your brother loved to tease people and this was the perfect moment to make Luke squirm.
“And you travel the world? See lots of girls screaming for you every day?” You rolled your eyes at your brother but he only smirked slyly at you before returned a blank expression to Luke.
“Uh..yeah. But I only have eyes for one girl.” Luke reached out and wrapped his arm around your waist as you blushed at his words.
Your brother looked between the two of you, his eyes narrowed and his face in a slightly annoyed face.
“Alright, gig’s up. You’re cool bro, can’t find anything wrong with you man.” Your brother slapped Luke on the shoulder, finally smiling at the startled blonde boy.
You could see Luke relax a little as your brother started talking about the latest sports news. By the end of the night, Luke was seated on the couch joking around with your family as you watched on with a big smile.

Calum: “We’re going to be late if we don’t leave now!” You shouted up the stairs trying to get Calum out the door and to your parent’s house for a traditional Easter dinner.
“I’m coming! Jeez.” Calum usually never took this long to get ready and even if he did, he would still be ready before you. The one day you were actually ready on time, Mr.Calum Hood is taking forever.
Footsteps sound near the top of the stairs where Calum stands with two ties held up against his chest, “I don’t know which one to wear.” He glances between a solid red tie and a printed green one with little trees on it that you’re sure was probably meant as a joke when he received it from the boys.
“Why are you wearing a tie, Calum? It’s not a formal dinner.” You had to admit, Calum looked extremely hot in his black button down shirt and black pants but you didn’t understand why he was dressed so formal.
“I just want your parents to like me! I can’t wear one of my ripped t-shirts; they’ll think you’re dating a slob!” You could hear the frustration in his voice but his words made you melt a little bit. He never said he was nervous to meet your parents but you could tell how much this meant to him.
You took off your flats before climbing the stairs so you could stand right in front of him. Taking both ties from his hands, you threw them back in the room where they fell somewhere on the floor amidst the pile of discarded clothing from both you and Calum.
Holding his face gently between your hands, you reassured him, “Baby, you don’t have to wear a tie or dress up for my parents to like you. They already love you because they’ve seen how happy you make me.” You kissed Calum on the lips until you felt him respond and hug you close to him.
“Ok, no tie. Let’s go.” Walking down the stairs, you put on your flats and Calum slipped into a pair of his sneakers. As you walked out the front door, you turned back around to see Calum standing in front of the mirror, fluffing his hair with his fingertips.
“Come on, Hood! Your hair looks fine!”

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could you do a blurb thing where you and Michael just got engaged or just got married and whenever he holds your hand he plays with your ring?

The days following your marriage with Michael was actual paradise. Cancun was one of the most beautiful places you have ever experienced, but experiencing it with Michael on your honeymoon just made it even better.

Every day he had something new planned, going from horseback riding on the beach to going zip lining in a tropical forest. The overwhelming feeling of love Michael showered you with made your heart thud in your chest and your lips tingle whenever his touched yours.

Even today, the last day of your honeymoon before you both left to go back home, he was driving you to a surprise destination. Michael claimed he wanted it to be the best out of all, but all the days you’ve experienced were amazing so you were truly wondering what it could possibly be.

“Can you at least give me a hint, Michael?” you questioned for the second time, glancing over at him as he drove. He glanced over at you with a smirk, shaking his head as a small laugh escaped his lips.

“Why not?” you complained, shooting him a look as he slowed down at a stoplight. You crossed your arms, shifting your attention to the window as you gazed out at the beautiful scenery.

“C'mon, babe! Why can’t you let me surprise you for once? You even said you liked surprises before we came here,” Michael replied, a playful smile tugging on his lips. He reached over, forcing your arms apart as he took ahold of your hand. He leaned over the center console and left a soft kiss on your lips.

“I know, I do like surprises but…” you trailed off, tugging on your bottom lip. “You’re saying that this day should be the best out of all the days we’ve spent here, but all of them have been so amazing so I’m really anxious to know what it is.”

Michael pressed on the gas pedal, driving down the street as he kept his eyes focused on the road ahead of him. You looked down at your hands, fondly focusing on the beautiful ring Michael bought you.

He held your hand up, toying with the expensive ring and twisting and sliding it around your finger. You watched in curiosity, loving the way it shined and dazzled in certain lighting.

“Why do you do that?” you softly asked, shifting your gaze from the way he was playing with your ring to his focused expression. Michael glanced over with a confused look, then back at the road.

“What do you mean?” Michael asked, coming to another stop at a red light. You motioned to the way he was messing with your ring, a smile now on your face.

“The way you play with my ring whenever we hold hands. You always twist it and turn it and slide it all around,” you explained, reaching up and scratching your nose. Michael shrugged, looking down at your hand.

“I don’t know,” he murmured, “probably because it’s never been there before and I’m still getting used to it. I like the way it looks on you, too.”

You let out a laugh, looking the other way to hide your flustered appearance. “Stop making me blush, you fucking idiot! But thank you for the ring… you know I love it too.”

Michael nodded, waving the subject off as he let out a small sigh. “Still can’t believe you’re my wife now, Y/N. Almost seems unreal.”

You nodded your head, fully understanding what he was saying. The car drove forward again and Michael rested your hand on your thigh, still playing with the ring.

“Love you,” you murmured, letting out a small sigh as you watched the scenery zoom by your window. Michael chuckled a little bit before breaking out into a song.

“And I will always love you,” he screamed, mimicking the way Whitney Houston sung the famous song. You winced at his horrific screeching, bursting into hysterics along with him as you drove on the roads of Cancun.

The newspapers say he had “strong tendencies towards radicalization” as if
It isn’t “radical” enough the gun was legal, wasn’t
Radical enough the discrimination was legal wasn’t
Radical enough that it happened until someone made it about Islam

No. Made it about themselves, about their pulse
Caught in the crossfires and
The newspapers say he was bipolar. As if

That justifies the way he feels the world enough
So I can rest a little easier as if
We can combat homophobia with ableism as if
I’m supposed to settle for good enough, let “good enough”
Strengthen my pulse like this was only casual. This was

Someone shot the butterfly because he wanted a louder echo
Wasn’t satisfied with only making death threats this was
Wait until you can hear their heartbeats let it
Anger you that they are human too so that
They can have been human too so that
We can color the coloring book with gunshots instead of crayons,
Instead of rainbows.

Tonight, a child doesn’t leave his bedroom, calls it politics. And the newspapers
Talk about Islam, about Allah, Alhamdulillah Peace Be Unto America as if
This was an attack on America but

Tonight, a child doesn’t leave his bedroom, calls it politics. Pride speech,
Calls it an act of self-love for the world that doesn’t love them
Doesn’t love their pulse

Look. When politics treats this issue like a loaded gun we remember that
The loaded gun is government, that
We have gay rights for the wrong reasons
Not for love and tolerance but compromise
And when Congress leaves the safety off,
Someone always shoots.

Because we live in a country where gay men and women can get married and
We live in a country where gay men and women can be shot
But if the hate speech isn’t illegal,
If the gun isn’t illegal,
If that child in their bedroom can’t scream Hallelujah in the streets
Can’t love their pulse in the streets because of their sexuality

Then we must create a louder echo.

I said I’m upset and the newspapers said “so are we.”
I said I’m gay and the newspapers said “support” like it was a loaded gun when it’s just the band aid to the bullet wound
But didn’t offer any support.

I said we must create a louder echo.
One that doesn’t involve a gun.



For every survivor of the Orlando shooting, every family member of those shot, every member of the LGBT community, and everyone who lost their lives for who they loved. I’m angry too.

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How do we know they aren't faking their relationship to keep the larries happy? Thanks (a former elounor shipper with many doubts)

Hi, love! Welcome to the madness that is trying to figure out what is going on with Larry :)

I understand this doubt, I asked myself the exact same question when I first joined the 1D family (because I come from other fandoms where the band members queerbaited the audience and I briefly thought that was what was happening here) but it didn’t take me long to find the answer. The major reasons why I believe that’s completely impossible are: their relationship and the way the Larries have been treated.

Their relationship: I think there’s absolutely nothing fake about it, everything screams ‘IDIOTS IN LOVE’ to me but to highlight some stuff, here’s what I find more convincing:

  • The tattoos.
  • The glass closet phase from the beginning (all that stuff is too embarrassing and teenage love-like to be fake).
  • The aggressive closeting.
  • The way they treat each other.
  • The way they look at each other.
  • The sexual tension.
  • The holes in the plot.
  • Everything else.

The way they treat Larries: This is the most important point, in my opinion. If they want to make Larries happy, why treat us so badly? They have never tried to make us happy, they’ve actually tried to make us leave the fandom. I think they would behave very differently if it was a stunt to keep us happy, short list of the stuff they’ve done:

  • Manipulate the fandom to bully us.
  • Blame us for everything (the weird group dynamic, the forced separation…).
  • Send the BS Tweets.
  • Created the environment of homophobia.
  • Promoted the hate inside the fandom.
  • Tried to forced us to leave like a hundred times.
  • Made us seem like crazy conspiracy theorists.

Why would they do all that if they wanted us to be happy? If that was the case they would just treat the rumours like basically any other celebrity does and talk about it in a lighter way. It might sound crazy but I don’t think it’s that difficult to believe considering their MO and the general homophobia inside the industry: they had to closet Harry and Louis because they would had never make it this big if it wasn’t because of it but the aggressiveness of the closet and all the other stuff they’ve done with the boys (overworking them to extreme points, treat them like crap, making them look bad in public on purpose, taking terrible decisions, exploiting them in humiliating ways, etc.) is on them. I don’t know about you but I don’t have trouble believing they’d go this far to get rid of the Larries, too bad H/L kept fighting back and we’re a stubborn bunch.

Hope that helped!

Hide your body from the scarecrow

I need an imagine where you and Gerard are playing hide and seek. And you promised if he find you, he gets you as his prize but if not we has to stay up with you and watch a cheesy romantic comedy.

“Geeee.” You said. You were cuddling him on the couch watching the movie “Wayne’s world”.
“We should do something.” You said.
“Like what?” He asked.

“I don’t know…we could play a game.” You flipped around so you were looking him in the eye.
“Do you wanna play hide and seek?” He asked your eyes lit up with excitement.
“You know me so well.” You said happily.
“Should we have prizes?”
“Yes! If I win I get you as my prize.” Gerard said quickly.
“Easy there tiger.” You joked. “If I win we have to watch….ROM COMS” You said dramatically.
“Noooo anything but the rom coms!” He said
“I’m hiding, count to like forty.” You said as you got up. He didn’t really want to unravel himself from you so you had to pry yourself out of his arms, causing you to fall off the couch. Unlike a normal boyfriend, who would help you up, gerard just laughed really hard.
“You’re a jackass.” You said when you got up.
“But you love me!” He said with a cheeky grin.
“Just count.” He closed his eyes and began whispering the numbers. You darted silently out of the room and looked around for a place to hide.
You snuck down the hall to your closet and jumped inside the hamper. It was a tight fit, and your knees dug into your chest, but you were confident that you could win.
You got comfortable and waited for gerard to walk down the hall.
He came down about five minutes later. He was intently checking every nook and cranny, he really despised rom coms so he did not want to lose. You could see through the basket and saw him glance at the hamper, but he didn’t check it thinking it was too small. He then left the room and went down the hall. You released a breath you didn’t know you were holding. You sat in that basket for a while, and Gerard came in many times looking for you. He seemed frustrated. By the seventh time he came in, he looked ready to give up.
‘Oh shit I’m going to sneeze.’ You thought to yourself when you felt the urge to sneeze come upon you. You tried fighting it, but failed. You sneezed so hard you knocked the basket over, making a very loud crash. He came rushing in with a big grin on his face.
“Found you!” He said as he helped you out of the hamper.
“Awww I was so close!”
“You know what that means.” He said, wiggling his eyebrows.
He grabbed your wrist and practically dragged you into the bedroom. He gently pushed you onto the bed and began taking your clothes off.
When he removed your shirt he kissed every inch of the exposed skin. He reached around to unhook your bra and began playing with your nipples.
He moved down your torso, leaving a trail of sloppy kisses. He pulled down your sweats and panties at the same time and kissed your inner thighs. He pulled off his shirt and his jeans and began licking your folds. He kissed your clit gently, causing you to release a breathy moan. When you were getting close he stopped. You let out a sad whimper, but that was replaced with a moan as Gerard thrusted into you. He started off at a slow pace, making sure you were okay, and then began to speed up. His hands interlocked with yours and he kissed you over and over again. Whenever he pulled back he would whisper
“I love you.” And kiss you again. When you began to feel the knot tie, his thrusts got sloppy. You came, screaming his name and he came shortly after. He fell into the bed next to you and pulled you into a warm embrace and kissed your hair until you both fell asleep.
I can’t stop listening to 'whatsername’ by greenday and 'welcome to the family’ by avenged sevenfold help