screaming rn ok

oh kay so i feel like i don’t see much positivity for some aspects of the aro community so

shout out to arospec people who can’t come out out of fear

shout out for arospec people who change their labels up frequently

shout out to arospec people in romantic relationships who get constantly invalidated

shout out to arospec people who don’t hate the idea of romance

shout out to arospec people who do hate the idea of romance

shout out to arospec people who fit the “emotionless robot” stereotype and are told they’re ruining the community

shout out to non-white arospec people

shout out to trans or non binary arospec people

shout out to neurodivergent arospec people who can’t figure out their orientation or don’t understand their attraction

shout out to physically disabled arospec people who get dehumanised and invalidated

i love all of you, you’re beautiful and your identity is so valid

S04 Voltron

What most fans are screaming about: KLAnCe LaNGSt AbSENt HOw DARE ThEY CHAracTEr DEVeLoPMENt SHeITh YES OhMy

Me: okay but what were the probabilities Lotor’s situation would end up like this. His team looked so good and I had so many plots in mind for Narti and everything happened so fast I can’t believe he reacted so violently and what the fuck happened tbh??? Also how come he lost it and didn’t talk about it with his other teammates?? Of course if he’s killing one of them they lose every trace of trust and oh my god he’s just been condemned by his FATHER I have NO iDEa HOw HE FeELs I NEED MORE CONTENT WHAT’S GOING ON WITH LOTOR PLEasE

Also me: the hugs and the siblings finding each other is everything I needed in my life goodbye.


 おかえり Okaeri

ただいま Tadaima

So today in my Japanese class I asked my sensei what is the meaning to someone leaving a country then coming back and specifically telling someone “Okaeri” and “Tadaima” when they’re not your family member and you’re not literary returning to your physical home. And she told me that it can be seen romantic like telling a lover “welcome back to me”, “I've come back/returned to you”.

So literary Sousuke is telling Rin, “welcome back to me”.. and Rin is telling Sousuke “I’m back to you..and I just.. this is so important.

You have no idea how hard I had to control my screams in class.     

Edit: because some people don’t seem to understand this: Please note I am talking about the CONTEXT NOT DEFINITION. This is viewing this with Sousuke and Rin in a romantic relationship. I am not saying Okaeri and Tadima are romantic words at all, this is not the point I’m trying to make here. It’s about context and how romantic these scene looked to me.

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This is not about episode 10 of PP because watching that was me mentally screaming after the opeaning played. Instead I just want to talk about how great Beato is. Like her whole thing is just really loves her friends. She is not a trained spy or someone who has lived in the politacal landscape the show takes place in. In fact she is terrified 90% of the time they are doing anything. Yet still she does her best and is always there for everyone because she really loves her friends. I love her.

IM SO EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO THESE GIRLS THEY’RE SUCH PURE CHILDREN they just want to live ;wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww; you’re so right she doesn’t need to put herself in danger look at her squeaking and living in fear all the time but she still does it bc she loves the team protect these girls im not ok

happy bts day party

1. first they made this cool intro where they were outside their dressing room, yoongi was the first one to come out then jungkook and tae did their handshake and they weren’t in sync at some point but it was so damn cute bc they were smiling at each other so much lol then namjoon looks so daddy and jimin looks mochi sexy and hobi looks so good then jin came last holding a BTS day party writing

2. they performed dope and yoongi’s sash which was part of his outfit was falling and by the end of their performance he had to fix it bc it got so messed up lol

3. they did a ment where they thanked armys who came and even the intl fans who were watching v live+, thanked the 3yrs we’ve been together, and they joked about the special MCs that were coming

4. bangtan awards!!! so jimin and hobi were the MCs and they were all teasing the two, esp jimin bc they were so nervous while MC-ing that yoongi felt frustrated lmao yoongi constantly says “it’s so frustrating!” in a jokingly manner. tae said jimin was too small to remove the cloth that was covering the poll results (lolz) and jimin was kinda slow on removing it so once again yoongi shouted “it’s so frustrating!!!”. yoongi was so extra istg he said he was just guessing about the 295 bangtan bombs but really he went to their youtube and counted it and his face was like ????? i was right wHAt ????? so the first batch of awards was the fave bangtan bomb, the first place was the one which they were dancing in their hotel room wearing their shirts with their names/titles on it. they also reminisced about the other bangtan bombs lol hobi was confused bc the 95z vs hobi bangtan bomb got a lot of votes too. the second award was the armys fave moment, and the first place is the day bangtan debuted. the next batch of awards was armys’ individual awards for bangtan members (the subs weren’t up during this part it was so frustrating) and the last award (the grand prize) they got for bangtan was daesang and hobi handed it to namjoon <3

5. they made a cake!! they were divided into two teams - namjoon vs jin’s team. they did rock paper scissors and jin won all the time so he got to pick jungkook and jimin as his teammates. namjoon’s team consists tae, yoongi, hobi and nams but yoongi claimed himself as the “temporary mc” bc no one would be MC-ing if they all played *snorts* he just didn’t wanna do sumth lol. they all had to design their cake so they had to wear an apron and gloves. JUNGKOOK WAS SO EXTRA ON REMOVING HIS SUIT AND TIE. he was removing it so manly/sexily that it made armys scream so much and the other members were like ???why are yall screaming??? lmao. namjoon didn’t know how to wear the apron and the party hat that he was trying to put on his head fell. seeing that namjoon was so clueless and getting all over the place, taehyung helped him wear the apron and nams wore the party hat. jin and jungkook pretty much did well and namjoon and hobi just put everything on top of it meanwhile jimin and taehyung went to the right side of the stage and they “cheered” for the two teams (even tho they were supposed to help them). they danced cutely and they also danced to fire lol while wearing their apron and party hat :’)) jin and jungkook’s cake was pretty while nams and hobi’s was….abstract lmao. they made it while thinking of salvador dali and pablo picasso (lol dali my ass) and hobi named their cake as “what’s good” cake bc they put every sweet/cookies on top of it and namjoon told hobi that he’s smart. jin and jungkook’s cake was a cake for children bc it was cute. then tae and jimin went back around the members and made a draw lots. the 2 armys will be getting the cake that they made.

6. yoongi and hobi sang together. hobi’s voice IS SO DAMN GOOD. he can sing. he really can!!!! he really is a golden hyung. while yoongi… well he had a raspy voice while singing and he tried so hard to reach the high notes it was so cute :’)) at the end they tried to harmonize but yoongi was just so out of tune lmao and yoongi said “we are bangtan’s vocals, sope”

7. NAMJOON DANCED TO JIMIN’S CHOREO!!!! he did great!!!! you can actually see he really worked hard for his stage :’)) he also did the western dance where u had to thrust while on floor. that one which jk did during rookie king while he was wearing a hanbok lol

8. JIN DANCED TO HOBI’S CHOREO!!!!! he messed up a lot but it was cute bc he was trying so hard to get in sync w the music hehe he did great too!!! he was just feeling pressured bc it was his first time to perform alone on stage :’))

9. OK. THIS IS WHERE I LOST IT. jungkook and jimin performed adult ceremony. hoLY FUCK. it was the sexiest and hottest thing ever. i’m not even kidding. they were doing body rolls, humping in the air, thrusting so hard aND THE FUCKING PDs KEPT ON FOCUSING THE CAMERA ON JUNGKOOK’S CROTCH AND JIMIN’S. I SWeAR TO GOD IT WAS SO JDSHJHKASFHKS. and then they did a dance break while they were wearing fedoras and i think i may have died for a moment while watching it and got resurrected whEN I SUDDENLY HEARD CYPHER PT 3

10. TAE WAS WEARING YOONGI’S OUTFIT DURING THEIR EPILOGUE CONCERT PLUS HIS WHITE HAT. he was slurring his words, he got most of the lyrics mixed up, when he forgets the lyrics he’ll scream “WOOH!” and dab, his voice cracked while rapping, he was all over the place anD IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. HE WAS HAVING SO MUCH FUN. HE FINALLY ACHIEVED HIS DREAM OF PERFORMING CYPHER PT 3 OH MY GOD IT WASN’T THE LAST STAGE FOR NO REASON

11. before yoongi’s part in cypher all of the boys came back and surrounded tae and tae was having so much fun rapping while pointing and dissing hobi and namjoon (i cant istg it was so funny) jungkook yoongi and jin were laughing and then come yoongi’s part and yoongi rapped. taehyung rapped alongside w him and he actually was slaying it!!!! he really loves yoongi’s part in cypher lmao

12. they performed attack on bangtan and they had so much fun especially tae who was still wearing yoongi’s outfit lolz

THEY PLAYED A VCR. bangtan watching their old vids and dying out of cringeness lmao. they were all surprised on how much they have grown individually and as a group :’)) they were all surprised when they saw their no more dream dance practice so much bc everyone showed their abs lmao

13. then they performed fire while wearing their outfits during their bts 3rd anniv shoot where they looked like rugby players!!!! jungkook and jin forgot some of the steps and they admitted it during their last ment :’)))))


“I had the feeling I wasn’t going anywhere with my career. There were tons of great stories, but no reality. I wanted to grow: make bigger projects. I thought to myself: If I don’t do it now, then I will be the same as now in 20 years. I lived a great life. I just wanted to know if there could be more.”