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Star VS The Forces of Evil TEASER TRAILER analysis


And it’s going to include as much the battle on the present as the past one (insert fangirl scream here).

First, this:

I think this belongs to the past battle, when Moon and her army were battling Toffee’s. We all know how great is Toffee in strategy, so is not a surprise that things got horrible for mewmans. 

Then this:

Looks like Toffee is not going to take care of Ludo’s body precisely…


Ludo is attacking a mewman town?! Toffee is letting Ludo act by himself? Ok let’s think. Maybe this is a new stage of Toffee using Ludo as his puppet where he drives him even more insane and create some chaos as his minion for the banal dirty work. And probably this is what Star is going to confront with the her “Alfa Team” instead of the actual Toffee. Toffee: I have no time and I’m not in mood of fighting a little girl and her A Team or whatever

And then: 

What the heck is this?! And the place… it looks like the ruins of something… Ludo’s wrecked castle, maybe? The one who is there… is Ludo or Toffee? Is he summoning something? Eclipsa, perhaps? 


I call the darkness unto me

From deepest depths of Earth and Sea

To blackest night I pledged my soul

and crush my heart

To summon forth a deathly power

To see my hated foe devored

Well, looks like we now know what Moon’s darkest spell was. But of course, this leave us with more questions: she sold her soul to the darkness to cast the spell?! The spell “devours”… but since Toffee regenerates, that is why Toffee has a would like the one he has? Is a spell from Eclipsa’s chapter? Sure it is.

And then we heard Toffee saying “Have you learn nothing?” What does that mean? Who is saying that to? To Moon? In the past or the present? What is she going to do or did again that is not going to work against Toffee?


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i cant wait for your analysis of kalagang in season 2 especially episode 6, i just rewatched it and just their whole sex scene their facial expressions etc say so much i cry

I know. There’s so much details to talk about their beautiful moments in 2x06. What I’m worried about is that I might be just screaming and fangirling and gushing instead of analyzing when writing that post. LOL.

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  • Me: *finds a song I've never herd and enjoys it*
  • Brain: hey you know what you should do?
  • Brain: listen to it over and over until you can't stand it
  • Me:
  • Me: okay
Do you ever get that feeling

that you’re exploding with joy while reading a fanfic or watching a scene with your OTP but it’s 4 in the morning so you can’t just jump around like a squirrel and scream you lungs out so you just wiggle in the sheets and press your hand against your mouth with withheld excitement while making strange suffocated noises??? Because I do


​I really think Sasuke sent his messenger hawk to Sakura on purpose because he wanted her to give his letter to Naruto with him, like how couples attend a ceremony together and give their congratulations together. He knows Sakura will get lonely because he wasn’t around so it’s his way of making it up to her.

He could’ve just sent it to the Hokage Kakashi but he chose her instead. It shows that Sasuke thought about Sakura’s feelings even during his travels.

It took me a while to realize this but when I did I was like ASFDSHFJKSUKDSNVKLABVSAGVSKABDHB *FANGIRL SCREAM*

and look at Sasuke’s smile AAAAAAAAAAAHHH

steve will apparently fight nazis & 117 countries on my behalf but when he saw a group of screaming fangirls coming at us this morning he yelled ‘every man for himself!!!’ and started running