Pennywise is honestly the most relatable character in the movie. I mean it sleeps for 27-30 years then spends 2 years feeding and then goes back to sleep.


Horror Movies Art by Cristiano Siqueira aka CrisVector

reveal concept

marinette has to transform. adrien is nearby. he sees marinette go into the bushes or some shit and is like wow what the fuck. turns around. hears “TIKKI SPOTS ON” and is like ,?? ok whatever the fuck that means. then ladybug runs by him. so he’s thoroughly shocked. after realizing what is happening and battling the akuma they go home. adrien is putting shit together in his head. the next day at school adrien waits after class until it’s just him and marinette. he walks next to her. she’s freakin out. he GRABS HER PURSE AND YELLS “TIKKI SPOTS ON”. marinette freaks out and is transformed right in front of adrien. she’s screaming. he’s screaming. plagg is screaming. he transforms adrien. chat noir and ladybug stand there screaming and embracing. the students come back into the classroom and are confused as to why ladybug and chat noir are just hugging and screaming. alya films it and puts it on the ladyblog. parisians are confused