Don’t be shy!

Merry Christmas, screaming-alone! I’m your Secret Santa!

Seeing that your OTP was Hijack made me really happy because they were my OTP as well!

I was planning to do something really grand but I didn’t have enough time since my school works were really piled up and I only had little time to do this, but I really hope that you like this.

You can do whatever you want with it as you please, it’s my gift to you after all. So yeah, Merry Christmas again, love!

screaming-alone asked:

I love love love love love love love love my gift!!!! Thank you so very much!! I was always thinking about what I was going to get and I would be okay with anything and then I get this beautiful piece of art and I just....le sigh....I will be honest, I squealed and ran around the house like an insane person and had myself questioned by my family members. So I give you a sincere thank you. And Adieu. ^3^


I really had fun doing it so I’m really happy that you love it! I was sorta getting worried that you wouldn’t. Anyways, now that Christmas is over, I hope you have a happy new year!