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'Crazy Rich Asians' Lands Its Male Lead (Exclusive)
Henry Golding, who has never starred in a feature film before, will play Nick Young in the adaptation directed by Jon M. Chu.

Crazy Rich Asians has landed its male lead, casting Henry Golding to play Nick Young.

Fresh Off the Boat actress Constance Wu is starring in the adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s hit book about the lives of wealthy Chinese families living in Singapore. Jon M. Chu is directing the Warner Bros. film.

The story follows Rachel Chu (Wu), an American-born Chinese economics professor, who travels to her boyfriend Nick’s (Golding) hometown of Singapore for his best friend’s wedding. Before long, his secret is out: Nick is from a family that is impossibly wealthy, he’s perhaps the most eligible bachelor in Asia, and every single woman in his ultra-rarefied social class is incredibly jealous of Rachel and wants to bring her down.

Michelle Yeoh is attached to play Nick’s controlling mother who disapproves of Rachel.

Color Force’s Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson, as well as Ivanhoe president John Penotti, are producing. Kevin Kwan will serve as executive producer along with Ivanhoe chairman Robert Friedland. Courtenay Valenti and Jon Gonda will oversee the project for Warner Bros.

With plans to feature an all-Asian cast, the filmmakers have set out on a worldwide search to find the stars of Crazy Rich Asians. Golding, whose father is from England and his mother from the Iban tribe in Sarawak, Malaysia, is a true discovery. He is currently based in Singapore after growing up in London, and has never been featured in a film, but has experience hosting for TV travel shows. He is represented by management company FLY Entertainment in Singapore.


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Last night a first-year from India was asking me about my dogs and, upon learning their origins, he exclaimed triumphantly: 

“Oh wow, I knew it. I KNEW IT. I can really tell. My family feeds about 10 street dogs in my neighborhood, and they all look like exactly like that. When I saw your dogs I kept staring, like: ‘Why do those look so much like dogs from home?’”

The Racism I Own

The racism I deal with is standard in its own way. It’s the racism of erasure. It’s the racism of assumptions. Don’t want me? Easy. Give me no representation. Take my story out of history books. Teach me to be quiet. Tell me it means I’m “model.” Spend my childhood telling me that white is beautiful but brown is exotic. That to be American is to like apple pie. But I smell like curry. Gross. Tell me my food is weird when we’re children, but ask me to cook for you when we grow up. Ask me if I’m a dot or a feather. The irony is lost on you. Ask me if you can cheat off my math homework. Ask me not if I want to go to med school, but where. Take away the illusion of choice. Compliment me on my English. Be surprised when I don’t have an accent. Ask me if I eat monkey brains. Ask me how to say something in Indian. Say my name wrong. Tell me you’re going to say it wrong because it’s easier. Laugh. Tell me my mother’s country is backward. Call it abnormal. Ask if I’m glad that I’m in America because my country doesn’t care about women. Ask me where I’m from. Ask me where my parents are from. Ask me where my grandparents are from. Tell me my people work really hard. I turn 17 and you call me a terrorist. Ask me to celebrate this country. There’s a disconnect. I’m Model. I’m a hard worker.  But we are angry. We are militant. Consider us all the same. Confuse the names of my language and my religion. Tell me not to be so uptight if I correct you. Tell me I’m too argumentative for men. Tell me I’m supposed to be demure. I talk to you about boys. Tell me you know a great Indian guy. Stop yourself. Ask if I’m getting an arranged marriage. Ask if I’ll kill myself if my husband dies. Send me stories written by white men. Don’t look me in the eye when I ask where the books by brown people are. Or worse, roll your eyes behind my back. Tell me not to be so angry. Tell me it’s a stereotype. Tell me you get it. You know what it’s like. You know my history. You know who I am and what I’ll be. I teach you about our country’s past. I teach you about white mobs. I teach you about the history of anti-immigration. Act surprised. Wait a beat. Ask me if I read that story in the New Yorker about texting. Move on. I get angry at movies and tv shows and books that pretend I don’t exist. Tell me it’s not worth it. Tell me I can go to the Asian Studies section. Tell me there just aren’t enough quality writers who look like me. Explain to me how it works. Tell me the cream rises to the top. Tell me you’re sorry. Tell me you wish it was better. Pause. Wait a beat. Ask me if I want to go to brunch next weekend.  

The only one - Chapter 14

Reader x Jimin (?)

Warnings: Smut

Words: 3,227

Chapters: 13 ,


I couldn’t get my head around it, how could she cheat on him, why did she? I needed answers. “Baby?”, Jimin groaned out, he lifted his head which was resting low on my stomach, “yeah?”, “why aren’t you sleeping? It's…”, he looked over to the clock on the wall, “quarter to 6, go back to sleep”, i shook my head and began combing his hair with my fingers, “it’s okay, I’ll have to get up for work soon anyways, you sleep, you need it”, “nope, you’re sleeping with me”, with that he pulled me down and hugged me, I laughed as i tried to get out of his tight embrace, “Jimin-ie…”, i whined, “(y/n)…,please”. I looked up at him, he was pouting and I sighed and gave in, “fine, but wake me up at 7”.

I felt small, delicate kisses being placed all over my face, as well as tiny hands cupping it. I scrunched my nose in response, to which i got a shriek mixed with a giggle, “mommy, up now, work time”, Mikey climbed onto my stomach and started bouncing up and down, making me groan and open my eyes, “okay, okay, I’m up”. I turned to my side to see nothing, “baby, where’s Jimin?”, “Minmin is making breakfast, he tolded me to get mummy up”, “oh okay, let’s get down then”.

I carried Mikey downstairs to the kitchen to find Jimin placing plates full of food on the dining table, “morning beautiful”, Jimin said, taking Mikey from me and placing a kiss on the edge of my lips, “morning, what time is it?”, i asked sitting down at the table, Jimin placed Mikey on the chair next to mine before sitting down himself, “it is now…”, he looked at his watch, “almost half ten”, my eyes widened, “half ten?! I thought i told you to wake me at seven, Jimin I’m late and so is Mikey”. I stood up from the table to leave, but Jimin grabbed my wrist, “(y/n), I called in for the two of you, so you can take the day of”, “why?”, “because i felt like we need it, just one day to ourselves, trust me i would have done it another day, but Jackson is going to take Mikey tomorrow and i just want us to be the way we were before”. He did have good intentions, i couldn’t be angry at him for it, “okay”, i sat back down, Jimin placed a kiss on my hand and smiled, “have you planned anything then?”, he nodded his head, “but it’s a surprise, so i just need the two of you to be dressed by 5”.

It soon came around to 5 and i got myself and Mikey dressed in something warm as it was quite chilly and then were on our way.

“FESTIVALLLLLL!”, Mikey screamed out, kicking his legs in excitement, Jimin began to chuckle and told him to calm down. “Mommy, Minmin tell me about this, then i really wanted to go”, he explained are, “really?! What type of festival is it?”, “it a festival for all, different people”. I furrowed my brows and looked at Jimin, “he means culture wise, it’s a multicultural festival”, “oh, that should be fun”.

“Asian!”, Mikey screamed running towards the Asian section, “i get he is Asian, but I blame the mother for his obsession”, “shut up”, I mumbled shoving him a little. “Minmin, mommy, hurrryyy”, Mikey whined as he pouted, “okay we’re coming”.

God knows how many hours we have spent at this festival, I was currently sat at a table with Hoseok and Taehyung, we found the two of them as we went around. Jimin and Mikey were getting food for us, “but you do need to be careful (y/n), no matter how much you two love each other, it’s always those you love the most, that hurt you the most”, I sighed, “i know”. We continued talking, the topic was chosen by Hoseok, so it was no surprise it was about guys, “i know he and you had a little…but that doesn’t make him any less sexy”, Hoseok stated, “are you gonna continue speaking as if your boyfriend isn’t here”, Taehyung said in an annoyance, Hoseok just rolled his eyes and mouthed, “jealous”. I giggled at the two, “he’s right, you should only be talking about him like that, but you are right and surprisingly he is not the dick I thought he was, he’s actually really sweet”, i jumped at the sound of Jimin’s voice, “who’s really sweet?”, he placed the food down on the table, Mikey jumped up onto the table next to me, “oh, j-just a new co-worker, he didn’t make the best first impression”, he nodded slightly, “not like it matters though, i don’t really pay attention to him”, he gave me a small smile after i said that. “Right let’s eat”, he announced and gave out the food.

Halfway through eating Jimin’s office went off, “ahh, excuse me”, with that he got up and left the table to take the call, the rest of us continued eating. He soon came back, but had a frown on his face, “Jimin, what’s wrong?”, “oh,erm… that was Jin, he called to tell me to come in, there’s this important visit that’s happening today, i completely forgot”, “you should go”, his work is something the is passionate about, “(y/n)-”, “nu-uh, go before i drag you there myself, I don’t mind and I’m sure Mikey doesn’t either, do you?”, he shook his head and continued to stuff his face, “nohhh, i don’t mind Minmin”, he said with a full mouth, making Jimin chuckle. “Okay then, I’ll see you two at home”, he placed a kiss on both of mine and Mikey’s head and said goodbye to Taehyung and Hoseok before leaving.

“I need to go pee, you two watch Mikey”, “we always do”, Taehyung flashed me a wide smile and winked.

As i was walking out of the bathroom, i bumped into someone, “i am so sorry”, “i thought you’d be a lot more wary of where you’re going, especially after last time”. Jungkook was stood there wearing a black and red checkered jacket, with a black t-shirt, jeans and shoes, was there anything that he couldn’t pull off? “Hey”, he gave me a small smile, “h-hi…, “(y/n), i need to talk to you”, i was about to speak up, but he dragged me away to a secluded area, where no-one could see us.

“Jungk-”, he cut me off by kissing me, hard. He backed me up against the wall of the toilets, his grip tight on my hips. I didn’t kiss back, instead i pushed him off, “s-stop”, i placed my hand on his chest, “I’m with Jimin”. He chuckled before walking closer, “he doesn’t love you”, “yes he does”, “as much as i do?”, he questioned, i furrowed my brows, “you’re just saying that-”, “no I’m not, i don’t just throw around shit like that, you should know that”.

He sighed, dropping his head onto my shoulder, “at first i thought it was just one of those kiddie crushes, then once i actually spent time with you, i realised it was more than just that, I’ve honestly only ever loved one person like i do you and he’s gone now. So please (y/n), don’t tell me i don’t love you”, i heard him sniffle, “don’t cry please…”, i ran my fingers through his hair, i felt his lips against my neck, “tell me you love me”, “i can't”, he groaned into my neck, “it’s because of him, ain’t it”. I lifted his head, holding his face with both hands and just kissed him. Was it wrong? Yes. Do i regret it? Not one bit.

“No it’s not, it’s me, i honestly am so confused right now, i do have feelings for you and Jimin, but ugh…”, tears escaped my eyes, but were stopped by Jungkook’s thumbs, “hey, it’s okay, you take all the time you need, i don’t want you to make a decision you’ll regret”, he smiled lightly, before kissing my cheek, “you should get going”. I nodded and made my way out of the secluded area, but just as i was about to, i stopped, “Jungkook, I’m sure Mikey would love to see you, before bed he asked about you and when he’s going to see you again”.

“KOOKIE!”, he jumped onto Jungkook as soon as he was close enough, “hey buddy I missed you”, Jungkook hugged him tightly and gave him a kiss on the cheek, “i missed you too, kookie let’s go get a teddy”, “only if mommy doesn’t mind…”, the two of them looked at me,”yeah it’s fine, but no more candy, you’ve had enough today”, Mikey thanked me before the two went off.

“Only if mommy doesn’t mind”, Hoseok imitated him, “shut up”, “ooh, I’m sure Jimin would love to know about this”, “don’t you dare…”, “relax we won’t, but (y/n), you need to tell us what’s going on, we’ve known you for lord knows how long and we know when something is up”, “so go on spill…”, Taehyung added. I could tell these two, they were the ones i trusted the most and wouldn’t judge me one bit.

“What am i supposed to do, i am such an awful person”, “you’re not babe, you just-”, Hoseok looked over to Taehyung for help, “-you just need to figure out who you really want to be with, you can’t go back and forth between the two, it’s not fair”. “MUMMY LOOK KOOKIE WON ME DONALD”,  Mikey came screaming with a huge smile spread across his face and he was hugging onto a Donald duck that was the same size as him, “did you thank him baby?”, he nodded his head quickly before scurrying over to Hobi and Tae to show them his amazing new toy, Jungkook wasn’t far behind.

“Hey guys it’s getting late, i think the two of us are gonna call it a night”, Taehyung said, “and i think this little one is tired as well”, referring to Mikey who was half asleep on his lap. “Yeah we should get going, guess I’ll see you guys at work tomorrow”, we all said our goodbyes and went off I’m different directions.

I decided not to ask Hobi and Tae for a lift as they looked like they were gonna pass out, and i didn’t want to them spending more time away from their bed, so i stuck with walking. And Jungkook, well he got a call from Mr Kwon telling him to go to the office to sort something out.

“Shhh”, i patted Mikey’s back as he began whining, “go back to sleep”, i had put my jacket over him so he didn’t get cold. It would take me about an hour if not more to get home. As i was walking, i heard a car slowly driving behind me, i wouldn’t be scared if the road was busy, but unfortunately it wasn’t, so no one could help me. I did what practically everyone would do in this situation and began to walk quicker and obviously the car sped up as well, i was going to start running until the person I’m the car spoke, “(y/n)! Wait”, “Kookie?”, I said relieved, “yeah, what are you doing walking at this time, do you have any idea how dangerous it is?!”, he raised his voice and got out of the car, “here…”, he carefully lifted Mikey from me, “Kookie", Mikey mumbled out, half asleep, his hand was touching Jungkook’s cheek, “hey buddy, it’s part, you go back to sleep”.

I sat in the back seat, Mikey’s head resting on my lap, whilst my jacket was covering his body. “Where’s minion, i never got to see him today”, “he got called in for work, he says he’s gonna be back later, i doubt it”, I sighed “i thought you were called in”, “meh, u could do it in the morning”, i turned and looked out of the window. My eyes began closing on their own and eventually i passed out, leaning against the door.

“(y/n), we’re here”, Jungkook said in a hushed tone, he had Mikey resting in the crook of his neck. I looked at my surroundings to see an unfamiliar building, “w-where are we?”, “we’re at my apartment, i didn’t want you to be alone at night”, i warmed up at what he said, although i could have told him my brother is at home, so i wouldn’t be alone.

“This is your apartment?”, he nodded taking off both his and Mikey’s shoes, “why is it so big? It’s bigger than my house”, he chuckled, “well if you even want to move in, let me know”, “will do”. “If you want anything to drink kitchens over there”, he nodded his head in the direction, “or if you want to go to sleep, the rooms down the hall on the left. Right, i’ll go put this one in bed”.

I made my way to the kitchen, i found the cups straight away, now i was hoping to find hot chocolate. I couldn’t reach the top cabinets, so i climbed onto the kitchen unit and began looking through them. I tried opening one of the larger cabinets, which didn’t seem to be a good idea, as i lost my balance and fell backwards, off the unit, “yah, be careful”, Jungkook scolded as he caught me, my eyes were shut tight. He placed me back down on the ground and i opened up my eyes, the second i did i looked at the floor, my cheeks getting warmer, i heard Jungkook let out a light laugh. I looked up at him again, his toned upper half on show, whereas the bottom was covered by his sweatpants, “what were you looking for up there anyways?”, “erm…hot chocolate”, i felt quite embarrassed when i told him, “oh, unfortunately i don’t have any powder, but for you, i can make it from scratch”, “no don’t do that, it’s okay i can live wi-”, “hey, i said I’m making it so sit down”, i complied and sat down on the island unit and watched him. His back view was just as good as the front.

I was too busy staring, i didn’t realise he was done and was now staring back at me with a steaming cup in his hands. “Do you want your hot chocolate now or do you want to carry on staring, i honestly don’t mind”, i hid my face in embarrassment, “s-sorry”, I stuttered out. Jungkook walked closer placing the cup down next to me, before placing both hands either side of me. He gripped my chin and made me stare directly into his eyes, “don’t apologise”, he whispered. His eyes were filled with pure lust and adoration, “will you stop me this time?”, “Just do it already”, i replied and in an instant his lips were on mine, his hands were touching every inch of my body.

His lips attacked my neck next, he left behind a single mark before kissing up, along my jaw, I moaned out in pleasure, “(y/n), I’m controlling myself right now, carry on doing that-”, I moaned out again, just to see what he would do, “right then”, he lifted me off the counter, i wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, “i did warn you”, “i was curious…”, “well in the morning you’re gonna regret being so curious”.

He threw my down on the bed, my clothes were already scattered all over the floor, leaving me bare, he still had on his sweatpants. Jungkook was about to get between my legs, but i stopped him, “you need to lose it all as well”, “babygirl, you don’t have any power in this room”, with that he got between my legs and pushed me back so i was laying down. The first thing he did was take my nipple into his mouth, he played with the other one using his fingers. He began sucking and once it’s was erect he bit down on it causing me to moan out in both pain and pleasure, “Jungkook-ah”, my hand was in his hair, pulling at it. He traveled south with his mouth, leaving behind a trail of love bites, i felt his breath over my heat and soon felt his tongue, he was giving it small kitty licks, “ahhh, please, Jungkookie”, i begged, wanting him to do more.

“Okay, okay, baby”, he moved away from me, i whined at the loss of contact. He pulled down his sweatpants along with his boxers, giving me the view of his very, large manhood, already dripping with pre-cum. I got on my knees and pulled him closer by his waist, “what are y-“, i took his manhood into my mouth, as much as i could. It hit the back of my throat, but that didn’t stop me from trying to get it further. I gagged so i took it back out, but didn’t gone Jungkook much time to recover as i took the most sensitive part into my mouth and sucked it as i could, “ugh (y/n), you’re killing me”, he groaned out. I continued sucking and licked at times, but soon Jungkook had, had enough and pulled me back, off him.

“Get in the middle of the bed”, he whispered into my ear, i complied, but spoke up as i saw him walking away from me, “where are you going?”, “to get a condom”, “leave it”, “you sure”, i nodded, “yes”. He came over as quick as he could and soon has his manhood inside me, my eyes slightly watered as i felt his member stretch me, “are you okay?”, Jungkook asked once he noticed my tears, “yeah”, i have a small smile to show I was. Once i adjusted to his member, i told him to move, which he did, but very slowly, scared he was going to hurt me too much. I soon encouraged him to go faster, he hesitated, but soon sped up, going harder.

“Turn around, get on your hands and knees”, i got in the position he wanted me in and he inserted himself into me again. He hit deeper this time, i couldn’t help, but moan and scream as he pounded into me. My arms soon gave up on me as i reached my high, so my upper half had collapsed and was flat on the bed, Jungkook on the other hand was getting closer and closer to his high. “baby, I’m…almost there”, he continued to thrust into me, slower than before.

The thrusts became sloppy as he groaned out loudly, spilling his seeds into me. He rested his forehead against my back, trying to catch his breath like me.

Once we both got our breath back he pulled out and went to get a wet towel from the bathroom. A few seconds later he came back and cleaned the two of us up, i could barely move, i felt completely worn out.

I must’ve fell asleep as he cleaned as i woke under the covers, in some clean clothes and Jungkook getting into the bed also in some new, clean clothes. “Goodnight (y/n)”, Jungkook kissed my temple, “goodnight Jungkook”.

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im just so happy at the fact that the stylists didnt go overboard with bts on the magenta carpet like no crazy colored hair, no crazy patterned suits, no heavy makeup nothing that really screams “asian pop group”- just the right amount of accessories and the right coordination for them to shine

Subject A0: In The Glade [Part 4]


Part 4/20 of Subject A0: In The Glade [ prev ] [ spin off (part 4.5) ][ next ]

“They took everything. They took her whole world. But little did they know that she found a new one in him.” (Newt x Reader) 

A/N:  This is a long one, probably the longest so far? I’m not sure. I think this is the hardest I’ve worked on for an imagine too. It’s intense but very fun to write, quite a challenge but I hope you like this and feel the intensity I think I wrote (keyword: THINK lol). It would be great to hear feedback from you guys! hehe Hope you enjoy!

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Rogue One sent me into a daze. Here be spoilers, but I’m not putting things under a Read More.

The movie had its issues with characterization and storytelling, but I enjoyed It a lot. I’m looking forward to (friendly. FRIENDLY!!) discussion about gray morality and the meaning of martyrdom and so on with people, but at the end of the day, everyone died and I went home with my belly full of Feelings because ASIAN WARRIOR MONKS! IN SPACE!!

Chirrut and Baze made this movie for me. I love them both, I love their dynamic, I love how two men are allowed such a close and gentle and loving relationship when they are the characters they are. They’re played by a Hong Kong and a mainland Chinese actor respectively! That part of the world isn’t known for its openmindedness to queerness! And I definitely see Chirrut and Baze in a queerplatonic relationship. Mostly because I’m not sure if Chirrut made any vows of celibacy and if he did, whether he’d actually keep them.

(Probably not, lbr.)

But yeah, I had a nice screechy shouty discussion with my mom (who, bless her, is more than a little homophobic) and she totally 100% agreed with me that Chirrut is Baze’s entire reason for living and LEMME JUST TELL YOU I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT THEM RIGHT NOW.

It’s even better because Chirrut is the subversive laughing monk (which does show up in Chinese dramas) and Baze is the stereotypical silent-Shandong-BAMF-warrior type. Like. These dudes are the epitome of traditional Chinese masculinity. There is famous Chinese classic literature wholly based on these guys. But Chirrut and Baze play so well off each other and have their quietly devoted relationship that absolutely resembles that of a married old Chinese couple.

I think I’ve found a new OTP.

After seeing the article on how one black artist changed “The Creation of Man” from a White Adam and White Male God to a Black Eve and a Black Female God, and how all those tolerant white folk got all uppity over it...

I challenge ALL POC Artists to do the same to the rest of them.

I wanna see a Latina Mona Lisa

I wanna see an Asian Scream

I wanna see an Aborigine Vincent Van Gogh

I wanna see a Inuit American Gothic

I wanna see Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe turn into Helen Williams

Anytime you can get a White Republican Christian to cram the Sahara up his vagina, I’m a happy camper!!!

Character Analysis: Eleanor


  • “Stupid Asian”

Eleanor acts like by calling Park a “stupid Asian” she’s turning a harmful stereotype into a progressive, edgy nickname but she’s not. It just sounds patronizing and “other”ing. Hey, look, it’s that Asian kid! He’s not like those other Asian kids! He acts like us but he isn’t really ONE of us so we’re going to pretend we’re being accepting by pointing out his differences and using them as his defining feature!

  • “Golden skin” and cannibalism

Eleanor constantly talks about Park’s “golden skin” and emphasizes how “Asian” he looks. (Which isn’t even a thing??) It’s always about his “skin the color of sunshine through honey” (53), “honey colored [hands]” (58), “his honey finger” (81), “skin was like sunshine with a suntan” (111), and “[his body] was all just as smooth and honey-beautiful as the skin on his hands” (251).

Plus she says on page 113:

“You have magic eyes,” she whispered. “And you make me feel like a cannibal.”

She later admits that she “wants to eat his face” (206) and compares herself to “a walrus who’s tasted human blood” (234) after a makeout session with Park. (What the fuck??)

And I get that this is all probably supposed to be a metaphor or something about Eleanor’s weight. She’s fat so it’s only natural that she associates Park with food, right?

Uh, no.


Park is literally being compared to food. Sweet, delicious honey = Park, apparently. This just screams fetishization.

Trivializes East Asian problems

  • Romanticizes the White Savior

Eleanor imagined Park’s dad, Tom Selleck, tucking his Dainty China person into his flak jacket and sneaking her out of Korea.

Eleanor romanticizes Min Dae’s experiences. She completely ignores that Min Dae had to abandon her family, friends, and everything she knew to be with a man who didn’t even speak her language. The “sneaking out” implies that Min Dae leaving her home for a land she didn’t know was not only the best choice but something that saved her. Why else would she be “sneaking” away from everyone she loved?

  • Ignorance of slurs

“Oriental’s for food,” [her Chinese friend] said.

“Whatever, La Choy boy,” she’d said back.

She ignores the significance of slurs and brushes off the importance of them. By doing so she invalidates her friend’s feelings and the impact these slurs can have.

  • Believes East Asians must “look” a certain way

Park’s eyes got wide. Well, sort of wide. Sometimes she wondered if the shape of his eyes affected how he saw things.

Not all East Asians look the same.

Not all East Asians look the same!


Not all of us have monolids. Not all of us have small eyes. Not all of us are light skinned, short, and feminine.

I shouldn’t even have to remind people that East Asians are people, and that people are diverse.

His mom looked exactly like a doll.

Min Dae is small, skinny, and is described as perfect. All of these are what East Asian women are “supposed” to be.

Fat East Asians exist. Tall East Asians exist. And East Asians are not perfect because they’re people. Holy shit! What a revolutionary concept!

(Also: the word ‘doll’ has racist connotations because it has been used to demean, dehumanize, and fetishize East Asian women by objectifying and sexualizing them.)

  • Treats Park like a possession

Eleanor constantly acts like Park betrayed her by dating Tina (when! he! was! in! 6th grade!). What, is he not allowed to have a past that doesn’t involve her? And what’s even worse is that this is seen as acceptable. It’s okay to get angry at Park for dating other girls before he even knew Eleanor existed. Park is in the wrong for dating Tina. Park is the bad guy. Fuck Park.