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5D TFP Bulkhead (scraplet and his girly scream comes to mind) or 4D TFP Rachet pretty please. :-D -- Wifey. x

We had a vote in the stream, Ratchet won, sorry Bulkhead. Here ya go wifey, lol. Also, get yourself a Tumblr, damnit! Peasant!

I feel an honorable mention is needed here - wifey, a.k.a best friend decided one day to record a TV show, and then suggested we watch it. Boom. I’m hooked. She got me into Transformers. It’s all her fault.

seeing a dead body
  • Ouma: *memeful screaming*
  • Kaede: *girly screaming*
  • Tsumugi: *silent screaming
  • Himiko: *screams progressively getting louder*
  • Kaito: *crying while screaming*
  • Kaede: Then there's this bitch
  • Iruma: I'm cute
  • France: *bird watching*
  • England: *also bird watching*
  • *eagle flies overhead*
  • France: Wait.
  • England: Oh no.
  • America: *tramples both* FREEDOOOMMMM!
  • England: God damnit, you tit!
  • France: *girly screaming*
  • *moose runs by*
  • England: Bloody he-
  • Canada: *tramples both again* HEALTH CAARREEEE!
  • America: bugs! There are bugs everywhere!!
  • Germany: America, would you please calm down! You're interrupting the meeting!
  • England: they're only bugs, there's no need to be afraid.
  • America: ... I saw a rat.
  • Europeans minus Poland: *girly screaming*
Okay but...

Imagine if Gav swapped out Ryan’s white face paint for glow in the dark face paint like right before a heist and Ryan didn’t notice.

Then about halfway through the heist his mask get’s ripped off by some cop in an alley and the face paint is smudged and running at this point but it glows like something truly inhuman. 

Ryan of course doesn’t notice beyond the more frightened than usual reaction to the face paint until he turns the corner and bumps straight into Geoff who lets off one of his holy shit girly screams. 

and then he decides he likes it. 

Imagine his new face paint design that’s almost all white just glowing and Ryan with a feral smile eyes bright and humming as he approaches you in a dark alley…