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ew you're a vegan. all of you are hateful and think you guys are so damn good. you're so stupid for thinking eating meat is bad. meat is the best. you guys push your opinions on people and try to make us feel bad. unfollowed.


The hostility between vegans and non-vegans has always been rather puzzling to me. I’ve been a vegan for a good number of years now, and all I’ve really seen in regards to ‘hate’ would be some non-vegans saying that vegans are cruel to them, judge them, or ridicule them.

While I’m positive there have been vegans who are cruel and judgemental, I think it is incredibly unfair to make all vegans the enemy because of those select few.

As a society, aren’t we pushing the idea that radical extremists only make up for a very small, very incorrect percentage of a whole group?

Any vegans you may come in contact with who push their beliefs down your throat should be treated in the same way you would treat a radical feminist.

I do not categorize all meat-eaters as reluctant, and often cold and close-minded, even though I have met many who fit that description.

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In response to a recent post of yours. That's why even much of the moderate left is done with the far left in America. They like to scream and preach and will twist anything to fit their narrative, and don't give one single fuck about what's actually right, or listening to any other view point, or compromising. They are constantly offended and triggered and if you don't agree with them 100% then you aren't a true liberal and are a bad ally. Which is how we got stuck with President Cheeto.

Its sad, because a lot of people were riding on the trail of being progressive. We assumed diversity meant EVERYONE but it isnt. Filipino culture is rarely discussed in mainstream America, I always assumed it was because of the difficult and mixed history we shared with the U.S. (which is again, wiped away from American text books). The biggest problem ON BOTH SIDES is no one listens. Thats it. It feels like a lot of problems would have been fixed if everyone had a chance to speak.

If Filipinos had a chance to explain their culture and the context of “Lola”, none of this would have happened. But what happened? Everyone just assumed all Filipinos are the same, even mainstream American media chose to demonize us.

No one bothered to ask us, the very people living the life that the Tizon’s have, living the experiences Alex had, no one did. Because now ALL FILIPINOS ARE SLAVE DEFENDERS.

Liberal tumblr screams and fights for “DIVERSITY” but only if it fits their American-centric narrative. We talk about the right to be muslim, to wear a hijab, to accept being in the lgbtqa, and letting women SPEAK. But where are these rights and why are Filipinos denied of these rights? We asked to speak but we cant.

If its a culture Americans don’t understand, they shame it. Because America is right, America is perfect, America is never wrong.

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Hello, babes¡ I want angst scenarios where the GOM's (exclude Kuroko & replace him with Himuro) S/O catches them cheating? ヽ(´o`;I'm a mess.

be still my heart, for this is crushin me. 
now, from personal experience, i know cheating can be a very touchy subject, so read on your own digression ladies and gents. 

Kuroko: He knew what he was doing was wrong. But he felt if he was so damn un-noticeable like everyone always told him, some twisted feeling told him he could get away with it. The rush that came with every secret rendezvous was exciting, until he saw a different rush effect you when you caught him. It was opposite, it wasn’t excited, it wasn’t exhilarating, all of a sudden it was… hard to breathe. No, you didn’t feel the rush he did, you felt worse. Everything rushed away from you. Your eyes instantly drained when they spotted him in the act, your cheeks lost their rosey colour that he had always loved, your legs buckled in, no words escaped your mouth, nothing did; you weren’t breathing and your hands dropped to your side. Everything rushed away, including you from him. And he was so stupid, he knew now, to think he was invisible. You always saw him, loved him, paid attention to him, saved him, you always rushed to his side, and now, he’s empty on his own accord.

Kise: “You. Promised.”
Those words replayed in his head more time than he could count. He did promise you, he promised you that no matter whom he worked with, or how far away and how long he was there for, he’d call, he’d text, he’d make it work, because he loved you. So when you went to visit Kise to find him in a broom closet with another woman, that’s the only thing you could spit at him. You never looked at him like that before, he’s seen that look, yes, but not towards him. Only towards those you would call pigs, and they claimed that label from you by bullying, arrogance, or cheating. And now here he was, rolling in his own mess, thinking about the promise you made to him. 
We will never be together again, Kise. I promise. And we both know I keep my promises.”

Aomine: He lived in the moment. As good as Aomine’s control was, he lost it sometimes. A bad game here, an unanswered call from you there, and he was very, very lonely. Not being able to deal with his emotions, he found a substitute, and little did he know you would find it too. Your scream was enough to drag his disgusting morality back down to earth. How could he have done this? You seemed to ask the same thing, before throwing that necklace on the ground. It was a globe shaped charm, with your initials and his. You were his world, and now it’s crashing down right infront of him. All because he couldn’t resist temptation, he couldn’t handle himself without you, he didn’t know how to deal with himself, that was what you were so good at. And now his world is walking in the opposite direction of his arms, through the now slammed door, and out of his life. 

Midorima: There was nothing logical about this, he had no reason. All he could do was tell you it was a mistake, and ask- no, beg for your forgiveness. But the way your eyes are piercing into him, red rimmed and puffy from the aftermath of his careless actions, he already knows your answer. Midorima complies with your requests, leaves the apartment so you have time to get your things, and when he comes back, he finally breaks. It’s empty. Your side of the bed, cold. Your side of the book shelf, bare. Your dresser, hollow. Your side of the closet, abandoned. Half of everything is gone. Half of him is gone. He doesn’t realize how hard he’s crying till his legs give out and his hands are shaking too hard for him to pick up his glasses. He can’t see a solution. You’re gone, and it’s all his fault. 

Murasakibara: Like any kid, he got just as mad. Why was he mad? That’s the emotion you were giving off. Why were you mad? He cheated. He outright cheated, and gave you a petty excuse while looking away to hopefully bury the problem. He knew what he did was wrong, it felt wrong the entire time, but the thrill of wrong, was fueling him in the moment. And when you screamed, cried and left, the feeling only got worse. He was wrong, he was in trouble. The giant’s wrath took the bedroom victim. The bed was turned over, wood from the stand broken in half, carpet ripped, windows broken, everything; broken. Just like your relationship. How ironic, he thought as he picked up a broken picture, framed, of the both of you. The glass split straight down the middle of you both, and the guilt in his head, throat, gut, hell; his whole body, was not going away any time soon.

Akashi:  Akashi knew he was better than this. This, this sin, was below him. How could he stoop to such a level for foolish pleasure when you were his whole package? You left, to find better. Better. He was once your better, but now, he’s the story, the baggage that whoever you pick next will hear about. He broke countless things, getting scolded several times for letting his anger get the better of him. Why was he not scolded for letting temptation get the better of him? He wanted you to scream, to lecture, to preach to him all the things he knew he did wrong. But when you said nothing, no words left to tell him how low-life scum he was to treat you like this, devastated him. Akashi would never hear your voice again. He would never feel your touch again. See your eyes, feel your skin, breathe your scent, cause your amorous laughter. It lead him to remember another terrible event… and what would she think of him now? What would his mother say of his actions? Nothing good, he knew for sure. He had failed himself, but more importantly, he failed both of you.

Himuro: You would always joke with him, that since his fringe covered half his face maybe there was another Himuro behind it. You never thought he would eventually deviously live a double life. Himuro thought America was far away enough, you would never know, the other woman would never know, and it would all work out. What he didn’t think of however, was that maybe one day you would follow him to America, to surprise him. Only to end up getting your own surprise, your own heartbreak. It was like flipping a coin, when the coin is in the air, you’re silently hoping you get the side that will result in the thing you actually want. 
You just never know until the coin is in the air. And here it is floating, in silence, as you stare at him and his mistress. He wanted the coin to land on your side, to land on the side of you and him. But once you step back out that door, back on that plane, he knows the coin never landed. He lost you, got rid of the mistress, and when he got home, he found an empty house, with nothing but a note. 
Goodbye, Himuro. To both of you.”

yo can i just say i’m so sick and tired of this community’s bullshit. you all preach and scream about how you need more poc to play with but then these perfect people who have amazing poc muses come into play and you fucking ignore them. it’s so frustrating especially because there are so many good and well thought out muses in the community who are poc and when you sit here and ignore them or feel “UNCOMFORTABLE” by them i get so fucking irritated. you insist we need more poc in the community – but you ban kpop. you insist we need more females in the community – but you ignore them. you insist we need more ‘underused fcs’ in the community – but you put ‘people i don’t know’ on your banned list. there’s no FUCKING pleasing you people.

Today is a great day. I am laughing at my homophobic family members as they run around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off screaming injustice and shit preaching the Bible to my face and how America is going to hell.

I’m already in hell, you bitches. But now it’s a little bit more tolerable. God bless this country.

So I was in American Public School and we were discussing American rights and privileges and I ended up muttering (but everyone ended up hearing me anyway) “No one is free if they’re forced to do something they don’t want to do, so technically America is never and will never be free” and there was a shocked silence before a girl in the back of the class screamed “PREACH IT SISTA”

I find it a little weird just how much of Tumblr’s SJWs aren’t even over the age of 18.  In fact a vast majority of the ones I’ve encountered are mid-to-late teens.  On top of that they’re almost always the ones with the incredibly radical brand of “social justice” that you really only find here on Tumblr, who will shit all over you for not conforming to their particular set of principles, which are often extreme and grossly over-generalized.

I’ll give them credit for their enthusiasm and drive at least, but it feels like they spent a few hours on Tumblr, find a few issues, and then start preaching and screaming about them in a manner utterly unconducive to supporting the cause.  They wind up creating this mob mentality that says you’re either with them, or you’re their mortal enemy, and expect you to fall in line with them, or you’re the worst scum of the earth.

How about you kids take a break, give yourself a few years, get some experience in living in the real world, and THEN devote yourself to a cause.  Social Justice is not and never has been as solely black-and-white as the internet might make it out to be.  On top of that, yelling/screaming/bullying anyone not on your side is a great way to get people to avoid you, and to not listen to a thing you have to say.


Okay, is it just me or is Kageyama thinking about how fucking cute Hinata is at that very moment??? And how much he wants to smooch him and all? Like what does the face mean OTHER THAN THAT. Like seriously. 


Like, Kageyama’s face in the second picture just has so much emotion in it?? Supporting the fact that Kageyama can’t express his emotions well and is just a big flustering dork who is in love with a orange-haired shorty named Hinata.

And don’t tell me his cheeks are a tad flushed because of the game, because when we are shown him before that HE IS FINE. IT’S CANON. EVERYONE GO HOME. KAGEHINA IS CANON. SHUT UP. 

I am so tired. No matter how many innocent people die, I have gotten used to the idea of no change, because no matter how much we preach and scream authority lets it go in one ear and out the other. When will things get better? Protests and speeches about racism from 60 years ago are still relevant today, demonstrating how much progress we have made. How long do we have to wait?