Hi all I posted yesterday about my tune and dyno test but didn’t realize some people might not be familiar with my setup. So this one is for you.

-Top mount t04 turbo.
-55mm turbosmart external wastegate with screamer pipe(LOUD AF).
-Turbosmart boost T.
-R32 fmic.
-Godspeed intake plenum.
-Apexi air intake.
-HKS ssqv bov.
-N1 oil pump.
-JUN oil drive collar.
-Greddy timing belt.
-HKS super dragger exhaust.
-Basic Nistune.
-Aeromotive a1000 fpr.
-Aeromotive 340 lph fuel pump.

(Cometic steel head gasket soon to be installed. Allows for 18-20 psi of boost)

That’s covers pretty well everything I believe.