((wow that was so bad i’m sorry))

i figured i should do something in celebration for halloween because let’s face it i have no friends to go trick or treating with and all the halloween icons i have been working on for people are gone along with my desktop. might as well declare my love for some bloggers on tumblr. :)

i’m going to start off with the people who have the nicest butts are considered some of my best friends:

egg ~ jamilah ~ emily

fantastic people you should be following because if you’re not i don’t know what you’re doing with your life tbh:

screamchester (casdeans) ~ ghoulschools (stilestlnski) ~ kastiele ~ winchestre ~ vampsexual (cocklessexual) ~ vantoch ~ assbutty ~ tardis-impala ~ thecaptainrogers ~ truesouls ~ leviathan ~ dewinchester ~ spookysters (dickspeightsjr) ~ jaredspookaleki (jaredpadaleki) ~ misha-collins ~ dnwinchester ~ tomhiddly ~ pumpkincockles (acklescollins) ~ cassanovak ~ novakism ~ novaks ~ priestchesters ~ jarpad ~ castieltheunicorn ~ gublerween (deanywinchester) ~ neilpatricksharris ~ screamstiel (fapstiel) ~ captrogers ~ kingcrowleys ~ david-8 ~ mightyheroes ~ thunderforhire ~ ladyfassbender ~ jamesmcbender ~ anakinskywalkersangst ~ destiellama