ASTA TV Q&A :: trans by @bangtanthough + scan by @adre95xx
do not edit + please take out with full credit!

asta tv: favorite song of the ones you composed?
s: let me know, tomorrow, i like this style the best and i am most confident with it

asta tv: from the team’s ranking [in terms of] performance, where do you think you rank? why?
s: 5th, i think i’m better than rapmon and jin hyung

asta tv: as a producer, when you make a solo song who do you want to give it to first?
s: jimin, it’s easy to write songs that suit jimin’s vocals.

asta tv: cat or dog? cute girl or sexy girl? summer or winter? coffee or tea? day or night?
s: dog, sexy girl, summer, tea, night

asta tv: who do you want to produce music for as a producer and why?
s: jimin – i want write a song with both our styles, with a big spectrum

asta tv: what do you want to do for fans for your next birthday?
s: i haven’t thought about it yet but something a bit better than last year


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