screaming at the 3rd because faces

Some of the best things I’ve heard in Heathers rehearsal so far:

  • “Oh no! My shirt, where’d it go?” followed by really slow and awkward finger guns
  • “Free pizza, and we don’t even have to buy it a pussy!”
  • “Those stupid tree thumpers”
  • *dramatically pirouettes and leaps in* “BIG SWORDFIGHT IN HER MOUTHHH”
  • “Aww that seems like a relationship that would last.” “Yeah until one of them blows up” “I guess you could say their love is….. explosive”
  • *Our choreographer screaming like one of those sheep used in parodies back in vintage youtube days whenever she gets frustrated or needs to get people’s attention.*
  • “So you’re going to do a Jesus lift” “A WHAT” “Just put your arms out and they’ll lift you like you’re Jesus resurrecting from the cross”
  • “Welcome to Newsies on steroids.”
  • “Be the closeted gay we all need.”
  • “The first step to any good plan is murder.”
  • “How much bitch is enough bitch though?”
  • “Imagine having to explain to someone like ““oh how’d you break your tailbone?” ““Oh I booty-popped too hard.”” 
  • “When we go off to makeover Veronica, can she still have the monocle, but, hear me out, it’s now bedazzled.”
  • “I have to check the historical accuracy of bedazzling in the ‘80s.”
  • “Okay, but what if we made it gay?”
  • “COSTUME NOTE: SOMEONE MAKE RAM PARTY SLIPPERS!” “What if they’re like bunny slippers, but with tiny party hats?!”
  • “This is Ram, he’s not very nice, but somehow my best friend still wants to fuck him.”
  • “Your whole bio better be about how much you love and respect women or else I can’t help you when your ass is being kicked.”
  • “I paired you guys together because you say he’s your sort of boyfriend later.” *Kurt proceeds to emark in various sexual dance endeavors with multiple other women* “That’s where the sort of comes into play….”
  • “SHUT UP HEATHER” *bursts out crying*
  • Our original Chandler dropped out so our original Duke got promoted to her role and just looks at me and says “Oh my god this is the most Heather Duke thing that has ever happened to me”
  • “That’s a school cheer?!?!”
  • “What if when she makes you spit up the pills, your wig flies off?” “Oh no you’ve discovered the real reason behind my crisis, I AM NOT A NATURAL BLONDE”
  • “Maybe he should take up knitting or something as a hobby rather than therapedic murder.”
  • “The saddest thing is that’s not even 3rd base”
  • “Veronica, you’re soaking wet!” *cue our assistant stage manager loosing her shit*
  • “My character description is just internal screaming.”
  • “Who needs a dance partner when you have weed?”
  • “I feel bad having to ask but was that supposed to be a dick joke?”
  • “Do I get extra points if one of the pills hits someone in the face?”
  • “I can’t remember the lyrics but I’m pretty sure I’m still gay”
  • “Why didn’t they just throw the bomb and run or something, like why are they so determined to die?” 
  • *recites Blue Reprise as demonic slam poetry because we didn’t have rehearsal tracks yet*  
  • “Veronica, it’s not a phase. I’m just naturally a slightly psychotic bag of angst with great hair.”
  • *music director teaching us Blue* ”They’ll curl up on your face. And purr like-” *slowly looks up from music and proceeds to put his head in his hands* “There’s moments that I evaluate my life and this is definitely one of them.”

And we’re still about 3 weeks from tech week


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  • a/n: this came out longer than i expected bc i got carried away with the ridiculousness of soonyoung
  • soulmate au where you will switch bodies with each other randomly
  • everyone thought soonyoung was the unlucky 1% that didn’t have a soulmate
  • why? because he didn’t have anything that showed signs of having one
  • he didn’t have a timer, he couldn’t hear his soul mates thoughts, he couldn’t feel anything his soulmate did
  • but soonyoung was positive, no matter how many people gave him that pity look soonyoung always smiled brightly because he definitely knows he has one.
  • soonyoung looked online for answers and he found a forum about people who didn’t have any physical signs of a soulmate, he discovered that for some people it takes time for it to develop
  • so that’s what soonyoung believes
  • “it’s not that I don’t have a soulmate. I just haven’t figured out how to find them” 
  • he’s really positive through all of this, he’s just this kind of really free spirit that whole heartedly believes he has one and on the off chance that he is in fact that 1% well he says he’ll just steal seokmin’s soul mate
  • the first time he switched bodies with you wow did he freak out a lot
  • he woke up really groggy and didn’t know where he was because the blanket was a lot fluffier than he remembered and when did he get a lot more pillows and why does his chest feel heavy
  • soonyoung literally shoots up out of bed and falls off and He’s running to the bathroom and he has this horrified face like “IM A GIRL”
  • he’s really really really confused and so he does what any person would go
  • google ‘'why did I suddenly turn into a girl’
  • turns out a lot of the results point towards soulmates and now soonyoung is grinning from ear to ear like “TAKE THAT SEOKMIN I ACTUALLY HAVE A SOULMATE”
  • and for 10 minutes soonyoung stares in the mirror bc wow his soulmate is kinda breathtaking even with bed hair
  • feels really really really bad bc he has to change out of your pajamas and He’s closing his eyes with your shirt off trying to find another shirt and He’s screaming “IM SORRY”
  • leaves a note on your mirror saying he’s sorry once again
  • finally changes into normal clothes and because he feels kind of skeptic, he’s slowly stepping out of your room
  • found your phone and wants to unlock it but doesn’t know the password so he can’t really call anyone
  • instead he locks himself in your apartment out of fear because he doesn’t know what a girl acts like
  • decides to binge watch tv shows and eat the junk food you had lying around (you did not appreciate the 15 bags of snacks he decided to eat)
  • he discovers your laptop and luckily for him it wasn’t locked, he’s messing around when it finally occurs to him that he could log into his facebook and call the members
  • video calls seokmin
  • seokmin screams when a girl answers “WHO ARE YOU”
  • soonyoung decides to mess with seokmin like “hi seokmin, I really enjoyed our time last night”
  • cue seokmins soulmate in the background asking who she is and why they were together
  • soonyoung laughing his ass off before he’s like “okay sorry, it’s soonyoung’
  • “stop lying, soonyoung is a boy”
  • “I’m soonyoung I switched bodies with my soul mate”
  • that goes on for 5 minutes before soonyoung is finally like “FINE THEN WHERE IS SOONYOUNG”
  • soonyoung goes to his apartment bc apparently his soulmate locked themselves in his room and refuses to come out
  • when the doors open Chan, Minghao, and Jun are staring at the small girl at the door like “who are you”
  • “I’m here for soonyoung”
  • Chan: he’s kind of busy right now
  • soonyoung doesn’t even bother, he walked right straight in and knocks on his door “hey its me.”
  • and the three boys watch in astonishment as the door opens and the girl is being pulled in
  • ‘'does soonyoung have a girlfriend”
  • now soonyoung is looking at himself in the eyes of his soulmate
  • “did you change my clothes?”
  • you two just kinda sit in his room together really astonished that this was how the universe decided to have you guys be soul mates
  • and its really silent for a while before soonyoung says “I didn’t look at your body but did you?”
  • it isn’t until the next morning when you guys switch back, so you basically spent the whole night together kind of getting to know each other
  • when you two switch back its a fight for the bathroom because you two literally held it in for 24 hours
  • jun, minghao, and chan sitting in the kitchen staring at the chaos because one) soonyoung just spent the night with a girl and two) what was that about changing her clothes
  • after telling everyone the whole body switch situation everything just kinda makes sense now
  • you and soonyoung will switch bodies at least once a month
  • its really weird and random but you two actually end up enjoying it after the first few times
  • you asked soonyoung to dance in your body once and you literally developed a massive crush on yourself bc you looked good
  • you and soonyoung actually start to get use to being in each others bodies like you don’t mind using the bathroom in his body (since you saw it while doing the do)
  • soonyoung acts cutely when he’s in your body, says oppa a lot because it sounds cute from your voice
  • “OPPAA”
  • “I swear to god soonyoung”
  • it was the worse body switch of your life because soonyoung cried saying his face was so beautiful
  • soonyoung uses your body to flirt and mess with the guys
  • the first time soonyoung knew he loved you was the day after your 3rd time switching bodies
  • he woke up with you snuggled into his chest, his arm was being used as your head rest as you lazily had your arm draped around his stomach
  • and you were dressed in his large white t-shirt with shorts on and even though he was the one that put it on the day before it was an entirely new sight with his actual eyes
  • he couldn’t help but stare at your features because he found you so beautiful, so naturally breathtaking and he wondered if you saw just how beautiful you were to him when you are in his body
  • like he just can’t wrap his head around it, when he’s in your body he just thinks ‘'oh I’m y/n for today okay’ but when he’s looking at you with his own eyes and body, he just feels his chest thump loudly and all he wants to do is lift you in his arms and pepper you with kisses
  • and while he’s watching you sleep soundly into his chest with bits of drool at the ends of your mouth he’s swooning in his head and his whole body fills with joy and that’s when he knows he’s head over heels
  • soonyoung prefers sports bras over regular ones and you could not agree more
  • you two literally bond a lot about the struggles of being a guy and girl
  • you once gave guy advice to the other boys and it was really awkward because they always forget that you become soonyoung once a month
  • jun once complimented your body to soonyoung while you were in soonyoungs body
  • it was awkward so you decided to not tell jun that it was the time of the month
  • but you appreciated the compliment
  • while in your body, soonyoung got hit on and he didn’t know what to do
  • “being a girl is hard”
  • once got turned on while in your body
  • soulmate soonyoung is a really cute free spirited guy that respects your body while he’s in it. and he just really really loves you and always makes sure your body is in tip top shape for the next day. he’s also just a cute bun that likes to mess with others but by the end of the day he just loves snuggling with you and holding you in his arms

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RFA reacting to an MC with really interesting moles/beauty marks? like maybe one set of moles is in a triangle and she likes to make jokes about how the thug lyfe chose her lmao. just moles in interesting patterns

Ooh! I love this. This is cute. Aww~

Thank you for requesting~!

[ Admin Jiyeon ] [ Female MC ]
it’s female because the person who had asked specified a gender.

RFA reacts to an MC who has beauty marks


  • “Gurl omg you look so pretty and so beautiful omg dont hide those beauty marks. they’re called beauty for a reason”
  • Honesty hands down, he;d love it, even her lame ass jokes
  • “See this mole? Its my sign of thug lyfe.” MC patted her shoulders and Zen just burst out laughing
  • “You’re so cute, MC dont ever change!” he cheered
  • he would love having selfies with her when her mole is showing because yas boi he really loves it
  • if Mc would feel insecure, he’d make his own fake beauty mark
  • “See?! We’re twinning! We look so adorbs together omg!”
  • selfies
  • lots of them
  • he loves the jokes too even if its weird
  • “hahaha!! yeah..!”


  • This baby would also love it, because he thinks she’s beautiful in her own way and that’s with her mole too.
  • he would grin everyday, thankful that MC was so beautifully breathtaking with her own unique way
  • he would show it off to the RFA of course
  • it made him differentiate MC and Rika better now
  • “Thug life chose me, yoosung and not you.”
  • He loves (laughs) at your jokes! They’re literally hilarious meaning, he chose a girl who is beautiful and funny
  • but all in all, I really dont think he would find it weird and he’ll just fall for you all over again
  • “I really love you MC.”


  • baeehee would really dig it
  • you know because even if she’s met a lot of ladies with these moles, they would always hide it but when MC did not and just showed it off proudly, damn did she like the confidence
  • All she cares about is that you look beautiful and confident with your beautiful beauty mark
  • its very attractive for her and of course, somewhat like Zen, she’ll subtly show off your good looks
  • And for the jokes, she would tolerate it but would look at you with a death glare
  • “MC.. dont you dare tell one more joke I swear.”
  • and she raged, throwing a random thing at you to shut up


  • he’s literally like a cheerleader just havin ur back
  • “He insulted your mark? He’s fired.”
  • “He didnt like it? Well, I’m not going to sign our partnership then.”
  • “Jumin you didnt have to”
  • “what do u mean”
  • he would literally make you the face of the C&R along with Elizabeth 3rd
  • “No no no if her mole is not seen, then at least half seen. We need it.”
  • “You’re very beautiful MC, screw what other people say.”
  • “where did you even learn the word ‘screw’?”
  • For your jokes, he wouldn’t really get it because he’s Jumin Han
  • “The thug lyfe chose me and not you, Juju.”
  • “What.”

707/Saeyoung Choi:

  • zooms in your face and grins
  • wow i made him sound like a stalker im sorry
  • saeyoung would be the one who would also take a few selfies with you but he really wont mind if the mole is in or not because either way, you’re still beautiful in his eyes actually
  • if you’d be insecure, he’d shower you in compliments and memes about your moles honestly
  • for the jokes
  • let’s just say
  • there would be a day where Saeran runs away from home because he’s sick of all the mole jokes

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“Lost Love - Part 1”

Chibs Telford x Reader
(GIFs aren’t mine)

Prompt: You run away because you don’t want to go to jail, but the guys find you. (Given to me by the lovely @sons-of-anarchy-imagines-blr)

***I decided to make this two parts with an optional 3rd/4th part if it gets good feedback. Let me know what you think about this first part!!***

You stared at the photograph in your hand as you sat on the bathroom sink, crying. You never pictured yourself in this situation and you hated it. Tears were streaming down your face as you hopped from the sink, whirling around and screaming as you punched the mirror in front of you, shattering it.
“God DAMMIT!!” you bellowed, clutching your left hand in your right, studying the lacerations on your knuckles as the photograph fluttered to the floor. It was a picture of Chibs with Agent Stahl, she was handing him a case file, intentionally conspicuous.

Stahl threatened to hang Chibs out as a rat, pin him as the person that gave them intel on gun crimes the club had committed, and arrest you for obstruction of justice, if you didn’t help her get information on their gun trade. You knew she had pressed Filip for info about the Irish months ago, but he didn’t give her anything, and you knew that’s what the photo was about.
The problem was, his brothers didn’t know she had ever spoken to him because when he had considered cutting a deal with her for immunity, you convinced him it was a bad idea and he put an end to his dialogue with her, keeping the whole thing a secret. Only the two of you knew and you had a feeling once the club found out he had even entertained the idea and didn’t tell them, they wouldn’t be inclined to believe anything else he said.

She chose you to drill into because she thought you were weak. You didn’t have a Sons of Anarchy bloodline which she mistakenly pegged as chink in your loyalty. You were also the newest old lady of the bunch, only being with Filip for a year.
What she didn’t know is that you were probably the most savvy of the old ladies, you did the books for the club because you were good at it, and that meant you saw a lot of transactions and knew a lot of stuff you probably wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Now you wish you had never started working for the club.

You wrapped up your hand and scampered to the bedroom you shared with Filip, packing as many of your things as you could, you had to get out of Charming for a while… or permanently… you weren’t sure yet but you needed to get away from Stahl and protect Filip and the club. You scribbled a note on an old grocery list and left it on the bed, grabbing your suitcases and one of Chibs’ Berettas and walking out of the house.

You threw your things in the back of your car, and with one last look back at the house, you wiped the tears from your eyes and pulled out of the drive.

“(Y/N)! Where are ye my love?” Chibs hollered, walking in the front door and tossing his keys on the table beside the couch,  "Gemma is ‘avin a ge'together at her house tonight, I tol’ her we’d be there.“

Something felt off.

"Baby?” he walked down the hall, stopping when he got to the bathroom. He peered in the door, seeing the shattered glass everywhere and throwing the light switch on to take in the sight. He squatted to see everything closer and saw bits of blood on the glass and an ATF photograph of him and Stahl on the tile.
Panicked, he stood, “(Y/N)! You here!?”
He ran into the bedroom where he found empty hangers on the floor, drawers empty, the closet void of your things. He pulled his hands up to run through his hair, breathing heavily. Where did you go? Were you okay? His eyes scanned the room, landing upon a sheet of paper on the comforter. 

Stahl brought me in for questioning today. She said she was going to make you look like a rat and arrest me if I didn’t give up the club on the gun charges they’re pursuing. I’m so sorry love, I can’t go to jail, and I can’t let her make me a rat. I have to protect you and the club. I have to leave. Please don’t look for me. I love you, handsome…. so much.
I will miss you,

Chibs wheeled around and slammed his fist into the wall, breaking through the drywall and leaving a gaping hole in the structure.
“Shite!” he screamed, hitting the wall open palmed, before spinning back around and falling against the wall, sliding down it until he was sitting, his head resting in his hands. He got his breathing under control and pulled out his phone, dialing Clay.

If you wanted to get away from the other charters you’d have to drive for days. The Sons had sister clubs and charters all over the west coast and you knew they’d be looking for you. Even though you asked Chibs not to come for you, he was too stubborn and too much in love to let you just disappear even if it was to protect him.

You decided instead to just try and keep a low profile. You would pay for everything with cash, making sure to stay off main roads and only stopping in small towns. Your entire life was behind in Charming, and you hated to leave it so suddenly and without the one man you loved more than anyone in the world.
Sitting in a shitty pay-by-the-hour motel, you folded your arms around yourself, tracing your ribs through your shirt where the crow tattoo was inked into your skin.

You had only been gone 24 hours and you were already a mess. You pulled out a burner phone you took from Chibs and clipped one of the sim cards you purchased into it, dialing the only number you truly knew by heart and listening to the rings…

Some Shinseki CON highlight that I catch
  1. Revo edited the anime footage by himself.
  2. There’s a session when the band members were asked about “Which character do you want to be in SnK universe” and they answer that they want to be a Titan so they can run around the beach or swing a person by head. And then Revo make a joke about ElefxMisia part in Nein and Mawaru Mawaru Moulin Rouge. I’m sure most of the audience didn’t catch that inside joke tho.
  3. In the session of “What do you think about Hannes” occurred, one of the band member told a story about when he went home at night, he saw a drunk man standing in front of a house and fell asleep while holding the knob. Revo laughed so hard that he can’t even talk. (I want to see this so badly)
  4. Revo is so into SnK that he told the audience to join the…. Wall-(what was that again in english lol) cult thing. He told the audience that one of the rules to become one of the member is to forbid Kabe-don.
  5. Revo is a total fanboy during the concert. He really admires Isayama-sensei, even scream “Isayama is kami!” (god)
  6. Isayama attended the concert on the 3rd day so that’s why Revo decided to present MOON PRIDE (because Isayama is Momoiro Clover Z fans)
  7. In the end of the concert, one of the utahime blow a kiss to audience but then the other utahime catch it but then blow it again. After that, Revo decided to join and catch the kiss too, but then smack that kiss to the ground.
  8. During DJRevo Saigo no Senka, Revo recreate the “Ymir no tami… Ymir sama yokozo” line with such a deep voice. (And scary face)

That face you make when your grandmaster comes up to you during free practice, stares you down and goes (the whole conversation is in Japanese, a very high context language, where you can basically drop all unnecessary information and go with one word, creating huge spaces for misunderstanding): 

“You’re taking the upcoming exam. (not a question, a statement)” - “Yessir.” - “So, shodan (again NOT a question).” - (me, turning beetle red, internally screaming) “Uh, nooo sir, not at all, 2nd kyu.” - “Ah, 1st kyu, then.” - (me, dying, because I have to correct my GM twice in a row, why can’t this language be MORE SPECIFIC), “Uhhhh noooo sir, I’m 3rd kyu now, I’m going to test for 2nd!” - Long stare. “Hmm, ok.” 

- My partner (a 4th-dan French guy), with a smirk: “You see, you shouldn’t have punched him in the face. He thinks you are good enough for shodan now.” - “OH SHUT UP.”

anonymous asked:

More guardian angel au! Headcanons, scenarios, fluff, angst, I want it all!♡ Maybe a scenario with the RFA+V+Saeran asking their s/o about how they died? Kudos if it was a freak accident or smth. I love you and your work! Have a lovely day!♡


Hi anon! I’m so sorry I haven’t sent back something earlier - I know this doesn’t specifically say this in my rules but I’m not really comfortable writing character death - I know this is not quite the same thing - but I hope that these headcanons will make up for the fact I’m not following the request to a T - again sorry!!

I decided to play it up with a little role reversal - In this the RFA are the guardian angels - Like an Ouran Highschool Host Club-esk order of angels?? I’ll probably expand on these one day because these are just short and sweet


- Yoosung is an angel-in-training and MC is the first human he’s ever been assigned to alone - no supervisors or anything!!! His first long-term assignment!!!

- But then he finds out that even when you’re the only angel on a case - you can’t talk to your human - like ever!! He’s so sad - he thought him and his human could be best friends

- AND THEN his human is so cute??? Like literally the most adorable and he’s simultaneously euphoric but extremely dejected because so close but also so far away??

- BUT THEN MC ISN’T EATING PROPERLY - He started sneaking into MC’s house to put out the ingredients for omelettes on their kitchen table just before they get downstairs, hoping that that would inspire them to cook - BUT IT DIDN’T

- Yoosung accidentally reveals himself because he just screams in frustration after the 3rd time they refuse to take his hint.



- Since almost the first time Zen saw MC on his first day with them he looked at them with heart eyes - unintentionally he’s fallen for them - he couldn’t help it - like he breathed in one second and all of a sudden on the exhale he was in love?

- Zen is SO SALTY about even the slightly mistreatments MC faces

- Like when he goes back to talk to his co-workers he dishes all about the drama that’s happening in MC’s life (careful not to name any names) because he needs to vent because he’s just so PERSONALLY offended

- How dare anyone mess with his beautiful human - he would fight them if it weren’t against angel law

- Zen accidentally reveals himself because he LITERALLY SHOUTS “THAT’S MY HUMAN” when they deliver a particularly good burn (oh hun)


- Jaehee REALLY tried to uphold the stay hidden rule - LIKE SHE REALLY TRIED

- Like MC’s boss is treating them like crap and Jaehee is subtly trying to get them transferred to another department

- Sometimes MC will fall asleep while working late on a project and they wake up to warm coffee - but honestly they’re tired enough that they believe they could have made it and forgot

- But then MC’s boss goes a little too far and suddenly Jaehee’s seeing red and a full cup of coffee just happens to find it’s way onto their boss’s shirt as Jaehee ‘accidentally’ bumps into them. 

- She had her wings disguised when she bumped into the boss however she really hadn’t expected MC to follow her …. and see her fly away


- At first, Jumin loves being a benevolent but distant presence for MC but that was before he realized he was in love with them

- He caught himself gently watching them LONG after his job for the day was done and although it took him A LONG time to realize his feelings, a man can only sigh forlornly so many times before he realizes he’s got it bad

- crap

- It’s actually MC that discovers Jumin. He had taken a liking to sitting on MC’s roof when he’s trying to decipher how he’s going to deal with his feelings for his assignment. However, what he DIDN’T expect was for that to also be MC’s thinking spot

- You can’t exactly hide your wings when you weren’t expecting company and you’re flustered past the point of motion.


- “What do you mean they can’t know I exist? You mean I can’t leave them little notes and stuff?” - Seven was always really bad with authority anyway

- He admittedly does try to follow the rules of his order at first but then MC started making bad choices and MC kept resisting his manipulations behind the scenes - like they don’t even try and yet SEVEN JUST CAN’T CATCH A BREAK




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I know requests are closed but in the tags on that one post u said u wanted to do bts personalities so pls do that.

a/n: thank you so much you’re an angel <3 <3 <3


the got7 one

rap monster

  • Master of Destruction
  • crazy smart but also can’t cut an onion?
  • D I M P L E S i’m pretty sure you could live in his dimples
  • really loves to read/has probably read more than you will in your lifetime
  • the one who got viruses on their work computer because he’s been downloading porn (the work computer, namjoon? really?)
  • a little awkward but actually a really caring leader who does the best he can to take care of his members
  • literally would not leave bangtan for anything like he does his own stuff but those are his guys
  • really great mc like he’s genuinely really eloquent
  • kim daily revolutionized the fashion industry tbh like @designers take note


  • he wants to be a rock in his next lifetime
  • loves kumamon more than he loves himself
  • everyone calls him lazy or sleepy or whatever but he actually works really hard and cares so much about his music and his fans
  • cocky af like he does this thing where he takes out his earpiece at concerts so he can hear the crowd screaming and he gestures for them to get louder
  • i think tae said something like “i don’t think you’ve ever been young” in the bts 3rd bday vid and that’s too real because yoongi is basically 80 year old man
  • he may as well be yelling at kids to get off his lawn
  • it is a miracle his hair is still on his head because that boy has had his hair bleached more times than i can count
  • give the man his own radio show he’s funnier than pretty much everyone currently on radio
  • #yoongismixtape2k16


  • Chef of Bangtan
  • also the Face of Bangtan
  • also the mom of bangtan
  • the Prince of Mario
  • very talkative and very outspoken i still remember when he told that dude on american hustle life that his handwriting sucked after he’d paid him
  • incredibly confident in his appearance and he keeps a pink flip phone for the aesthetics and honestly #goals
  • like honestly he’s so important and people so often forget that but he does so much for his guys
  • and his dancing has really improved! 
  • has the voice of an angel

j-hope (my bias, my angel, my hope)

  • a huge ball of sunshine
  • his mouth makes a little heart when he smiles and he gets these little itty bitty dimples when he eats
  • the King of Dance
  • but also an incredibly talented rapper and singer
  • it is 2016 if i gotta hear one more person say j horse or horseok or anything similar i’m gonna scream
  • him and jin were the Dream Team in american hustle life and killed every challenge and i think people should remember that
  • he has a lot fears but honestly don’t we all
  • everyone in bts gets along with hobi and they all say such wonderful things about him he truly is our angel and our hope
  • him rap mon and suga all have bears that they’re obsessed with, his is be@rbricks


  • ok just right off the bat the “jimin you got no jams” thing is old so lets all agree to move forward
  • even if you don’t stan jimin you stan jimin
  • he can LITERALLY break chopsticks with his ass like that boy is rock solid
  • just his whole body is a masterpiece
  • but also he’s a soft baby who gets shy easily and is very touchy and sweet with his members
  • him and taehyung are twin terrors but his one true love is jungkook like i’m pretty sure he would carry him on his back everywhere
  • he’s also a Dancer but his dancing is totally different from jhope’s like the best way i can describe it is like an ocean wave
  • when he runs his fingers through his hair and pushes it back if you listen closely you can hear every jimin stan crying


  • he is probably the softest cutest little angel ever
  • like when he smiles you just feel happy
  • the resident trendsetter of bts like he started wearing his sunglasses on the back of his head and then everyone else started doing it
  • like everyone wants to talk about rap mon’s fashion but also take a look at tae
  • he’s the one you want to be the future father of your children because he is just so good with kids (him and his cousins have so much love for each other it’s precious)
  • his voice is so deep it vibrates in your soul
  • it’s been 2 years and i still need to know how coolio didn’t love taehyung like??? he’s so sweet??? how???
  • he puts up with so much from jimin like jimin had him on a leash once *eye emoji*


  • the baby bunny of bts
  • puberty hit him square in the face 
  • and arms 
  • and legs
  • some say he’s sexy (i wouldn’t know he’s practically my son) because he’s been bulking up over the last couple years
  • i’m pretty sure he would hit the gym every day if bighit let him
  • is there anything he can’t do??? i saw him catch a fish with his bare hands like he is straight up superhuman
  • him and yoongi are gonna open up a lamb skewer business
  • is totally comfortable acting silly which is why there are so many jungkook memes
  • terrified of girls
  • but the members are terrified of him

look we all know i’m a james girl through and through but sirius hurts way more than james

sirius who, for almost half his life, had to live in an abusive home 

sirius who was disowned when he was sixteen and found a family again with james’ and the marauders

sirius who lost his family all at once on october 31st 1981, who faced the worst kind of betrayal by one of his best mates, who had no one else because remus was still deep undercover/ mia, who didn’t even get to keep his godson

sirius who was probably sent to azkaban on his birthday (november 3rd)

sirius who spent 12 fucking years in azkaban for a crime he didn’t commit

sirius who was on the run for 3 years after escaping

sirius who still didn’t get that much time with his godson, the person he probably cared most about

sirius who was under house arrest in that house he hated, with screaming portraits and a house elf that reminded him that he was a stain on the black bloodline

sirius who died, at just 36, after spending more than 2/3 of his life in some kind of prison (12 yrs in azkaban, and roughly 15 yrs combined in the black manor before hogwarts/ after escaping azkaban)

sirius who died, at just 36, still wanted for a crime he didn’t commit


Have some SHITTY ASS quality pics of my face. I was too lazy to borrow my mom’s phone so instead I just used my 3DS lol. (Before I probably die by the Hurricane but who knows)

I haven’t cut/dyed my hair yet and im very sad because POOR but hopefully soon, if it keeps being put off/avoided im going to scream. I just want short bright purple hair :[

Also I have no idea why in the 3rd one i look so angry, im not even angry. 

Aoba Jousai 3rd years all going over to Matsukawa’s house for a meeting that deteriorates into them playing Mario Kart on his Wii. 

Oikawa is screaming because Matsu just hit him with a blue shell. Matsukawa is in third place, and sticks his feet in Oikawa’s face as a distraction. Hanamaki is now in first place, ‘accidentally’ knocking the Wii remote out of Oikawa’s hands while he is distracted. Iwaizumi is continually running into walls and off ledges. Hanamaki laps him ginning silently. It has been discovered. Iwaizumi’s one weakness. Mario Kart. 




I’M BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH ANOTHER FAN ACCOUNT! After surviving what was the 2015 Amoeba Culture Tour in Atlanta, I knew I had to go and see Crush once again for his Crush on you US Tour! Interesting parts will be in bold for those who need me to get to the point. Fancams are coming up..I just need to upload them…

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James Arness was just 20 years old when he and his unit were waiting at Fort Snelling for shipping overseas. He was a tall, powerfully built man. At 6 foot 7 inches he was the tallest man in the company. When his unit landed at Anzio, they used Arness as the depth finder. Being the first one out of the boat to gauge its depth. It reached his waist. His unit, 2nd Platoon, Company E, 2nd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division, splashed ashore to take part in a prolonged battle against well entrenched German defenders in early January 1944.

Just a month later, Arness was nearly killed. He and his platoon were on a night recon. There was no moon as the men crept through a vineyard. Arness was on point because he had the most experience in night movement. It was so dark he couldn’t see a hand in front of his face. He suddenly heard a voice 50 feet in front of him, then came a scream and then fire. A MG-42 opened up and struck Arness in the lower right leg and the man next to him. Arness jumped over a vineyard and into a slight ditch as he was now caught in the crossfire. A moment later a potato masher hand grenade was thrown at him and the resulting explosion lifted him off the ground. Bleeding profusely, bone broken, and slipping into shock, Arness fought by keeping still and quiet until the enemy was forced to retreat. A medic found Arness and dressed his wounds. It would be a debilitating wound that would affect him for the rest of his life. He received an Honorable Discharge and was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart along with the Combat Infantry Badge and service medals.

Sent stateside he went through a series of hospitals and many surgeries, but he would walk with a limp for the rest of his life. It is clear to see when he starred in the long running series, ‘Gunsmoke’. In fact, the wound continued to manifest to the point he had pain mounting a horse that in the latter seasons it doesn’t show him mounting a horse.


Sorry this is EXTREMELY long! 

It seriously felt like I waited a year for this concert but it was so worth the wait! I guess I should state my bias is Namjoon but the way this story is about to go I totally forgot about him.

So me and my little sister went to TRBinDALLAS and when I tell you I was so freaking nervous. It’s 6 o'clock the show starts at 7 and I’m still changing outfits! I just said screw it and wore all black but I didn’t forget my big ass yellow flower crown I wore to make sure I got noticed. lol

We finally make it to the venue and it’s PACKED not going to lie I was so surprised by all the black fans! We had VIP+ tickets and were on the 3rd row far left! 7 hits and the lights turn off immediately EVERYONE get’s up and starts chanting B T S!!! I look at my sister and I’m like Oh SHHHHHiiii it’s starting!

The VCR begins to play and RapMon face flashes across the screen. I start screaming because I’m literally still in shock this is happening! Since we were so close to the stage even with the lights off we could see them walking up! I just start losing it! The lights finally come on and I see them and I literally dropped to the floor! The WHOLE entrance I’m looking down at the floor saying Oh Shiiii Oh Shiiii this is really happening! 

Finally when I got myself together I peak up to see Jungkook glancing over at me like “Omg did she faint” I stand up like well that was embarrassing and the show starts! Namjoon finally comes to my side and I’m screaming and waving and going nuts until I see Jungkook once again looking at me! I brushed it off the first couple of times then I was like is he looking at me? Let me wave.

He come’s back to my section and I’m screaming KOOKIE KOOKIE lol and he pays me NO attention. I must have been loud because Jin looks at him like OMG pay this girl some attention! So he goes back to the other side and I’m like oh well let me look at Namjoon and Jimin who by the way is fan service king! He was winking blowing kisses tongue out! I couldn’t handle it so I tried not to look at him! lol

So by this time they have a little talk about how they want the fans to sing. So while that’s going on I’m telling my sister OMG I think Jungkook keeps looking at me (she’s not a kpop fan) so she’s like which one. So I point at him and he looks down! So she says Omg he just caught you! So we both start freaking out. The next song they sing is Ms. Right and as soon as he come to my section I pointed at myself during the Ms. Right part and he walks off blushing! I was so freaking shocked! He is seriously a tease!

After the Cypher I remember NOTHING! :( The show is over now and it’s time for Hi-Touch! So we are waiting for them to set things up and I’m sweating bullets because I’m like ok this is my time to tell them how I feel! it’s finally time for my row to line up and me and the two girls behind me are freaking out! I’m next to walk into the door and I turn to my sister and I’m like “OMG I can’t do this I CAN’T DO THIS” So the security guards says It’s your turn to go! 

I walk through the door and they are all standing there looking because it’s just ME! My eyes widen I cover my mouth saying OMG then walk back out the door! So my sister is screaming OMG just go! I walk back in I see them at the table and I’m like OMFG were is the door. I finally found the door and I take off to the exit until I see V hold his hand out so I walked over touched his hand (which was unbelievably soft) and go straight to Suga then I’m like omg LOOK UP (because my head was down the entire time)! Next person is Jungkook I quickly look down and he grabs my hand! I freaked out so I’m like omg what do I do RUN GIRL! I don’t even remember if I shook Jin’s hand. I looked at the door and wanted to run until I saw Jimin smiling! 

I shake his hand and next is RAPMONSTER! He cuff’s my hand with both of his’s and I was so shocked I looked him dead in the eye’s and blurted out OMG I LOVE YOU! Then Jhope (Who I thought was Jin) and the security guards goes AWWWHHHH! I’m looking at him and he’s smiling and tears start welling up in my eyes! I completely went blank like I was in another world. I finally let go and run towards the door! I seriously don’t know if I shook Jhopes hand or not! I go outside and I’m so embarrassed because I was completely silent the WHOLE time until I got to Namjoon I didn’t tell any of them Hi and barely looked at any of them! 

The whole experience was CRAZY! They look even better in person. My emotions are still all over the place! lol I feel nothing but embarrassment! But EVERYTHING was worth it. 

lol sorry this was so long. It still feels like I left out stuff!