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Lmao I gotta be bitter for one second tho and say I absolutely am sideeying all the people who are over the moon and ecstatic about a prospect of a Louis solo deal even with no official announcement from anyone whilst still claiming Harry's solo deal isn't real 😇 People making their biases really really obvious lately.

i’m screaminnngggg i know. where’s the “he’s never done anything to indicate he wants to go solo”?where’s the “you can believe simon’s smear campaign if you want :) but i just don’t think he wants to :) hmmmm we’ll see :)”?

not that i want to see any of that bc this is amazing and i have no time for people who aren’t letting their hopes skyrocket out of the milky way right now. literally no time!! let me believe this unconfirmed rumor from a man who is literally the gilderoy lockhart of tabloid journalism. like, i’d commit an honest 2 god human sacrifice for an album of JUST LOUIS… however… (to get back to your point) lmao remember earlier this year when you couldn’t say that about harry or you’d lose double digit followers or get like a hit put out on you?? hmmmmm