screams and shouts and sobs on the floor

gold-and-purple rings

It’s like this:

Lance dies where Keith was supposed to. He dies in the midst of a battle, protecting the backs of the ones he loves, and he dies when no one is there to protect his. He dies in the midst of a battle, quietly and without sound, and that is how Keith finds him - long gone, with the words of goodbye waiting on his lips for someone who will never hear them.

Keith has never known his mother, his mother who left him with just a dagger, and Keith’s father left him when he was a small boy. He has not known what it means to have a home, having jumped from foster home to foster home, no family willing to put up with Keith for longer than a few months at most. Keith has not known the love of a mother or the patience of a father, but he has known the love of Lance, and for Keith, it has been more than enough.

Too bad Keith didn’t realize that until long after he lost Lance.

* * *

It continues like this:

Keith can’t stand to sleep in the room he shared with Lance. He can barely bring himself to step into the room, because his eyes are drawn to the memories Lance has left behind. Because all Keith can see in their old room is Lance: the jacket Lance never finished repairing (because he wasn’t a heathen, Keith, the jacket belonged to his older brother and Lance has - had - every intention of returning it to him), the mess of souvenirs Lance has brought back from the planets they have saved because they remind me of Mariposa’s eyes or Mama used to have a pair of earrings just like this or any other excuse Lance could find to remember his faraway family or the small gold-and-purple ring that sits inconspicuously next to Keith’s pillow as if it doesn’t cause Keith to scream and sob uncontrollably, as if it doesn’t cause Keith to lose the fragile control he has held over his emotions until he was alone, as if it doesn’t cause Shiro to close his eyes in grief because this is not something he can help his almost-brother with, as if it doesn’t cause Hunk to stop crying for just one moment because in that one moment there is someone who misses Lance more than Hunk ever could, as if it doesn’t cause Pidge and Coran and Allura unbearable grief that sits heavily in the Castle because Lance isn’t there anymore to dissipate the negative emotions before they could overwhelm them.

From across the Castle of Lions, Red and Blue join Keith’s screams with roars of their own, for the fallen paladin, for another cub they couldn’t protect, couldn’t save, couldn’t do anything but roarscreamshoutcry as they lost another person they loved.

When Keith leaves the room days later, it is with red eyes, an unwavering scowl, and a gold-and-purple ring dangling from a necklace around his neck.

* * *

They return to Earth, and any excitement that the (remaining, lucky and oh-so unlucky, because who will be the ones to tell Lance’s family that they are the reason Lance is dead?) paladins might have felt for returning home is gone. Pidge waits by their console with their father and brother next to them, and Keith can’t help the brief pang of jealousy and hate that he feels because why can they find their family but he has to lose the only home he has ever known?

When they get close to Earth, Hunk cannot stop the quiet whistle that escapes his lips at the carnage that is strewn across the Caribbean islands, cannot stop wondering what storm ravaged the seas of the Caribbean so hard that entire islands are destroyed (the answer is Matthew, and Irma, and Jose and Maria and countless others, but the thing that stands out to Hunk, when he finds out days later, is that the day Lance disappeared - died - was the same day Irma had made landfall in Cuba, and Hunk cannot stop wondering if the universe is simply laughing at them because this cannot be coincidence can it?).

When they land, it is just outside of Florida, so close to Cuba that they can almost see the lights of Havana glittering at them across the sea. When they land, they are immediately surrounded by hundreds of people, the crowd full of desperately afraid civilians, military personnel and members of the press that are impossible to ignore and impossible to escape. When they land, they are surrounded by hundreds of people, but Hunk still manages to hear the shout of his name, his real name, over the crowd, and then Hunk is crying because his moms are there, waiting for him in the crowd with the impossibly-tall forms of his older sisters. Pidge still manages to hear the quiet sobs of a certain Colleen Holt, who had thought that she had lost her entire family and has gained them back, broken and scarred and different but still her family. Shiro still hears the screams of his parents, his brother as they tackle him to the floor.

And Keith? Keith is left alone to hear the confused shouts of Lance’s family, who are desperately searching the crowd over and over again for the missing occupant of the chair at the dinner table, the youngest member of their family who has been gone for so long that they cannot bring themselves to have hope but at the same time, they can do nothing but hope because Hunk was one of the people who came off of the alien ship, and Hunk had disappeared with Lance, so Lance had to be with them, right? Right?

Keith, who has wrapped himself in Lance’s jacket, is left alone to approach the woman who watches him with too sharp eyes and watches the trail of his fingers as they wander to the ring (that looks far too similar to the one that glitters on her finger) Lance had left behind along with a heartbroken boy. Keith is left alone even as she tugs Keith into a fierce hug that only reminds Keith of Lance’s gentle hugs.

Keith, who has been alone for most of his life, has never felt this alone before.

* * *

It ends like this:

A week after they return to Earth, there is a storm that appears out of nowhere. It sits over the skies of Veradero Beach, where Keith has found himself having been forced to move into Lance’s childhood room. The storm is bad, battering away at the shores of the beach with unrelenting waves and never-ending torrents of rain. Keith watches it all dispassionately from the window in Lance’s room until Coran calls him, reporting frantically about Blue, who has not lifted her particle barrier since her paladin died, not even for Allura. Blue, who has not only lifted her particle barrier, but abandoned the Castle of Lions altogether. And Keith, who wants to help, is bound by the storm, through which it is impossible for even the best of pilots to fly through.

A week after they return to Earth, Keith opens the door of Lance’s old home to a dissipating storm and a Lion that he had never expected to see active again. Keith opens the door to a pair of familiar arms, that are ready to catch him the moment Keith flings himself into them, and the familiar voice that tickles his ears as it whispers a quiet, “Hey, mullet,” into his ears.

His || Jungkook ||

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Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

A teaser to my upcoming Jungkook!Werewolf Au.

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Saudade (1)

Bucky x Reader

Saudade: (n.) Portuguese for a melancholic nostalgia for someone or something from the past.

Summary: She’s willing to do anything to keep Bucky out of harm’s way, that’s why she’s so expendable, and expendability is dangerous.

Word Count: 1.8k+

Warnings: swearing, violence, angst


Part 2 

Originally posted by ariesw1493

She fell off the train first.

She died, or she at least thinks she did.

She remembers hearing Bucky scream after her as he clung to the loose metal bar on the train. She remembers him fall off right after she did. His screams echoed off the mountain tops as they both plunged further and further to their deaths. She wanted to scream out to him. She wanted to tell him how much she loved him, how much he meant to her, but her voice was gone. Instead, it was filled with gut wrenching screams.

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i'm here || isaac lahey

word count: 2392

warnings: loss of power

request:  Can I request an Isaac imagine… Isaac is in love with the reader who’s a witch and during the Nemeton she was also taken with Chris and she lost her powers and he comforts her. She moves in with Scott to help cope and she has nightmares about it about her not being able to do anything and he helps her get through eventually kissing her toes lo with her panic attack about it. Sorry if it doesn’t make any sense

author’s note: this has been posted before but was deleted, so now i am reposting it! enjoy! all the witch stuff is inspired by bonnie bennett from the vampire diaries!

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Pennywise x Reader

Abuse; Part two.

Before you go on have you read part one? Click here to read it.

Part 3 and part four out now.

Warnings: Abuse

Request for: @mentallydestroyedfemme


“GET INSIDE!” You hear the horrid sound of the door being locked. Your fathers face only an inch from yours, his spit flying onto your face as he shouted; you could smell the alcohol he had consumed earlier that day. “Get up stairs!” Your arm once again being dragged only this time he pulled so hard you fell to the floor, “GET UP!” He screamed, but instead began to kick you once or twice. After that he walked away leaving you on the floor silently sobbing.
“I know, I’m sorry, I won’t be gone forever, it’s just while I recover, you know?” You had met up with your friends at the coffee shop and broke the news to them that you wouldn’t be able to perform but you lied.

“So, what, you fell down the stairs?” Your best friend asked, who played drums in your band.

“Yes.” Is all you said whilst nodding. Your right hand slowly picking up your coffee and bringing it close to your quivering mouth.

“But you have finger nail marks on your face, Y/N! Look at you, you’re covered in bruises!” Concern sounding in their voice.

“I’m telling you, I fell down the stairs and that’s all there is to it! Now, I need to go work, please excuse me.” Grabbing your coffee you made your way behind the bar as this was also where you happened to work on a Saturday. All your band friends could do is stare at you in shock, you had told them you would return once you recovered but you knew that was impossible as you didn’t want to ever cross your dad again.

A week passed and Friday arrived, the night you were supposed to perform. You wasn’t sure what to do with yourself, instead, you tried reading a book but that didn’t help, you just felt so agitated and was itching to leave the house. So you did. This time, it was really for a walk and thankfully your parents would be gone for hours. Upon leaving the house you see a red balloon tied to a lamp post. You ignored it and continued on. It had began to rain but you were actually thankful for this, recently Derry had found itself mixed up in storms but you found comfort in the rain, you liked to believe it helped to slowly heal you and wash away your pain. You knew it was a load of nonsense but it was a thought you couldn’t bare to part with so you let it be.

Your mind flashed back to the horror that had unfolded a week back and though you felt the need to perform you some how felt comforted that your band refused to play without you, they had assured you the band wouldn’t be the same without you. However, you couldn’t help but feel guilty for this as you knew you should want them to continue without you, yet, you couldn’t decide if they were saying this as they were under the impression you would be returning. You knew, on the contrary, that you would not.

Another red balloon tied to a lamp post, you felt compelled to go to this one and untie it, as you did you heard a jingle of bells from somewhere in the distance. Twisting your head round to look you released the balloon from the street light and began to walk with it, watching it struggle against the wind, pulling to be set free to the sky. You denied its wish and continued on ignoring the bells you previously heard. Where you were heading was unclear; it seemed as though you were following the wind for a while as no destination came to your mind.

The rain continued to beat hard down on top of you as you entered what appeared to be the sewers, you had to admit you had never been down there before as it never seemed like an exciting place to hang out in all honesty. You knew others that had and would often tell stories about a clown they had seen; back when you were in high school you knew people who would go missing after explaining they had met this clown, so why you were continuing to move closer to the sewers was beyond your understanding. The crimson red balloon still held between your finger and your thumb, but then all of a sudden it popped, you barely flinched, as you had never really been one to jump easily, but, out of the corner of your eye, you see yet another red balloon. Approaching it slowly you realise there is a trail of balloons all in a line as if to lead you else where. Without even thinking you picked up the balloon in front of you and walked a few meters before you arrived to the other. Before you realised it you had, in your hands, almost ten of these crimson red balloons and you were now stood in front of the sewer entrance. You tilted your head to the side, only slightly though, you were trying to decide whether to go in or not but you knew you wanted to. It’s not like you had anything to loose anyway. Without even stalling or giving it a second thought you had already taken three steps in and had continued with your steps, you even picked up pace, the balloons flying behind you hitting eahother as they did so against your grasp.

Taking a sharp right down one of the tunnel bends you feel something tug you, you realise the balloons are pulling at you. Instinctively, you pull back raising an eye brow, however, the balloons begin to pull you, leading you left out of the right tunnel bend you chose. You followed. From then on, you let them take you were they wanted to take you as you knew they would get their own way. Taking another left you see light up ahead, not daylight, no, red glowing light against the tunnel walls. Fire maybe? No. You cannot smell one. All is made clear once you reach the end of the tunnel and enter what appears to be some sort of a lair. A huge pile of what you guess are kids toys and clothes are left in the middle of the sewer, the top with people floating? You began to question your senses. Was you seeing things? You let go of the balloons as your mouth is left gaping open utterly confused and baffled. The balloons floating up to join the people hitting each other on the way. Were the people children? Adults? You couldn’t tell from down there.

Bells. There they were again. But this time followed by music and laughter. “I’m Pennywise, the dancing clown.” Your head snapped to the right as a clown is revealed dancing to the music coming closer to you. Your body was telling you to run but you wanted to stay, as strange as that seemed. As the clown got closer and closer and noticed your reaction to him, he seemed almost saddened and even stopped dancing and laughing.

You managed a cough. “I’ve gone mad, haven’t I?”

burn || jung hoseok

Jung Hoseok x reader

Summary: A fire starts in yours and Hoseok’s shared home, and quickly gets out of control. You two need each other to get through it.

Genre: angst/disaster/eventual fluff

Words: 2160

warning - fire, crying, general tragedy

honestly wtf is this I’m so sorry omg

Originally posted by minseokhoseok

I don’t know how the fire started. All I know is that I smelt it before I saw it. The distinctive smell of smoke that I had passed off as a neighbour’s barbecue grew strong and pungent enough for me to consider it could be something more serious. I was getting some work done whilst Hoseok was downstairs, but the smoke distracted me to the point of concern that I wanted to check where the smell was coming from. I got up with a frown and made to leave my room in order to find the source of it.

When I opened the door, I was overwhelmed by the same smell, much stronger, and coughed slightly, lifting my sleeve to cover my nose and mouth.

“Hobi?” I called. I couldn’t see any smoke, but the smell was so strong that it had to be coming from inside the house. I tried to push down the dread rising in me, telling myself it was just Hoseok accidentally burning something while cooking. He had been in the kitchen anyway. There was no answer, so I began to make my way downstairs. The smell got stronger and stronger until I reached the kitchen door, which was shut. I gasped, fear immediately spiking in me. There was visible dark grey smoke leaking slowly from under the door, disappearing into the air. Hoseok.

My breathing sped up with panic and shock, and I resisted the urge to throw open the door, remembering all the fire safety talks I had been given. I tentatively held the back of my hand out to the handle, flinching and pulling it back quickly at the alarming heat of the metal. I frantically looked around for something I could use to open the door, spotting a tablecloth and grabbing it with shaking hands. I scrunched it up and held it around the handle enough that I could open the door.

My nose, mouth and eyes were immediately filled with smoke, and I held my hand over my face, trying to keep my eyes open as I hurried in.

“Hoseok!” I shouted, coughing and waving my hand in an attempt to clear the dark smoke filling the room. I could hear the flames, and feel them, a strong heat hitting my body from the front. Overwhelmed by fear and disbelief, I tumbled forward into the room, desperately calling. “Hobi, are you in here?”

There was no response, and I moved further forward, finally coming face to face with the source of the smoke. Where our stove should have been were only flames, growing tall up the wall and spreading across the counter and towards the ceiling. A startled scream fell from my open lips, and I made the mistake of inhaling sharply. All I could feel, all I could breathe was smoke, flowing into my mouth and down my throat, burning. I coughed and retched, stumbling backwards away from the fire automatically, my chest heaving. Tears were now streaming down my face, both from the smoke and from panic.

I couldn’t see the whole of the kitchen due to the thick smoke, increasing every second. I stepped forwards in a desperate attempt to reach the edges of the room and ensure that Hoseok wasn’t inside, and lurched, falling onto my knees. I coughed relentlessly, but realised after a moment that the smoke was a lot thinner down here. Heat rises. I forced my stinging eyes to open as wide as they could, and looked around, searching desperately for any indication of my boyfriend.

The relief that filled me upon confirming his absence was quickly followed by fear. If he wasn’t in here, where was he? The heat from the flames was increasing, and even on the floor the smoke was too thick, too overwhelming. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t breathe. I had to get out of the room. Upon crawling along the floor and finding the door, I was alarmed to see the flames had almost reached it, having spread across the entire wall. I made my out as quickly as possible, expecting relief from the smoke but getting none, as it continued outside the room into the hall.

I managed to stand when the smoke began to thin, and felt my insides burn as I gagged, my body trying to eject the smoke I had inhaled. I took a shuddering breath, trying to get oxygen, and looked at the door. Every single instinct I had was telling me to get out, get out now, or you’ll die, but I couldn’t. Hoseok had been here, which meant he didn’t know about the fire, or was trapped somewhere. I couldn’t leave him.

I made a decision quickly and hurried to the stairs, taking them two at a time but stumbling, my vision blurred and my legs weak.

“Hoseok!” I shouted hoarsely as I hurried around, my eyes streaming. “Hoseok!” My voice wouldn’t let me shout as loud as I wanted to, my throat hoarse and burning. The smoke had risen upstairs, and was increasing, filling the air steadily. I opened every door, and searched frantically, panic overtaking me as there was no sign of him. I counted every room, racking my brains for anywhere else he could be. My head was reeling and I choked as I tried to shout again, doubling over with coughs. I couldn’t see the bottom of the stairs when I reached them, the smoke was so thick. I stumbled down them anyway, one hand over my nose and mouth, and the other clinging to the banister.

The fire had left the kitchen, and I screamed at the sight of the flames spreading rapidly along the curtains in the living room, licking up furniture and burning everything on the bookshelf. I sobbed, the smoke billowing around my ankles now, rising and filling my lungs again.

“Hoseok!” I screamed in desperation, my body doubled over and my eyes screwed shut, tears continually leaking out of them. I heaved and coughed for air, every part of me burning. I had to get out. With one regretful glance back up the stairs through blurry eyes, I ran to the front door, running out of oxygen completely as I choked on smoke, fumbling with the handle.

I slammed the door open, falling out into the outside, immediately gasping and gulping the fresh air, my knees buckling. I heard shouting voices and crawled further away from the house, my burning eyes shut tightly and my thoughts only filled with Hoseok. I sobbed, my knees now on grass, and pressed my forehead down to the floor. Hands were on me, lifting me, and I fought them weakly, tears streaming down my face.

“He’s… still inside…” I cried, trying to open my eyes but screaming at the burning when I tried to. People were talking to me, but everything sounded dull and I lost track of what was happening to me, my head light and my thoughts incomprehensible. He had been inside with me. I didn’t save him.

I sat on the stairs of an ambulance with a blanket over my shoulders a while later, forcing my stinging eyes open to see the firefighters enter the house, and come back out with no one. My lungs were on fire; every breath left me begging for more of the water they had given me, my throat stinging, and every movement sent a sharp pain through my skull. Tears slipped silently down my face as I watched them fight the fire, neighbours gathered in lawns to watch. I wanted to scream, and shout at them to go away, and at the paramedics to stop helping me, and find Hoseok. But I knew it was no use, and I didn’t have the energy.

The ambulance stayed in case someone else was found inside, so I got to watch as my house was destroyed in front of me, the flames reducing with the firefighter’s efforts and leaving only a blackened mass of ash and wood. Everything I owned was in there, but none of that mattered. I closed my eyes in defeat at the thought of Hoseok, tears slipping down my face as I placed my head in my hands. I prayed he hadn’t been inside, confusion and fear for him more prominent than any pain I was feeling.

My ears were numb to most of what people were saying to me, but they managed to pick out one sound above the others, as suddenly my head jerked up, my eyes searching for whatever made it.

“Y/N! Y/N!” Someone was screaming suddenly, and I was up on my feet before I could register it and I was turning towards the sound, my heart jumping. “Where’s Y/N?” The voice shouted desperately, and then I saw him, pushing through people, his face panicked. His eyes lingered on the house before flickering anxiously around all the people.

A sob left my lips and I almost collapsed at the sight of him. I watched him run up to one of the firefighters, shouting something at him and looking around frantically. I clung to the side of the ambulance, crying violently with such an intense onslaught of emotions hitting me with full force that I could barely move. He was alive. He was safe.

“Hoseok!” I forced my damaged throat to scream out, broken and rasping but loud. I let go of the vehicle as my feet began moving of their own accord towards him. His head whipped towards me, and I moved faster, stumbling and sobbing. He reached me before I had managed ten steps and suddenly he was holding onto me; my face and then my shoulders and my body and I clung to his body, falling into him. He moved frantically, pulling me to him fiercely before quickly checking every part of me, tears falling from his eyes as he examined my face. I sobbed relentlessly, my body growing weak, and he was asking something but I couldn’t hear him. I could only desperately hold onto any part of him within reach, relief filling me so intensely that I could barely breathe. He wasn’t inside. He was here. He was alive.

“Where the hell were you?” I screamed, my arms thrown around his neck as I cried into his shoulder. I finally began to register the environment around me as he pressed me against his body to tightly, grounding me instantly, and I could hear him speaking to me.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” He was muttering into my neck, and my knees lost balance. We both sunk to the ground in each other’s embrace, and I could feel his tears against my neck. He sobbed painfully, his breath catching as he continued to frantically apologise.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I just went to the shops.” He cried. “What happened, Y/N? What happened, oh my god.” His breaths were ragged as he clutched me to him. I cried against him continually, my lungs and throat still burning with every breath and my entire body aching, only able to utter out the one thought running through my mind.

“I thought you were dead.”

I was taken to hospital quickly after the paramedics found out Hoseok was alive and well. Significant smoke damage to my throat and eyes, but nothing that wouldn’t pass, so I was discharged. I hadn’t let go of Hoseok since I had found him again, always clutching his hand or arm, and barely taking my eyes off him. The absolute fear I had felt in that house when I couldn’t find him was something I had never experienced before, and would never forget.

That night, lying in a hotel room with Hoseok draped around me, I cried. I cried for our house, our belongings, the memories we had there; for the experience, the terror and trauma that would never leave me; for the fear of what we would do next. But mostly I cried for Hoseok. For his light, his love, and how I had nearly lost him.

“I went back for you.” I whispered through my tears, which he was rhythmically wiping away with his thumbs, clinging to me. He shut his eyes, a tear falling from his lashes.

“Thank you, baby.” He murmured hoarsely, pressing a kiss to my forehead, and then my cheek. I curled up, cringing again at the memory, a sob leaving my torn-up throat.

“Shh, it’s okay.” He whispered, wrapping his arms around me tighter. “You’re okay now. I’m right here. I love you.” I felt his heart beating beneath my fingers; the soft rise and fall of his chest against mine as he breathed.

“You’re okay.” I choked out, curling my fingers into the fabric of his shirt, tasting the smoke in my throat again, feeling the panic.

“I’m okay.” He confirmed, and I felt one of his tears drip onto my neck, clutching me closely to him. “We’re okay.”



Warning ⚠️ Smut

“Y/N!” Isaac shouted as he saw your body fall down the second floor, both of you sharing a mere glance before your body disappeared into the deep abyss, you screamed in fear of your undeniable and tragic fate, feeling the whole weight of your body being pulled by gravity. It was until you finally hit the floor that a strong wave of pain surrounded your bones, after that, there was nothing.

“No, no, no, no” Isaac rambled as he embraced your body in his, hearing a few bones of yours crack, making him sob loudly, but when he heard a soft heartbeat his eyes looked up at you, although you were still unconscious he didn’t lost faith “She’s still alive!” Isaac urged running towards Stiles’ Jeep.

The whole ride Isaac was shaking, holding his lover close as he mumbled a series of incoherent words, he was praying, praying it wasn’t late for her, because he couldn’t imagine a life without her, she had been there for him through it all, she gave him her hand to hold, she became everything for him.

As Isaac saw her disappear through the hospital doors with many nurses and a doctor around, he couldn’t help but drop to his knees and cry, he was broken. The love of his life would probably die and he couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Later on, when she was stable, Scott’s mom dropped the bomb.

She was in a coma.

Hundreds of things went through Isaac’s mind in the seconds after that, he was scared, being on a coma meant she was still alive, but for how long? Obviously, for Isaac and everyone else, her being on a coma wasn’t making things better.

“Can I see her?” He said but he didn’t heard himself as he did, although he knew what he had said. Melissa smiled sympathetically at the blue eyed werewolf before she gestured him to follow her.

As he walked alongside Melissa he felt as if every step he took was even more difficult to make than the other, he heard his own heartbeats, but they didn’t felt the same, they felt slower, as if his heart was only beating to keep him alive.

They stopped at Y/N’s room, Isaac stared at the door before embracing the cold metal doorknob in his palm and finally opened the door, he heard Melissa say something but didn’t paid attention as he walked further into the room, listening to the constant beeping of the machine.

It was then that he saw her.

Her body seemed even more fragile than before, now, she was had a tube going inside her mouth along with another tube going intravenously in one of the veins of her wrist. Isaac put a hand on the border of the bed, while he bit the other, trying to hold back his pain as he looked away.

He let the tears run as he finally took a seat at the side of her bed, he sneaked his hand beneath hers and give it a gentle squeeze and feeling her warmth as a reassurance to his heartbroken soul.

“You taught me how to love” he whispered “But you forgot to teach me how to live without you” at the end of that sentence his voice broke and he sobbed loudly before placing a tender kiss on the back of her hand.

A year later, Y/N was still in coma and Isaac tried to keep his faith alive, but after the fifth month his hopes died, he realized that she may never wake up, and even though it was hard, he knew he needed to move on.

So he stopped coming to the hospital, while Lydia-Y/N’s best friend since the first year of high school-still showed up in a daily basis, and of course, she was resentful that everyone lost hope that Y/N would wake up, specially Isaac, who swore he loved her more than himself multiple times.

Lydia was reading out loud for Y/N as always, they almost finished “Eleanor & Park” which she knew was Y/N’s favorite book. When she heard her voice.

“Lydia?” She called out groggily, as if she had just woke up from a long nap, Lydia’s heart stopped as her eyes found Y/N’s, for a moment she had forgotten how shiny her eyes were.

“You’re awake!” She exclaimed as the tears rolled down her cheeks as Y/N blinked several times, trying to adjust the light “Wait here” she urged before running away, leaving her confused friend behind.

What had happened?

After the doctor did some test, he said she was good to go once her parents signed up. While that happened, Lydia had to explain to her friend all the events that happened after her fall.

She had lost a whole year of her life.

That realization made her burst into tears, her friends and life itself was partcially lost, one of the things that hurt her the most was that Isaac had given up on her, but who could blame him?

Lydia held her close as she cried and screamed feeling helpless that she couldn’t do anything to ease her pain, everything she hold onto in her life had crumbled without her knowing.

The next day, Lydia helped her get ready for school, after pulling some strings here and there, she was ready to go back to school, although she was terrified, because just then she would realize how much things had changed.

As they arrived to school, Y/N realized how big the school actually was; at the sight of this, Lydia locked her arm with Y/N’s smiling sweetly in her direction, Y/N smiled back and took a deep breath before having the courage to actually go in.

Everyone was staring at the pair and whispering, Y/N kept her head up as she walked, and as they did the found their usual group chatting on the halls, oblivious of the girls’ presence, and even though Y/N’s heart began pounding against her chest she walked up to them and tapped Isaac’s shoulder.

When their eyes met, Isaac froze, not believing his own eyes, everyone were the same as Isaac, all eyes were on her.

“Thanks for staying by my side” Y/N spoke kindly, but the venom in her words was evident, Isaac gulped
“No, you know what? It’s all good, I’m also super thrilled you found confort in banging my other best friend Allison” now you turned to her, Allison seemed to shirk at your words. “By the way, how does that feel, Scott?”

“Y/N” Scott said trying to grab your arm, but you quickly jerked it away
“No, you know what? Fuck you guys” your spat at the group as you took a few steps back and left.

It was really hard to accept your new reality, you were angry and decided that you had enough of this bullshit, the old sweet Y/N had to die. So when you arrived home, you and Lydia started with the change.

Before leaving for school you studied yourself, you were using a pair of jean booty shorts, a white blouse with the first two buttons undone, showing way more cleavage than you used to along with ankle black boots and a red leather jacket.

You were the center of the male attention, and you loved that, of course your old group of friends were surprised, to say the least, but that’s exactly what you wanted. One boy in particular seemed attracted to you, Theo Raeken.

Of course you took advantage of that.

You decided it met up in a classroom, as you closed the door behind you, you felt his hands place on your hips, you smiled to yourself as you turned around.

“You have 15 minutes”
“I only need 10” he smirks before crashing his lips on yours, his tongue going inside your mouth, it had been so long since you felt a lust like this, so you let it consume you, you broke the kiss as you tossed his shirt up his head and throwing it across the room.

Now his lips were attached to your neck, biting the soft his skin making you whimper, his fingers quickly undoing your shorts and pulling them down along with your panties, Theo lifted you up and placed you on the desk, as he finally took off the clothing he had previously pulled down.

He pulled your legs further as he placed himself between your legs, he started kissing the inside of your thighs and slowly licking them as your body tensed in anticipation, and then he began tasting you, licking your center up and down making you yelp and moan due to the intense pleasure.
Your hands grasped his dark locks pulling his tongue further into you, as his fingers also teased your core and your walls clenched around his digits as they went in and out, at a steady pace.

“Theo!” You gasped as your orgasm hit you, the boy beneath you cleaning your aching core, he then went back up and kissed you once more as he brought you closer by the waist, while the other hand grasped your breast and massaged it, making you breathless.

You helped Theo pull his jeans and boxers off, and once that was done, he placed the condom on himself before lining his cock in your entrance and filling you with a powerful trust, making you moan louder than the expected.

You put your arms around his neck and he lifts one of your legs to his ribs, easily reaching your sweet spot, making you hold tighter onto him, as he keeps ramming into you, making you moan his name in his ear, the knot on your stomach overwhelming you, growing almost by the second.

Each time he rammed into you, your walls seemed to clench around him even more making you feel on the edge, you noticed Theo was close by the way his muscles tensed, but before you reached your climax you felt Theo’s claws digging a little bit into your hips, making you jolt at the sweet mixture of pain and pleasure.

Both of you panted as you tried to get as much air as it was possible “You weren’t that bad” you joked making him chuckle while he buttoned his jeans and you put your panties back on

“See you around, Y/N” he said before exiting the classroom and closing the door behind him, and you finished getting dressed and quickly left the classroom too.

Little did you knew was that that same classroom wasn’t far away from the one where Isaac was, so he was able to hear the whole thing. So as soon as the bell rang he came out to look for you and when he finally found you he grabbed your wrist forcefully, making you turn to him.

Saying he was furious was an understatement.

“What the fuck where you thinking?” Isaac hissed through his teeth, you smirked

“Well I was thinking ‘Wow this guy is… AH!” You faked a high pitch moan, the vein in his neck popping as he clenched his jaw.

“Fucking someone in an empty classroom?” He asked in disbelief, you rolled your eyes
“Don’t go al moral on me Lahey, it’s not something we haven’t done before” you laughed “Besides, unlike you, I hadn’t had sex in a year”
“You did it just to bother me” you scoffed
“Get over yourself Lahey! Cause I have” but as you were about to walk away, he held your wrist and pulled you inside another classroom and locked the door behind him.

“Say it” he stated simply and you frowned
“What?” You asked confused
“This is bullshit”

“IF YOU LOVED ME SO MUCH WHY DIDN’T YOU STAYED” it was until now that your eyes showed something more than anger, they showed sadness and disappointment “Why did you gave up on me? On us?” Now a lonely tear rolled down the werewolf’s cheeks

“You don’t know what it was like going day after day to that hospital and see you in that bed, talking to you and never hearing a response, but believing someday I would. I was scared, scared that one day I would hear that constant beeping sound stop”

“I don’t know? YOU don’t know what it was like to know that you’ve been in a coma for a year and that you’re boyfriend is now dating one of your best friends. Why her? WHY ALLISON?”

“Because she was there, because in so many ways, she reminded me of you” Now he walked over to you, and grabbed his arms around you slowly “But she’s not” his blue eyes later locked on yours but you pushed him away

“That’s your excuse?! That’s why you left me when I needed you the most?” Isaac’s lips pursed into a thin line trying his best to hold back the tears that burned his eyes

“I’m sorry, okay? But Y/N please, try to understand…”
“Understand what Isaac? That you simply didn’t loved me enough to stay? Because if you were the one in coma I WOULD’VE STAYED and I thought… I thought you would too”
“Don’t say that, Y/N I love you! I never stopped loving you but I thought I needed to move on”
“But everyone thought you eventually would, I kept hearing the doctors say that you weren’t gonna make it or that you would stay like that your whole life” he then cupped your face in his hands his eyes trying to find yours. Until his lips touched yours

Both of you sighing in relief at the contact, although you tried to pull away, Isaac deepened the kiss as his tongue grazed your lower lip, asking for entrance as his hands gave your butt cheeks a firm squeeze making your mouth open just enough to grant his tongue the access it needed.

“I love you” he repeats again and again into the kiss making your heart pound loudly against your rib cage an finally pulls away to catch his breath “I know I fucked up but I want you. I want to sneak into your bedroom past midnight just to wake up and see you next to me”

“I’m pissed at Theo because he got the privilege of touching you the way I craved to touch you for a year. Because he made you his when you were mine”
“You’re such an asshole, what about you and Allison? You don’t think it hurts me too? You act as if you were the only one that suffered!
“You know perfectly well that Allison meant nothing compared to you” you greeted your teeth as the anger rises in your chemo-signals, hands turning into fists

“Don’t you dare…” you started off but Isaac quickly interrupted your statement.

“What? To remind you our secret? That we are bound together for life since that night at my place?” You remained silent “Or should I also remind you that mark on your shoulder? You know, the one that I made?” His fingers trailed your jawline before grazing your hair and putting it aside, revealing the small mark that rises on your shoulder blade, your eyes found that spot before you heard him talk again

“You can’t look at that and tell me I don’t love you”

It was then that Isaac flashed his natural amber orbs and subconsciously you flashed yours making him smile widely. His hand sneaked all the way down to yours, intertwining your fingers making you feel his warmth.

You stared at him intently, examining those bright orbs, and his features as you pulled closer, your chest touching his, both heartbeats pumping at a steady rhythm, complementing each other, your hands cupped his cheeks and his fingers trailed your hips, both of you leaning onto the kiss slowly until there wasn’t any kind of space between you, it started off slow both remembering the sensations that you were experiencing.

His touch was so different from Theo, he was caring and yet passionate but Theo was merely driven by the lust that clouded his judgment.

It all felt so familiar, how his hands wondered your body, your heart beat increasing, the burning desire inside your guts pleading for more as your fingers tangled themselves in his curly locks deepening the kiss until Isaac pulled apart, his nose merely touching yours.

“I love you too Isaac” you smiled

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Jason Todd/ Red Hood X Reader- Bluejay

Okay, Imma just say this up front.  I made this a little too dark and I want to put up a warning separate to the warnings I usually put on my fics.  I just don’t want you guys to read this and go ‘Holy Shit I don’t want to read this anymore!’  Please proceed with caution. Seriously, this is one of the darkest things I’ve written.

Warning: Swearing, murder, mentions of abuse, alcohol consumption, angst, THIS IS VERY DARK GUYS SO PLEASE IGNORE THIS FIC IF YOU’RE NOT COMFORTABLE

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Sanvers Week Day 7 - Soulmates

Cw: some mentions of violence, homophobia, sexual harassment and suicidal ideation.

In English they were known simply as Blackouts, but in Portuguese they were called As Apreensões  – The Fits – because even though science had determined years ago that they weren’t technically seizures, people afflicted with them were known to jerk violently, to roll their eyes back in their head, to wake with injuries they’d never fallen asleep with.

Nobody really knew why people got the nightmares, but Maggie’s Tia had a theory. She’d always said that God showed people the worst of their soulmate’s past, their absolute darkest memories, so that they would truly know to treat their heart tenderly, to never hurt that person more than they’d already been hurt. Over the years Maggie fell in love, almost too easily, always too messily, but through it all she slept soundly, never quite understanding why when she’d dream about girls, she’d dream only beautiful things.

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Edmund x Reader : Memories - Part Two

Part One

Edmund x Reader – Memories pt. 2

Author’s Note: Hi hello I am back after two months (I think???) of being so inactive and with a new imagine for you guys! This is the collab fic I’m working on with my best friend, Rain, @logicaledmund  and this is absolutely long overdue. Super sorry about that. He he. Anyways, this is a bit short, maybe, and it sucks, definitely, but I really wanted to post something because I haven’t posted anything in so long and I’m going nuts asfwfehrbksgkf. Hahahaha. I guess that’s all, enjoy weird mistakes and typos. Enoy! -Gaby 😊

Setting: VODT

Word Count: 1,238

Contains: Sorcery, a bit of violence so it may be triggering, angst, fluff at the end, maybe??? Idk???


                                                          * * * 

Closing her eyes, Y/N leans against the railing of the ship, inhaling the salty scent of the sea. They had just left the island, and are continuing their voyage across the sea. She likes this; feeling calm and alone. Her moment is interrupted when she feels a presence beside her. Opening her eyes, she looks at the Just King standing beside her. She sighs.

For the past few days, Edmund had been insisting that Y/N was his wife when in fact, she isn’t. Or so she thinks. She doesn’t remember anything, after all.

“Yes, Edmund?”

“Er, um…may I join you?” he asks warily.

“You’re already standing beside me. It would be rude to ask you to leave.” Y/N responds dryly. Edmund’s cheeks turn a shade darker out of embarrassment and Y/N suddenly feels bad for responding the way she did.

“I- I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that.” She apologizes.

Edmund clears his throat awkwardly. “It’s fine.”

An awkward silence falls between the two teenagers, and Y/N clears her throat.

“So,” she begins, and Edmund turns to look at her.

“What exactly happened back there? At the island, I mean.” Y/N asks, regretting it the second the words leave her lips. She and Edmund would surely get in an argument again about it. Y/N has always been the stubborn one; she refused to believe in things until she actually saw them herself.

Edmund turns to her fully, and Y/N does the same.

“Y/N, you have to believe me when I tell you that I’m your husband, and you’re my wife.” Edmund says, and Y/N just sighs.

“I’m not your wife, Edmund. I’m too young to be your wife. I barely even know you,” she replies, throwing her hands up in the air, exasperated.

“Well you barely even know Caspian and Lucy and Eustace either,” Edmund begins, “yet you treat them differently with how you treat me. Why is that?”

“Because unlike you, Edmund, they don’t insist that I’m their wife, when clearly, I’m not.” Y/N snaps.

“Y/N, listen —”

“No, Edmund. I’m sorry, but I’m not your wife.” Y/N says the last part in a tone that made it seem like the end of their conversation. Edmund sighs, and Y/N shakes her head, walking away.

Edmund looks sadly at Y/N’s retreating form and drops his head in his hands.

“Everything alright, Ed?” his sister, Lucy, asks him worriedly.

He looks up to see her concerned expression and frowns.

“She still doesn’t think you’re her husband, huh?” Lucy asks, putting an arm around her older brother’s slumped shoulders. He shakes his head no, and Lucy smiles gently at him.

“Don’t worry about it, she’ll come around.” She assures him.

“But when, Luce? Lord Bern said that if she doesn’t get her memories back soon, she’ll die. I … I can’t have that. I can’t lose the most amazing girl in my life. It would kill me.” Edmund says, tearing up a bit. Lucy looks at her older brother sadly; she didn’t know how to cheer him up. She pulls him in for a hug, and Ed returns it weakly.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find a way to fix this. I promise.”

* * *

The ship rocked back and forth, and Y/N tossed and turned under the sheets.

“No! Don’t touch him!” Y/N screams, watching a young Edmund get beaten up by the White Witch’s creatures.


“Y/N don’t tell her!” Edmund shouts, and Y/N screams once Edmund receives another blow. At this point, Edmund can barely stand up. Tears well up in her eyes and Edmund is punched in the gut.

“Stop it! Please! Don’t hurt him!” Y/N screams.

“WHERE.” Another kick in the shin for Edmund, another scream from Y/N. “IS.” A punch to his jaw. “ASLAN’S.” A slap to the face. “ARMY.” A punch to his already bruised, and bloody lip. “HIDING.” Another kick to the stomach. Edmund falls to the floor, and Y/N screams as his frail body doesn’t move.

“EDMUND!” Y/N sobs.

“I’m going to ask you one last time, child.” Jadis whispers, so much hate and venom in her voice. “Where is Aslan’s army hiding?”

Y/N looks at Edmund’s frail body, tears trailing down her wet cheeks and her bottom lip trembling. Then she looks back at the White Witch’s cruel face glaring down at her. She looks down, her tears falling to her feet.

“I’m so sorry, Aslan.” Y/N whispers. She looks up at Jadis.

“They’re at the Stone Table.” Y/N answers defeatedly. Jadis smiles wickedly.

“You’re just as much of a traitor as he is.” Jadis says.


“NO!” Y/N screams, and she wakes up in a cold sweat. She breathes heavily, wiping the sweat from her forehead. Y/N releases a breath she didn’t realize she had been holding in and sighs. Removing the sheets from her body, she runs a hand through her messy hair and stands up. She had been having these nightmares ever since they left that island. Ever since she supposedly lost her memories. And every night, she dreams of the same thing. It always begins and ends like that.

Y/N, knowing she won’t be getting any sleep after that, opens the door and walks out. She decides to get some fresh air and walks up the stairs leading to the top of the deck. The top deck is empty, everyone must have either gone to bed or are in the bottom deck. Walking over to the railing, Y/N leans on it, holding onto it tightly. She closes her eyes, and lets out the tears she’s been holding in ever since. Soft sobs leave her lips and she silently hopes no one can hear her.

“Y/N?” Great. Just great. Y/N feels a presence beside her, a presence that was once unfamiliar to her, now feels so familiar. She opens her eyes, and her tear-filled eyes meet Edmund’s worried ones.

“Are you okay?” Edmund asks. “Wait, you’re crying. I’m so stupid. I shouldn’t be asking you — ”

Y/N steps closer to Edmund and wraps her arms around his waist. Edmund, obviously caught off guard, doesn’t react for a few seconds. Once he realizes what’s happening, that his wife, his wife, is finally in his arms, he wraps his arms around her small frame tightly. Y/N rests her head on his chest, and Edmund rests his chin on the top of her head. He presses a soft kiss to her head, slightly afraid that she might not like it and it will ruin their little moment. But he relaxes once she doesn’t react and just hugs him tightly in response. He breathes in her sweet scent, and it calms him like always. When they finally pull away, Edmund holds Y/N at arm’s length, and he gently wipes away the remaining tears with his thumb.

“What’s wrong?” Edmund asks softly. And he wishes he never asked her in the first place. That one word that Edmund hates leaves her trembling, pink lips.


“Oh, love.” He whispers, and pulls her in for a hug again. Y/N doesn’t complain though; although she hated Edmund for insisting that she was his wife and for always getting on her nerves, his presence and his hug felt so familiar and comforting. For the first time in days, Y/N felt safe. She felt at ease. She felt at home in Edmund’s arms.

I Promise //Draco Imagine//

Requested By: @fangirl4799

Request: I was wondering if you could do an imagine based on this picture (Shown below) obviously for Draco Malfoy. Thanks.

Warnings: none

A/n: The reader is replacing Hermione in the picture. Also this takes places during the Battle Of Hogwarts.


The whole castle seemed to be shaking beneath you as you ran. Your eyes were wide and tears threatened to spill not just from the wind hitting your face, but from what you were being forced to see. Flashes of green light would illuminate entire hallways and the screams that followed them only made it worse. Clouds of black soared across the room and changed into threatening death eaters, their intention to kill anyone who got in their way. You gripped your wand tightly as you continued to run. You didn’t have a destination, you just didn’t want to be around the death eaters. Your heart hurt from the sound of many screams and you couldn’t hold back the urge to cry any longer.

You slowed down as you reached a corner of the castle you were quite familiar with. The corridor that once offered you light and protection, now made you feel trapped and exposed. You leaned yourself against one of the large stone walls and tilted your head back, trying as best as you could to catch your breath. A shriek escaped your lips as a flash of light just nearly missed your face and collided with the wall behind you. You quickly jumped from your spot and into the open corridor only to find yourself yourself cornered. You stared up at the vast wall in front of you, your hope disappearing right before your eyes.

You whirled around at the sound of approaching footsteps. A person, dressed in all black with a mask on was slowly approaching you, his wand extended towards you. You stepped back, trying to keep your distance, but thanks to the dead end, you could only step away so far. You raised your wand as well, knowing it was almost pointless to try but if it could save you, it was worth the shot.

“Well well, if it isn’t Y/n.” The figure said as they continued to step closer. You seemed to recognize the voice but you couldn’t place it. “The sweet sweet Y/n who was so determined to find a friend in me.”

“Lucius.” You breathed, your eyes widening and your hand starting to tremble. You knew he hated you. You knew that he despised every inch of you, inside and out, and you knew that you were already dead to him. All he had to do now was make it official.

“It’s too bad I have to do this to you. To Draco. But you’ve already messed up enough of my life. It’d be a shame to give you the chance to ruin it even more. He lifted his wand but before he could say anything, someone else did.


Lucius’s body froze before falling to the ground. You closed your eyes, your breaths uneven and your cheeks damp with tears of pain and fear.

“Y/n?” The sound of your name being called made you stand up straight and your eyes immediately fell on the one who had saved you.

“Draco,” You practically cried as you flung yourself towards him, letting him catch you against his chest. “Draco, your father-”

“I know Y/n. I know. I wasn’t going to let him hurt you though love. You’re safe now.” Draco whispered as he stroked your hair. You clung to him tightly, glad to be back in his arms.

“What are we going to do Draco?” You looked up at him. You noticed a gash just above his eyebrow that covered half of his forehead in blood. His once pristine skin was now covered in dirt and ash from the explosions and his hair hung loosely over his forehead. He looked around the room before lowering his gaze to look at you, a defeated expression now apparent on his face.

“I don’t know.” He muttered softly. He pulled you away from him and took you by the shoulders. “But Y/n, I won’t let anything happen to you. Nothing is going to hurt you,” He trailed his dirt covered fingers down your jawline before caressing your cheek softly, wiping away your tears with his thumb. You thought you saw tears in his eyes as he said, “I promise.”

You sniffled softly before crashing back into his chest, burying your face in his shoulder as he embraced you. You jumped apart when a loud explosion rattled the corridor. Draco quickly grabbed your hand and pulled you further down the corridor to a large staircase. You followed him as he flew down the steps and into another corridor. This one was decorated with many picture frames, many of which were empty due to the paintings evacuating. Draco stopped in front of a rather large frame that was empty now. He pulled at it until to your surprise, it swung open. Behind it, a small wooden door was built into the wall. Draco pulled out his wand and whispered “alohomora” before pushing the door open. You followed him inside quickly, closing the door behind you. You heard the picture frame hit the wall as well.

“What is this Draco?” You asked as you looked around. Draco had just lit a few candles that gave the room an eerie but cozy glow. It couldn’t have been bigger than a large broom closet and it smelled of mold and dust.

“It’s an abandoned broom closet. I found it during our third year and have kept it secret ever since. It’s nearly impossible to find though. You’ll be safe in here until the war is over.” Draco spoke hurriedly as he lit the final candle and turned began looking around the room for something else.

“You mean us, right? It will keep us safe.” You replied as you put your wand in your pocket and furrowed your eyebrows. Draco turned to you, his saddened expression was illuminated by the glow of the candles. He crossed the small room and took your waist in both his hands before placing his forehead against your own.

“I love you Y/n,” He whispered. “You are so amazing and strong and determined and my life wouldn’t have any meaning without you in it.”

“I love you too Draco.” You replied. You wrapped your arms around his neck and lifted yourself to his lips. He kissed you back, slowly, passionately, and with meaning. As if it was the last time he would ever get to kiss you.

He pulled you into his chest and kissed your forehead softly when you finally pulled away. “I will come back for you when the war is over.” He said quickly, kissing you one more time before letting go of you and running towards the door.

“What?” Was all you could say. You stood glued to the floor, still processing what was happening when he gave you a sad smile. Tears rimmed his eyes as a quiet “I promise” left his lips. And then, just like that, he was gone.

“No,” you whispered. “Draco!” You ran to the door where he had just disappeared and pulled at the handle. The door wouldn’t budge. “Draco! Draco!!” You shouted as you pounded on the door. You pulled out you wand and pointed it at the lock. “Alohomora.” You tried the handle again but it still wouldn’t budge.

You threw your body at the door but had no luck. You were about to try again when the whole room suddenly jolted, a loud boom echoed through the walls and you knew exactly what had happened. And worse, it had happened in the corridor Draco had just ran into.

“DRACO!” You screamed as you ran to the door and threw your fists at it. “Draco!! Draco!” you screamed at the door again before collapsing onto the floor, unable to control the sobs erupting from your throat. You could only hope that he had made it out of the hallway in time, but deep down, you knew it wasn’t possible.

Another loud boom shook the room. This one was much closer though and you found yourself screaming as bits of the walls and ceiling collapsed onto the floor. You closed your eyes and covered your head until the explosion had died out. You opened your eyes and nearly shouted with glee. The door had been broken by a large piece of the ceiling. You quickly scrambled to your feet and jumped into the hallway, your wand in your hand and determination in your head.

But before you could even take a step, The wall beside you suddenly burst, an ear breaking boom filled the corridor and the force of the explosion knocked you off your feet. You fell and hit your head hard against the stone floor. Your vision began to blur and the last thing you saw before blacking out was a flash of green light.


A loud, high pitched ringing was the first thing you heard as you slowly gained consciousness. You opened your eyes and did the best you could to figure out where you were. You were laying on the ground, massive pieces of stone were littered around your body and a thick layer of dust covered everything, including you. You reluctantly picked yourself up into a sitting position, trying your hardest to ignore the piercing pain in your head. You touched your fingers to your forehead and winced when you saw they were now soaking in blood. The ringing in your ears subsided after a moment and with that gone, your head automatically began to feel slightly better.

“Draco..” You muttered as you grabbed the cracked wall beside you. You pulled your battered body onto your feet and made your way down the hall. “Draco!” You called once you had gained enough energy to. “Draco!” You began running, fear starting to consume you.

“Y/n?” You heard someone say and you whirled around.

“Hermione,” You said breathlessly. “Thank god you’re here.”

“You look horrible! Why aren’t you in the great hall with the other injured?” She asked as she ran to your side and put an arm around your waist. “Let me help you there.”

You pulled away from her touch and took a few steps back. “Where’s Draco?”

“In the great hall with the others.” She said and with that, you jumped back into a run and took off down the corridor and towards the great hall.

You reached it surprisingly fast having to take different routes due to destruction. You ran through the doors and into the great hall, your eyes immediately scanning over the many familiar faces.

“Y/n.” You looked to your left and saw Mcgonagall approaching you. “My dear we thought you were dead!” She said as she reached for you.

“Where is Draco?” You asked. You didn’t mean to be rude but you had to know where was and if he was okay or not.

“Third bed over there.” Mcgonagall said softly. “I’m glad you’re okay dear.”

“I’m glad you are as well.” You replied, giving her a warm smile before running towards the long line of beds. Your heart nearly fell to the floor when you saw Draco lying in one of the beds, his eyes closed.

“Draco?” You asked softly as you stepped beside his bed. “Draco?” You nudged his shoulder gently and sure enough, his eyes opened.

“Y/n..?” He asked in a groggy voice. You had obviously just woken him up. “Oh my god, Y/n!”

You laughed softly as you sat down on the bed beside him. Your hands automatically went to his face as you nodded, tears welling up in your eyes. “It’s me.” You brushed his hair out of his forehead and smiled at him. “I was so worried about you.”

“Me? I was so worried about you! I thought for sure the explosion would have made the whole room explode. How did you get out?” He asked, wincing as he tried to sit up.

“Don’t try to sit, you’ll hurt yourself.” You said softly. “The room kinda collapsed and the door broke.” You explained and he nodded.

“I’m so sorry Y/n. I promised you wouldn’t get hurt and look at you..” Draco said sadly but you shook your head.

“There was nothing for you to do Draco. I’m fine. Just a little scratched up. Nothing that won’t heal.” You shrugged and he nodded.

“You should probably get that cleaned up. It doesn’t look to pleasant. You can come back here when they’re done.” Draco said quietly as his eyes began to drift shut again.

“Okay..” You nodded. You stood up and turned around to find the nurse.

“Y/n,” Draco called. “You’ll come back, right?”

“Yes Draco. I’ll come right back here.” You smiled at him.


“I promise.”

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Companions react to Danse having killed the SS for reversed blind betrayal ♡

Sanctuary Hills grew silent, the whole world standing still. They heard the gun shot and immediately they knew that their time was up…

Original Post

Cait: Cait watches as Danse comes out of Sole’s house. Immediately, anger begins to replace sadness inside of her and she bears her teeth at his prescence. Yes, Sole was a Synth and yes, they could have been spying for the Institute but they were the best damn person Cait knew. She strode up to Paladin Danse and punched his chest. “You dumbass fucking piece of shit. You deserve to fucking die you fucking bastard.” Cait’s attack did no major harm to Danse, and he stared down at her with the same, emotionless expression on his face. Cait repeatedly tried to hurt Danse in his power armor, blurting out curses that became more and more incoherant due to her beginning to choke on her tears. It just wasn’t fair.

Codsworth: As soon as he hears the gun fire, he feels that empty space inside of him grow bigger and bigger. Codsworth watched Danse march off into the distance and he floated away ‘To go have a rest’. First their spouse, then Shaun, then them. He simply served no purpose. There was no dishes to wash, no car to clean, no primroses to trim - Nothing. He floated on down near the river and decided to stay there for a while, watching the stars. “It’s okay Mum/Sir, I’ll be there to help in just a minute!”
A few days later, the members of Sanctuary found a deactivated Mr Handy, staring up into the night’s sky.

Curie: She is deeply saddened as soon as the gun is fired. Infact, her sobs are the only thing echoing throughout Sanctuary for a long while. Curie sees Danse walk out of the house, holotag still in his hand and decides to go straight up to him. “How.. How could you Monsieur Danse! Y-You monster!” she shouts, slapping him across the face, standing on her tiptoes. As emotions got the better of her, Curie collapses into Danse’s arms, sobbing uncontrollably.

Deacon: He runs into the room as soon as he hears the bullet fire. “Sole!” he screams out, pushing Danse aside. There they lay on the ground, Synth brains smeared over the floor and blood staining their clothing. Deacon drops to his knees at the sight and presses his hand to Sole’s dead body. “God why, no…”
Taking his sunglasses off, he wipes the tears from his eyes and continues to stare on at the mess. He hears Danse turning to leave and just before he does, he spits on him. “You Brotherhood soldiers are fucked up as shit man. Just leave before you cause even more grief.”

MacCready: A gasp escapes his mouth when everything falls silent. He was too late. It didn’t even matter if Sole was a Synth, ever since they hired him they were the best friend he had ever had. Why should some jerk in Power Armor come and ruin everything? MacCready waits until Danse leaves, as much as he would love to blow his head off, and runs into the room where Sole was killed. The sight was horrible. Blood stained the nearby crib, the floor, everywhere. “Jesus… Fucking… Christ…” he breathed out. He made a promise to Duncan that he would never use such language again, but he was pretty sure that he would make an exception in this case. Striken with grief, he placed his small Wooden Soldier by their side and set out for the Capital Wasteland. He was never seen again.

Hancock: Hancock is in the room as soon as possible, he immediately makes an attack on Danse, trying to kill him. “What the fuck were you thinking!” he screams out, attempting to stab him somewhere, anywhere. Danse keeps quiet and in the end knocks Hancock to the ground, placing his foot on his head. He hears Danse mumble a “Consider yourself lucky that you are alive ghoul” before he watches him walk out of the room. He is pretty fucking sure he is going to kill every last one of the Brotherhood if it was the last thing he did. Hancock wasn’t doing this for himself, he was doing it for Sole - The only thing good he had left in this fucked up world.

Piper: She, like Curie, begins to cry and whisper ‘Blue’ repeatedly. However she doesn’t take her anger out on anybody and she grows very depressed. She has to leave right then and there, making her way back to Diamond City. Danse always seemed quite off but, he took it too far this time. Piper hopes the Brotherhood all go to hell for what they did. Yes, they were a Synth, but so what. They were everybody’s friend…

Nick Valentine: Nick immediately goes up to Danse, infuriated. “Look at the blood on your hands, the blood of your goddamn friend Danse. You’re the one that deserved to die. Not them. You could’ve given them a second chance and you could’ve stopped sucking up to your dumbass boss. But you didn’t, did you, you fucker.”
Nick would have hurt him then and there but he was pretty sure the people of Sanctuary had enough violence for today. Danse gave Nick a dirty look, his eyebrows furrowed, before pushing him out of the way. He didn’t have time to kill another Synth.

X6-88: “Paladin Danse, you have killed the Institute’s hope for the future, prepare for your defeat.” X6 says, looking down at the body and then looking back up at the soldier. Danse really didn’t have time for this. “Listen, it wasn’t my fault Synth, I was just undertaking orders…”
X6 didn’t listen and started to try and kill Danse, right then and there. The fight doesn’t last long, Danse retreating to the safety of the Prydwen thanks to a vertibird. He thought the Paladin was very much of a coward.

My Girl (Father!Negan X Daughter!Reader)

Based on the song ‘My Girl’ by The Temptations. Enjoy!

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day. When it’s cold outside I’ve got the month of May.

Everyone rested on their knees kneeling to Negan, watching as he smiled at all of his people. Lucille in his hand, fingers gripped tight around the polished wood as he began to quietly chuckle. “Y'all can stand” his voice boomed, shifting his body 360 degrees as everyone began to rise from their knees. He then turned to his next victim, sitting right in the middle of the large room.

Negan smiled right at him, showing off his pearly white teeth before beginning to laugh. “What’s your name again?” Negan asked. “J-Jason” the man hesitated, obviously scared of what was about to come from the devilish man grinning right in front of him. “Jason, tell me, you see that girl?” Negan asked, pointing right at the balcony, right at you. Jason quickly twisted his head, before looking back at Negan. “S-Sir I-”

I guess you’d say What can make me feel this way?

Negan grabbed his face, cutting him off from his words and turned Jason’s chair around, making him stare right at you. “Her, right there. Do you see that girl, yes or no?” Negan shouted as Jason began to weep. “Yes!” He cried before Negan threw him onto the floor. You watched helplessly, knowing that no matter how much you would scream and cry for him to stop, Negan would never stop.

“Do you mind telling us who that girl is?” Negan bent down to meet face to face with Jason, watching the boy shake with fear. “(Y-Y/N)” he stuttered before Negan chuckled and smacked Jason’s leg with Lucille causing everyone, including you, to flinch once you heard his loud cries. “You don’t deserve to say her name” Negan spat. Jason was sobbing uncontrollably, his fear and pain pouring out.

“I am going to ask you again, who is she?” Negan grabbed Jason by the shirt, holding Jason’s face close to his as Jason trembled. “Y-Your daughter, s-sir” Jason stuttered as Negan threw him back on the floor, and raised his arms in triumph.

“Now, was that so hard?” Negan played, before glancing back up at you and smiling. “My girl, my precious not-so-little girl!” Negan exclaimed, trying to see if he could make you smile, but frowned watching you keep the look of annoyance plastered right on your face.

My girl (my girl, my girl) Talkin’ 'bout my girl (my girl)

Negan swerved his body away from you, turning and watching the frightened crowd of his people, all terrified of his future actions. “I know, I may not be the best father. I mean hell, in a shit time like this, I don’t think good fathers even exist. But I know, I’d be a completely shit father if I let this moron talk to my daughter the way he did” Negan spoke loud, his voice echoing within the filled factory. He turned his body back to Jason, looking down at the injured boy.

“I don’t know who raised you,” Negan began, “who fed you, played with you, wiped your fuckin’ ass, but I do know this;” Negan pulled Jason up from the floor, throwing him back into the chair that he was sitting in before, and whacked Jason’s torso with Lucille. Jason’s pained cries were like nails on a chalkboard, everyone flinched and covered their ears, unable to bear the shrieks of pain. You had enough and left, feeling hot tears of embarrassment and disappointment streaming down your face.

“You do not ever, ever speak to a woman like that, especially my fuckin’ daughter! Do you understand me, or do I have to repeat myself like I’ve been doin’ for the last 50 fuckin’ times!” Negan shouted. Jason could only get out the slightest of whimpers before Negan shouted for him to answer. “Y-Yes! I-I’m sorry! But p-please, let me g-go!” Jason cried before Negan scoffed. He looked back up at the spot you used to be, before leaning away from Jason’s face and looking back down at the boy.

“I’m not fuckin’ finished with you”

I’ve got so much honey The bees envy me I’ve got a sweeter song Than the birds in the trees

You were locked in your room, sobbing into a pillow, feeling your heart twisted and torn from Negan’s actions. You felt betrayed and alone, like both of your parents had died. Losing your mother at a young age, before all of this happened, was hard enough, but now your father acting like this, killing innocent people, to say you were disappointed would be an understatement.

Three loud bangs cascaded from the other side of your door, you shifted your body as the door slowly opened, revealing Negan with a bloodied Lucille slung over his shoulder.

I guess you’d say What can make me feel this way? My girl (my girl, my girl) Talkin’ 'bout my girl (my girl)

“Baby, I’m so-”

“Can you just leave? You are the last person I want to see right now.”

Negan frowned, setting Lucille down by your door before closing it and stepping towards your bed, sitting next to you. “You are so stubborn, just like your mother,” Negan chuckled “just like your mother.” he repeated softly to himself before shaking his head.

“I know you know I haven’t been the same since she died, hell, I haven’t been the same since she got goddamn cancer. But you, you’re the reason why I haven’t completely lost my mind. You kept me in place” Negan spoke softly, this was a side of Negan you haven’t experienced since you were a little girl, it felt like a completely different person.

Negan looked over at you, and chuckled. His smile was big as he continued to look over your facial features which he found completely identical to your mothers. “I know you’re not happy with the way I do things, Baby. But this is who I am, this is how I keep us safe!” You cringed at the use of your old nickname; Baby. Your mothers favorite movie was Dirty Dancing and she began to call you Baby after you had told her you wanted to dance just like Baby.

Though Negan despised the movie, the nickname did stick with him and he has used it ever since, but as you got older you began to hate the nickname, as it reminded you of the times that used to be.

I don’t need no money, fortune or fame I’ve got all the riches, baby One man can claim

“Don’t call me Baby” you muttered, before Negan was taken aback, his eyes widening at your fierce attitude. “What did you just say to me?” He grumbled, his short temper now sparked. “Don’t call me that dumb nickname, don’t even think about it! Only my dad is allowed to call me that and right now I don’t know where he is!” You shouted, as Negan furrowed his eyebrows.

“Who do you think you are, talkin’ to me like that, after I just defended you from that dick-wipe who completely treated you like a piece of trash!” Negan shouted back at you, his voice obviously louder than yours. “I’m not that little eight year old anymore, I can handle myself! I taught myself how to survive without a dad, because a dad is the complete opposite of what you are!” You cried, watching a rare look of horror play out on Negan’s face.

guess you’d say What can make me feel this way? My girl (my girl, my girl) Talkin’ 'bout my girl (my girl)

Negan grabbed you off of the bed, holding you in his arms, close to his chest. “No matter how much you hate me, I’m always gonna love you. You make think I’m unfair, but I’m doing what I need to do to survive and keep your ass safe, because keepin’ your ass safe is what your mother would want. I want what she wants. So hate me all you want, you can even kill me right now, but if you did, I’d still take a bullet right between the fuckin’ eyes to protect you” Negan spoke, as tears began to fill your eyes, you didn’t know how to react.

You couldn’t help but pull him into a tight him, whispering soft 'I’m sorry’s’ into his ear. You definitely have never seen this side of him for a long time, and you couldn’t have been more relieved to know that he still had his soft spot for you. His sunshine, his Baby, his girl.

That was really bad. I apologize. I might rewrite this.
Genji x Reader

OKAY SO LET ME TELL YALL SOMETHING! This is a whole lot of angst but it has a happy ending! It’s almost 3500 words soooo

WARNINGS: Gore, swearing, lots of sadness

“Hanzo’s looking for me,” Genji murmurs. His hands are placed behind his head and his ankle rests across his knee as he stares at your ceiling, he doesn’t sound worried, he never does. But you worry enough for the two of you which is exactly why you say, “I thought you promised to stay out of trouble.” He snorts and you can tell he’s upset, just by the way he’s behaving and the way his body doesn’t relax when you lay next to him on the carpet of your living room.

“What happened?” When he doesn’t respond after a few moments you nudge him gently, “are you okay?”

“The only thing that prevents the elders from getting rid of me is my father and brother, yet even they can’t stand to be near me.” He pauses and you know he’s not done so you remain quiet. “What if they really don’t want to be around me anymore, what if I have become such a degenerate that my family simply tolerates me for the sake of honor?”

“Genji, Hanzo’s an asshole, if he didn’t love you he wouldn’t refrain from telling you. And your father adores you, he does everything he can to make sure that you have the best life. Sure, they may get frustrated with you sometimes, but they’ll always love you.” You turn to face him, your elbow resting on your hip as you continue, “you’ll always have your family and you’ll always have me.”

“And I am incredibly grateful for you, Y/N.” He continues to stare blankly upwards.

“Will you promise me you’ll be careful?”

“I’ll do my best.” And that’s all you can ask for.

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Goodbye Part 2- Final

Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Everything around Peter seems to remind him of your death

Warnings: Character death, blood, pain, crying, sad stuffs

A/N: Last part, I hope it didn’t suck

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A Prayer For Help

gif is not mine

Title: A Prayer For Help

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 777

Warnings: hurt, angst, fluff

A/N: This was requestd by @ladysigyn221! I know you waited a bit to get this, but I hope you enjoy it!! I love you all so much!! <3 <3

You weren’t friends with many other hunters, but when you met the Winchesters, that changed.  Something about them made you feel comfortable with the idea of working with other hunters.  Then you thought you would try other hunters, but you noticed no one else was quite like the Winchesters.  Eventually you stayed with the Winchesters indefinitely.  This time you were on a solo hunt and things were going pretty smoothly. Unfortunately, that’s when things went very wrong.

A demon grabbed your throat, slamming you against the wall behind you.  A small grunt left your lips as you felt your back throb with pain.  You raised your leg just enough to kick the demon off of you.  You stumbled over to your demon knife, grabbing onto the handle.  Before you could get back on your feet, the demon’s foot collided with your stomach.

You tumbled along the floor, dropping your demon knife again.  The demon picked up your knife, strolling over to you.  He grabbed a fistful of your hair, yanking you up from the floor.  The demon threw you into the wall that was only a few feet behind you.

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A Little Mistake Messenger

Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Ch. 8  Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Ch. 11

Summary: MC has exciting news to tell Zen and the other RFA members. That is until the MC gets a shock from Zen. MC finds comfort in a close friend, Jumin Han.

Rating: Mature because smut

Tags: Jumin x MC, Zen x MC, mystic messenger

Authors note: THIS TOOK FOREVER AND ITS SOOO LONG. May or may not have damaged my eyes staring at the eclipse LOL. Sorry if i forgot to tag anyone at the end there is SO many people and keeping track is getting difficult. 

–Jumin’s POV–

The calm before the storm it seemed as the sun just beginning to peak behind the large towering skyscrapers behind my office window. It looked as if it would be a much milder day outside from the forecast this morning. The mornings were always the best time for me to be productive and organize my thoughts before looking into important exchanges and potential investors. Unfortunate timing of an upcoming business trip putting a strain on my staff. To say I wasn’t stressed would be an understatement. I half considered asking MC to come along with me. For one to keep all the paperwork organized and allow her to plan out the meetings. Secondly, because having her by my side takes away the lingering stress at the end of the day. I needed to think about the health of the baby and stress asking her to come with me would put on her body.  

I wondered when MC would wake up from her rest after the night we shared together. It was torture prying my body away from her warmth and the comforting sound of her breath against my skin. I could just lay in bed with her for eternity and still be pleased by the small sounds she makes while she sleeps and the soft snore she makes when MC burrowed her face into my chest. MC’s soft hands laying across my chest her head nestled between my head and my neck. Sighing I glanced at my phone checking for missed messages during the night and important business calls that I gladly ignored. Of course there were the messages I purposely chose to ignore including the countless voicemail’s left from Sarah. I did not understand that even after telling her that I was uninterested in her advances still continued to send a ’good morning’ message.

I had a good feeling that soon I would be able to put an end to Sarah’s constant attempts to change my mind. Sarah still called my phone even after kissing MC in front of her sending her crying out of my apartment. I had a feeling that after this attempt to persuade her to stop advances I might have taken a step too far. After all it wasn’t Sarah I needed to convince of my disinterest, but my own father still forcing me become serious with my future. I would rather elope with MC than be forced into a marriage with a woman who only wanted my money and to dig her fake nails into C&R. 

I understood why my father would be concerned about marriage due to my lack of interest and overall disgust with the women my father brought home. I was a 30 year old bachelor with no serious intentions of settling down. As much as I appreciated his concern the numerous arranged blind dates and introductions to wealthy businessmen daughters at formal gatherings was enough to drive anyone up a wall. Or that was the case until I picked up a teary eyed MC from the airport. 

I wanted MC and she wanted me, and that was all there is too it. I may be completely unsure of how our future would unfold in the upcoming months would unfold but I do know that no matter what I wanted to make it work. Love. This new feeling inside of my chest just thinking about her made me feel like a jittery teenager again. I was no idiot knowing that Sarah was just like every woman my father had ever tried to bring home. Even after MC was dating Zen my feelings for her had not changed and was still drawn to her like moth to flame. As much as it pained me to see them happy I told myself that she was happy.  

I swiped from left to right on my phone deleting Sarah’s unread messages still lingering on my phone. I made a bet with myself how long it would take before I got the dreaded call from Sarah about the article I had spread all over the city. I turned my chair to face the window as I watched the sun peer between two buildings and illuminate the darkened streets below. I gave myself 10 more minutes before she called about the article. I turned back around in the desk chair sitting at my elbows propped on the desk, and hands folded against my head as I clicked on a business file reviewing documents about their revenue and profit margins. My phone screen lit up before the sound made it to my ears. The assigned alarming siren ringtone going off in my ears as Sarah’s face illuminated the screen. I debated how long I should wait before I answered the phone just to not give her the satisfaction of knowing I was waiting for her call at any moment. The phone buzzed on my desk once, twice, three times. Before the fourth could annoy me any more I reached for the phone propped up against files on my desk. 

Taking a sharp intake of air before holding the phone lazily against my ear. A loud piercing shriek shouted through my phone. I immediately jerked my hand away from my ear almost dropping the phone on the floor. I shook my head out of pain from the loud noise shaking my ear drum. Sarah’s shrill sobbing cry reverberated again through the speaker on my phone causing me to hold it at arm’s length away before it destroyed my hearing for good. Another sobbing wale that sounded more like screaming than crying rang through the phone. I muted the phone as I sighed as she kept crying over and over. After 2 minutes of hearing her cry she began trying to speak in coherent words. “J-Juuummin,” Sarah sobbed and I shook my head in frustration. Sarah continued to try to speak but her words sounded gargled and choked behind her crying. I’ve had enough of this. I hit the end button to stop her annoying voice from giving me a throbbing headache so early in the morning. When she collects herself I would be more than happy to speak words to her, but until then I will not listen to five minutes of incoherent screeching when I could be spending my time working or talking to MC. I would not even give her five minutes before she called back. It would not take her very long to realize I was not listening to her wailing in an attempt to make me feel sorry for her.  

In a sense I did pity her for following Glam Choi’s footsteps in attempt to con men out of money and dignity. Three minutes passed before the phone began ringing the same assigned ringtone to alert me to not pick up the phone when Sarah called. I carefully held the phone at an arm’s length away before sliding my thumb over the answer button. A loud screech rung through the phone once again. I shook my head out of irritation my fingers pinching the bridge of my nose and annoyance that this required my attention of all things. It would be one thing if Sarah wanted to have a civil conversation like adults but this was blown way out of proportion. Instead I opted for the high road as much as it annoyed me and how desperate I was to want to end the call right then and there. 

“Sarah I am more than willing to discuss the situation with you as soon as you stop your nonsensical sobbing. In which case you cannot I am willing to talk to you once you have calmed yourself.” I slid the end call button before she could wail my name loudly and obnoxiously echoing through the entire office. I was surprised Jaehee had not tried to come in to investigate the loud noise. I suppose she was still completing morning rounds with the other staff that she might not have heard the phone. Sarah was acting no better than a spoiled child stomping their foot when they did not get what they wanted. 

The morning meeting went over smoothly regarding the important key notes of importance to establish a formal contract with tactile and electronic industries to drive down the prices of C&R affiliates products. Making items more affordable while still profitable for the supplier and profit margins. I hesitated to insist that MC come along with me until the unfolding drama between Glam, Sarah, and my father resolves. I hated the thought of pushing the trip back for the sake of my sanity, but I would be too worried about leaving MC alone to face the growing media attention herself. It seemed like everything was settled regarding airfare and cutting back costs by flying first class instead of taking the private company jet. 

Jaehee knocked on the open door to my office lightly. I looked up from the documents spread out on the table. Typically Jaehee would just come strolling in without announcement and her nose buried in her folders but instead she looked intimidated. Something had Jaehee on edge and i had a feeling exactly what might make her nervous. “If this isn’t a bad time Mr. Han you have a visitor,” she said eyes wide as she tilted her head towards the hallway. "Did i forget an important meeting? Who is it?“ I asked gesturing for her to come in and quickly close the door. 

“I tried to tell her to wait outside that you were busy with meetings but Ms. Choi is quite insistent. Ms. Choi then continued to degrade my outfit and ask if I was also sleeping with you.” Jaehee said sharply as if Glam asking such a question was insulting. Due to her tone the thought was repulsive. Still I did not appreciate the harassment of my employees. 

“Tell her to come in,” I motioned to Jaehee who opened the office door as she spoke to Glam who I am sure was throwing a fit over having to wait. "Mr. Han will see you now,“ Jaehee stated before moving out of the way for the unexpected visitor. "Took you long enough,” Glam spat at Jaehee. In through the large opaque glass door was Glam herself with a stern look planted on her face and her tacky purple suede purse swaying at her side. I stood up from behind my desk to greet her in attempt to not tear her apart for harassment of Jaehee. I could already hear the poison in her words brewing behind her painted eyes that she was about to unleash upon me. 

Glam Choi knew how to play the game better than anyone else. The game she liked to play by bending men’s will and charming her way into position of power. I would play her little game just to gain a rare glimpse of the next calculated move against in her climb to power. I gestured for Glam to take a seat in the two chairs angled directly towards my desk. Her clacking heels strode past the chairs as she stood over me one of her hands placed firmly on the desk. She glared at me through her painted eyes examining the prey before she unleashed her torrent of meaningless words upon me. 

“You must think you are very clever,” she spewed grabbing the morning paper and thrusting it on my desk in front of me. “As I am sure you are already aware of how clearly upset poor Sarah is upon reading this garbage. Crying her eyes out meanwhile that whore of a secretary you like to keep around is playing with you. Not to mention how rudely I was treated coming here to speak with you about this garbage.”

I clenched my fists at my sides at her words. Whore. It was taking all I had not to let anger show on my face, and give her the satisfaction she dearly desired by seeing my reaction. Glam had disrespected my staff and now she disrespected MC. 

“I am quite sure that you assuming that I sleep with all of my employees might have contributed to the attitude you have received. I would reconsider offending my staff while you are here as a guest. i do not condone harassment of my staff continue and you can proceed to escort yourself off the premise. Yes I did talk to your pupil earlier.” I stared folding grabbing the paper and pushing it forward towards her on my desk uninterested in the words splayed out on the page. “So I have heard,” she clacked her long fake yellow nails on the surface of my desk her figure attempting to tower over me as an act of intimidation. “I am afraid however you are mistaken in assuming I had anything to do with this article. I was clearly enjoying my dinner.”

“Sarah’s reputation is on the line. Our company image is at stake. You could see how this looks to PR don’t you? It’s not only your image now is it? What about your reputation and company’s image? Imagine how it makes your company shareholders question loyalties and commitment. They might get the idea that making business with you might not be in the best interest. Don’t you think it’s best to release a statement to the press about the misunderstanding?” Glam circled my desk like a hawk as she blathered on. “Think about your dear secretary’s reputation. I hear this isn’t her first affair, but I’m sure you will come to realize how bad she makes the company look. I’m sure if your father finds out about her not so innocent past he will insist to end your relationship for the benefit of the company.”

“I suppose you might be onto something,” I admitted trying to lead her on thinking she had won this battle. 

“I’m glad that even you can see reason.” Glam pulled out a chair sitting in it carefully crossing her legs and making herself comfortable in the padded chair. 

I stood up and faced the large window overlooking the entire city. I sighed loudly crossing my arms. “You're quite mistaken about MC being a whore. I am completely in love with her.” I turned back to my desk looking at Glam’s stunned expression. “Whatever you both are planning to drop to the media I suggest you drop it quietly before the press gets wind of another scandal. I am sure your attempt to stir up unnecessary drama will look like a drop in the bucket. I am surprised you had nothing better to say than pathetic attempt at blackmail against me. You will have to do better than threaten C&R’s image." 

Glam’s face contorted into a frown. "Your father would LOVE to hear about this. One word from me and he would not even hesitate to disown you like that. You see your father adores me and will give me anything I want if I asked for it. I could tear you two apart without a second of hesitation and he would do it for me. You dare threaten me I’m sure he would enjoy hearing about the woman that warms your bed.”

“If you don’t like what I have to say Ms. Choi feel free to leave but don’t assume I will stay silent as you insult my family and MC and in my place of business." 

"Why don’t we come to a truce then?” I questioned trying to ease the tension lingering in the room after the spat. 

“And what exactly do you suggest?” Glam asked annoyed and angry her arms folded tightly across her body.

“A set of conditions that you stop feeding fake gossip to the papers and media about Sarah and I, the weeding, and company fallout, and in return we sit down to discuss this messy situation. All of us. "I sat down in my chair never breaking eye contact with her.

"That’s it? A dinner with your father?” She eyes me carefully trying to find some reason not to trust me. Perhaps she already knew what information I had about her true identity along with her sisters. It was a card I needed to patiently wait to deal out. 

“Of course Sarah and MC will be present. As a sign of good will I can even talk to the press afterwards if it makes you feel better.”

“By all means. I’ll have Sarah call you to arrange a date then.” Glam said before gathering her things in a huff and marching out of my office slamming the door behind her.

I slumped down in the chair with a heavy sigh.  That and I don’t think my father could run the company as well as I do now in his growing age. I could not blame him for his old habits with women but Glam knew exactly what she was doing, but even worse was that she wants to destroy the small but meaningful relationship with my father. There was no way I was letting that vile succubus destroy the company from the inside out. At least not without a fight from me.

There was only two people I wanted to spoil in this world, Elizabeth the third and MC. Even if I lost everything the company, inheritance, it would mean nothing to me. I wanted to talk to MC, no craved to hear her sweet voice more than anything. I grabbed my coat and phone before heading towards to door. Jaehee was waiting patiently outside my office. The worried expression on her face. “I know I am not making things easy on you. I am going to cancel my meetings for the next few days.”

“b-but you can’t just-” Jaehee stuttered 

“I know I will handle the repercussions and scheduling. Besides you always kept telling me I needed to cut back." 

"I never thought you would mean right now!” Jaehee exclaimed waiving her hands in the air in frustration. 

“Thank you. I’m sure I’ll talk to you in the messenger and I’ll keep you posted on everything.”

I know I was breaking my promise to MC to not bother Jaehee too much and hopefully the only promise I would break. I needed to get things off of my chest and come clean to MC before things grow out of hand. 


Doctors offices I think would always make me feel incredibly nervous. I sat quietly in the cold examination table the crunch of paper seemed to echo in the room with every slight shift in movement in attempt to make myself comfortable. The nurse practitioner smiling to herself as she applied the lukewarm lubricating gel to the skin of my bloated stomach. The woman gently pressed the ultrasound head on my abdomen as she searched for the little baby growing slowly inside of me. My nerves were getting the best of me and worry must have been written all over my face due to the small talk the nurse was trying to make to distract me from the probe moving in gentle circles multiple times. It was not just nerves over the silly ultrasound it was everything. From the baby, to Jumin, to providing for the little one, or how horrible I must be to selfishly ask Jumin to care for a child that is not his own. Balancing the role between diligent assistant and lover during work hours and outside of work. Was I in way over my head? Was our relationship moving too fast? God and all I wanted was potato chips. 

I hate myself for comparing the two once again but it was easy falling in love with Zen in 11 days, and it only felt natural for the friendship between Jumin and I to turn into what we have now. Jumin was always there even when I was with Zen and he still continues to be a constant in my crazy life. I still felt like a horrible person asking him to care for a child that was not even his own. Even with his constant reassurance I felt I was no better than those women out for his wealth. What if he woke up one morning and decided this isn’t the life he wanted? Would I be able to let him walk away at the first sight of trouble? The last thing I wanted was to smother him. I must have been too focused on my troubled thoughts because the nurse practitioner had finished examining the baby and was saying the same sentence over and over again in attempt to get my attention. 

“Uh Ms. MC did you want to know the sex of the baby?” The woman clicked on her computer screen. I blinked unsure on how to respond. The nurses words slowly sinking in.

“Actually I don’t want to know until the baby is born,” I pulled my shirt down uncomfortably still laying semi reclined on the examination table. I glanced at the screen that the woman in blue scrubs had turned towards me. “I am sure you and your spouse must be very happy to be welcoming a new family member,” she mentioned scrolling through the close up images on the computer. There it was it looked more like a person now than a small speck of cells on a grey screen just weeks ago. It was a relief to see a human looking head with a small nose. I could see the heartbeat on the screen along with five fingers and small baby toes. My throat felt tight looking at the little person steadily growing inside of me. The silhouetted face against the dark screen and i could not help but wonder if the baby would look like Zen or like me. 

“I am just going to show your ultrasound to the physician and they will come in to speak with you in a minute. After that you should be all set to get out of here.” I nodded in disbelief that it was real. Of course I knew the baby was real it just felt strange knowing that it was there heart beating and all. Would the baby be a ladies man like its father? Or would it be a singer? A dancer? A writer? I smiled at the thought or maybe a future in finance like Jumin? Would they be allergic to Elizabeth the third? Knowing our friends I’m sure Saeyoung and Saeran will teach it hacking skills, and Yoosung will teach them to play video games. I hoped that in a way we all would raise this child I had their unending support and kindness I felt as if I truly was not alone. 

 The apartment was quiet once again as I sat on the couch sipping on warmed water with lemon. The struggle to resist drinking coffee was already taking its toll. I grabbed the ultrasound picture and set my cup down and reaching for my phone. I shifted in my seat adjusting the blanket on my feet. I opened my messages to see if anyone has texted me but only got two new morning memes from Seven this morning.
I opened the messenger app and much to my surprise almost everyone was online at the same time.

Yoosung: MC you are back!

MC: I always come back!
MC: Seven I’m surprised I didn’t get more baby related memes today? Are you feeling well?

Seven: God 707 was busy defending justice and taking care of Saeran.

Saeran: by helping he means annoying me.

MC: I can’t say I’m not surprised!
MC: look it’s my baby’s second selfie
MC: *insert ultrasound picture here*

Jaehee: did you find out the sex yet?

MC: I wanted it to be more of a surprise. Is Jumin torturing you yet?  

Jaehee: surprisingly no he’s was in a pleasant mood this morning.
Jaehee: luckily his cat ventures have been more child oriented in larger corporate investments

Yoosung: do babies really look like that this young?
Yoosung: it definitely looks better than the old one that looked like a squirrel

Seven: why do you know what a squirrel ultrasound looks like?

Yoosung: I paid attention in veterinary classes surprisingly that day.
Yoosung: see!
Yoosung: posts comparison between MC ultrasound and squirrels *

MC: well.. he isn’t wrong. Mine is cuter now. 

I couldn’t help but laugh at Yoosung. 

Jumin: MC, you are here.
Jumin: i was just about to call you. I would like to have that picture framed for my desk if you don’t mind?

Seven: the squirrel or the baby? LOL

MC: already thinking ahead and got a copy for you 

Jumin: thank you MC

Jumin: Yoosung you must show us what a cat ultrasound looks like I am truly now curious

Seven: are you even working Jumin?

Jumin: Of course I am. I’m currently sitting in on a meeting.

MC: the daily briefing?

Jumin: hat exact one.

Jaehee: Currently he’s ignoring the PR lecture about bad press.

Jumin: We are also discussing the business trip. 

Jumin: I’ve been getting those lectures my entire 20’s to know the point

MC: Did Sarah go on another rant again?

Jumin: there was an unfortunate article posted in the morning paper.
Jumin: apparently a photographer got a tip about the restaurant we went to and wrote a lengthy article about the two of us.

MC: oh! Wait what?

Saeran: there was a huge front page spread in the headlines about it.
Saeran: I’m surprised you didn’t see it, everyone in Korea is talking about it.

MC: oh no.
MC: that explains the muscled man then from this this morning.

Jaehee: Everything is under control however thankfully your face was spared from being posted all over the tabloids. 

Yoosung: So you think Sarah knows?

Jumin: I had an unpleasant conversation with her this morning.
Jumin: MC I will see you soon. I unfortunately have to take care of something.

Jaehee: Where he goes I go, talk to you later.

-Jumin and Jaehee logged out–

MC: I don’t understand why Sarah is so fixed on Jumin

Seven: it makes no sense

Yoosung: you think she has something hidden up her sleeve?

MC: maybe. I wouldn’t put it past her to try to do something, she already hired an investigator to look into my personal life.
MC: I’m only hopping to keep this baby a secret a little while longer. I don’t want them to think that I’m chasing after jumin’s fortune.

Saeran: only an idiot would think that
Seven: you know Jumin is already a few steps ahead you have nothing to worry about

MC: you are right

MC: …
MC: I’m craving honey Buddha chips.

Seven: gasp
Seven: !
Seven: !!
Seven: !!!
Seven: but you hate honey Buddha chips
Seven: what is this madness

MC: the miracle of life
MC: I would come steal them from you but I’d have to bring my body guard Jeeves with me.

I should really ask the poor mans name now that I was thinking about it. The guard must think I am just as rude as his other clients. 

Seven: say no more
Seven: I’ll be over to drop them off as soon as I’m done coding

Saeran: please get him out of the house.

Yoosung: I want to come too! But I have class!

MC: yoosung go to class on my day off we can go get lunch I’ve always wanted to see your campus!

Yoosung: MC there is still time to be my girlfriend. 

Seven: we all know she would date me next Yoosung if she wasn’t currently with Jumin. He got to her first.

Saeran: well this is awkward I’m logging off.

MC: we need to plan the next RFA party before I pop a human out Saeyoung why don’t you join us for dinner?
MC: maybe you’ll get some peace and quiet for a bit Saeran or you are more than welcome to come over as well!

Saeran: we can only hope and I will see how it works out later. 

- –Saeran logged off—

MC: do you think seven you could pick up a picture frame too on your way? I will repay you when you get here.

Seven: chips, frame, self, God like status, dinner, I’ll let you know when I am on the way.

- MC and Seven logged out-

Yoosung: I’ve got class too gotta go

MC: have fun Yoosung

-Yoosung logged out-

I opened my browser on my laptop to quickly respond to RFA emails about invitations to the party. I braced myself to look at the article apparently now the talk of the entire city posted about us in the papers today. Maybe it was better to keep the TV off until this settles down. There plastered on the phone screen was a picture of me from behind my head tucked into my shoulder from laughing at something Jumin was saying. My face blurred but Jumins could be made out clear as day wide eyed and laughing. I’ve never noticed how wide his smile was it was something no one ever really sees. One of his more genuine smiles the rare ones that make your insides melt from looking at it too long. I didn’t want to think about the consequences if Glam or Sarah figures out I’m pregnant and if they put together that it is not Jumins or assume it is his.

I threw on sweatpants and a baggy shirt and walked into the kitchen to make something for lunch. I gazed into the fridge endlessly unable to decide what to make. I eventually decided to make myself a sandwich. I jumped out of my skin feeling his cold arms wrap themselves around my waist. “Jumin!” I said trying to look at his face he kissed my head above my ear. “I didn’t know you were coming home for lunch.”

“I thought it would be nice to spend the afternoon with you.” He said running his lips behind the shell of my ear. His gentle touch made me shiver and I could feel his slight smile pressed against my neck at my response. His arms released me from behind and i spun around to see him his hair brushed back from his relentless toying of his hair. He leaned down and placed a gentle kiss against my forehead. Why would he come home around lunch time? 
“Already making Jaehee upset?” he said grabbing a glass from the cabinet and pouring himself a glass of water. 

“No I sent her home after the meeting. I wanted to make it up to you for the article in the paper. Don’t worry I am trying not to make work un-enjoyable for her.” He said watching me carefully as I placed food out on the counter. “You could have called the chef to-”

“Jumin I am capable of making my own food. Besides I don’t think we want a gourmet meal. The baby and I are craving a sandwich.” I poked his side as he made his way over to the bar counter to sit down. "Did the director Han finally relent in investing in cats?“ I laughed turning to face him leaning across the black marble counter. A chuckle vibrated his entire chest. Jumin reached and pinched my cheek in reply with his two fingers. "Not entirely,” he laughed as he perched his head on his arm. His quick smile made me weak in my knees. Jumin had no idea how lethal his smile was. After last night all I wanted to do was run my hands over his perfect body. 

“Did you want me to make you some lunch?” I asked pulling away from his intense stare. “If you wouldn’t mind,” he pulled himself away taking his warmth with him. Jumin got up once again walking over to the fridge pulling out a piece of fruit and making his way over spot on he bar stool. His eyes closely watching my hands as I made him a sandwich. I attempted to ignore his close stare engrossed in holding the utensils and opening the jar in front of me but I could not help but smile. 

I kept feeling like Jumin was going to say something but every time his lips parted he would look away and continue peeling his apple lost in his thoughts. “You look like you have something on your mind?” I mentioned pressing the top of the sandwich together and placing it on a plate in front of him. He stared at the sandwich carefully as if he has never seen a PB&J before. I would not be surprised if he honestly had not even had one before. 

“Thank you MC," Jumin examined it before holding it close to his face to smell it. The action almost made me laugh at how silly he was acting. "Don’t worry it’s not poisoned,” I told him cleaning up the mess of butter knives and opened jars. “Its not that. It just looks,” he paused squeezing it between his hands “- different”. Jelly oozed from the sides and he took his finger to swipe the edges before cautiously licking his digit slowly. Jumin’s expression softened when he realized how sweet it was. Jumin more enthusiastically took a huge bite into the crust of the bread. He nodded his head as I went back into cleaning off the dishes left in the sink. “Good,” was the only word he could manage before taking another huge bite followed by another. I sat next to him eating my own lunch in the brief quiet silence between the two of us. If Jumin was this easily taken by simple foods I don’t think there would be any objection to cooking for the two- three of us. 

After we both finished eating I grabbed the ultrasound image from out of my purse sliding it across the counter for him to see. He looked down to see what exactly it was in front of him before his eyes went wide he wiped his hands off and smiled. “It’s so big!” He held it up to look at it more closely. 

“This definitely is not a squirrel.” He set it back down on the counter. “Jumin,” I asked my fingers drawing shapes in my palms out of nervousness. “Hmm?” He replied brushing my hair back from my face with his hand and he let his hand linger caressing my cheek. I leaned into his gentle touch I should not be this nervous asking him such a simple question. 

“How would you feel if I wanted you to come with me for the next visit?” His brow furrowed into a crease on his forehead and then his expression softened. He leaned in close bringing his other hand to caress my face. “Of course I will,” Jumin placed a peck of his lips on my head. “To be fair I had to hold myself back from asking to go with you before.” He released my head and sat back in his chair grabbing his water before getting up. 

“Come here.” He gestured to the couch and I followed sitting closely to him. He pulled me into his arms and rested my head on his chest. Jumin sighed his breath tickling my ear. “Holding you like this makes all my stress disappear.”

“well allow me to I assist you when you need to.” I smiled reaching my arm up to run my fingers through his hair. I could feel his body soften more at the action. I needed to make note that he liked his hair played with. Jumin’s warm breath tickled my neck I almost thought he fell asleep from the comfortable silence between us as I toyed with his hair. 

“Careful you spoil me too much I won’t want to let go.” Jumin mumbled grabbing my hand that was blissfully playing with his raven black hair. He pulled my wrist to his lips as he carefully kissed my pulse softly nibbling on the skin. If he was trying to get me going he already succeeded the moment he came in the door. Judging by the silence that fell between us I felt that was not the reason for his gentle touches. Something was bothering him I just needed to make sure he was comfortable enough to want to tell me what was on his mind. Elizabeth the Third jumped up onto the couch and plopped herself in my lap wanting attention from her master. 

“That sounds like a good problem to have,” I laughed intertwining my fingers with his. 

I had to cut it short because it was entirely tooooo long. Usually its 10 pages single spaced but this monster is like 15.

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un coup de main, si'l te plait.

A/n: because I wonder if that would be part of Ladybug’s job description and because this is a very personal topic.

TW: mentions of suicide and depression.

Beyond all the magic that’s come into her life after becoming Ladybug…beyond all the Akuma and the dangers and joys…this is perhaps the oddest and most important of her self-inflicted responsibilities.

The Eiffel Tower is beautiful and scintillating, a spot of hope and pride that shimmers gilded and golden in the night.

And it’s so tall. It used to be one of her favorite spots to sit and watch the city. But that was a short lived time of enjoyment, because this responsibility of hers has leached away any joy.

Or rather, she’d feel guilty if she got any joy out of staying here. She doesn’t tell Chat Noir about these patrols.

He always seems tired and somehow, she feels a more personal drive. Something wedged in the sadness and anxiety she’d long since learned how to hide well.

She’s so high up…and so is the lovely girl with red hair done up in two braids. The girl doesn’t seem to see her and it’s after hours. She shouldn’t be here.

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Turn Back - Peter Parker Imagine

Originally posted by anamarieswift2194

“I don’t know if I want to do this Pete,I’m scared” I sobbed into his chest “shh it’s okay Princess” Peter soothed “you don’t have to go if you don’t want to” Peter spoke calmly but I pulled away eyes most likely bloodshot “but I do. The teams counting one me,my aunts,uncles,my dad” I paused “you.”

Peter frowned “i’m sure they’ll understand-” I interrupted him “No I cant let you go alone” I wiped my tears “tomorrow we’ll face Thanos together” I held his hand in mine giving him a weak smile “ok” Peter breathed out.

“just promise me one thing” I spoke timidly “anything” he smiled “promise you won’t leave me at any point in the battle” I told him “I promise” he held me close kissing my temple.

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Request: “Hey!! Can you write a ReidxReader where they’ve been dating for a while (she’s not in the FBI) and she has to fly somewhere in Europe for work and the plane goes down and Reid’s a mess, but she calls him or shows up at the BAU like 2 hours later to tell him she missed the flight and wasn’t on it (whichever floats your boat!!!!) Thank you<3″

Working thru these requests as fast as a can! X

‘It is only five days, Spence. It’s not like I’m permanently moving to London.’ You said, capturing your boyfriend’s lips once again.

Spencer slipped his arms around your waist and buried his face in your shoulder.

‘It’s still too long without you.’ He mumbled, squeezing you tighter.

You were a lawyer, and since your firm had a partner in the UK, sometimes you had to fly out to assist with a case. However, this had not happened since you began a relationship with the BAU’s resident genius, and the doctor was finding the brief separation to be difficult.

‘462 people died in plane crashes in 2013.’ Spencer said, muffled. You pulled away and playfully poked him in the arm.

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