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Lookin’ good, Barnes.

inspired by the Infinite Coffee & Protection Detail series by Owlet

Favorite SnK Moments: Mike Zacharius

He might be humanities second strongest but he’s number one in my heart. The pain just never goes away. Mike was serious, smart and determined, with a nose that could pinpoint the number and location of Titans before they could be seen. 

My favorite Mike moment is when he realizes the Titans are going to catch up to his soldiers. Without hesitation he turns leadership over to Gelgar and goes to face them alone. 

Mike kills 5 of the 9 Titans. The buildings aren’t particularly tall, so he had to cut them down at the ankles first.  Mike stops to rest only when he is certain he has given his team time to get away.

With two blades remaining and his horse nearby, things look hopeful. For a brief glorious moment we think Mike is going to be ok. Sadly, Isayama had other plans.

My only consolation is that Mike died knowing he saved his team. My other consolation is that his final memories were of Nanaba (oh yes I ship it! ). 

His death wasn’t meaningless. Still, Mike deserves more. I hope in a future chapter, the remaining senior members of the Survey Corps find a moment to remember him.

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