screaming so loud

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hoe story: my ex and i were both virgins so our sex experiences were pretty eh bc he had no idea what he was doing. but my new current boyfriend rocked my sex life bc he LOVES to go down on me when my ex couldn't handle the taste of pussy and refused to go down on me lmfao. but anyways he made me cum 4 times in 10 minutes and made me scream so loud someone outside yelled at us so he had to hold my mouth shut and choke me. very very hot :)

yes get u someone who can do it all

Samifer - bunker life

Dean totally gives shit to Sam for being the Devil’s lover. After all the fallen is the kinkiest of all them all, no doubt, and Dean loves to tease his brother for being a bottom.

So he thinks he is sooooo funny when he gifts Sam with a huge plastic cock sex toy. The kind of thing that must have being no use at all but to be offered at bachelor parties because nobody can take that.

Dean is well surprised that night when Lucifer starts to scream so loud people must hear him outside the bunker ’s big walls too. The bottom is definitely not who he thought it was.

what made me cry about jin’s solo performance during their second concert in chile was remembering that in the lyrics of awake, he wonders whether people will ever love him as much as they love the other members, and says he won’t fly as high as the rest of them because he isn’t capable enough…but i think all that was proved wrong when an entire arena full of people who didn’t speak korean passionately sang along to every word at the top of their lungs, and screamed so, so loud when he hit that high note flawlessly, a note he was struggling to hit only just weeks ago and i just….really felt how much people loved him, and i think he felt it too…i’m really glad he got that moment because he deserved it all