tornado-kirby asked:

oh its fucking aoba and cyan ass moon shoes

cyan ass moon shoes


I laughed so mcuh i think im crying

this is why i love u.

yes. It was Aoba. Whom i’m only calling cyan ass moon shoes

1. Dramatical Murder - Aoba Seragaki
2. Tokyo Ghoul - Hide Nagachika
3. Pokemon (two answers, both a human and a pokemon) -  Maxie, Zweilous.
4. Love Live! School Idol Project - Maki Nishikino
5. Fire Emblem Awakening
6. Persona 4 -  Yu Narukami
7. Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! -  En Yufuin  
8. Yowamushi Pedal - Makishima Yuusuke
9. Gregory Horror Show - Judgement Boy
10. Game Grumps -  Barry Kramer

Holy crap, she’s back! Along with the tall screaming fuckboy (Kirby!) I actually drew this a really long time ago, but I’m still proud of it so whatever. I’m using this pic for her bio.

drawciassoul asked:

stevonnie, jenny, tiny floating whale :33

Stevonnie: What do you and your best friend totally bond over?

well, we bond over kirby eps, screaming, and sin.
um, previous best friend and i bonded over telling eathother stuff in the middle of the night(like worst fears) but tbh i prefer our time together over that

Jenny: Favourite pizza topping?

pineapple, extra cheese and veggies !

Tiny Floating Whale: If you could poof anything into existence right now, what would it be?

an gun

lana-del-suck-my-ass asked:

I am so glad to see someone as excited for until dawn as I am! This game is the sole reason I'm getting the ps4. Hayden panateire is a goddess and the game combines my 2 favorite things which are horror movies and video games:)

Me too, part of the reason I made this blog is because I wanted other people to talk to the game about because other than my friend Annie, I have no one to be excited about it with! And it’s really funny you say that because it’s actually the only reason I initially bought a PS4 too.

Also, 100% agree about Hayden. She’s one of my favorite actress and I always love her characters, Claire from Heroes and Kirby from Scream 4 being two of my faves, so I’m sure I’ll love her in this just as much!

anonymous asked:

Out of the Scream movies to the TV Series which group of "the gang" are your favorite? Sidney, Billy, Stu, Randy and Tatum (Scream), Sidney, Randy, Derek, Hallie and Mickey (Scream 2), Jill, Trevor, Kirby, Charlie, Robbie and Olivia (Scream 4) or Emma, Will, Brooke, Jake, Riley, Nina and Tyler (Scream (Season 1))

Definitely the gang from the first movie :)