screams about mikasa


(ノ◕△◕)ノ~Jurassic World, Jeankasa AU. May contain movie spoilers.

Mikasa: Ex-military, Dino Wrangler, Raptor Momma. Some days she thinks she prefers the dinosaurs over people, though she admits that if he wasn’t such a stick in the mud and “pretty”, Jean wouldn’t be a bad date.

Jean: After the early death of his mother, he distances himself away from his sister and family to focus on his work. As a result, he gets too attached to control and the park. Has hit on Mikasa before, but she turned him down pretty quickly after he accidentally criticized her “shack” while not realizing that was her bungalow.

Jean grows a bit, falls for Mikasa as if he tripped and somersaulted over his own head, and Mikasa decides she likes Jean after all. Full view encouraged.


Take a shot every time:

  • We see Erens mom get Eaten
  • Levi says ‘Tsk’
  • Mikasa says ‘Eren’
  • Erwin/Armin does something creepy
  • Hange fangirls over Titans
  • Mike sniffs something
  • Jean reminds you of a horse
  • Marco is a good person
  • Levi brings the feels
  • Eren starts screaming about Titans
  • Mikasa is a bad-ass
  • Armin tries his best
  • There’s bird or flower symbolism
  • Bert’s anxiety gets triggered
  • that pomegranate makes an appearance because… the fuck?
  • There’s a gay moment for Ymir and Christa/Historia
  • A hilarious titan shows up
  • Pixis takes a drink
  • Erwin’s eyebrows make an appearance
  • Finally, take a shot every time a character deserved better.

jungianca6  asked:

Heey, quick question. When did you start shipping Eremika?

You mean in the timeline of my life? Or how far into the manga content I was?

Tbh. I felt the ship tap me on the shoulder very early on because I just got vibes. (I watched the first season of the anime before reading the manga.)

For some reason I kept shaking the feeling of shipping them? Why? I’m not sure?

I always say the moment that decked me in the face like “STOP FIGHTING YOUR FEELINGS FOR THIS SHIP” was Chapter 45. It holds a very special place in my heart, and I know I always scream about it. But when Mikasa was crying saying all she ever wanted was to be with Eren like it was so raw and real and I think it really put her motives in a serious light. I can’t really explain it, but that was very powerful. And I think I felt myself go “oh shit…”

Then of course Chapter 50 happened and there was no going back from there.

Sadly, I think what made me hesitant to ship Eremika was the lack of support I saw. When I was new to the fandom, I didn’t see hate, I just saw apathy? Not sure how to explain it. Then I found basically all the Eremika blogs on here and I plunged headfirst into the dumpster. No inhibitions. It was very liberating to let myself ship these kids as hard as I do.

I love them so much.

Part Of Me [Part I: Revival] (REPOST)

A/N: I guess I will have to apologize again to Part Of Me readers. Reposting this now here, the second chapter is ready, just a few more edits before I post it.

If you don’t wish to miss the update, you may follow it on I posted it there last week, the reviews made me smile and encouraged me to keep writing this fanfic. I know I made you guys wait for so long, but I hope it’ll be worth it in the end.

Chapters: Part I | Part II | Part III

Main Pair: Rivaille/Levi x Mikasa [RivaMika/LeviMika].

Side Pairs: One-sided!Rivaille/Levi x Petra [Rivetra/Levitra], Armin x Annie [AruAni], Eren x Krista/Historia [EreKuri/Erestoria].

Rating: M.

Summary: Mikasa, a 24 years old woman, gets in a relationship with Levi, an engaged man, after they met in a hotel, fantasy and hesitation followed by seduction and temptation growing to be irresistible and reflects into acts of lust and need with a touch of love that remained shut within their hearts.

Part I: Revival

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012. At 9:30 am, a parked car was settled near a hotel, while a young woman with long black hair and narrowed, dark-gray eyes fixed up at a figure, was leaning against it. A ring slipped from her finger, falling soundlessly until it hit the ground, rolling in its place before lulling to a stop. Once the material was discarded, the woman shifted her wait to get inside the car, driving away in a rush.

The passe apartment she lived in was about half an hour away, and once her feet stepped in, the door slammed shut wrathfully and her back pressed against it for support. Her feet seemed helpless to carry her any further, her eyes were lost in an ambiguous world until the sound of her phone ringing dragged her out of her illusions. Her hand was almost lost in the small handbag before touching it and pulling it out. Tawdriness filled her eyes once they reflected the name on her phone’s screen.

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Where Levi is an assassin who works with a group of bandits called Wings of Freedom, run by one Erwin Smith. Only, this time, it’s not some snobby Lord being assassinated for political reasons, Levi is expected to assassinate the newly crowned King of Maria.
So on the night of the ball celebrating the rise of the new royal couple, Levi is stalking through the hallway, on his way to the target, when out of the blue he walks right into one of the servants. Levi, worried he has blown his cover, attempts to kill the boy, who fights back and proves he can handle himself pretty well. In the end, the kid realizes hes here to kill the king and scoffs, before offering to show him a secret passage that will take Levi straight to the royal bedchambers. When asked why he’s helping an assassin, the servant responds that he was leaving the castle as he ran into Levi, and could care less what happens to “that piece of shit.” Levi hands the servant his Wings of Freedom pin, and tells him where he can find the rest of the bandits, should he choose to go with them.

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