Hello! I don’t believe I’ve ever directly talked about my laptop here, or the condition it’s in, but I fear I must. Y'see, I’ve had this laptop since Christmas 2012, so it’s nearing 3 years old. It’s served me well over the past 2.5 years, but it’s been breaking on me for at least 8 months. A while ago, my laptop’s left hinge dropped, and since then the casing has been splitting. The images above show how badly my case is split when opened at about an 110/120 degree angle - the angle i use my laptop at.

I need a new laptop, but the issue here is I’m looking into getting one of the newer macbook airs which, from what I’ve seen, price to be nearly $1,000 a pop. Now, this might not be too big a deal, but factor in that I’m a 15 year old kid who can’t get a job just because he can’t exactly rely on people for rides to work, and you have an issue that clearly states that getting this $1000 will be hard for me.

I have a commissions post circulating, and if you got to here from there, then hello. Even if you didn’t, and you’re seeing this post on it’s own, I’d still like to ask you to see if you can at least try to buy something. I’ll be saving for my laptop, but along the way I might buy newer earbuds or small things of the sort to keep myself alright (music and stuff are my escape).

If you can’t commission me, I’d like you to maybe reblog the post, or if your friend talks about wanting their OC or something drawn, maybe link them to me? At the very least, thank you for taking time out of your day to read about my laptop issues!

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whatever you do, don't imagine Kano getting to be as familiar with or even more familiar with Ayano's friends that she is as a result having to pretend to be her all the time. Don't imagine Ayano's friends thinking that she's acting weird or off when she shows up to school instead of Kano. Don't imagine Shin wondering why her grades are really good on some days and really bad on others. Whatever you do, dont imagine Kano accidentally taking Ayano's place in her own life


Seriously thinking about writing again. Writing FANFICTION again, and actually publishing it where other people can see it (not that tumblr doesn’t count, but …it’s not exactly a site made for reading fanfics??)

Question is will I actually be able to DO it?

I don’t even know


Dancing with the Devils

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