screaming little girl

Introducing Draco to Social Media Would Include:
  • “Face… book?”
  • “Tumblr? Isn’t there supposed to be an ‘e’ in there somewhere? I don’t trust it.”
  • “Who is Instagram and why does she sound so tacky?”
  • His favorite filter on Snapchat is the dog filter because he’s just that white.
  • His story is 200 snaps long and all about Potter.
  • “Tweeter?”
  • Whenever he gets a notification from Twitter and the phone makes that bird sound, he screams like a little girl.
  • “Whats the point of making a video if it’s only six seconds long? I can’t even finish my sentence in six seconds.”
  • “Besides, why have eight different social media accounts that do the same thing? You can post short videos of yourself on Vine, Insta-whatever and Snapchat… Why are Muggles so redundant?”
  • He loves Dan and Phil, obvi
  • You find him two weeks later in the bedroom singing ‘I’m a Barbie Girl’ in front of a camera without a shirt on.
  • “Uh… Draco… What are you doing?”

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okay but tater is absolutely the biggest baby ever when it comes to scary movies. we’re talking even the slightest hint of a scary scene and tater just nopes the heck out of there. like, he still can’t watch the hunchback of notre dame all the way through.

but he is definitely not going to mention that to kent. especially since he knows that kent loves that he’s so big and strong and tater’s pretty sure that ‘screams like a little girl at cgi monsters’ does not fit that description.

except it’s a date weekend and kent’s put on his netflix list of 'quintessential american films that you need to watch tater, how have you not watched these you weirdo’ and then. gremlins comes on. and tater is excited!! gizmo is so cute!! but then the actual gremlins come along and look. tater is a Big and Strong hockey player. he is definitely not scared by evil reptilian dolls. no siree.

it takes kent approximately 2.3 seconds to notice. 'babe,’ he says slowly, 'are you scared?’

'no way,’ alexei 'no pokerface’ mashkov forces out. for a second all kent can do is stare at his giant, russian teddy bear of a boyfriend before he basically lifts tater onto his lap. 'how are you this cute??’ he grins with a face of brown curls. and while tater is pretty terrified he’s also?? all warm on the inside??? because this gorgeous, talented, loving man is His Boyfriend

(that night kent is woken up by tater shaking his arm and plaintively whispering, 'hey…can I be little spoon now?’ and kent just MELTS. tater doesn’t mind scary movies too much after that.)

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  • Bill: *crawls up to Dipper's window, face pressed against it*
  • Bill: I know you love mE
  • Bill: *thinks the pencil actually hit him and screams and falls*
  • Dipper: *runs over to the window*
  • Dipper: *opens window*
  • Dipper: holy shit r u okay
  • Bill: I know u care
  • Dipper: *throws hands up in the air and walks away*

Request; Accidentally walking in on bts shirtless

Just picture that scenario in your mind, and then picture whichever bts member, screaming like a little girl
it’s beautiful

requests closed;; (they’ll be open soon)