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This Naruto rewatch has been particularly enriching \\\٩(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و////

also like….why does nobody ever acknowledge peridot’s homophobia? she is actively and explicitly homophobic to garnet and its played for laughs/a joke. nobody talks about it anymore. she never apologized for it. like. what the hell

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suigestsuxsakura headcanon? :3

Suigetsu could care less about girls. Karin pretty much soured any sort of potential romance for him because of her overbearing personality, so he tried his best to steer clear from girls.

After the war was over he DID NOT GO BACK TO OROCHIMARU OKAY. He did not. In no way whatsoever did he even think about it. Sasuke casually invites (and by that i mean just tells him to go) Taka to Konoha where they can hang out and introduces him to his other team (Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura) with, y’know, Sasuke’s special way.

But you know, Suigetsu isn’t a complete idiot. He’s heard stories at times from Sasuke about this pink-haired chick that was ‘so annoying’ and ‘obsessed with him’, so he only knew THAT side of Sakura from when she was younger. He saw her during the war and how amazingly strong she was, but ANYONE THAT WAS INTERESTED IN SASUKE UCHIHA SEEMED TO BE A GIRL THAT HE WAS 100% NOT INTERESTED IN.

During their stay in Konoha (which wasn’t even really a short visit, more like a much-needed year-long vacation). He pretty much was glued to Juugo or Sasuke because who else would he be with? Karin was loud and everyone in Konoha was creepily happy and super friendly. Still, Sasuke was Sasuke and do you know who Sasuke hangs out with? Naruto. And do you know who Naruto hangs out with? Kakashi, Sakura, Sai, Iruka, Shikamaru, AND SO MANY PEOPLE. 

Suigetsu isn’t partial to so many people and he also wasn’t a fan of Naruto’s obnoxious flailing and speeches about friendship. He felt he didn’t belong. Not in Konoha or Oto or Kiri or really anywhere. And it pissed him off that Sasuke just laid around with this blonde freak that only talked about ramen all the time???

“So, yeah, I’m going to take off.” Suigetsu is a good guy. He doesn’t want his shitty attitude to ruin Sasuke’s happiness or whatever. Probably just going to collect the rest of his swords or do mindless work until he realizes what he really wants to do with his life. 

He’s leaving. Getting his things packed, complaining about how little money he has, and trying to guess how long it would take to get to Kiri and find out some clues about where the rest of the swords are. Until Sakura drops by to give some medical books to Karin for her to look through. (They all share their own room since they’re so used to sharing rooms, okay???)

It’s pretty awkward at first. I mean… like really awkward. ‘So you’re leaving?’ ‘Yep.’ ‘It’s Suigetsu, right?’ ‘Uh-huh.’ ‘Back to Kirigakure?’ ‘That’s the plan.’

Sakura is ready to go back until she spots a picture of Taka together on one of the tables, probably belonging to Karin. She laughs a little, kind of embarrassed, while Suigetsu stares at her like ‘wtf??’. She explains that while Sasuke was gone with Orochimaru, they didn’t really know what was going to happen with him. She admits that she wondered who he was with and if he ever felt alone.

“Seeing this just reminds me of our own photo as Team Seven. In a way, I’m glad he met you all. Being with other people made it easier, I’m sure. Especially when dealing with his brother.”

Suigetsu just scoffs. “Pfft. Yeah, that was a big pain in the ass, though. Following him around all the time and having to make sure he was okay. Do you know how many times I’ve almost died because of him?! He’s the worst guy in the world! And now, he’s spending all of his time with that whiskered-face weirdo who’s always going on about udon or whatever and it drives me crazy! I swear, the Uchiha guys show no appreciation!”

Sakura plays along. “Definitely. It’s always a little grunt or two instead of a proper ‘thank you’, right? So rude!”

Suigetsu drops what he’s holding to continue his little rant. Honestly, this is the first time he’s let off some steam in a few weeks. “Finally! Someone who gets it! I’ll tear my hair out if I receive ‘hn’ as an actual response again! The guy can’t bear to say a word or two?!”

Sakura just nods her head, looking back on the picture. “I get what you mean, but you know, Suigetsu… When you’re off running errands or doing something else… Sasuke-kun tells us all about Taka and how you guys kept him stable for the most part. He relied on you guys and, after all of his problems, really is very grateful for your loyalty to him.”

Suigetsu kind of feels bad now. But I mean it’s not like the stuff he said about Sasuke WEREN’T true. Why can’t the asshole just say that stuff to his face???

“So are you still going to leave?”


“You were packing up. Heading to Kiri, yeah?” She puts the picture down and heads over to Suigetsu. “Or maybe… you could stay a little while longer? Talk to Sasuke? I’ve heard from quite a lot of people that it take a while to warm up to Konoha’s… ‘suffocating’ hospitatlity.”

Suigetsu is kind of suspicious of her. “Why do you want me to stay so bad? What, is Sasuke making you do this?”

“You’re one of Sasuke’s bonds. It may not be obvious to you, but to him and Naruto, having bonds are pretty special.” She pats him on the back and gets ready to leave. “Anyway, it’s your choice, so do what you want.”

So Suigetsu is having a hard time deciding what to do. Does he leave? Stay? WTF???? This girl that he barely knew just comes waltzing in and messes up his clearly thought-out plan and ruins it! He’s pretty much throwing a temper tantrum by the time Karin comes back and looks like an idiot. 

So he stays. And he learns she’s right. He gets used to the shopkeeps always telling him good morning or the random passerby asking how his day was (like is this an assassination attempt?? why are you asking about MY day???). He still kind of avoids Naruto, but mainly due to headaches and the fact that it seems like Naruto just drains him of all his energy. BUT HE’S TRYING. Sasuke even notices a bit of a change and they just nod to each other in acknowledgement. And it doesn’t take long for him to start spending more time with Sakura.

She wasn’t at all like how Sasuke described her. She was smart and strong and she barely ever spoke about Sasuke! She did have a scary side to her, but Suigetsu tried his best to not annoy her like Naruto did. It was becoming very obvious to everyone that Suigetsu was starting to crush on her and Karin had her chance to finally tease him about being infatuated with someone. She even told Sasuke about it. THE NERVE–

Sasuke just takes it in stride. It kind weirded him out at first, but he’s like eh. He’s pretty much Suigetsu’s wing man after finding out even though Suigetsu doesn’t even fucking know that Sasuke knows. Sasuke is not one to talk about such personal matters. So what does he do? He’ll make plans with Suigetsu, Sakura, and Naruto then challenge Naruto to a spar, leaving Suigetsu and Sakura alone. He’ll bail on plans with Suigetsu while Sakura is just so conveniently leaving the hospital after her shift, so she can join Suigetsu on whatever him and Sasuke were supposed to do. Get it now? Sasuke is very subtle and it doesn’t take too long for Sakura to start feeling a bit cozy with Suigetsu as well.

In the end, they do get together and Sasuke’s all smug, but no one really knows why. Hey, it’s his way of truly thanking Suigetsu, I guess.


Suigetsu and Sakura are terrible negotiators when it comes to dates. They’re either going out with friends (because it’s easier to go with the flow) or staying home.

When it’s really hot and they’re all swimming at the beach or whatever, Suigetsu will melt into the water and scare her. It always works. He loves pranking her.

He tries to be suave and smooth, but he ends up failing a lot of the time. He’s just not very good at flirting. Give him puns or making her laugh and he’ll land it every time.

Suigetsu can be very jealous and will often ice Naruto whenever he can. Both because he knows that Naruto once fancied her and because he just doesn’t like him. 

Sakura thinks his snaggle tooth is the cutest thing in the world. Just his sharp teeth, in general. She thinks it’s kind of sexy tbh.

Sakura can be jealous too. If they go to beach where Suigetsu shows off his swimming, she’ll hear a few ladies commenting on his physique and just his overall appearance. She’ll give them the death glare until they stop their gawking.

Karin’s always asking for the latest gossip from Sakura, so she has extra blackmail to make him miserable. It’s fun to see him squirm. Sakura’s pretty oblivious and Suigetsu just wonders how Karin knows that he’s severely ticklish???

Suigetsu tries to keep PDA to a minimum around Taka, but he’ll slip up every now and again. He’ll give her big hugs or kiss her forehead and Karin and Sasuke throw up in their mouths a little. Super embarrassing to him.

Mebuki honest to god thought he was a demon that seduced her daughter. She doesn’t trust him at all until Sakura pretty much begs her that he’s a normal human being that likes big swords. Cue her mom snidely remarking if he’s compensating for anything. They do not get along, but Kizashi loves his puns so he’s invited over often.

Suigetsu likes to cook, often showing off his ‘cutting skills’ with a bunch of meals and always a bunch of knives.

He also, to the encouragement of Sakura, to open his own restaurant. It’s a great way for him to cut things while also looking cool. Sakura thinks so anyway. His food’s good too! Naruto’s always telling him to put ramen on the menu and Suigetsu just looks into the camera like he’s on the office or something. He’s so done.

They also have a bunch of kids. On the first one while she was pregnant, Suigetsu was terrorized with the thoughts of having some screaming brat and having to clean up after it and why did he succumb to such desire, etc. After their baby boy was born, Suigetsu was in love. Kids are super ridiculous and they say hilarious things and he just had so much fun. Sakura put a stop to his begging after the fifth child. Three boys, two girls. She was finished lmao

She one time caught him trying to sharpen their teeth and wow what a sight that was lmao He never did it again even though they would have looked SO CUTE as he often says it. He also calls Sasuke and Juugo their uncles and Karin is the grandma.

BatFam Week Day 1: Family

Its Batfam Week! Bats ahoy!

Day 1 Prompt: Family


Jason had barely been back in Gotham, wreaking havoc as the Red Hood before the Bats got wise to him. After his showdown with Bruce, Jason had overthrown the drug trade in Gotham, and had made a nice, cozy, place for himself as the young crime lord who occasionally bought the children in Crime Alley food and killed their oppressors. He was reasonably happy with his new reputation and life, but all looked to be lost when Dick Grayson entered the picture.

Nightwing had made it his personal mission to capture the Red Hood, and by capture, he meant fling himself at Jason and cling to his back while whining at him to “come hoooome, Jay, I miss yoooou”. Red Hood simply trudged on with his crusade, eliminating anyone who crossed his path, with Dick hanging off of his back. Nightwing occasionally helped in this respect, and was good for fleecing after patrol meals off of.

“You’re so thin, Jay!” was a constant worry of Nightwing’s, as he dragged his hulking, taller and broader than Batman, brother to a diner or ice cream parlour for an early, early morning snack.

Jason looked at Dick over his pancakes and one night and asked, “whatever happened to capturing me, huh?”

“I already have,” Nightwing replied earnestly, taking Jason’s hand. “I’ve captured your heart.”

Jason was stunned into silence for all of a minute before he burst out laughing, enjoying the pout on Dick’s face. “Sure, Dickface,” he muttered, eliciting a squeal and a hug from the older man. Jason pinched some of Dick’s bacon behind his back.

“Sure you have.”


Tim was the worst.

Jason sped up while walking, acutely aware of Red Robin’s eyes on him. He couldn’t see the fucker, but somehow, somewhere, that creepy, little, stalker was watching his every move. This was going to be his eternal retribution for trying to kill that stupid kid, Jason knew it. He was going to be hounded for eternity by a spindly, little, grasshopper his entire life.

When he was eating dinner, Tim was watching. When he was fighting crime, Tim was watching. When he was trying to jack off - no, Jason didn’t do that anymore, because Tim was watching. Jason had a terrible case of blue balls that made itself known every minute of the day, and today was the day that he put an end to it. He suddenly turned around and looked up, spying Red Robin with a pair of binoculars, watching him from on top of a building. As Jason started to scale the building, the little bugger had the gall to wave.

Jason clambered onto the roof and snatched Tim’s binoculars out of his hands. “What do you think you’re doing, you creepy little prev?” He gritted out. “Are you looking for weaknesses so that you can capture me and bring me home to daddy, all trussed up like a turkey? Or is this you getting your freak on, so you can go and beat off to my image later?”

Tim stared at him blankly through his domino, and slowly pulled out his earpiece. “It was on speaker,” he said evenly, flicking a switch. “It’s off now, but just to let you know, B heard that bit about beating off.”

“Well, B can go and drink out of a septic tank-”

“Alfred too.”

Jason shriveled and died inside, thoroughly embarrassed at the thought of his grandfather hearing his language. It took a minute to compose himself, and he attacked Tim once more. “Why’re you following me, birdbrain? Are you looking to capture me?”

“I can’t capture you,” Tim said quietly. Jason grinned at Tim admitting his relative weakness. “Alfred says it’s not polite to capture your siblings.” Jason deflated. “And since I can’t bring you in physically, I just have to do it through my surveillance. It’s how we know that you’re safe, and it stops Alfred from worrying.”

Jason stared at the twitchy little bird in front of him in shock. After a while, he thumped Tim on the back and then broke his binoculars for good measure. “I can take care of myself, Little Red, but thanks for the thought. Don’t spy on me anymore. I’ll report to Alf myself, you hear me?” Tim nodded, frowning down at his broken binoculars.

Jason shot out a grappling line and turned back to Tim. “You’re not half bad, kid,” he said, before swinging away.

Tim watched Jason swing away, content with the knowledge that he hadn’t found the voice recorder in his bathroom yet.

Who would have guessed that Jason could sing so well?


Tim was not the worst, Jason silently amended himself. Damian was the worst.

Jason struggled against the bonds on his wrists as Damian tied up his ankles. “Mmmph!” Jason screamed against his gag, which could be translated loosely as what the fuck!?

“You are a vexing creature, Todd,” Damian remarked as he dragged Jason across Gotham towards Wayne Manor. “I can’t imagine why Grayson pines after you so much.” As an afterthought he added, “I am a good brother. He’d better be grateful for all the trouble I’m undertaking for his sake.” Jason stopped struggling as his five hit a Cobblestone. That’s right, it was Dick’s birthday today. “How tall are you? I need to find a large enough box.”

Jason screamed through the gag and began to fight his bonds in earnest, which sparked a thought in Damian. “Oh,” he said, turning around to pet Jason’s head like some overgrown puppy. “Not like a coffin. A gift box. You are to be Grayson’s gift this year. Why he asked for you, I don’t know. I should be an exemplary enough brother that he should not want for another. I keep wondering when he will cut Drake off. Oh well,” he sighed, shooting Jason with a tranquilizer.

“Sweet dreams, Todd.”


“Happy Day of Emerging from the Birth Canal, Grayson,” Damian said as he led Dick over to a large, red, gift box and stood by, waiting for the cuddles and kisses that would no doubt follow.

“Oh, Dami!” Dick cried happily, administering the anticipated cuddles and kisses. Damian grinned, froglike, through the kissies and huggies, eyeing Tim triumphantly. Four kisses - that was one more than Drake had gotten. Content with his victory, Damian pushed open the lid to reveal his present.

The room was stunned into silence as Jason emerged from the box, kicking and screaming. “Where is that brat!? Where is he? I’ll rip him to pieces!”

Dick came over faint, as Damian ran to hide behind Alfred, leaving Bruce to attend to his bewildered eldest and Tim to restrain Jason. After recovering from the shock, Dick strode forward purposefully and pulled Jason into a Dickie HugTM and bounced around happily, squeaking incoherently.

Jason was shocked into stillness, and slowly began to accept his situation. An hour of Dick fawning over him like a baby and Alfred’s dinner? As far as abductions went, it wasn’t too bad. Nonetheless, Jason felt obligated to glare at Damian, who was basking in the glow of Dick’s affection, and felt his anger ebb away. The kid was so starved for affection that he was willing to go to the lengths of kidnapping to get some. Who was Jason to refuse him that?

In the end, Jason settled for taping Damian to the t-rex and gagging him, leaving him there until Bruce found him while investigating whether the skeleton had gained consciousness.

Jason was such a good brother.

And maybe, with time, Damian would be a decent brother too.

Exo reactions to seeing you without makeup for the first time

*I don’t own these gifs*

Y/N= your name

Baekhyun:*sees you and laughs & squishes your face*

“Heyyy, look who’s not wearing eyeliner! You!”

Chanyeol:*stares at you with a little smile*

“How dare you look that beautiful even without makeup?”

Chen:*he doesn’t even notice, he just whines because he wants to cuddle*

“Y/N come to bed and cuddle please.”

D.O.:*he sees you and does a cute little Kyungsoo smile & nod*

“Wow Y/N, you look just as stunning without it.”

Kai:*once he notices you have no makeup on, he kisses you all over your face & gives you a big smile*


Kris:*Sees you without all your makeup and is amazed you look so good even without trying*

“I love you Y/N.”

Lay:*even when you make him look closer, he doesn’t notice anything different  because he always thought you were gorgeous*

Luhan:*admires your beauty by staring at you for a long time*

“I mean, I get why you wear it Y/N, but you don’t need it, you’re perfect.”

Sehun:*when you come out of the bathroom after taking it off, he sees you & screams like a brat*

“You scared me! You look hideous.”

Y/N:*starts feeling self conscious* “R-really?”
Sehun: “No, you may even look better than me without makeup.” *cheeky smile because he was being a little sh*t on purpose*

Suho:*you cover your face with your hands out of shyness after taking off your makeup, he takes your hands away and looks at you*

“Jagi, you look wonderful, don’t be silly.”

Tao:*just took his makeup off too*

“We still look amazing, we’re such a power couple.”

Xiumin:*gets closer to look at you, silently observing for a while & you get quite nervous*

“…I see no flaws. You’re perfect.”

Happy you’re here (1/?)

Summary: You didn’t actually know who you were, rescued from H.Y.D.R.A, you suffered Dissociative Amnesia. The Avangers helped you, now was time for you to help Bucky.   

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,315

Warnings: Cursing, slight fluff

A/N: *whispers* I’m scared. WELL, this is my first () X reader fic. And i’m really scared of posting it, and scared that my english writing is terrible (it is though), since my natural language isn’t english, but oh well. 

Part 1Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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The white lights were just too bright for you not to groan in discomfort, where were you, anyway?

“Y/N?” A soft voice called, it seemed to be far away, you just wanted to put the pillow in your face and sleep a little more, but since your mouth was dry and the voice continued to repeat the same name, you couldn’t

Slowly, you opened your eyes, just to find yourself somewhere unknown, making you go from a “shut the fuck up and let me sleep” to a full “I drank four expressos and ate three chocolate bars”

“Y/N, this is doctor Bruce Banner. You are safe now” The man said, trying to keep you down in the bed, since you tried to jump off

“W-Where am I?” You whispered, looking around with fear, you just had this weird feeling of lost, as if you didn’t know who you were.

And actually, you didn’t.

“Y/N? I-is that my name?” Bruce sigh, looking at something in the corner of the room

“Do you remember what hapened?” You frowned your brows, trying to remember anything, but there were only weird bright flashes in your mind, making your head start to ache.

“No?” Bruce studied you for a moment, caution and a slight fear trespassing his eyes

“Nothing at all?” You nodded with your head, following his gaze to a tall, blonde men next to the door “Dissociative Amnesia, Steve.” You tilted your head when the handsome men looked to be in deep pain, when you were about to ask what he meant, Bruce explained “It causes you to forget traumatic experiences.”

“So, my whole life was traumatic?” You joked with a smile, making both men blink a few times, as if they had never see you smile before

“Y/N, we can treat this amnesia easily with the help of Vision, if you want to” Steve said, tensing his shoulders with the thought of you remembering what you had suffered

“Is he a machine or a psychologist?”

“A little bit of both, actually.” Bruce answered, making you turn your attention to him

“I don’t think I want. I mean, if I suffered so much that my mind found a way to lock it up, why would I want to open it?” You didn’t know why, but you felt like you could trust them. “Do I have family to remember?”

Steve stared at you for a few seconds before denying with his head, making you raise your shoulders in a complacent way before looking at your hands, seeing lots of scars and burns in them. You followed the path, seeing that your arms had it too.

“Yup, whatever I went through… I don’t wanna know.”

Years had passed from the day you woke up in that bed, you were an Avenger and all of those stupid idiots were your family, you saved them, they saved you.

“You know that you look like a puppy following it’s owner, don’t you, Speedy?” Tony mocked as you entered the tower’s kitchen, looking for something to eat

“You know that you look like a jealous old man, don’t you, Stark?” Your laugh echoed in the fridge, you knew about Pietro’s feelings towards you, since he wouldn’t do much to hide it. Well, how could he? You brought him back to life, after all.

“We know that the two of you are in deep love with Y/N, but let her breathe, please” Clint said chuckling, entering the place with Wanda by his side.

You couldn’t help but blush with the sentence, making Wanda smile gently while coming closer to you and giving a little kiss in your cheek

“We all love Y/N, Clint.” She said, watching you bite an apple, since you had been distracted and forgot what exactly you were searching

“What are you doing in the tower, Robin Hood?” You asked with a smile, ignoring Pietro poking you for attention. Well, you had many abilities and fortunately, patience was one of them.

“I actually came to talk to you.” You raised a brow, curiosity filling your eyes, maybe Steve send him to tell you about a mission, but it was far from that. “Steve wants to talk to you, something about your past”

Wanda looked away, remembering the first time she touched you. She saw everything you passed, everything you had to do, every torture and person you had to see.

She truly loved you. Not in a romantic way, she loved you as a big sister. And so did you act as one;

Even the others agents, when they were asking her about you, they would refer as “How’s your big sister?” She would even risk call you “big sis or sora mea mai mare”. You would call her with no shame “sora mea cea mica”. You did indeed see her as your little sister, and that made her happy.

“Uh, how many times do I have to tell him that I’m not remembering anything and nether I want to?” You rolled your eyes while giving a little slap in Pietro’s hand, since it started to low down to your butt cheeks to call your attention. “It’s been years. Literally

“We know that, but it looks like he really need to talk to you about it, and looks like H.Y.D.R.A is involved, Steve needs you help with something.”

“Argh, fine.” The apple you threw over your shoulder was now in Pietro’s hand

“For fuck’s sake, are you going to put that in your altar?” You heard Tony say as you walked out of the kitchen

soră mai mică” You called, seeing Wanda raise her head to you, she was going to the other side of the corridor “Won’t you come?”

“Sorry, Y/N, I’m not feeling really good.” You agreed with your head and gave a gentle kiss in her forehead

“That old captain.” You murmured “Get some rest, yes?” She gave a slight smile to you and Clinton before nodding her head.

Following Hawkeye to the floor that Steve was, you started to sing some song you had heard on the radio that morning, it was your voice that announced to both men that you were standing outside

You heard a nervous “come in” and so you did, stopping your loud voice when you saw another men in the room, your eyes glanced at a laughing Clinton. It didn’t take long for you to smack his shoulder while feeling your cheeks go red

“You let me show to someone new my cat killing voice!”

“It’s not that bad…” Bucky said, smiling when he saw that you didn’t look at him the way everyone did. With fear, caution, as if he was a weird and unstable thing. No, you looked at him with curiosity. As if you wanted to know and understand him.

You were curious, not by his metal arm. But by his sad, intrigant blue eyes.

“Look, pal, if you’re new here, you should know that sarcasm is not a good way to talk with me” You joked, for Steve’s surprise. He was expecting you to remember what you had passed, since Bucky might remember you of H.Y.D.R.A, the place you suffered and that you were rescued from.  

“She has the point, Y/N never knows how to differentiate when you’re being sarcastic or not.”

“Oh, shut up, Legolas. I’m Y/N, and you are…?”

“He is James Bucha-”

“Jack Sparrow, I didn’t ask you.” You cutted Steve’s speech, making his friend and Clinton chuckle

“Bucky” He said shortly, with a small grin in his face

“Ok, ButterCup, you are the official High Catcher for now on.” Steve chuckled, happy that they had you there to make things easier for Bucky to adjust to his new home.

“I thought I was the “Official High Catcher”.”

“You were, but I had already seen too much of your butt and abs when you get the cookies for me. I need a new image, y’a know”

Clinton and Steve laughed loudly when you finished your sentence, but Bucky didn’t, since he didn’t understand a thing.

“What is a High Catcher?”

“It’s someone to grad the high food for me” You smiled kindly at him, making Bucky lose his breath for a moment.

He noticed that you had a few scars on your neck, but he couldn’t see all of them, since you were wearing you usual long-sleeved shirt and jeans.

“Well, why did you call me here, Steve?” You finally asked while Clinton went to one of the chairs, but you knew you wouldn’t last long there.

“We can talk about that later. But for now, would you mind showing the tower to Bucky? Bruce we’ll be coming and I need to discuss something with him.”

“Not at all, hop up, Buckbeak” Bucky continued on the same place while you were already leaving

“She’s talking to you, Bucky.” You laughed at the door at his confused face “Y/N?”


“Don’t scare him, please”

“I can’t promise that, Steve.” He sighed as Bucky went to your side and the both of you left.

“Don’t worry, I think she wouldn’t remember even if she wanted to.” Clinton tried to calm his friend, but himself was worried about you. It was impossible to someone not be taken by your personality; all of them cared and loved you in their own ways

“What is a Buckbeak?” He asked a few moments later, watching you turn your shocked face at him

No. Shit.” You gasped, don’t believing that he didn’t know who was Buckbeak, the Harry Potter Hippogriff. “Where did you leave, under a rock?!”

When Bucky opened his mouth, ready to tell you his life story – which was a surprise to him, since he struggled even to talk with Steve about it -, something fast passed by them, being followed by a Tony’s scream

“You little brat! Oh, hey, Sweetie, Soldier.”

“Robocop.” You saluted with a mocking tone

“You already used that, Y/A.” Bucky couldn’t help but be amazed by your laugh

“Well, there are not loads of fictional men wearing iron armors out there, Tony.”

“Are you tired, Old man?” Pietro appeared at your side, making Bucky turn defensive automatically.

“It’s okay, Buttercup, he’s just a prick.” Pietro laughed at the nickname

“Why did you nicknamed Bucky, Buttercup?” Tony asked, crossing his arms in front of his chest, controlling a laugh when he saw Bucky giving him a glance that could froze even hell

Buttercup. And also, it suits him, don’t it? I’m pretty sure that I’ll also start to call Steve ‘Blubbles’. But who will be Blossom?”

“You.” Pietro tried to hug you from your waist; you gave him a slap in the hands, hearing him moan slightly

“Nah, she’s boring. Well, I got to show the tower to him. C’mon Buttercup.”

“Doll, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You smiled because of the nickname, checking him out with your critics, malicious eyes

“Good, you understand that I only work with nicknames” You said, causing him to chuckle “But serious, believe it or not, I got like, seventeen nicknames to call Steve”

He stopped in the middle of the hall with the trigger word, Bucky locked his jaw, closing his eyes to try to find himself, he was breathing deeply when you placed your palm in his forehead, as to feel his heat, as if he had a fever

That gentle touch suddenly woke him up, for a small moment, he felt like he had no control of his metal arm and you moaned in slight pain when his fingers closed tight around your wrist.

“I-I’m sorry, Y/N” Bucky let go of you, stepping away, thinking that you might need some space to recover and to not be scared

“What happened to “Doll”? I prefer Doll, nobody calls me that.” You said right away, as if that had never happened, you grabbed his flesh arm – carefully, that time -, and pulled him to continue to follow you “It’s okay, it was my fault. I shouldn’t have touched you when you were still trying to found yourself. Pardon, Buck.”

He felt a warm and cozy cloud pass through his body with your whisper. Maybe was the way that you understood him, or maybe how you said his name for the first time, he wasn’t able to tell. But you had already gained him.

“Where are you from, Doll?” He asked, trying to recover when you stopped pulling him by his arm, you glanced at him, feeling a little bit ashamed and uncomfortable. You were afraid to think about that and know it;

“I don’t know. I also don’t know my birthday, my last name, how old I am… I don’t know.” Bucky frowned his brows in confusion, scared that you went through the same thing as he

“Were you brainwashed?” He asked carefully, smiling when you laughed, pressing the button of the elevator

“Nop. Bruce calls it “Dissociative Amnesia”. Apparently, my life was so traumatic that I found a way to forget it. Steve and Bruce are always scared that I end up remembering what I passed, even thou I don’t want to.”

“I understand you.” His blue eyes seemed so intense that you looked away, stucking a piece of your hair behind your ear

“And you, grumpy cat? Where are you from?” His response came immediately

“Shelbyville, Indiana.” You checked him again from the other side of the elevator

“You knew Steve before he turn into Captain America, didn’t you? Ei, don’t look at me so surprised, I’m an agent too, you know.” He was shocked by your quick observation “I also noticed that everyone here knows you, but I don’t. Was I at sleep when you first appeared?” You tried to make a joke when seeing that his posture was tense and that something on his eyes made him look a little sad, you didn’t like that.

“Well, it doesn’t matter, anyways. Come, Buttercup. Blubbles will kill me if I don’t show you around.”

i wonder if one of the ravagers have tried to break quill’s cassette when he was a little boy, and man they would’ve had an ass beating a lifetime from yondu while peter is crying and clinging to kraglin’s leg in the background. cue the whole “yer goin’ soft for that boy, cap'n!” and yondu’s argument is that he just doesn’t want to hear the little brat screaming and crying cos it’s annoying but we KNOW,,,, we know,,,

Blue. Phanfic.

Summary:  In the year 2003, fifteen five year old’s disappeared across the country, baffling police with no leads. At eight years old Phil Lester was supposed to be one of them, but he was spared for reasons unknown. As he grows up, the faces and names of the missing kids haunt him, until he turns sixteen when a boy with blue hair appears on his doorstep out of nowhere. The boy seems remarkably familiar, and Phil comes to realize he has more in common with the stranger than he thought.

 Words: 9K

Thank you to @bringonthephandom for being my beta! :D 

Part: 1/?


9th November, 2003.

He knew the parents were downstairs. Because Jennifer Lester’s house had been under surveillance for quite some time. The mother and father never checked up on little Phil Lester after 8pm. He was usually asleep, cuddling his most trusted teddy bear and a pretty battered copy of Flat Stanley. The operation was simple, and it couldn’t go wrong. The windows were easy to break and it was an easy job: just straight in, grab the child, and then back out into the getaway car. He had done it a million times and tonight was no exception.

Except this time he didn’t break the window. Not after last time. It was his what, third kidnapping? Well, he wouldn’t call it a kidnapping. When these kids were older they’d thank the organisation for this opportunity. But at five years old, you can imagine a little kid’s reaction when a man is smashing through your bedroom window and climbing through. It doesn’t matter how many times he shushed the screaming kid or once or twice swore at it; because this one kid would not shut up. It turned out hissing, “Shut the fuck up you little brat!” didn’t work, and he had to actually use human emotions he hadn’t used in a very long time. Such as hugging the kid to his chest and murmuring that everything was going to be alright.

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i hate to tell you this, but aida is very much human. 

she’s a super-awful human with zero emotional maturity, but she’s deffo a human. like do you really think the fact that she screams and cries and breaks shit in reaction to rejection makes her less human? because boy do i have some news for you– that is some shit! that actual people do! in real life! seriously, i work at target and i see aidas two or three times a day– the screaming brats who will kick and cry and smack the shit out of anyone in reach when their demands are not met. aida is not just a human– aida is a fantastic example of a terrible human child.

Side quests that are out of character for your PC but give lots of money/exp

Poor dumb Anna! After all that has happened she still doesn’t get it! Josh doesn’t want kids, he only wants sex. He doesn’t like screaming brats running around while he is trying to watch porn on his cell phone. If Anna had any sense she would have just focused on pleasing Josh and not on bringing another baby/victim into the home.

when will parents realize that their adorable 2 year old making cute noises on public transportation is actually a screaming brat to the rest of the world