“Kirkwall’s nobles weren’t prepared for the arrival of the mysterious Garrett Hawke. Attractive, charming, and ferocious, the rugged entrepreneur made his fortune with dangerous expeditions into deep, sealed parts of the Deep Roads - and half of the young ladies of Hightown were just dying to find out more. But Serah Hawke is more than he seems.

The young Fereldan expat has a secret as dark as the Thaig he explored - and ties to half the unsavory characters of Lowtown. And when Hawke meets the mysterious and tenacious apostate known as The Darktown Healer, sparks might just… fly.

Is their love real, or a matter of convenience? What hidden past could the young Serah Hawke be concealing behind his charming smile? Just what else happened in the Deep Roads that nobody knows about? All these secrets - and more - lie await for you in this, the first chapter of the new Tethras serial, /The Apostate’s Treasure/….”

text by fauxfires

bloodyduo-deactivated20150228 asked:

My muse is screaming, crying, and shaking. Put how your muse would try to calm them down in my ask box: Taker was not at all used to seeing people scream and cry and shake. He sort of just stared at Tsuki for a moment, before hugging her and petting her hair. Something he'd seen other people do to calm someone down, "Shhh.." {{ He's confused at Tsuki's screaming. }}

Tsuki was used to nightmares but perhaps it had been too long since last she’d had one. Maybe the hormones made her mind run rampant more. Either way as Taker petted her hair she clung to him and started to calm down.