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This is my ancient cat, Murple. She’s almost twenty-one and her kidneys are going, but she’s still sharp as a tack and bright as the sun. Murple loves sunlight and screaming at people.

Everybody needs a hobby. Screaming at people sounds like a good one.

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sunshine over Motorcity

“A Normal Life” (Part 2) - Raphael/Jace Wayland

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REQUEST: (Y/N) is Raphael’s lil sis and she meets the shadowhunters for the first time when they break into the Hotel, she’s Nothing but nice to them but vampires Attack them and she tries to stop them and is hurt by one of the vampires. When Raphael comes, she is the one going into trouble, even if it wasn’t her fault, and she storms out. Later, (Y/N) is captured by werewolves and Raphael allies with shadowhunters to save her. And in all this, Jace starts to like her. (PART 1) (PART 3)

“What the hell did you think you were doing?”
Raphael had ordered the clan to leave him alone with his sister right after the shadowhunters had exited the Hotel Dumort, and he had been yelling at her ever since.
“Going against your own people? Your own family?” He yelled at her.
(Y/N)’s cuts on her cheek had healed but the hit left her with a headache and her brother yelling at her was only making it worse.
“They’re not my family, most of them don’t even like me. And keep your voice down, will you?” (Y/N) replied.
“I’m not gonna keep my voice down!” He yelled again. “I warned you about shadowhunters! You should’ve come straight to me the minute they got into the Hotel! But no, instead you decided to try and make new friends!”
“They weren’t doing anything wrong! They just wanted to get their friend back! Plus, since when do you kidnap mundanes? You broke the Accords!” (Y/N) yelled back. Her head was pounding but she couldn’t care less about it right now, she was just furious at her brother and everybody else.
“I told you. Camille kidnapped the mundane, not me.”
“You’re just as guilty as Camille. You kept him prisoner and you didn’t me anything about it!” (Y/N) declared.
“You’re just a child. You couldn’t possibly understand.” Raphael spat.
“I’m eighteen! I’m old enough to understand what’s right or wrong.”
“There is no right and wrong anymore! There is just war.”
“Shadowhunters are not the enemy!”
Raphael let out a cold laugh.
“You’re a fool.”
At these words, (Y/N) realised there was no point fighting with her brother anymore. She shook her head and walked towards the exit.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
“Away from you.” (Y/N) replied and left the Hotel Dumort without bothering to turn back when her brother yelled a few more words at her.
She was furious. She was the one getting in trouble when Camille and Raphael were the ones breaking the law. She was always the one getting in trouble. She was no fool, Raphael was. He was a fool for thinking that downworlders couldn’t get along with shadowhunters and for thinking that they had to hate each other. But hate was only going to divide them, at a time when they needed to be united, more than ever.

(Y/N) was walking along the Streets without paying attention to where she was going. She was lost in her thoughts and didn’t even bother watching the mundanes living their normal life. A life she wish she could have.
When (Y/N) felt a hand grab her, she thought it was Raphael, who chased after her to either apologize or yell at her even more. But then another hand was pressed against her mouth and she started panicking. She struggled against the tight grip as she was forced to walk into what looked like a restaurant and then into a cage in the back of the building.
“What the hell?” She yelled at the man who was locking the cage behind him.
“Sit tight, bloodsucker.” He replied and his eyes glowed a bright green.
“Oh, hell.” (Y/N) whispered as she saw the man’s eyes. “Werewolves, really? Can’t I have a break from it all?” She thought out loud.
“Shut up.” The werewolf said before going back to the main room of the restaurant.
(Y/N) sighed and looked around. She froze when she noticed the large window near the ceiling.
“Uh, excuse me? Hey!” She shouted and the man came back, looking angrier than he had before.
“I told you to shut up!” He hissed.
“You do realise that the moment the sun shines through this window, I’m gonna burst into flames, right?” (Y/N) said, panicked.
“Right.” The werewolf answered, smiling wildly before he left again.
“Hey! Let me out!” She tried but the man didn’t come back this time.
Were they really gonna let her burn in the morning?
(Y/N) sighed.
“How come I’m always the one getting into those kind of messed-up situations?” She thought aloud again. “Talk about bad karma.” She rolled her eyes.

After several hours of trying all the possible ways to get out of the cage, (Y/N) stayed still, sat in a corner, trying not to think about what was going to happen to her when the sun was going to come up.
Instead she thought about her brother and she felt bad about the whole argument they had before she stormed out of Hotel Dumort. she didn’t want to die without having the time to apologize and make things right between her and Raphael. She didn’t want to die at all. Raphael couldn’t lose her. He could play the bad guy all he wanted and pretend to have no emotions, but she knew he would be devastated to lose his little sister. (Y/N) wanted to fight so that Raphael would have to lose the only family he had left but she had tried to break out of the cage for hours, and it had been unsuccessful.
Then, realising how painful it was to think about her older brother, (Y/N) started to think about mundanes. Somehow, everything always came back to them. she wished now more than ever to have a normal life, a life that didn’t involve being captured by werewolves or being close to burst into flames. She wished she could have friends like Clary, who would do anything to keep her safe, who would hand out with her, be there for her and love her for who she really is. Thinking about the red-handed girl made (Y/N) think about Jace, the boy who had almost cut her throat. She was intrigued by him. She wanted to see him again, get to know him and his friends.
But (Y/N) couldn’t help but think that she was more likely to die tonight than to see the blonde again.

At one point, (Y/N) heard the noise of a struggle in the restaurant. But the Young vampire was well aware that she hadn’t have a single drop of blood since before she left the Hotel Dumort and it could cause hallucinations. She stood still in a corner of the cage and tried to focus on the sounds surrounding her.
Suddenly, the back door opened violently and a familiar figure stood before her tired eyes.
“Raphael?” (Y/N) spoke, unsure.
“(Y/N)! Are you hurt? What did they do to you?” Raphael asked.
(Y/N) was about to answer when three more figures came rushing in next to Raphael. (Y/N) squinted to get the three people into focus.
“Shadowhunters?” Her eyes went from the three demon hunters to her brother. “You, with them?” She asked confused. “Oh, hell. I’m having hallucinations now.” (Y/N) sighed.
“You’re not hallucinating.” Jace said, frowning.
“That’s excatly what my hallucinations would say. Oh God, I need to get out of here.” She said as she started to pace inside of her cage.

Raphael sighed and rolled his eyes. He went to grab the lock on the cage so he could break it with his supernatural strength when two werewolves came attacking him. (Y/N) gasped. The dark-haired girl threw her whip which wrapped itself around the werewolf’s neck while Raphael was attempting to rip the other werewolf’s throat with his sharp teeth.
When two other angry werewolves came in, (Y/N)’s blood went cold when rays of sunshine made their way through the window. It was the morning already, and (Y/N) was still trapped in the damn cage.
“Raphael!” The girl gasped in horror as the ball of fire threatened to burn her whole. The window wasn’t large enough to expose Raphael to the daylight, but it was large enough to drown half of the cage with light. (Y/N) backed away from it until her back hit the opposite side of her cell.
“Jace!” Raphael called out while fighting against two werewolves. “The sun!” He added.
Jace didn’t take long to understand what was happening. He looked at (Y/N) and saw how frightened she looked. The sun and daylight might be the simplest and most normal thing for mundanes, but Jace knew that it was vampires’ worst enemy.
Jace went to draw a rune on the lock to set (Y/N) free but a werewolf grabbed his shoulder and threw the blonde against the wall. His stele, flying from his hand, landed on the floor, inside of the cage, centimeters away from (Y/N)’s feet.
“(Y/N)! My stele!” Jace told her so that the young vampire could give it back to him. But (Y/N) didn’t reach out to pick the stele up when she saw that it was submerged by sunlight.
“(Y/N), come on!”
“She can’t, you idiot! The sun will turn her to ashes!” Raphael spat as he knocked out another werewolf.
(Y/N) took a deep breath and held out her hand to grab the metalic object. She let out a scream when the sunlight came in contact with her bare skin but she still managed to close her fingers around the small object and threw it to Jace. The boy caught it in mid-air and (Y/N) took a few steps back from the daylight shining threateningly before her.

When she looked up at the four, they had stopped fighting with the werewolves, who were all dead or unconscious on the ground.
Jace unlocked the cage with a rune, but (Y/N) didn’t move. The problem was the same: the sunlight was blocking her way out.
“Guys, I appreciate the effort, I really do. But there is no way I’m gonna walk out of here without bursting into flames.” (Y/N) said, her voice a little unsteady.

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Hi! This is my first ask. Ok how would Ut sans, Uf sans, Us papyrus, and Sf papyrus react to dragging their S/O outside into the hot sun after the S/O doesn't go outside at all for weeks, just to hear them scream when the sunlight touches just to find out the S/O is a vampire

UT Sans: Woah, shit! He pulls you inside after he realizes why you are screaming, you already trying to blindly fumble your way back into the house. After the initial panoc calmed down he will ask you what just happened, he heard of Sunallergies, but you never told him about having such an allergie. When you tell him your a vampire, he thinks its a joke at first, he often uses jokes to calm thinks down or to make serious things less serious. But you insist that you are, shovong him your teath and your hidden stack of blood conservs in a secret compartment of the fridge. Ok, he believs you now, and he doesn mind to much. He would have thought your a mass murderer or something with only the blood, but everything together, plus the fact that you straigth up walked trough a wall when going to the kitchen made it pretty clear for him that your not human. He is alrigth with never going outside by day, he is more of a ightperson anyway, and he knows some sweet places you two can visit. But he will stop over ag Alphys, trying to find a way to makw you able to walk outside in the sunligth, with her help.

US Papyrus: He panics, he doesnt understand why your screaming. After you made it halfway back inside he suddenly gets what your trying to do at least, and helps you inside. He doesnt get what is hapenning, kind of fluttering around you, trying to shield you from more harm, even though he doesnt know where that harm is even coming from. After a couple of minutes, you quietly tell him that thats the reason you usually dont go outside in the broad dayligth. He is a bit angry, that you decided to show him instead of just tell him, letting him dag you outside not knowong that he would caus this. He wants to know what exactly happened. You tell him your a vampire, and that you cant be in the direct sunligth. The closest you can get, is beeing in the sunligth that comes trough the window, somehow that doesnt harm you. He…is sceptical at first. Not that he doesnt thing vampores are real, he is a smoking skeleton after all, that sounds way more surreal then vampire.

SF Papyrus: He quietly yelps while you are screaming, completly confused to what is happening. He just watches you stumble back inside, not sure about what to do. He follows you inside, where you are sitting on the floor and rubbing at your exposed skin. He kneels next to you, asking you about what happened. When you tell him your a vampire..he strangely believs you. He doesnt trust strangers, but if its you he believes you. Why should you lie to him about something like that, this is not a small lie, this here is seriou. He asks how he can help you, and tries to find a way to turn you human again together with Alphys. If you dont want that you will have to telm him because he really wants to help somehow. He is pretty alrigth with nigthly dates, he mostly naps over the day anyway.

the creation. the beginning, the crowning, the coronation. screaming the poems of a new age until your throat bleeds and old men and prophets cower. the start of something bold, something bright and brave and new.

conquest self-crowns at the dawn of the apocalypse — this crown of his own making: the fingers entwined, and with his bones he feels the tremble of the human fear beneath his feet. it lacks ceremony, unlike the creation of humanity: gifted, infused with such promise — with futures, with hopes, with good and evil and all the potential in-between.

that was then and this is now.

                            (the screaming under
                                                copper rusted sunlight.)

this is the start of a new age: where humanity’s place in the cosmos shifts to accommodate those eldritch beings that plunged down from heaven with their deceptively white halos. where horsemen have a role to play: tools being dusted by their angelic counterparts, then set loose.

— horsemen & archangels || Eliot C.

On Partnerships and Ladynoir

I almost liked “Reflekta” better than “Antibug” in terms of Ladynoir development.  In fact, I think it’s the perfect counterpoint to “The Puppeteer.”  Let me explain:

I feel like Marinette is the kind of person who tends to fill the default “leader” role in her friend group.  (Side note: but Alya is the Mom Friend.)  See “Dark Blade” when she runs against Chloé for class president because no one else will, even this week when she stands up for Juleka.  She’s more likely to embody “if something can’t be done right, then do it yourself” attitude.  She knows she can always count on herself, knows if for whatever reason there’s slack, she’s the one who can and will pick it up.  She has no lack of confidence in her own abilities.

I don’t think it’s conscious on her part that she also applies this to her relationship with Chat Noir.

(I also see the best progression of episodes, as far as the last couple weeks, going “The Puppeteer” –> “Reflekta” –> “Antibug” (sprinkle “The Gamer” and “Kung Food” and “Animan” in there however you please) in terms of Marinette’s development.

“The Puppeteer” proves to Marinette that she can survive a fight without Chat.  “Reflekta” proves that she DOES need him, and we get a couple great conversations between Chat and Ladybug to this effect.  “Antibug” is an affirmation of what was shown this week: Ladybug and Chat Noir are a team.)

So you’ve got Marinette, who is prone to resort to relying on herself when she sees weak links in the chain, telling Chat that she can handle this akuma on her own, because she sees that he’s lost his powers and she thinks that means he’s out of commission today (not necessarily that she can always beat the akuma without him, but that she thinks she must do it alone today, and she’s already proven to herself that she can).  But THEN! You’ve got Chat reminding her that he just saved her butt without his powers just fine, thank you very much.  That he doesn’t need his powers to be her partner, that he’s got good ideas, too.

So this was really, really important to me.  This is so good for Marinette, to get this reminder that she doesn’t always have to rely on herself, that Chat will always stand with her even if he’s not at peak performance, that he’s just as competent and effective a partner when he’s not at peak performance.  This is what healthy relationships are all about.

Inspired by the Stony fic tropes that are making the rounds. It mentions Steve watching Tony in the workshop, and I wondered about Tony watching Steve in a studio. This turned…uh, a little sadder than I’d originally intended. It could be pre-slash or platonic. Open to interpretation.



“You seen Steve?”

Nat twisted in her chair, her expression carefully blank, and Tony suddenly knew that his hunch was right. Something had happened.

“Why are you asking?”

“I haven’t seen him in a few days. Normally I’m the one who has to be dragged out kicking and screaming into the sunlight, and he’s usually doing the dragging.”

“Aw, did no one come feed you?” She was smirking, but Tony didn’t fail to notice that she immediately held out her chocolate bar to him.

“I ate. A while ago. But that’s not why I’m up here. Where’s Steve?”

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He was a Lannister of Casterly Rock, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard; no sellsword would make him scream. Sunlight ran silver along the edge of the arakh as it came shivering down, almost too fast to see.
                                                                                   And Jaime screamed.

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But have you considered surprise Adrienette babies?

It’s literally both their lucks coming into play.  Adrien’s because they weren’t, you know, trying to have a baby.  But it’s also Marinette’s because they’re ready for the baby when it comes.

(ALSO: Grandparents Tom and Sabine getting SO INVESTED.  And Grandpa Gabriel also getting SO INVESTED.  Alya and Nino getting SO INVESTED.  Marinette and Adrien have so much love coming at them from all angles it’s overwhelming.)

If Winter Ends
Bright Eyes
If Winter Ends

if winter ends… | bright eyes

“but i fell for the promise 
of a life with a purpose,
but i know that that’s impossible now.
so i drink to stay warm,
and to kill selected memories,
because i just can’t think anymore about that,
or about her tonight.
and i give myself three days to feel better
or else i swear i’ll drive right off a fucking cliff,
because if i can’t learn to make myself feel better,
how can i expect anyone else to give a shit?

and i scream for the sunlight,
or a car to take me anywhere.
just get me past this dead 
and eternal snow.
because i swear that i’m dying,
slowly, but it’s happening.
and if that perfect spring is waiting somewhere,

just take me there…
lie to me and say, ‘it’s gonna be alright, it’s gonna be alright,
it’s gonna be alright, it’s gonna be alright, it’s gonna be alright,

bcuz it’s just that time of year again

People always say that it hurts at night and apparently screaming into your pillow at 3am is the romantic equivalent of being heartbroken.But sometimes it’s 9am on a tuesday morning and you’re standing at the kitchen bench waiting for the toast to pop up and the smell of dusty sunlight and earl gray tea makes you miss him so much you don’t know what to do with your hands.

madoka being a heavy sleeper is a really cute headcanon but do u remember episode 1 when madoka had too wake up her momdoes this look like the fuckgin face of mercy??look at her, smiling as she yanks the blanket off her mother and unleashes her to the elements. she knows exactly what shes doing and shes enjoying itlook at her mother, screaming as the harsh sunlight hits her unadjusted eyes and the morning cold hits her previously warm skin. madoka does not give a fuck

Listen, I’ve finally finished this collection of Force-sensitive Finn Skywalker moments, and I don’t even know if I like it anymore (so that’s why I’m not posting it to ao3 right away), but it’s done. 

This was inspired by a lot of different posts (special mention to @stormtrooperjedifinn).

This may contain traces of finnrey and finn/slip (I will go down with this ship~).

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