❛    halloween, uh, texas chainsaw, dawn of the dead, the hills have eyes, amityville horror, uh,
          last house on the left, friday the 13th, a nightmare on elm street, my bloody valentine, when a
          stranger calls, prom night, black christmas, house of wax, the fog, piranha. it’s one of those,
                                                                   RIGHT? RIGHT?     

                                             (      i got it right. i was FUCKING RIGHT!          )

ther was a video that was like kirby video game but with really grusome sound effects and screaming when kirby kills things how do i find it where is it

bold what you prefer: scream edition

scream or scream 4

sidney prescott or gale weathers

randy meeks or dewey riley

sidney/billy or sidney/randy

scream 2 or scream 3

kirby reed or tatum riley

robbie mercer or charlie walker

kirby/charlie or jill/trevor

scream gang or scream 4 gang

billy loomis or jill roberts

scream opening or scream 4 opening

jill/kirby or charlie/robbie

stu macher or trevor sheldon

tatum’s death or olivia’s death

tatum riley or randy meeks

kirby reed or robbie mercer

reedkirby asked:

i'm also forever bitter that randy was killed off because just imagine him in scre4m. he would have had great interactions with charlie/robbie/kirby. noah and audrey both need to be the last people standing or else i'll cry. i roleplay as kirby and i just refuse to believe that there's a possibility she bled out. nope. no way. if we ever do get scream 5 in the future, it would be great if they focused on kirby and gave poor sid a break. four massacres is plenty for her.

randy would have loved being in scre4m. he would have gone to town on the whole horror remake thing, and definitely would have figured it out long before anyone else, just like he did in the first two. he would have nurtured those fledgling nerds because he was once in their shoes, fighting off dangerous killers and surviving miraculous odds. he would have made sure they made it out alive. except charlie because fuck charlie.

oh my god kirby as the protagonist of scream 5 (if there ever is one) yes. kirby would be a kickass horror protagonist. sure, they’d bring back sid for advice and help, maybe delivering some blows near the end, but kirby would kick ass. she would be totally ready for anything terrifying the world would throw at her because she’s lived through a horror movie now. i just. love kirby a whole lot.

noah and audrey are the only two characters who really matter to me tbh. i’ll be satisfied if they live to the end. i won’t even care when emma dies but if either of those two die i can guarantee waterfalls. i legit got really worried one of them might die so i checked imdb and thank god they are both scheduled for all ten episodes.


Movie[s] - Scream 4
Status - Unknown
Slots Available - 3/3 canon | 3/3 spectrum slide


Jill Roberts - Jill and Kirby’s friendship seems to emulate the original Sidney/Tatum friendship from Scream. Kirby is fiercely loyal and protective of Jill, especially when it comes to ex boyfriends.
Olivia Morris - Olivia and Kirby seem fairly close, both sharing a love of witty remarks and the Stab films. 
Charlie Walker - Kirby knows of Charlie’s crush on her and often leads him on and teases him. However, she does seem to reciprocate the crush despite not really showing it until the end.
Robbie Mercer - Kirby seems to tolerate Robbie, although she [like everyone else] is often annoyed by his constant barrage of questions and lame remarks.
Trevor Sheldon - Kirby absolutely cannot stand Trevor. He hurt her best friend, betraying her in the worst way possible. 

reedkirby asked:

kirby and robbie are my babies. honestly annoyed that they killed off both of them (although kirby likely could have survived) while meanwhile letting sidney, gale, and dewey survive for the fourth time. noah better not die this season.

i’m just pretending they all lived tbh. all the nerds who died are secretly in some resort, watching horror movies and enjoying life. if they kill noah this season i will cry i’m entirely serious.

pretty sure kirby is alive at least because wes craven confirmed it. at least one nerd made it out alive. at least it was kirby. at least the girl nerd lived.