scream of the shalka

Ok, ok, bear with me.

One of my Shalka headcanons is that it wasn’t the Shalka Doctor who built the body to the Master, but Eight. And then one day something happens and he comes back to the TARDIS already dying, and regenerates in the Master’s arms. Cue the Master sulking/being annoyed by/having to get used to the Doctor’s new face/personality.

I’ve been dying to draw that, I can’t believe I finally did it! And then I had to make a little gif.

I’ll post them separately in another post :)

Clara: I may have accidentally invented a boyfriend.
Doctor: Yeah, I did that once, and there’s no easy way to get rid of an android!

Far and away the best part of the DW Christmas special: canon Shalka love.


The Lesser-Known Doctors ~ The Alternate Ninth Doctor (aka Shalka!Nine or Shalka!Doctor)

“Scream of the Shalka,” an animated webcast aired in 2003 as part of Doctor Who’s 40th anniversary, introduced a new, ninth incarnation of the Doctor, played by Richard E. Grant. Though originally intended to be an official continuation, it was demoted to “unofficial” status when the new series began in 2005.