Prompt ideas?

Hi just wanted to stop by and say I’ve finally gotten back into writing! I have a bunch of stuff in my drafts that we’ll hopefully be up soon!

Just A Kid - Luke Hemmings will be up most likely tonight!

Don’t Let Me Go - Ethan Nestor is still in the works but it will be out as soon as possible.

I know when people have writers block or just don’t know what to write they go and look for prompt ideas. I’ve seen some, they never truly caught my attention so I decided to give out a few ideas. Hopefully these help you out!

Songs/lyrics: 5 Seconds Of Summer

If You Don’t Know

Broken Home


English Love Affair

Voodoo Doll

Close As Strangers

The Only Reason

Wherever You Are

Just Saying

San Francisco


Waste The Night

Good Girls

“Save your breath. You can talk at me, but I’m not listening If this is a test, then I’m probably failing”

“I like the summer rain, I like the sounds you make”

“Embers and neon paint up our sky”

Songs/lyrics: All Time Low

Good Times

Backseat Serenade

Missing You

Kicking & Screaming

Kids In The Dark

Lost In Stereo

Songs/lyrics: The Maine

Bad Behavior

Right Girl

Diet Soda Society

Take What You Can Carry

24 Floors


Lyrics/Songs: Halsey

Bad At Love



Roman Holiday


“I think there’s a fault in my code”

Songs/Lyrics: Flatsound

You Said Okay

Songs/Lyrics: Hey Violet



Guys My Age

Where Have You Been (All My Night)

Like Lovers Do


“From the last time we danced I learned some brand new moves. From the last time we kissed I learned a thing or two”

“And I’m dancing in my underwear. You laugh and I blush. And it hurts so much”

Songs/Lyrics: One Direction

Little White Lies

You & I

Story Of My Life


Songs/Lyrics: Blackbear


Do Re Mi



Okay and other prompts

“She wants Daddy”

“Well that’s new”

“She isn’t very big romance, she’s very simple”

“Thanks, but no thanks”

“So it’s funny when you do it but when I do it it’s a bad thing?”

“You got me tickets to see ____ but you don’t want to go with?”

“So did that score me a do-over?”

“Honey, close your mouth your going to catch flies”

“I don’t fuck with demons”

“Do you ever listen to me?

"Wait you what?”

“If you don’t drop it I’m putting the chastity belt on" 

"Can you dye my hair?”

“Work with me baby, please”

“Shut it”

“I don’t belong here”

“I think it’s time I go”

“What a queen/king”

“You did not just hit a God”

“Always a bridesmaid, never a bride”.

Okay so here are some ideas hopefully you can use for future writings. If you do please give me credit or some form of recognition for it. If you want me to write some feel free to ask me or DM me!