screams at ur face


The Eleventh Hour so far has my favorite storytelling from Griffin! So here’s a pseudo-movie poster ehuehueue

Had to do another illustration for our Fantasy Illust class and our prof gave me the go signal to draw TAZ again as long as I found good face refs for them. B^) I based Magnus, Taako and Merle on John Spainhour, Paul Boche, and Brian Cox respectively! 

Why do I find this screencap so hilarious???

Even’s literally like: 

Oh sh- HEeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiii<3<3<3 Mannen I Mitt Liv *_* ¨’*·~-.¸¸,.-~* ISAK VALTERSEN ¯¨’*·~-.¸¸,.-~*  Partner™ Flatmate™ & n1 Baeღ ☆ ★ Cutie Patootie :* 

while Isaks face screams: 

 BITCH ?!  U think i don’t recognize ur panic-face?? the fucking nerve- I do not have TIME to deal w/ ur bullshit today even i have 47 tests to study for in order to support our future family SPARE ME THE DRAMA let’s just go to mcdonalds


I was tagged by @xiuminniesittybittytiddies to do a Halloween version of the bias selfie so I picked a random vampire filter (also this isn’t me coming out as xiubaek biased, Minseok is still my man ok afhdjd)

I’m going to tag: @witchydae @demonickai @loeycoaster @gentlejongin @mintdae @xiumins-buttcrack @dtchyeol @suhosfursuit @sechens @dksalbum @kiungsoo @junmyeons-fursona @ka-xing and anyone else who wants to!!!

boyfriend! yuta

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waddup kids im back and im ready to write (i shouldnt be i have exams ahahaha :( anyway yup imma write some boyfriend yuta shit bc yuta is a little shit and hes boyfriend af so here)

  • first. of. all. yuta nakamoto is f u c k i n g precious and you better feel blessed that you’re dating him bc (well u are whilst you’re reading this) he doesn’t just date anyone no, no, no!
  • this boi LOVES you, honey. you are his damn everything and he will show you every single second of the day in the most adorable but subtle way.
  • when u wake up he might be at practice or whatever he doing w nct but he will have bought u some breakfast (can yuta cook? idk i cant remeber from that thing whatever it was called i think he thought he could cook but he flopped. anyway) he bought u some breakfast before he went bc u gotta eat good bbe 
  • HE’S A LITTLE SHIÎÏÍĪĮÌT he will prank u all the damn time. get ready. u hear him scream bc of a spider, ur getting a plastic spider thrown at ur face (this girl in my science class had a plastic rat and a plastic spider and she used to throw them at people lmao lol can i sTOP GOING OFF TOPIC) u know just like couple pranks that annoy u but u put up w it bc u love hiiiiiiiim bc hes cuuuuute
  • texts u cute things when hes bored bc he knows u blush so hard like “hey ily, have a good day, u slay bby” 
  • makes u feel like the most important person in the world. like u know how theres like 1743847921847 couple holidays in south korea well hes not gonna be there for all of them like hes in nct so he makes sure he leaves u some flowers or ur fav snacks bc hes a cutie like that
  • subtly leaves his tshirts and hoodies at ur house bc he knows u love to wear them and he secretly loves seeing u wear them
  • chill dates like getting ice cream together at weird times like 4am but neither of u care bc ur chilling with each other and thats all that matter
  • doesnt really like matching couple items but will probably wear them if u want. maybe like matching rings or some shoes or something
  • making fun of him (in a loving way) and him giving u the silent treatment so u’ll cuddle him
  • secretly LOVES cuddling with u even tho hes bad af lmaooo
  • ur basically winwin’s legal guardians. he loves winwin guys its so cute he’ll probably always be at ur house its socuuuute

 anyway imma wrap this up and say that yuta is a little angel cutie who needs to be my boyfriend asap now :-) his personality suits me well lol anyway gooooodbye i hope whoever bothered to read this enjoyed it aha

i cant stop laughing this is mage hawke’s response to fenris asking “what has magic touched that it doesn’t spoil”

just this face

a face that just screams “well ur no fuckin prize either”

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why we sleeping on bobby&emre? 😂 lately ive been noticing these 2 are actually quite close(?) i always see pics of them laughing around in training & i swear on my life every time one of them scores the others there always hugging them bares and shit 😂😂 myb it's just me but also after bobby missed the penalty i saw pics of emre holding his hand and like reassuring him. pls tell me it's not just me who sees this? like i know they don't hang around off the pitch, but on the pitch they are brotp

ok so i googled this, cus i never really noticed and i found some pics and its hella cute, there is alot of interaction on the pitch i can see where ur coming from 

literally all pics of them are hella darn cute like omg (the person in the back is me falling over from seeing their faces)

if u and ur bro both look uglee in the pic its a good frendship

cuddlingggggg, look at emre’s face, he looks like hes found heaven :DDDD


if u dont have someone chasing you after u scored a goal, u needa make new frens 

more passionate hugs , listen get u a bro that gets more happy than u, when u achieve something 

cute selfiesssss, in towels ;)

and then we get to the cute shit like this damn hug, i wanna cryyyyyy omgggg, its too cuteee,  emre ‘heart eyes’ can 

get u a frend that loves u like this

HAND HOLDINGGGGG, i didnt see the hand holding after the pen but im assuming it was this one??? emre being a supportive bean gives me life , get u a man that will support u always 

and then we have neck kisses like wow <333

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they have a v cute on pitch broship tbh, im here for it

thank you for pointing this out to me, cus im always here for broships and cuteness, and they are v v cute, 

bts imagines pt.2

jin comes to ur house and knocks on the door. u open up n say “who is it?” and he slams a pan of casserole in ur face. its still hot and u start screaming but it was jin who did that to u so ur fine with it. u thank him with the cheese melting down to the floor and he just blows u a kiss and disappears. what a man. 


like any good reporter, madam secretary, i want the truth. why did you ask your ex-husband for a divorce that night? was he too much political baggage for you to recreate yourself in the face of such a setback? or did you just think your political career was over so you no longer had to tolerate his rampant infidelity? were you surprised at the public’s reaction to the split? that the president was suddenly despised for the repugnant sexual behaviour the country used to find roguish and cute? that you were suddenly beloved after having been viewed for so long as a cold and calculating political animal? and lastly, do you regret staying with him for so long? was it worth it, if you didn’t get the grand prize, the gold, glittering tiara of the presidency?


SEVENTEEN - No Flex Zone