scream queens radio


Middle Man - Babes In Toyland

Better - Agatha

Inimigo (As Mercenarias cover) - Replica

Panico - As Mercenarias

Things That Need - Action Pact!

Touching - Tee Vee Pop

The Others - Berntholer

Holy Alabama - Crack Und Ultra Eczema

Mythology of Psychosis - Adult.

The Junk - Pre

In And Under The Snow - Aids Wolf

Monsters - Chicks on Speed

Bourgeois Fantasy - Mutators

Dreglegs - Divorce

My Eyes Get Wet - Wizard Apprentice ***

Rickety Rackety Heart Of Steel - Melting Wreck ***

Payments - Excusess (formerly H4N4 V0M1T) ***

(Death/Tango) - Olivia Neutron John ***

Space Titties - Jeepneys ***

Stuck On The Roof Of A Very Large Building - Waxy Tomb ***

Lover’s Wine - Ruth White

Face - Macho Blush

Versunkene Welt - Maria Zerfall

Snow - Student Nurse

Push Me Down - Academie

Untitled - Stacian

A Version - Void Vision

You Take My Breath Away - The Knife

Darken Her Horse - Austra

The bands that I put ***’s next to are bands that I think would go so great together on a bill for a show, I want to make it happen so bad! We didn’t have much to say on air but behind the scenes we talked with a table of other ladies about the weird poli-drama (as in political lolz) that’s been happening around here. Some of it is heavy, some if it s totally menial. Anyway, submit yr shit to our zine don’t forget!! DJA- My eyes water from the smoke inside.

Scream Queens Playlist 5.25.2014

East Coast Cities - Crabapple

Hands - Margy Pepper

War - Chin Chin

For Sure - Tiger Trap

All The Time - Vivian Girls

Madness - Varix

DIY: Kill The White Devil - Anomaly

Neverland - La Luna

R.I.P. - Bikini Kill

Throwaway - Bratmobile

+ Mountain - Tracy + The Plastics

Moments In Love - Art Of Noise

I Wear Your Ring - Cocteau Twins

Marilyn - Them Are Us Too

Chimera - Nite Jewel

Work - Group Rhoda

Ceremonial Serenades - The Bedroom Witch

Atta Girl - Heavenly (DJ Panda McFloo of the Kids Are Not That Revolting request)

Water Me - FKA Twigs (Erica from Margy Pepper request)


We had a dance party to ATC, Robyn, and The Go! Team. There was karaoke happening too but I was outside with *~*~my boyfriend~*~*. DJ Aglossa was absent once again, this time because she’s W4W-ing it at IDA or something— just kidding love you. I’m in LA now and it’s weird. No Scream Queens this week, but we’ll both be back soon. - DJ Fereshteh