screaming internally because my boyfriend as a teenager is so cute

WISHES {pt. 8}

Type: Halloween Special Series; Seven | Eight | Nine 
Genre: Fantasy, Fluff, Fox Demon!AU
Member: Jeonghan
Word count: 1,106

“I think I found a solution to your problem,” Jeonghan turned to you upon closing your locker.

“What problem?” You mumbled, throwing your backpack over your shoulders. The day was over and you wanted nothing more than to go home and nap before having to worry about assignments. Any problems you were facing would have to be confronted either later or have to wait until tomorrow.

“Your whole Jaebum problem.” He reminds as he begins to walk with you down the hall.

“Don’t even remind me of him,” you groaned with a shaken head.

“Break up with him,” Jeonghan deadpanned as he crossed his arms.

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Chanyeol - A Lively Happy Virus

Top Korean boy band EXO recently toured in Shanghai, filling the concert with cool singing and dancing performance. As the visual Park Chanyeol’s career development is on the rise, with his debut movie <Salut D’Amour> airing as a nominee at the Shanghai International Film Festival right after wrapping up the Shanghai leg of EXO concerts, fans in Shanghai are in luck! Born in 1992, “volcano baby” Chanyeol and EXO’s rapper has a bright, cute personality and is dedicated. This causes all women, regardless of age, to view him as the prince in their young lady’s hearts, the “lively happy virus”.

A Visual With A Bright Smile and “Big White Teeth”

When the world becomes ruled by visuals, EXO is a group deeply embedded into the minds of young girls. As a visual, Park Chanyeol possesses a charismatically handsome face and great musicality, his deep voice dubbed “deep voice cannon” by fans. Chanyeol is also an avid mood maker within the group. During free time, he’d write raps with Kai, and practice guitar with Baekhyun and D.O.. Aside from these, he’s also begun composing melodies and lyrics with utmost dedication to music; looks like Chanyeol is unwilling to simply be the “quiet, pretty virus”, determined to spread as the skilful “virus” - a perfection that cannot be stopped.

Chanyeol is the type of young man where the more you look at him, the more you would think “this kid is not bad” (tn: impressed tone), apart from appearance and true skill, his kind and caring nature is also one of the reasons for his rapidly growing fanbase. “Know how to appreciate the past, and not neglect the present” is a saying he often quotes. Just like how he can totally “eat with his face” (tn: This is a direct translation. It means to say he can live by within this industry well simply through his face/visual alone) but continuously revises and edits lyrics. He holds the wish to conquer the fans. This handsome and ambitious man’s dream: “We still have to conquer the world.”

“A Walking Hormone” That Keeps the Nose Bleeding

(tn: I don’t know what a walking hormone is lol… something like walking sex?)

Speaking of Chanyeol’s personality, it is not simply cute and extroverted. The Chanyeol on shows always carry a smile, no matter who says what, whether he understood or not, he would iconically slap his thigh twice, loudly laughing. There were many times fans were worried if he’d cause internal injury to his own thigh, and the “big white teeth” that can never be covered up. And so everyone gave him the endearing nickname “Reaction King”.

God just seems to be really unfair, just as the top of the world begins to lean towards “visuals” (tn: when visuals are favoured around the world), Park Chanyeol is the kid adored by God, not only possessing a super good personality, but also superior visuals. Simply walking by would cause countless female fans to squeal, even those desensitised to pretty boys with a steel heart, would melt upon Chanyeol’s superior visuals, refusing to harden up again. But this is not all. Superior visuals and bright personality aside, a proud height is also necessary - this (combined) is the new standard for the new era of male gods. Clearly Chanyeol-ssi’s 180+cm height doesn’t lose to the figure of a model, and is totally a treasure sought after by advertisers. Countless girls wipe their nosebleeds with tissues over looking at each batch of his airport pictures, all while experiencing the charisma of “the walking hormone”. Just like the lyrics of EXO’s comeback song from their second album “My heart grows big-big for you”!

A ‘Boy Next Door’ Movie Debut

The boys of EXO each have their charms, removing the title of idol singers, members have begun to place their sights on the acting world, challenging the big screen. This includes the movie <Salut D’Amour> participating in the Shanghai International Film Festival in which Chanyeol stars in.

<Salut D’Amour> entails a special love story more raw than a first love, more exciting than a first confession, more nervous than a first date. Sung-chil, a 70 year-old newbie in love and the flower shop owner Geum-nim that makes his heart flutter, and the people who cheer for their life’s last love appear in the same scene, full of warm atmosphere. Chanyeol plays alongside Moon Gayoung as the onscreen teenage couple Minsung and Ahyoung.

Park Chanyeol in the film plays the innocent high-schooler Minsung. Completing his character with a refreshing charm, Chanyeol does not appear lacklustre amongst top acting seniors. When director Kim Taekyu mentions his casting decision he says: “I didn’t know he was an EXO member, it was decided through viewing photos, he was the most similar to my image of Minsung among the list of candidates; the Minsung in my mind is tall, and has an innocence and cheerfulness different to kids of these days. Chanyeol’s eyes are very bright, you would unknowing smile upon seeing him, especially the ‘happy virus’ on set, as long as he appears, the atmosphere would become good. Of course since it’s his first time acting it seemed he had a big burden and worry, but he fully completed his character.” Big senior Park Geunhyung when being interviewed mentioned that although Chanyeol is a newbie, he did a very good job, and said: “There was a scene where Chanyeol comes clean on his relationship with Moon Gayoung to him. Chanyeol even edited parts of his lines, isn’t this for the sake of the film?” Looks like Chanyeol is also deeply loved by his seniors!

Within the movie poster, Chanyeol and Moon Gayoung as love supporters wear uniforms and hold teddy bears, showing sweet, cute smiles, an incredibly sweet couple atmosphere. The poster also carries the quote “Answer your girlfriend’s demands without question”, showcasing the pureness and bravery of teenage love. Chanyeol mentions: “It made me nervous filming a movie for the first time, it was a bit confusing, but as the seniors really took care of me, I was able to slowly fall into character. When eating with the seniors, Han Jimin sunbae suddenly sat beside me, so I became really nervous.” During the movie premiere in Korea, Chanyeol mentioned: “EXO member D.O. was the first to start acting, as we’ve lived together as roommates at the dorm for the longest time, when I received the script I was really worried, D.O. just said ‘just be who you usually are’, making me more relaxed. D.O. would also practice the script with me, I’m really thankful. Aside from D.O., other members also gave me a lot of help.”

As Chanyeol’s big screen debut, even if he’s not the lead character he was still able to attract many fans entering the theatre to show their support, the cute boy in the film still making the unable to resist licking the screen and squealing: ‘So cute!’. Just like the ideal boyfriend, the height, the visual, all satisfies the criteria with a complimentary ’warm male’ (tn: warm personality) the only possible reaction you can say being “Let go of that man! Let me handle this”! The only thing fans couldn’t take was that our supporting male character god had very little screentime, causing one to stir at the lack of his appearance, many fans lamenting: “I missed out on oppa’s scenes just going to the bathroom.”

Although since Park Chanyeol participated in a sunbae’s drama MV (note: K-Will’s ‘You Don’t Know Love’) this technically isn’t his first time touching on acting, but as a newbie in the movie world Chanyeol can’t help but be nervous. Through this acting experience, Chanyeol is also especially satisfied. As a kid who doesn’t hold too big of an ambition in the acting world, he is fortunate that the director would choose his acting. However the director reiterates that he initially chose Chanyeol because he liked his bright eyes and handsome appearance. (tn: as in he gave the director his ideal image of the character)

The Chaos Over Concert Tickets To Make Him Smile

EXO conducted concerts in Shanghai over two days on May 30th-31st. Way before of the opening of ticket sales, fans were preparing for the battle in obtaining tickets to the concert. As soon as tickets were available, a mass purchase of tickets was made. Aside from purchasing from the official site, there are also fans spending endless efforts in order to make a memorable Shanghai tour for Chanyeol, calling all group tickets to set up a support area, items, lighting boards, and even waiting at the concert location early in the morning. Fans who weren’t able to snatch a ticket were willing to pay double the price from others, all to make him smile. Seeing the hard work in these actions, Chanyeol will surely feel touched on stage.

On the night of the concert, the arena was already filled with no empty seats. Fans screams were heard the moment EXO appeared on stage, full of the aura with the capability to flip over the arena’s ceiling. Songs were followed by more familiar songs, the fans also singing along to the melodies with support. There were also fans in tears in lack of words to express their excitement. The search for tickets were difficult, but the success in making Chanyeol smile made the hardships worth it.

A Few Things That Became A Hot Topic Because of EXO Chanyeol

Chanyeol often appears in Twitter trend rankings, whether it’s because of a show appearance, things he said, or even a selca, all can generate buzz. Netizens gather up a few points of Chanyeol’s influence which induced the “Chanyeol Effect”:

  1. Chanyeol is ranked 3rd (tn: now 2nd!) in number of Instagram followers amongst K-Pop artists, closely following Big Bang’s G-Dragon and SNSD’s Taeyeon.
  2. The coat Chanyeol wore at the airport caused the designer to tweet: “My phone keeps ringing because of Chanyeol!”
  3. The Kakaotalk theme Chanyeol uses is continuously downloaded, even if it is a paid purchase. Netizens comment saying “I like it because Chanyeol is using it”,”I use what Chanyeol uses!”, “Finally found it~ Chanyeol’s theme~” etc.
  4. As Chanyeol is too cute, famed trot singer Tae Jinah has expressed desire for collaboration many times, and wishes to have Chanyeol as his godson.
  5. Also an “airport fashion”, the ‘bear mask’ worn by Chanyeol is a hot seller online, regularly out of stock.
  6. Songs recommendations by Chanyeol via Instagram would immediately become a hot search item on search engines.
  7. Showcasing his acting many times in MVs and shows, he’s dubbed by journalists as “one of the most anticipated actors”.
  8. Chanyeol gets the most votes during street votings (tn: voting taking place on the streets). This means that not only does Chanyeol have a wide fanbase, even passer-bys can’t resist Chanyeol’s charms!
  9. Chanyeol’s influence in the market is truly alarming, whether his juniors Red Velvet within the same company, or ZPZG which consists of Chanyeol’s high school friend, all of them charts immediately after Chanyeol’s recommendation.

Bonus: Side Captions

Chanyeol Manual: How-to-Use Guide (lol)

From the first moment you see him you would think he’s a “handsome boy”; after knowing him better you would think “young but very mature”, if you didn’t notice yet, then what you will get afterwards is a “kind young man who likes pulling pranks”. He would “become louder” when excited; he would volunteer at nursing homes when he has time, through these activities he would put his life into perspective; and within a tender appearance lies a strong heart, who believes he is manliest when rapping. He inherited his mum’s energy, dad’s sensibility, and is a cautious consumer. If he were to confess one day, he would choose a time with a good atmosphere, play a self-composed song, and present a bouquet of roses. The thing that surprises himself the most is that he doesn’t require an alarm to wake up on time.

He admits to liking “brave girls”. If a girl were to say “I like this music too” to him, he would become defenseless. In this era of “Top stars marrying fans”, if you persevere and work hard maybe you’ll be able to get your oppa.

Translations by: Chel