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Qin Xiong has a cold and Xuezhang (senior) just wants to take care of him. 

Characters from ‘Their Story’ by Tan Jiu

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What if right before summer their class has a beach/pool party or whatever and Mari shows up with her hair down and in a cute ladybug bikini carrying a cooler of drinks or pastries or something and that is how the class learns how the cinnamon roll that is their classmate has the muscles of a god, leaving Adrien light headed and Nathanael just to start screaming.


  • So it’s the end of the school year, and as a fun activity, someone (probably Rose) invites everyone over to their house for a pool party
  • Everyone is really excited, and five seconds after Marinette and Alya finish freaking out over it, Marinette starts freaking out that Adrien is going to see her in a swimsuit (how scandalous)
  • Alya assures Marinette that everything will be fine, and then drags Marinette to go swimsuit shopping
  • So when the day comes for the party, Marinette and Alya show up a bit late because they lost track of time and live pretty far away from Rose
  • Everyone is already there, and then Alya shows up alone, and everyone is like, “Where’s Marinette?”
  • Alya tells them that Marinette just went to get changed and then bring out a cooler of stuff from the bakery
  • A few minutes later the back door swings open and there is Marinette carrying the cooler over her head while one of Rose’s pets is circling her feet, trying to get at the goodies
  • She doesn’t notice everyone watching but boy howdy are they watching because Marinette’s hair is down and she’s in the most adorable ladybug print bikini that anyone has ever seen and because she’s carrying the cooler above her head everyone can see that she’s basically flexing and holy shit did Marinette always have abs?
  • She balances the cooler on her shoulder as she shuts the door and turns to see everyone staring at her open-mouthed in shock
  • Marinette doesn’t realize that they’re surprised and just thinks that they’re excited for bakery treats so she sets down the cooler and opens it, and then Nathaneäl starts screaming because his brain finally started working again (but it’s like, low-key screaming and he dunks his head underwater so that he can fully express his screams)
  • Nathaneäl is not the only one, however
  • Poor Adrien (who always thought that Marinette was really pretty,) cannot look away for the life of him because holy crap Marinette looks great in ladybug print
  • Alix breaks the stunned silence by demanding to know Marinette’s work out program because damn, and suddenly everyone is clamoring over Marinette’s figure and Alya’s smirking in the corner because she knew all along and insisted that Marinette get a bikini
  • Poor Marinette gets flustered under all the praise and runs off and jumps into the pool, creating a very large splash and getting everyone wet
  • How does she even do that? She’s tiny
  • But it’s enough to get the party back in full swing and everyone has a lot of fun at the party
  • But no one forgets about Marinette’s chiseled muscles. No one.
  • (Nathaneäl fainted like halfway through the party because Marinette jumped off the diving board and did a series of expert flips and stuff, and when Marinette “saved” him, he only got worse becasuse hot damn, Marinette is a hot lifeguard and he cannot handle it)

we work together…you with everything i just sent…me tracking his signal.

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I GOT TICKETS!!!! I’m screaming because the site crashed like five times and by the time it finally worked there weren’t that many seats left

That’s exactly what it was like for me lmao!! At least we got them!!! I hope you have a great time at your show!! ❤

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i just saw the rick saying that he thinks the hunters of artemis are asexual/aromantic - but sexuality is what you're born with and to join the hunters is a choice? like, i could be straight, bi or gay and have an attraction to someone, but choose not to act on it because i'm a hunter. does that make sense? it's like someone choosing to be celibate, and choosing not to act on their feelings. but ofc there are ace and aro people, just not ALL hunters. thoughts?

Some hunters are definitely not ace or aro, some hunters joined because they were hurt by loved ones (Zoe, and you can’t deny Luke had something to with Thalia’s decision and he was one of the reason Annabeth was thinking of joining). But also most of the hunters are younger than 14, the average being around 12, which Artemis said is the usual age they join, before they grow up and start to have romantic feelings (while that it’s not always true: Annabeth having feelings for Luke before turning 12 it’s usually it’s case)

So yeah maybe not all of them are ace/aro…but probably most of them are and now, you asked for my opinion and this is it: Let them have the representation. Jesus Chris, I know how hard the aro and aces have been fighting for this to be canon and it’s finally is, let them have this. The tags of my post are people screaming of joy and happiness because they finally have their representation. Rick Riordan is working so hard on giving everyone representation, and this time it’s theirs, next book while hopefully finally be the wlw turn, but for now? Let them have this.

(And to the people who says they wish he would include this on the books, someone of it is already explained in Titan’s curse, but like a lot of people have say, the first saga is heteronarrative but he also said on his lastest book tour that he will answer questions about queer hunters in ToA)


i want to scream out of joy because i finally finished it !!

it seems like everything is working like i planned and it’s not even too difficult to walk around while wearing this! ; w ; i can’t crouch very well though… i’m happy that tomorrow won’t be too hot because i will be sweating my ass off anyway. (i put this on and it took so long because i had no one to help me and there are so many parts in this. when i was ready, there were drops of sweat falling down from my forehead onto my chest armour)

i’d like to post photos of some of the details (like the fire sword) but maybe later. i also made the hidden notebook (it’s peeking from under the leather flap) and i’d like it if people could draw and write things on it (´ u `)/

ok i should pack my stuff and sleep, see you at tracon tomorrow

i’m so pumped adfsjkl