scream franchise

Audrey is not a bad person.

I’ve been thinking about everything that happened in the finale and some things have become apparent to me. This is how I think everything panned out with Audrey helping Piper.

-Audrey was the one that stole the mask in that flashback. She was burning the documents that were with the mask and that was why her DNA was on the mask. That also means she’s been ‘recruited’ by Piper for a while (as she got her to steal the mask).

-Audrey wanted to help Piper because she said she was going to kill Nina, a person who has been torturing Audrey for years. But then, she killed Rachael without Audrey’s permission, and Audrey didn’t want to help her anymore. But Piper had proof that Audrey had been helping her, so then she started blackmailing Audrey into helping her.

-This would also explain why there were survivors - when Audrey was wearing the mask, she didn’t have the power to kill. She didn’t want to kill, nor did she want to help Piper. This is why probably why Jake survived.

-I think that Audrey was the one who tied Seth up and took him to the car for Piper. That’s why Piper attacked her at the party - so she would do the deed for her. Piper was busy attacking Brooke, so needed Audrey to get Mr Branson. That also explains why Audrey went missing at the party for so long.

I don’t think Audrey is a bad person. She was a misguided person that had the threat of death hanging over her if she put a foot out of line.

Reasons why I don’t believe Eli is really dead (also just getting my hopes up) based off of the scream movies:

- At the end of the movie each killer was shot or stabbed and they were suspected to be dead but then they turned out to be alive until Sidney killed them for good.

- Gale was seen as dead after a car crash but ended up being alive. 

- Randy Meeks was shot by Billy Loomis (ghost face for the first Scream) but survived.

- In the second Scream movie, Dewey (the cop) was stabbed by ghost face and appeared to have died but at the end of the movie we see him being on a stretcher rushed into an ambulance, alive. 

so yeah I know its a slasher show bashed off of the movie but not even the movie itself had everyone who died stay dead. 


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