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“Life is short, right? We both know that.                                                                                              Well, what if you’re my chance?                                                                                                         What if you are the thing that’s actually going to make me happiest?”

MTV’s “Scream” takes the positive road of its journey as the series hints a renewal of season three despite the rumored slump in ratings of the show.

According to Carter Matt, MTV made an announcement that a special episode for “Scream” is set for release this October. The Halloween special aims to answer hanging questions from season 2 and will connect any loose ends.

The season 2 finale left a major cliffhanger when Kieran received a phone call in prison from a caller who identified himself as Brandon James. To recall, Brandon’s death has been noted for a long time. The thrill was intensified when he questioned Kieran about his mask. Brandon asked, “Who told you you could wear my mask?”

We have a query here that needs to be answered. And the response seems to be rostered in the upcoming installment of the show.

Another sign to strengthen the third season getting the green light is the meaningful statement of show runner Michael Gans about the reason for Brandon’s call.

“It’s tied into the complete history and fabric of the town.”

Moreover, MTV’s “Scream” Twitter account provides transparency about the false speculation that the show got cancelled.

The post displays clues that the Lakewood murders have not reached its end and that the real killer is still up for some major hunts.

MTV got a flood of requests for season 3 to air but the company has not yet provided an official response on the matter.

Come on guys, MTV may not literally say it directly but given those indications, “Scream” is up for another season worth of our time and attention. Guess the creators of the show want to take the title “Scream” literally. Maybe they want their viewers to scream the unexpected, a strategic move that is.

“Spooky Special Sneak Peek” is a two-hour Halloween Special and somewhat a teaser of the latest season. Don’t you agree?