Daveny’s Black Panther
Dave purchased his car in the late months of 2014 . Fulfilling the dream of owning this small yet sleek machine , unfortunately the car was completely wrecked but that did not stop him from purchasing . He had a vision for this car that he needed to bring to life and with that vision in mind he set out to restore and bring life back into a wrecked Ep82 GT. However with a young offspring the restoration of this car was slowed tremendously but nevertheless he continued to fight through , budgeting his funds in order for him to finish the job . The car was body worked , prepped and painted by Andy Bovell . The engine which replaced the stock 4EFTE is a built 5EFTE with a garret GT2860 as the turbo , it also has upgraded injectors , an external waste gate with a screamer pipe and a stage 3 clutch .The stock ECU was changed and a standalone Computer ( Mega squirt vs3) was installed .
However the love for his car was tested daily due to the constant arousal of mechanical problems: the first problem occurred when he broke the gearbox from a stand still launch completely destroying the spider gears inside of the box , he then had to be towed from his location to his house. The second mechanical problem occurred when he bought his piggy back management which seemed to be malfunctioning causing his car to misbehave . To date it’s recent mechanical failure was a blocked PCV valve which caused his car to push out the cam seal resulting in engine knocking. Due to this the car is currently being rebuilt by Davere aka the Starlet Doctor a known starlet performance builder in Barbados , the engine will be fully revamped , built with forge pistons and rods and also tuned to run race gas with the maximum boost being 30psi .