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Miami/South Florida Gothic
  • Feral peacocks roam the suburbs, crying in the night. Their screams sound like children endlessly calling “Mom! Mom!” but it’s just peacocks. It’s always just peacocks.
  • Something slams hard against the boarded-up windows during a hurricane - you say it was just a tree or lawn chair, but the red stains suggest otherwise.
  • You don’t go to the beach. Only tourists go to the beach, swarming in droves, forgetting that even on overcast days, their pale skins can indeed burn. They return from the beach, scarlet and peeling. They never meet your eyes.
  • After hurricanes, sometimes you do go to the beach, searching among the washed up debris for interesting things washed ashore, ignoring the things with too many legs or geometries that suggest body plans unknown to man.
  • When you do go to the beach, you walk slowly,  carefully sandaled to protect your feet against man-o-war tentacles that lie hidden in the sand, dead for days but still able to sting. Even dead things can hurt you. Especially dead things.
  • You walk along the sandy bottom offshore, shuffling your feet in the sand to warn creatures of your coming. A stingray the size of a manhole lifts out of the sand in front of you, rising from the floor like a UFO, before slowly undulating away, tail flowing behind it as one last warning.
  • The classroom iguana disappears during a storm. You search all over for him, but he is nowhere to be found. After a week of mourning, he falls through the ceiling tile and into the music classroom, looking substantially larger than when he went missing.
  • Your school has a whole week where for one hour a day, you learn about dangerous creatures and how to avoid them, of how to run from alligators and when a stick isn’t a stick at all. You tell your cousins, who live out of state, as if this were a normal thing that happened all over the country. You don’t notice their horrified looks. 
  • Your dog is huddled in the corner of the porch, whining. A cane toad is eating your food, and eyeing your dog like they may be next. You start to wonder what happened to the neighbor’s dog when it disappeared last month.
  • “BOW-kuh”, they drawl, with their plumped lips and skin drawn too tight over their faces, their bodies more plastic than flesh, their skin tanned leather over silicone and bone, creatures not quite human but attempting to pass as such.  “We’re from BOW-kuh.”
  • The pelicans swoop down and fly off with squirming seagulls and pigeons in their pouches.  They eye you, as if trying to determine if you’d fit, too, and wondering how you’d taste.
  • There is a gator blocking your garage. There was a gator blocking your garage yesterday. It has been five days since you have been able to leave the house.
Sastiel Love Week Day 1 - First Times

WOO! It’s your Sastiel Love Week Anon, bringing your day 1 headcanon! I hope you enjoy it! (This is one part of the headcanon because I wasn’t able to fit all of it in the submission; I’m sorry about that!)

Summary: First time Sam saw Castiel’s wings…

Sam has been having nightmares again. The nightmares where he can feel his ear drums almost shatter from the screams of endlessly tortured souls and his body burning up due to heat radiating from hellfire. Even though he knew that this time was nothing compared to the nightmares he had previously, where Lucifer occupied his noggin to sing about endless torture and remind him for the mistakes he made that branded him in his perspective, a failure, these nightmares he have been having recently still makes his screams echo throughout the bunker and his hands hold his sheets with a excruciating tight grip. 

With Dean MIA with his new demon powers, Sam was alone; he had to suffer with his new, vivid nightmares… until Castiel came over. 

Castiel entered the bunker a week later with disappointment hiding beneath his stoic visage. He didn’t have anything Dean-related to report for the younger Winchester. He pondered as to what to say in front of Sam that can still be viewed as beneficial, but he was quite stumped at the moment. Before any ideas came to mind, his train of thought was quickly interrupted once he set his eyes on Sam’s latest appearance. Dark circles were below his half-lidded, bloodshot eyes. His long hair was dreadfully unkempt, as if he forgot to brush it after rolling out of bed with a terrible bedhead multiple times. And his usual strong, straight form was reduced to a slight hunching form that was wrecked with apparent fatigue in front of the angel.  

It took some time for Sam to notice Cas in the room before lifting his face from the thick opened book resting in his arms. He smiled weakly at him. “Hey Cas…” 

Castiel stared at him with concern plastering his face.“You clearly have not been getting any rest Sam.” He stated. 

Sam moved his strained eyes back to the text. “Yeah, I know. I’ve been looking for more ways to help Dean.” He lied; he didn’t want to burden his troubles over his friend.  

“We can worry about Dean later, you need to sleep so your health remains stable.” Castiel said firmly. “I won't hesitate on reminding you that nothing is worth losing you.”  

Sam blushed as he heard those words; he never understood why Castiel was consisted on reminding him. But it was enough to make Sam closed his book and sighed, “Alright Cas, I’ll get some sleep tonight.” 


It was almost two in the morning and the two men were laying on Sam’s bed. Cas stayed up as he don’t sleep nor want to sleep so watch over Sam as he slept. He checked on Sam for what he counted as the 100th time that night and did not perceived any problems so far.  

Another hour past. Everything continued to look good until he sense something wrong with Sam. The moment Castiel checked on Sam again, the younger Winchester began to sweat and whimper before moving around on the bed like he was in upcoming danger.  

The angel lifted his body from the bed and shook Sam’s shoulder. “Sam! You have to wake up, you having a nightmare!“  

Wrong move. 

The fear emitting from Sam escalated as he commenced to thrash around and let out a stream of blood-curdling screams. It took some time for Castiel to successfully grab hold of Sam’s body to faced him. 

"Sam! Sam! Wake up!"  

Eyes immediately opened, shedding tears to run down his pale face. Castiel wiped away the moisture on his face; he was about to ask if Sam was okay, but he realized that Sam was rapidly scanning around the room in panic and fear with shortness of breath. It was evident that Sam wasn’t consciously awake. He still thinks he’s trapped inside the inescapable hell known as his nightmare. 

At this point, Castiel didn’t know what to do. He was pushed back into that familiar state of helplessness he had always hated to be in, especially at that moment when Sam is suffering in front of him. But an idea struck him. He looked over his shoulder and look at his button shirt-covered back. It looked like he would have to buy a new one once he deploy this. Castiel shut his eyes to concentrate on bringing forth the one, sacred physical piece of him that no human has ever seen until now.

A pair white, giant wings emerged from his back, creating new two ripped holes in the back of his shirt. He flexed his wings a little to get comfortable and turned his attention back on Sam, who didn’t took noticed of the new change.

In attempt to calm Sam down, Castiel gently grabbed Sam’s shaking hand and placed it on one of his wings. Them, he grabbed the other hand and brought it up towards his cheek.

After waiting for some time, Cas the state  perceived Sam responding to him as he sensed his rapidly pulse rate slowing down. He felt one hand slowly grasping his feathers and the other hand cupping his cheek with the some of the fingertips running over his stubble.  

Castiel locked eyes on Sam’s and noticed the signs of him resurfacing back to reality as he blinked a couple of times to regain consciousness.

Sam’s lips trembled as he spoke in a raspy voice, “Cas…?”

“I’m here, Sam.” Castiel assured softly. “Your nightmares are not dominating over you anymore…”

Sam gave him a small smile of relief at Cas before his green eyes widened. “Cas…your wings!”

“You were having a panic attack and I thought that making you feel them…,” He nodded over his shoulder towards his wings,”…would help you.“

Sam was dumbfounded at the new, angelic sight. In disbelief, he traced his fingers over the angel’s wings as he wanted to feel every feather and bone structure the wings had. He never thought that he would feel something so soft and firm like Castiel’s wings.  

After awhile, he connect his eyes with Castiel again and he blushed for the second time that day. He wasn’t the only one blushing this time since Castiel blushed as well. He never had anyone touch his wings in such a way like how Sam did. They continued to stare at each other until Sam break it off with a yawn.

Castiel slightly chuckled. “Let’s go back to sleep, Sam.”

Without saying a word, Sam nodded with a shy grin on his face.

They both settled underneath the sheets and embraced each other. Before Sam fallen back to the state of unconsciousness, the last thing he felt was Castiel’s soft wings wrapped around them.  

Awwww my god that was adorable! And you included the wings!! :3 Thank you so much, I loved it! Totally made my day, I just got home and saw this and now I’m grinning widely :D 

@adhd-is wanting to run and scream endlessly with hope that maybe that will wear you out enough to sit still

ADHD is getting mad at others for making the slightest bit of noise while you’re making just as much noise

ADHD is impulsively doing stupid things and embarrassing yourself

ADHD is being a completely different person when you’re off your meds

ADHD is getting looks from strangers for being too loud

ADHD is constantly getting up during a movie or tv show to get something to do with your hands, usually more food

ADHD is wanting to scream or cry or curl up into a ball because your head is swimming so much and you just have this weird feeling that won’t go away in your head and it’s torture but you can’t explain it so everyone thinks you’re crazy

ADHD is overeating out of boredom

ADHD is forgetting to eat

ADHD is hyper focussing on a topic in a conversation even though the conversation had moved on

ADHD is being an honors student on your meds but a total idiot off of them

ADHD is having a panic attack when you forget your meds

ADHD is worrying that nobody will hire you for the job you really want unless you can cope without your meds