In Now Screaming’s debut episode, Evan and Liz begin their quest to watch every horror movie currently streaming on Netflix with… a sequel?!?

They dive into Scream 2 headfirst and discuss the morality of Randy and Cotton, argue about murderer motivations, and question whether the film’s social commentary holds up. Be sure to follow us on Tumblr and stay tuned for the announcement of next week’s movie.


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Horror genres and sub-genres, arranged in convenient flow chart form

There is more to horror movies than mere blood, viscera, and severed limbs stacked like kindling. In fact, cinematic terror comes in a whole rainbow of permutations, each with its own peculiarities and delights to offer the thrill-hungry viewer. To the non-Fangoria-reading outsider, this may all seem a little baffling and disorienting. So many strange, sick, little sub-categories! Where does one even begin? But those wayward souls need worry no longer, for there is now a handy, easy-to-follow flow chart that plainly and logically arranges horror genres and sub-genres using the convenience of color coding. This particular diagram is credited to the aptly-named, no-frills Simple Film Reviews blog, which offers to-the-point movie reviews.

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