screaming for help internally

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: We didn’t get a single Reyes brothers reunion and nobody on the show seems to care! Sure you were going to give Gabe Robbie’s car, but what about his well-being?! Is he okay? Is he eating? Is he even old enough to take care of himself? You literally left him with no family or anyone!

tag urself thing bc i can’t draw


-can be whiny

-will fite u for good book

-hidden sass + smartass

-cries during every movie ever

-doesn’t know what they’re doing

-most insecure and clingy

-tries to be cool but fails

-very aesthetic


-purest angel


-cold 24/7

-internal screaming

-someone help him


-very good with weapons

-gives the best hugs

texas man


-F I T E   M E

-extreme anger issues

-will try and punch through brick wall


-likes sporks

-probably has piercings

-won the asshole of the year award


-M E M E S

-worships mickey mouse

-actually very understanding of everything

-needs a hug but hides it


-can’t cook

-cartoon maniac



-sexy and knows it


-doesn’t deserve heartbreak

-very smol in reality

-probably likes square dancing


-internally wants to fite

-not polite

dairy queen

-overworked dad friend

-muscle milk

-doesn’t understand technology


-can be scary

-but gives really good hugs

-stays away from emos

-isn’t appreciated enough


-C A R S

-ball of hatred

-likes lemons

-very rarely shows nice side

-easily irritated

-he’ll fite anything

-actually very smart but no one acknowledges it

-bumps into furniture and then yells at it

Little match makers//Young Derek Hale

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Request:  “Hi! Could you do a one shot where young Derek and the reader who is Scott’s older sister are studying together (maybe she’s tutoring him) and Scott and Cora are trying to get them together? Thanks! Love your writing and I hope your alpaca is doing great! :)”- FAITHANCHORSHOPE

Warnings: This is crap! I’m sorry, but I’m sick and I haven’t slept.

Word Count: 558

Word Density: “Derek”

“Scott, you need to behave. When Derek and Cora get here, don’t bother us.” 

“Is it because you like him?” He asked with a smirk on his face.

“Yes, but we’re going to study today.” 

Y/N walked to the den, setting up for when Derek would show up. Scott was right, she did like Derek. When he asked for help in math, she screamed. Internally of course. She placed a few pillows on the floor. She wasn’t trying o romance him, just make him comfy. There was a heavy knock on the door.

“Y/N Derek’s here!”

Scott and Cora watched their older siblings interact. Laughing silently to each other. Cora pulled out her tiny notebook and tugged Scot’s sleeve. He shifted his position and looked down at her notebook. A small drawing of two stick figures holding hands, “Derek and Y/N” was written in red sharpie.

“I heard my brother say he likes your sister.” She giggled.

“Really!? Y/N likes your brother. We should make them kiss!” Cora gasped.

“Ew, make them kiss?”

“Isn’t that what they do on the movies?” 

“No, Scott. We just have to make them like each other.”

Y/N scooted closer to Derek, grabbing the graphing calculator. He looked at her as she typed in the equation. He watched the way she slowly typed out the equation, pushing her hair out of her eyes.



They both looked up before sprinting in the direction of their younger siblings. Y/N instantly panicked, thinking it was Scott’s asthma. She ran to the kitchen and picked up his inhaler. She could hear Derek and Cora talking, but she didn’t hear Scott. She quickly ran back to where they were.

“Y/N, they’re fine-.” 

Derek turned, not realizing how close to Y/N he was. His lips pressed up against her’s. It was obviously awkward. They’re eyes were wide open as they stared at one another, neither one pulling away. Derek closed his eyes and pulled her closer.

“I told you it would work, I didn’t know they would kiss!” Cora and Scott laughed.

Derek pulled away and looked at his younger sister.

“Oh, we’ll leave you two alone. Your welcome!” Scott said as he pulled Cora with him.

Y/N covered her mouth with her hand, she was shocked. It was everything she wanted, but she didn’t expect it to happen like that. She didn’t expect her younger brother to set her up with the boy of her dreams.

“I thought- he was having an asthma attack.” She sputtered out.

“So did I, they planned it. Cora must have heard me talking on the phone last night. I-I’m sorry-.”

“No, it’s okay. I liked it.” She smiled.

“Oh. Well, I like you. A lot.” He grabbed her hand and rubbed circles on it.

“So, are we a thing now?” She raised her eyebrow. Derek pressed his lips onto hers.

“Does that answer your question?”

did i!! actually!! manage!! to keep myself!! from casually crushing!! on guys?!?!??!

screw you hansun you broke my record why did you ask for my # and not text back WHY

#MutantKidsPoetry on instagram took 30 lines written by Mutant Kids and put them in order to form a poem.


-The Few, The Proud, The Emotional-

My mind is a knife, cutting the ropes around my brain. I sit in silence and fall away until only skeleton bones remain. I never thought I’d be the kid who wanted to die. Everything bothers me, especially the things I cannot see. The night stole fast an army of longing souls to retrieve the keys to his mind-twisting words. The smiles on our faces fade because the doubt is setting in, we’re broken people. Screams of help undotted i’s and uncrossed t’s.
The mutant kids’ internal machines were broken, their minds went blank like a broken t.v. Their music fills the air and makes dark shadows stare. But do us broken kids get to stay alive? All we have is broken bones and scars but we must move on for the sake of humanity.
We decided our skin wasn’t made to play these games. “Break down the walls you mutant teens, it’s time to rise!” Their deaths were postponed because they knew they weren’t alone.
Our brains are sick, therefore Twenty One Pilots is who we pick.
With broken minds, they kept us alive with their meaningful lines. Listening to their songs to help them get through the day,Their broken minds healed others’ broken minds. When the clique is sick as frick, I treasure the duo of smiles that ignite the fourth light. Twenty One Pilots said our souls with plenty of songs.
While others struggle with purpose, thoughts and art and dreams will surface.
For our brains may be sick, but our skeleton bones remain in tact. We went back and crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s. It feels like we fight alone, but we fight, we bleed together to stay alive. Our skeleton bones were made for each other, the clique and the boys. One day you’ll see the sun shine bright again, and the night will have an end. But for now, the goners will write their truces while we sing to an empty sky. Even when our car radios are stolen and the trees fall silent,

I now know how to stay alive.

Written by the Mutant Kids: Sarah, Ashlea, Milo, Ericha, Molly, Caroline, Nikkie Lee, Ashley, Eleyah, Natalie, Hailee, Navi, Alison, Nat, Yasmine, Louise, Ashlee, Sealie, Echo, Gloria, Kylie, Elysse, Leilani, H. , Riley, Libby, Sheena, Nadia

Seventeen’s reaction to you being shy when holding their hand.

@comeandsaythename requested: How seventeen would react to being shy when holding their hand. :)

S.coups - Would start blushing but would giggle at your reaction. He would try teasing you because how can he not when your being so cute?! If you’re being too cute he would stop holding you hand and whine “Why are you so cute?!, It’s not fair.”

Jeonghan - He would sigh in relief because at least your shyness helps with his nervousness but would be screaming internally because you’re too cute. He would let his confident self take over and you would start to feel less shy, making him smile.

Joshua - He would be blushing so hard like Okay you just got 10x cuter. He would smile at you (and do his head bob thing) and take you hand in his and like the gentleman he is would ask “Is this okay?”

Jun - Would think its the perfect time to tease you because he needs to distract you from his shyness. Would be like “Jagi why are you so red from only holding my hand?”

Hoshi and Vernon - The whole time you guys are holding hands you wouldn’t even be looking at each other because you both are blushing so hard. He would find your shyness so cute and would have the biggest smile on his face.

Wonwoo and DK - Would smile at you and probably chuckle at how adorable you are when you’re shy. He would take your hand and be like “Its okay” Whilst rubbing it soothingly.

Woozi - He would laugh at how shy you are cuz you wont even look at him. Like Wonwoo he would be like “Its okay, I feel shy too.” and take your hand. He wouldn’t be able to look at you again though with his tomato face. 

Mingyu - He would just smile and giggle. He wouldn’t want to tease you but would giggle a lot at your cuteness and rub his thumb over the back of your hand to help with your shyness.

The8 - Would straight away be like “That much cuteness should be a crime.” He would tease you a little before telling you its okay to hold his hand.

Seungkwan - Would be blushing so hard that he would try to joke to change the subject and be like “Do you have to be so cute? no you dont .. so please can you stop” Would be dying internally

Dino - Like seungkwan would start stuttering and find you so cut. He would be like “its okay, i feel shy too. Why don’t we feel shy together?” whilst taking your hand and then immediately look away because what he just said was too cheesy and embarrassing.

Thanks for the request!

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