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holy crap, you have to read twenty five hours by olizzybennet0 it was so good i had to go walk around my house to calm down. au where victor and yuuri meet on a plane and yakov and yuri are there rip it is sstill a wip though!


I was actually planning to have a full on screaming session about the fic tomorrow because it is thAT GOOD 

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Ohhh could you do one where the RFA + V + Saeran switch bodies with MC for a day please? I really enjoy your writing! :D

Sorry for the delay with this one! This submit has been sitting in my inbox for awhile now and I apologize. There’s been a series of mishaps, such as me finally finishing this imagine and my internet shutting off. Or my drafts just magically not saving. All of which sucks because this request is so fun!^^

I also apologize if this is too long for your liking.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it~!


  • you woke up cuddling with zen in his bed
  • you were the big spoon???? how is he fit so snuggly against you like this??? Why he so smol???
  • your eyes open in panic
  • “WHY AM I CUDDLING ME” you scream “WHY IS MY VOICE SO DEEP” you scream again
  • the MC that you were snuggling with opens their eyes in panic when they hear you scream
  • “WHY ARE YOU ME?” they scream, then clamp their hands around their own mouth once they hear their own voice
  • You get up and run to the bathroom to look in the mirror
  • White hair, red eyes, gorgeous looks
  • “I’M ZEN!” you yell
  • you hear running and suddenly the MC from before is right next to you, also staring into the mirror
  • “I’M MC!” they yell
  • you both look at eachother “I’M YOU!”
  • *cue panicking in the bathroom for like 2 hours*
  • when you both finally calm down, you’re sitting on the floor with your backs pressed up against the walls
  • MC/Zen speaks up first, “MC?”
  • “Yeah, Zen?”
  • “Can I just say that you look absolutely beautiful today?” He winks.
  • You giggle, “Oh thank you! I’ve been working out!” You lift your/his shirt up to show off your/his toned abs.
  • You spend the next hour making jokes of the similar caliber
  • While laughing, you go to run your hands through your/his hair and are greeted with a long silky ponytail
  • A devious smirk crosses your face as you think of a joke
  • “Zen?”
  • “Yes, MC?”
  • “What would you do if I were to…” You slowly stand up. He/you looks uneasy.
  • “…cUT OFF YOUR PONYTAIL” you take off running toward the kitchen where you know a pair of scissors is
  • he’s screaming pleads and chasing you


  • baby wakes up next to your warm body and decides to go make breakfast for the both of you
  • he goes in the kitchen and makes omurice (which i highly recommend that shit is GOOD)
  • once it is plated he sets the two dishes onto the counter and goes to wake you up
  • the other Yoosung stirs and slowly wakes up
  • they make eye contact
  • and sCREAM
  • “ARE YOU ME??”
  • Both confused. both screaming. both end up hugging each other for comfort.
  • while crying he gets a glance of himself in the bedside mirror
  • he sniffles “Oh…I’m so cute…”
  • “Me too!” you dramatically cry.
  • “Thanks, honey.”
  • “Thank you too, honey.”
  • you calm down and try to make it through the day
  • the blind belief that this will all be sorted out in the morning was the only thing driving you
  • thank the stars that it was a weekend and neither of you had anything planned.
  • you both eat breakfast and chat, still getting used to your new bodies
  • after a bit of settling down, you get notification from a guild member requesting your assistance in LOLOL
  • Yoosung tells you that you need to play for him
  • and omg
  • you suck
  • the guild members are yelling and asking you if you are alright
  • Yoosung needs to take over before you destroy his ranking
  • Everyone hoots and hollers at the girl in the voice chat and Yoosung is pissed
  • Why can’t he be a girl and play without being harassed
  • Makes a mental note to scold the men in his guild once this is over


  • she wakes up next to you
  • immediately sees that she was sleeping with herself??
  • silently panicking
  • checks a mirror to see if she’s a ghost or something
  • she’s you??
  • you’re her??
  • silently panics harder
  • shakes you awake
  • “MC, something is wrong.” Her voice comes out fast and urgent.
  • You immediately see that she is you
  • “WHAT.”
  • “MC, I have work today! I can’t go into the office like this! You don’t work there! And there’s no way Mr. Han will give me a day off!”
  • You realize what you are going to have to do
  • You start silently panicking
  • she helps you slip into work clothes and heels
  • you wink at yourself in the mirror and put up finger guns
  • “None of that. I would never do that.” She scolds with a smile.
  • “Yes, ma’am.” You salute
  • “I wouldn’t salute either.”
  • “Yes, ma’am.” No salute this time.
  • Once you get to C&R, a crushing anxiety hits you
  • you walk in, heart pounding
  • you find you desk and sit down
  • there are sticky notes everywhere with reminders of what you need to get finished
  • and people keep coming by your desk to glare at you and give you more work
  • it’s hell
  • you don’t even know the password to her computer
  • you give up and just start throwing office supplies at your co-workers when they have their backs turned
  • it was fun for about an hour until THE Jumin Han catches you
  • he leads you to his office
  • P AN I C
  • he sits down at his chair behind the desk
  • “Care to explain.”
  • “Uhhhh, Jumin-I MEAN- Mr. Han.”
  • fukin nailed it
  • “You are acting quite strange today, Assistant Kang.”
  • “N-No, I’m not!”
  • He raises an eyebrow and you feel your face go warm in embarrassment
  • You cough. “Sorry, sir.”
  • “Care to explain yourself?”
  • You don’t know how to respond.
  • “I could fire you for this. You have done nothing productive all day and have even interfered with the productivity of other employees,”
  • You’re freaking out. You can’t be the reason Jaehee loses her job!
  • he continues, “furthermore-”
  • he looks taken aback, “Assistant Kang-”
  • “I’m not Jaehee!”
  • it takes A LOT of convincing but he finally gives you a ‘sick day’ until this is all cleared up.
  • you go home and collapse into Jaehee’s arms
  • she works so much
  • you’re glad that she at least got to sit at home and do nothing in your body


  • he’s mentally freaking the fuck out when he first sees you sleeping in his body
  • keeps calm and emails the correct people to tell them that he can’t come to work today
  • you wake up to the smell of strawberry pancakes
  • you follow the scent to the kitchen
  • you let out a little shriek and the MC making pancakes jumps a little
  • You hear them inform you of a little mishap
  • it’s weird to hear your own voice sound so formal
  • “Jumin.”
  • “Yes, MC?”
  • “I’m in your body.”
  • “yes, it appears so.”
  • The rest of the day is you just breaking his character
  • You call the chef
  • they pick up and ask you what you would like
  • “Is our company’s refrigerator running?” you ask, making sure your voice sounded deep and stoic
  • “Yes, sir.”
  • “Hmm, you better go catch it.”
  • Before the chef can even respond, you start laughing like a school girl and you hang up
  • You go into the chatroom
  • You text Zen:
  • you: I LOVE YOU ZEN
  • zen: ??????
  • you: I. LOVE. YOU.
  • zen: wtf????? ew????
  • zen: aren’t you with MC????
  • zen has left the chatroom
  • Jumin can’t tell if this is the worst day of his life (his image is destroyed) or the best day (he’s been staring at himself in the mirror all day. you can’t leave him if he is you)


  • you wake up to loud screaming
  • “Luce, what the hell?”
  • then you open your eyes
  • to meet…your own eyes??
  • You look around the room…well…you try
  • “I CAN’T SEE!” You panic.
  • “Oh, here!” He puts his glasses on you.
  • “Oh, hey gorgeous.” You wink.
  • “Hey~” he bats his eyelashes
  • “So what happened?” you ask, sitting up.
  • “We switched bodies. I don’t know how or why.”
  • “Oh cool. It’s like a filler episode, right?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • You study him/you
  • he seems to be also studying his own body
  • he starts by touching his/your face, feeling your features
  • then he touches your hair, “Hmm, soft.” he mumbled
  • then he pulls the blanket off of his legs and trails his hands up and down them. then to your arms.
  • he drops back down to your hips and trails him hands up, resting them on his breasts.
  • he squeezes
  • he squeezes again
  • “SEVEN!”
  • he looks at you innocently, hands still cupping boobs
  • You gesture to his hands.
  • “Hey, you can touch whatever you want on me, deal?”
  • “Okay, deal.”
  • You run your hands over his body a couple times
  • You get bored pretty quickly
  • You gasp, “CAN I TRY ON YOUR OUTFITS?”
  • He gasps, “CAN I TRY ON YOURS?”
  • “YEAH.”
  • “THEN YEAH!”
  • “AWWW YEAHHHHHHH” He runs over to your closet and immediately starts making outfits
  • You do the same.
  • You both try them all on and strut around.
  • fucking nerdssss


  • You wake up in the morning and stretch
  • you open your eyes
  • “V, HELP, I CAN’T SEE!”
  • V wakes up to your screaming
  • immediately turns to the source of your screaming
  • is shocked to see everything so clear and bright
  • he sees himself/you looking around frantically
  • how was he looking at himself, and how was he looking??
  • “Calm down!”
  • You turn towards the sound of your own voice
  • “Is that you, MC?” he asks, trying his best to keep calm.
  • “Y-yeah?”
  • You cannot see anything out of one eye, and the other only supplied you with a huge blurry mass
  • but you could see colors
  • and the person talking to you did not have the same colored hair as V
  • they actually had the same colored hair as you
  • “Is that you, V?”
  • He hums a yes, “I think we are not in our correct bodies”
  • You take a moment to process this, you suddenly get really excited
  • “Wait…so you can see!?”
  • he matched your excitement
  • “Yes, everything is clear!”
  • You heard him take a sharp intake of breath
  • “I’m going to go look at you.” and with that you could feel him get out of bed and almost run to a mirror
  • it took longer than a look in the mirror usually should
  • but that boy was trying to memorize every detail of your face
  • deep down he knew this wasn’t going to last, so this would be his first and last time seeing you
  • when he hears you calling him, he hesitantly looks away from the mirror and goes back to you
  • “You’re beautiful.” He greets.
  • You blush, “V, let’s go everywhere we can! You need to see things!”
  • He helps you out of the house
  • You go to the park, stare at the sky, and feed the birds
  • V takes the prettiest pictures
  • You even call 707 to give you a ride to the   b e a c h
  • he stares out the window the whole time
  • He watches the ocean and observes the tiny granules of sand
  • throughout the trip he cannot stop looking at himself in reflections and his phone camera
  • takes so many selfies in your body
  • the nicest selfies
  • better than any selfie you’ve ever taken
  • he sees so many pretty things that day, but he thinks that you were the prettiest by far


  • you wake up to see yourself staring at you with wide eyes
  • he is not saying anything
  • “I’m you.”
  • he says nothing
  • “And you’re me.”
  • still silent
  • you cannot tell if he’s calm
  • or just silently freaking out
  • he is expressionless in your body
  • you, however, are having a great time taking as many selfies on your own phone as possible
  • smiling pics of Saeran, fuck yeah
  • he keeps playing with his hair
  • “It’s so soft.” he mumbles.
  • is constantly brushing it
  • “so pretty.” he whispers to himself when looking in a mirror
  • he feels so fragile he doesn’t want to accidentally hurt you so he tries his best to stay still
  • keeps gently touching your face
  • he just sits somewhere and makes a bunch of facial expressions just to know what it feels like when you make them. just imagine him scrunching up your face and smiling and just trying to make faces that he’s seen you do
  • you haven’t mastered the art of bitch facing like Saeran
  • everytime you look in the mirror to imitate his glare, you just start giggling at how cute you look
  • you’re both too cute
Ok y’all time to talk about The Ninjago Movie

First, the characters we’ve seen so far


I love him so much he’s my profile picture on discord right now. Although in some other pictures the 4 arms look a little,,, weird,,,, but idk

ok so you can’t tell with the quality of this picture but HE HAS THE SCARS AROUND HIS EYES A+ I LOVE 

the hair seems a little… tall? but it’s chill. His character design is pretty close to the show’s, his hair is just mirrored, so he doesn’t freak me out as much as the others.

Nya is cool, it looks like she’s got some samurai stuff going on which makes me HYPE but she sort of looks like a fusion of wildstyle and Pixal, ya know? We’ll see.

Jay why ya gotta be in the back I can’t tell anything about you.

Anyways he has freckles guys. FRECKLES I REPEAT FRECKLES HE IS CUTE 

at first I thought he had Dareth’s hair and I was like. No. but I looked at it again and it’s just really messy thank goodness. HOWEVER I THINK HIS HAIR IS BROWN NOT RED AND THAT MAKES ME WANT TO CRY 


Interesting that he’s wearing both red and blue 



ok so, why does Lloyd have green eyes when every single other lego minifigure ever has black it’s creeping me out just a bit.

Also he looks like a surfer dude so

put his eyebrows back where they came from or so help me

but it’s ok, he looks old but it’s probably just the expression.

it’s all ok

everything is going to be o-


I’ve been able to calm down and appreciate every character design except for Zane’s 

Part of what’s so beautiful about Zane is he’s a robot but he still acts and looks human but,,, I don’t think this is the case here. 

Is his head skinny or is it just me

why are his eyes glowing not ok scared help me

ok maybe things are going to be ok after all

tbh the worst part is I can’t see his eyebrows does he have The Eyebrows???? I need to know now. Plz.

but he totally looks like a buff weightlifting hot dude who’s secretly a ballerina I’m 



ok but. WHy are the ninja’s designs so radically different when Wu and Garmadon actually look pretty similar it’s so weird 

anyways I love Wu’s design, his beard is dirty and cracked like it’s an actual old lego minifigure piece and he has YE OLDE SHINY HAT I love him so much

Overall, calm down about the character design guys. We’ve known since very early that this has nothing to do with the tv show. With different personalities and voice actors, different designs fit better.

If I compare these characters with the ones from the show I am angry and alarmed and I hate them. But if I remove the show and see it as its own separate entity they are all actually really cute and precious. Except for Zane. 

Also, these are stills. Many stills of characters look weird, unnatural, ugly, or stupid because they’re in the middle of moving and talking. Once we see them in motion, it will appear different. Trust me.

highlights from my dishonored playthrough
  • i initially planned to do a no kill playthrough. couldnt get past the first guard in the dungeon, so i gave up and decided to do a high chaos playthrough. by decided i mean when i left the sewers i’d killed 13 guards and figured there was no turning back
  • i somehow accidentally triggered a fight at lady boyle’s party within the first ten seconds and fought about seven thousand people i should never have had to
  • once i fell like two hundred feet into water off the side of a cliff and i had to drown myself to get out of that predicament 
  • emily would say things like “you smell like blood when you come home” and “when im empress im going to full two ships with men and crash them together so they drown” and i’d run far far away from that
  • i managed to find the nonlethal way to neutralize the regent but then i got lost on my way out and had to kill him anyway
  • that time i summoned too many rats at a time and also there were actual rats ready to eat me and the guards were screaming and i was screaming and the rats were screaming
  • i genuinely didn’t know at first if the loyalists only betrayed me because i was such a bad person
  • i’d gotten so desensitized to killing people that at the end when samuel’s like “you’re worse than the traitors so i told them you’re here” i got super mad and tried to kill him but that motherfucker is a fast rower so i slowed time to do it and then the endgame had corvo standing by his grave like he died by plague and not a crossbow bolt in his face 

and my personal favorite:

  • when i found daud and he started his big speech where i decided his fate but i’d already summoned some rats and they ate him
  • reblog if you cried
Dangerous Ties

Summary: The Mark of Cain is completely taking over Dean. You try to help save him from himself which leads to some disastrous consequences. [set during 10x22 + 11x23]

Characters: Dean x Reader, Castiel, Amara, Chuck

Warnings: moc!Dean, blood, violence +  brief fighting, character death[s], angst, feels (idek, maybe have some tissues handy?)

Word count: 1.5k+

A/N: This is my entry for @mrs-squirrel-chester 4K celebration challenge & round 2 of the album challenge. I stuck with the album Night Visions by Imagine Dragons and their song ‘Bleeding Out’. I adore this song so much. This fic is pretty angsty but it’s what came to mind when I was listening to the song aha. Enjoy! xx

‘I’m bleeding out

Said if the last thing that I do, is to bring you down

I’ll bleed out for you

So I bear my skin and I count my sins

And I close my eyes and I take it in

And I’m bleeding out

I’m bleeding out for you’

It was eerily quiet as you walked down the stairs of the bunker, the silence only causing more dread and fear to build inside you. Ever since Dean received the Mark of Cain, you could see him changing- as much as you wanted to fight it and deny it, you were fighting a losing battle and you knew it. But you loved him. You couldn’t bare to lose your boyfriend, you couldn’t bare for Sam to lose his brother. You were going to save Dean Winchester, even if it was the last thing you were to do in this god forsaken world.

“Cas?” you felt your heart sink in your chest as you saw the angel, your friend, lying on the floor, his face bloody and beaten. Quickly rushing to his side, you knelt beside him, your eyes falling onto the angel blade that had been stabbed into a stack of books beside his head.

Letting out a pained sigh you surveyed the rest of the room, the whole place was a total mess, books everywhere, along with two bodies. One of them just a boy.

“Hey, you’re okay. Everything’s going to be okay,” after helping him to sit up, you pulled your phone from your jacket pocket about to call Sam when Cas held his hand over yours.

“D-dean,” he choked, blood running down his lips as he tried to speak, the sound of approaching footsteps now coming your way.

Dean was still here.

Giving him a small reassuring nod, you helped him rest back on the ground before grabbing the blade and placing your phone in his hand.

“You shouldn’t have come here, Y/N,” Dean’s voice gruff and emotionless as he spoke.

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Lion's Teeth
The Mountain Goats
Lion's Teeth

Daily Goat #013 - Lion’s Teeth

“It’s a song about the sort of things you think about wishing you could do when you are utterly powerless and you’re seventeen or sixteen and it’s tough.” - John Darnielle

The king of the jungle
Was asleep in his car
When your chances fall in your lap like that
You’ve gotta recognize them for what they really are

Nobody in this house
Wants to own up to the truth
I crawl in shotgun and reach into his mouth
And grab hold of one long sharp tooth

And hold on
For dear life
I hold on

Well of course he wakes up
His paw hits the horn
I am gonna regret
The day that I was born

And then Mom
Rushes out to the driveway
My sister too
Everyone’s screaming
I am dreaming of you

I hold on
For dear life
I hold on

And my arms get sore
And my palms start to sweat
And the tears roll down my face
‘Til my cheeks are hot and red and soaking wet

In come the cops
They blowtorch the doors
I start wailing
The lion roars

There’s no good way to end this
Anyone can see
There’s this great big you
And little old me

And we hold on
For dear life
We hold on
We hold on

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I can only imagine an AU where Bakugou is in a rock band and he is not like one of those singers who does random yelling, but he actually sings, from his heart, but in a more... less-irritated way.


tbh whenever someone mentions a rockband AU with Bakugou i always remember this one sketch Horikoshi drew and i think to myself ‘Bakugou needs to stay 289387592ft away from any and all instruments’

please look at Kaminari’s horrified face to truly appreciate the destruction Bakugou is causing to this poor guitar

anyway, i do rather enjoy the idea that Bakugou would be a singer instead. i don’t know enough music to actually give examples, but i can understand what you’re going for when you say that he sings in his own way, and not just screaming

i canon tho i think Bakugou just doesn’t really care about singing lmao. tho i’m sure he’s fairly good at it (he is Mr. Talented, after all), but i don’t think it’s something he does often or really cares that much about 

i’m sure class 1A would be very surprised to know that he can really sing and he doesn’t actually sound horrible lmao



  • I don’t pretend to know / The challenges you’re facing / The worlds you keep erasing and creating in your mind 
    • During the gem war when Rose was re envisioning an entire new kind of world that was totally unprecedented, Pearl was beside her and supporting her as her right hand man
  • And if this child / Shares a fraction of your smile / Or a fragment of your mind, look out world! / That would be enough
  • Oh, let me be a part of the narrative / In the story they will write someday / Let this moment be the first chapter: / Where you decide to stay / And I could be enough / And we could be enough / That would be enough 
    • Pearl wrestling with the understanding that Rose wanted to go, to become half of Steven and (as she probably saw it at the time) leave her behind


crying is really punk, trust me, i have a doctorate in bawling and screaming

i had to cleanse my eyes bc i saw so much max/naster and max/wynaut on my dash what better way to do that than with pricemarsh amirite????

Don’t Call Me Shurley




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[SCENARIO REQUEST] Boyfriend!Vernon...

Requested by: @am-az-ber

A/N: We weren’t too sure if you wanted a drabble (short story) or a scenario (point-formed plots), but we ultimately went with both because  neither of us are that familiar with Hansol, so we wanted to take this chance to explore his character better. 

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Oh my, Hansol this kid… He’d be incredibly shy, but he tries to act all cool (I’m basing this off his rap in Fronting btw), insists on paying for everything because he’s been taught from young (and from Joshua) that it’s gentlemanly.

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Kate Tempest - Europe Is Lost

Europe is lost, America lost, London is lost,
Still we are clamouring victory.
All that is meaningless rules,
And we have learned nothing from history.

People are dead in their lifetimes,
Dazed in the shine of the streets.
But look how the traffic keeps moving.
The system’s too slick to stop working.
Business is good. And there’s bands every night in the pubs,
And there’s two for one drinks in the clubs.

We scrubbed up well
We washed off the work and the stress
Now all we want’s some excess
Better yet; A night to remember that we’ll soon forget.

All of the blood that was shed for these cities to grow,
All of the bodies that fell.
The roots that were dug from the ground
So these games could be played
I see it tonight in the stains on my hands.

The buildings are screaming
I cant ask for help though, nobody knows me,
Hostile and worried and lonely.
We move in our packs and these are the rites we were born to
Working and working so we can be all that we want
Then dancing the drudgery off
But even the drugs have got boring.
Well, sex is still good when you get it.

To sleep, to dream, to keep the dream in reach
To each a dream,
Don’t weep, don’t scream,
Just keep it in,
Keep sleeping in
What am I gonna do to wake up?

I feel the cost of it pushing my body
Like I push my hands into pockets
And softly I walk and I see it, it’s all we deserve
The wrongs of our past have resurfaced
Despite all we did to vanquish the traces
My very language is tainted
With all that we stole to replace it with this,
I am quiet,
Feeling the onset of riot.
But riots are tiny though,
Systems are huge,
The traffic keeps moving, proving there’s nothing to do.

It’s big business baby and its smile is hideous.
Top down violence, structural viciousness.
Your kids are doped up on medical sedatives.
But don’t worry bout that. Worry bout terrorists.

The water levels rising! The water levels rising!
The animals, the polarbears, the elephants are dying!
Stop crying. Start buying.
But what about the oil spill?
Shh. No one likes a party pooping spoil sport.

Massacres massacres massacres/new shoes
Ghettoised children murdered in broad daylight by those employed to protect them.
Live porn streamed to your pre-teens bedrooms.
Glass ceiling, no headroom. Half a generation live beneath the breadline.

Oh but it’s happy hour on the high street,
Friday night at last lads, my treat!
All went fine till that kid got glassed in the last bar,
Place went nuts, you can ask our Lou,
It was madness, the road ran red, pure claret.
And about them immigrants? I cant stand them.
Mostly, I mind my own business.
But they’re only coming over here to get rich.
It’s a sickness.
England! England!

And you wonder why kids want to die for religion?

Work all your life for a pittance,
Maybe you’ll make it to manager,
Pray for a raise
Cross the beige days off on your beach babe calendar.

Anarchists desperate for something to smash
Scandalous pictures of glamorous rappers in fashionable magazines
Who’s dating who?
Politico cash in an envelope
Caught sniffing lines off a prostitutes prosthetic tits,
And it’s back to the house of lords with slapped wrists
They abduct kids and fuck the heads of dead pigs
But him in a hoodie with a couple of spliffs –
Jail him, he’s the criminal

It’s the BoredOfItAll generation
The product of product placement and manipulation,
Shoot em up, brutal, duty of care,
Come on, new shoes.
Beautiful hair.

Bullshit saccharine ballads
And selfies
And selfies

And selfies
And here’s me outside the palace of ME!

Construct a self and psyhcosis
And meanwhile the people are dead in their droves
But nobody noticed,
Well actually, some of them noticed,
You could tell by the emoji they posted.

Sleep like a gloved hand covers our eyes
The lights are so nice and bright and lets dream
But some of us are stuck like stones in a slipstream
What am I gonna do wake up?

We are lost
We are lost
We are lost
And still nothing
Will stop
Nothing pauses

We have ambitions and friends and our courtships to think of
Divorces to drink off the thought of

The money
The money
The oil

The planet is shaking and spoiled
Life is a plaything
A garment to soil
The toil the toil.
I cant see an ending at all.
Only the end.

How is this something to cherish?
When the tribesmen are dead in their deserts
To make room for alien structures,

Kill what you find if it threatens you.

No trace of love in the hunt for the bigger buck,

Here in the land where nobody gives a fuck.

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Hello! This is my first time doing this ask me-tumblr-thingy (i don't know what you called this) but since you're one of my favorite yoonjin shipper and the reason why I ship yoonjin and now my otp. Did you watch their commentary on v app? Did you saw and heard when Jin said that he almost fell for a man. And that man is nO OTHER THAN YOONGI.! Sorry for the sudden outburst but fuc- I don't know what to feel. I'm like frozen on the outside but inside, I was screaming nonstop. Pls send help I-

I literally JUST watched the properly subbed version!!! I AM SCREAMING

I was too lazy to go back and take a good screenshot but lo and behold, Kim Seokjin everybody

(Hobi knows something, he always does)

fics added

please let me know if these post are annoying and I will stop making them :’)
also I’ve gotten some messages asking if I dont read smut because there aren’t any in the recs, so the next “fics added” post will be nothing but smut *nosebleed*

I know a bank where the wild thyme blows (jinmin)

Please forgive me, Seokjin learns, is the message purple hyacinths convey.
He laughs, clutching vibrant purple petals in his hand.
Fate has always had a sense of irony: he is, indeed, apologetic about falling in love

Are you happy now? (jinmin)

Seokjin goes on a road trip with his friends and ends up with his first heartbreak

Brevity (namjin)

Seokjin struggles to keep Namjoon afloat, because he’s sinking with the weight of it all and he can’t hear his own screaming

I rap with a prospect (yeah I rap with a mindset) (namjin)

In hindsight, Seokjin probably should not have challenged someone called Rap Monster to a rap battle and then gone on stage to say in all seriousness, “I rap just like Jay-Z.”

let’s take the moon and make it shine for everyone (namjin)

His mother said no more, finding it useless to argue any further. She questioned why she found it surprising that Jin readily offered to care for a child who didn’t have to be his responsibility.

(prequel to ’i’ll always be there for you’ thats already added)

Eat your heart out (yoonjin)

Okay, look - all Seokjin wanted was to get into the wedding expo with a fake fiance and try all the free cake. He didn’t mean for all of this other stuff to happen

voices and happiness (yoonjin)

Yoongi had a voice. In the dead of night when everyone was asleep, he would lie awake listening to it, tormenting him to no end. Telling him he wasn’t good enough, that he was just getting in the way of everything, that his family would never approve of him, that he wasn’t worth anything, that he should just die. And how badly Yoongi wanted to listen to it, to just end everything with one swift cut of a blade digging into his skin just right. And that’s what Seokjin was for

suga the builder (can he fix it?) (yoonjin)

seokjin punched a wall, yoongi wanted to commemorate it

Filial (yoonjin)

Sometimes Seokjin needs someone to remind him about how far he has come and how proud he should be of himself. Yoongi is there to help with that

Tame the beast (yoonjin)

Seokjin was always bullied, but people never really knew what he was and what he was capable of doing if he was treated like that any longer. But Yoongi knew everything about him and soon found a terrible situation occurring in the school gym

converse high (yoonjn)

“You pass by and become connected
You enter in and become love
Someone said that before – But I am just colored by you
I like you but still don’t wear Converse Lows”

in which yoongi meets the love of his life by entering his least favourite store