please love taehyung

u know what i would love? if people stopped erasing tim drake’s physical strength in order to pigeonhole him as just the tech guy. 

he may not have grown up an acrobat, but he taught himself to climb and jump buildings well enough to keep up with dick and bruce when he was ~10 years old. as far as i’ve seen, he had a longer/more intensive formal training period than jason did, and he can keep pace with them both just fine. it’s not like bruce has been hauling around some IT guy who took two self-defense classes. 

tim is considered the best staff user in the entire dcu, among other accomplishments. yeah, he’s lost some fights with jason and damian, but he’s won others; he wasn’t born into athletic training like dick and damian, and he’s not as much of a heavy-hitter as jason (because of the sheer size difference between them? tim is only 5′5″)– but he’s not a marshmallow either. he’s competent, he’s fast, he’s flexible, he’s a master strategist. 

dick himself says “a thousand ninjas is just the start of what i would do” to capture/kill him. if dick grayson knows and asserts that tim is capable of fighting off a thousand assassins by himself, why don’t we?

(and besides: don’t ever forget that the actual ‘tech guy’ of the batfam is barbara gordon. it’s her mantle. and she’s a damn good fighter from her wheelchair too– tech and strength are never mutually exclusive.)


When a fan managed to catch Chullie’s attention with a SCREAM! :) 

the signs as favorite quotes from mtv's 'scream'
  • aries:"haha" - kieran wilcox
  • taurus:"haha" - kieran wilcox
  • gemini:"haha" - kieran wilcox
  • cancer:"haha" - kieran wilcox
  • leo:"haha" - kieran wilcox
  • virgo:"haha" - kieran wilcox
  • libra:"haha" - kieran wilcox
  • scorpio:"haha" - kieran wilcox
  • sagittarius:"haha" - kieran wilcox
  • capricorn:"haha" - kieran wilcox
  • aquarius:"haha" - kieran wilcox
  • pisces:"haha" - kieran wilcox
love triangle: signs & seventeen
  • put in the tags who you end up with (or if they end up with each other instead of you, who knows)
  • aries:jeonghan, seungkwan
  • taurus:seungcheol, joshua
  • gemini:minghao, dino
  • cancer:hoshi, wonwoo
  • leo:seungkwan, vernon
  • virgo:joshua, seokmin
  • libra:dino, jeonghan
  • scorpio:wonwoo, jun
  • sagittarius:vernon, mingyu
  • capricorn:mingyu, minghao
  • aquarius:jun, woozi
  • pisces:woozi, hoshi
Big announcement

So, as you all know, @heavenfell-au and I are a couple. Yeah? 
So we kinda talked about couple things ya know, like if we should get married and having kids and all that stuff…. 

So we both agreed that we didn’t want children, BUT…

If we ever get one, we would adopt them. 



We adopted. 

Not one.

Not two…

But SIX.

Beautiful little souls.

Their names are : Jean-Marc, Cécile, David, Enoch, Baltazar, and Medor.

One of them is always crying, and one of them has a little problem of… gravity. But it’s okay I guess.

We love them.

In mama’s hands.
So happy.