Don’t call me Turtle Man.

anonymous asked:

how to react to your fics: 1: read 2: proceed to SCREAM LOUDLY.

how i write my fics:
1: Scream
2: slam face onto keyboard and whatever comes out is what I go with

don’t understand how my dad thinks screaming in my face, not letting me go into my room to stop crying and forcing me just to fucking try not to cry while he’s SCREAMING at me, and shaking me like a rag doll will get me to “calm down” I legit have a fucking breakdown and hyperventilate and they just watch me and yell stop and don’t do anything about it

I don’t care how anti-racist, pro-black you are! You’re still a terrible person who “loves” Black people as a performance! Your love is fetishistic and sick and requires for Black people to be quiet and submissive for it to be “pure”. You’re only Black Lives Matter when we aren’t screaming in your face for our rights that you took away. I try to tell myself that I shouldn’t hate people, but my God, I really do hate white people and their sick need to disrespect the corpse of the cultures and people they tore down. That’s some Buffalo Bill nonsense right there.