screaming chai

The grass, the tree and the lemur that lives in the tree

Oh my GOD.

No wonder you two were all giddy for me to enable submissions. Oh dang, it’s still 10 AM. What am I supposed to do with these unsettling feelings for the rest of the day, you dorkwards. (Am I drawing what I think I’m drawing omg)

I want to print this and make a height chart with it.

when we finally get teleports a few decades from now and get them Apple-ified so they’re pocket sized and affordable and you can buy useless games to play on them and surf the web can we do tumblr parties by teleporting to that one friend’s house with the big screen TV and the surround sound stereo and everyone brings something like oreos and doritos and mountain dew and make super huge pillow forts and watch series three of Sherlock


me vs the world starring a thirsty squiffer a.k.a sewkittome with lucobutt and soothe-bell (Amber) feat. look at my team’s effort score at the end

seriously watch how many times that squiffer gets on me, good glob