screams and weeps tears of gold


a cacophony of defeaning music;
there was a rupture of gun shots
and background noise at the other
side of the wall. look at the hole
to see the once hidden truth.

they are dancing to the rhythm
of death, reciting the elegy of the
soon dead people. loud and clear
as it is, a cry was released by the
people of red sand, black gold.

women weep the way andromache
did to hector- victim of the gruesome
murder of innocent folks who fought
nothing but the liberty of their country.

“qatala” they scream, the earth
drank the blood of the slain while the
sky shed a tear for the pity souls.
love and war really yields death.

our crowd is deaf for the truth yet
hungry for power. true victors they
say but we are the foe. beware for
these people are sheer horrendous.

this wall is nonsense and should be
broken; there’s no reason to be stoic.
if you have the audacity to stand up,
take your tools and reform this society.