screaming because the chemistry

man, i know that folks always say that they can’t see the chemistry between keith and allura, and i kinda feel ya, but like

have they ever just listened to keith’s voice when he talks to allura?? how it goes all low and soft and gentle like he thinks she’s the most precious person in the universe???

because oh my gosh that voice just *screams* chemistry

Ian not feeling DE anymore... Surprise, Not Really

This dude has been attach to Nina for 6 years of course he’s tired of it. Whether she’s Katherine or Elena, meanwhile Paul get’s to move on and work more with someone who isn’t Nina. He and Candice has been building Steroline’s friendship for 5 years now. Poor Ian is just getting to work more closely with Kat, and the reason why he couldn’t work with her is because they had TOO MUCH CHEMISTRY. Ian is practically screaming this to everyone he speaks to this week. If Plec, Dries and the CW had a problem with him speaking his mind about Bamon and Delena, they would have shut him down back at comic con last year when he first exposed the whole team. 

At this point, the show is about to be over, season 7 might be the last. Like Ian and Paul said the real endgame is Defan for sure. Elena will end up without a Salvatore, Caroline and Stefan won’t be endgame I’m sure of it, the signs are clear that ain’t happening. We don’t know what’s fully in store for Bamon, but there is more development for them coming. Next week’s episode is promising.

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