scream forest

When Morning Rolls Around

Jughead x Reader

Summary: When Jughead mysteriously drops all interest in the Blossom case, the reader begins having nightmares caused by her boyfriend’s suspicious behavior.

     Looking around the wooded area, you waited for your boyfriend to meet you for your picnic. It was four in the morning when your boyfriend had asked you to meet him at the lake in an hour for an early breakfast. Knowing him not to be the romantic type, you found yourself blushing at the idea of a peaceful moment between the two of you. As time passed, dark clouds began to circle the sky, and you grew anxious from every minute late that he had become. Crossing your arms from the sudden chill in the air, you jumped at the sound of rustling in the nearby forest. A scream echoed through the trees as the crackling of the leaves seemed to get closer. Fear taking over your body, you turned on your heel to leave, when a figure bumped right into you. Shrieking of fright you backed up fast, falling onto the ground, before making out the face of the boy staring worriedly back at you.

“Jughead? Oh my god.” You said, scrambling to your feet and wrapping your arms around him in relief.

“What’s wrong?” He looked at you intensely, with a confused expression.

     Shaking your head, you noticed the rate that your heart was beating. “There was a scream and a crackling in the woods and I thought that someone was following me and-”

Jughead cut you off by pulling your head into his chest and shushing you. “Everything’s alright now. I’m here.” You nodded into his shirt, the smell of blood flooding into your nostrils. Backing out from the warmth of his body, you suddenly became cold at the realization that he was splattered in blood, fresh blood. The boy looked at you sadly, your eyes meeting his as you tried to make sense of what was happening. Glancing back at his body, you watched as the blood disappeared and his hand arose from behind his back, clutching a butcher’s knife.

     Your brain began to register the events from moments before. The rustling, the scream. All of this felt like a reenactment. Focusing on Jughead once more, you looked on as he charged at you with the knife. By the time that you realized that you had foreseen the sounds in the woods from earlier, it was too late. And as the cold knife plunged into your body, you screamed.

     The thick duvet wrapped tightly around your body wasn’t enough to shield you from the nightmares that wracked your brain at night. This was the third night in a row that the same nightmare had occurred. Luckily, because the last two nightmares had happened on the weekend, you were able to avoid the beanie headed boy. Today however, you found no such luck. For hours and hours, you laid awake, waiting for the sunrise to come, to take you out of your thoughts, to no avail. It was seven forty-five in the morning when you heard the sound of your mother knocking gently on your door. You knew that you were supposed to have gotten up forty-five minutes prior, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to face the day. “Y/N, sweetie, Jughead’s here.” Your mother called from the other side of the door. All you could muster up in response was a groan. You sat up in bed, rubbing your eyes and avoiding getting out of the warmth of your covers, where you would then have to take off your warm and fuzzy pajamas. In actuality, you didn’t want to have to see Jughead.

     The two of you had been dating for almost a year, having met right after Jason Blossom’s murder. You found his interest in the case endearing, and after weeks of pestering him, the moody boy finally started to open up to you. From that moment on, you were inseparable. Until now. Lately he had begun to act distant towards you. As the Blossom case drew further to a close, he had suddenly dropped all interest in it, despite seemingly coming close to solving it himself. He shot you with excuses that he had enough information to finish the novel and that any further prying wasn’t necessary, or that he just wasn’t that interested anymore. What had originally brought you two together was beginning to tear you apart. And make you question the entirety of your knowledge of him and your relationship.

     Breaking you out of your thoughts was another light knock on the door. Groaning again you fell back onto your pillow. “Mom can you just tell him that I’m not feeling well today and that I’ll call him later.” Jughead drove you to school everyday, and for him, today was no different.

“Why don’t you tell me?” You heard Jughead speak from the other side of the door. Before you even had time to think, the door was opening and Jughead was propping himself up against your doorframe. “Y/N, you haven’t answered any of my texts or calls all weekend. Are you going to tell me what’s up or am I just going to have to figure it out?”

Lifting your head off of your pillow, you looked up at him and rolled your eyes, before plopping it back down. Closing your eyes, you felt the bed dip beside you as Jughead sat down on it.

“I just don’t feel well.” You said apathetically and rolled over so that you were facing the opposite direction. Jughead sighed and something tickled your ear before you felt his breath fanning over your ear. “You’re a shit liar. You always have been.”

Turning your body back towards him, you frowned. “How do you know I’m not sick? You haven’t checked my temperature. You shouldn’t even be near me for-”

A light kiss was placed on your lips and your eyes widened before reaching your hand up to smear off your mouth. “What the actual fuck?” You yelled at him.

“What the fuck is right! Why would you wipe off your mouth after kissing me? I should be the one doing that if you’re really the sick one.” Jughead snapped back at you.

     Without any warning, you felt tears well up in your eyes and you began to cry. Every emotion from the past month of fighting with Jughead, to the nightmares, to this moment, had bubbled up inside of you and you just couldn’t hold it in anymore. As soon as the first tear hit your pillow, Jughead was crawling under the covers beside you and wiping your eyes with his shirt sleeve.

“Hey, I’m sorry for yelling. I believe you. If you say you’re sick then you’re sick.” His voice came across as calm but having known him so personally for so long, you could hear the slight quiver of fear underlying his words.

     Shaking your head you sniffled. “I’m not sick.” You looked at the boy in front of you, his soft curls falling in front of his face as his beanie began to slide off. His eyes were dilated as he watched you with concern, and his hand was rolling your hair around one of his fingers, uncurling, and then curling again. You knew at this point that your suspicions and nightmares weren’t realistic, that whatever his reason was for dropping the Blossom case was pure. The small shakiness of his breathing told you that he wouldn’t hurt a fly and that you were stupid to believe otherwise, even subconsciously. It was obvious by this time that you had lied to him, and it was just as obvious that he didn’t care anymore. You brought your hand up to tug his beanie back on slightly, and to soothe his distress. Jughead was a worrier, when it came to you. He was always afraid that you were tired of him or that you were trying to let him down gently, and you realized that he probably thought that his biggest fear was happening.

“Juggie.” You whispered, looking down at his soft pink lips. “You know that I love you and that I wouldn’t leave you no matter what, right?”

“Y-yeah.” Jughead stumbled over his words, as his anxiety rose steadily.

“Then can I ask you something and you promise you will be honest?” You asked, running you fingers along his jawline.

     He gave a faint nod, so you continued. “Why did you actually lose interest in the Blossom case? You were so intrigued by it and you worked so hard to get the information that you did. I just hate to see you give all of that up.”

     For an unknown reason, your words made Jughead close his eyes. They squinted shut tightly and his lip quivered. You hated to see Jughead in pain. The only other time that you had seen him in such a vulnerable state was when he told you that he was homeless. “Jug.” You said as a tear rolled down his cheek. “You don’t have to tell me. I just want you to be happy.”

     His eyes opened again and he sat up, grabbing for your hand. “Y/N. I don’t want you to judge me, or think that I did something that I didn’t or that I’ll end up like him.”

Shaking your head in confusion you squeezed his hand. “Like who, Jughead?”

“Like my dad.” He answered you, and proceeded to close his eyes and take another deep breath. His hand fumbled to try and interlock your fingers, almost desperately, as if he was afraid that what he said next would take you away from him.

“What does that have to do with the case?” You stared up at him, still puzzled.

“I found…Jason’s jacket…in his closet. A-and I think he may h-have killed…him.” Jughead finished the sentence and you felt his whole body begin to tremble. His eyes closed again, avoiding your reaction. Sitting up, you disconnected your hand from his, and wrapped your arms around the boy, bringing him close to you. You gently pulled him back down into a laying position on the bed and you cuddled him as he cried. Leaving tender kisses on his temple, you held him as if he was a piece of glass, delicate and fragile.

“Jughead. You aren’t him. I know you aren’t him. And I don’t know what he did or who he really is but I do know you. You’re kind, and caring, and loving. You’ve always been here for me when I need you. And I do need you. Forever. Because I am so completely in love with you and nothing you have told me or ever will tell me will change that.” You told him, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

     Both of his eyes slowly opened, and immediately searched yours for any hint of a lie in your words. From the small sigh that came after, you could tell that he had found only truth. Moving himself so that he was even with you on your bed, he pulled you into a deep kiss. You never thought that a kiss could say so much, but you could tell that he was pouring his soul into you, in a way that let you know that he trusted you, that you were ‘safe’ for him and his emotions.

“I love you. I’ve been so distant and I should’ve told you, I just…I love you so much Y/N.” He told you in between sniffles.

“Y/N! Are you going to school today or not because if you aren’t, Jughead needs to get going. Just because you’ve decided not to go, doesn’t mean you should drag him down with you!” Your mom yelled at the bottom of the staircase. Smiling, you tucked a fallen ringlet of hair into Jughead’s beanie.

“As much as I’d love to just lay here with you all day, I think my mom is serious.You should probably go.” You both laughed and he nodded, giving a shy smile. “But hey,” You said, softly turning his face towards you again. “I thoroughly expect that you’ll be back here after school for a movie night, with takeout from Pop’s.”

     Your demand was enough to bring Jughead out of his sorrow for a moment, as he rolled his eyes and stood up. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He told you, kissing your lips one last time before walking out of your room and shutting the door quietly behind him. “Love you!” You yelled to him after the door shut, smiling to yourself as you snuggled back into your pillow to get some sleep.

You never had a nightmare about Jughead again.

Overly stressed

“I have so much to do, I have my potions project to finish, and charms presentation, transfiguration analysis, history of magic essay and a stupid worksheet for defense against the dark arts. All due tomorrow. I’m dying here”
“But don’t we also have that diagram for herbology?”
“….. I’m going to the forbidden forest to scream for a little bit. Anyone want to join me?”


OUAT shout out on Galavant.


But, this Frankenstein scowl really adds to the whole– Jess! Okay…I’m going. Look man, I really was just dropping off some food. So, don’t get all West Side Story on me, okay?


Terrifying Sasquatch Growls Captured in Alberta, Canada

What is making the growls/screams in the forest of Alberta? Whatever it is it sounds angry and within close proximity to the brave cameraman who seemingly doesn’t fear death and holds his ground and records it instead of fleeing. The audio sounds very similar to a T-Rex from Jurassic Park (or any other dinosaur movie) which makes viewers question its authenticity. Some say it sounds exactly like a Sasquatch should, which sounds like a mix between a bear and a lion. Sasquatch vocalizations have been recorded in a variety of different ways, from howls, woops, growls and screams. This does sound very reminiscent of other Sasquatch screams/growls but at a much closer proximity than the others which have been recorded.

What do you think of the audio? Was it real, or faked? Is it a genuine video but nothing more than a bear or cougar? Or is it truly a Sasquatch, screaming violently at the cameraman or other predator within its territory? What’s your opinion? Stay curious.

(*The growl at the beginning of the video is not that of a real Sasquatch or the growls/screams I am writing about. It is simply the intro to the video that the YouTube channel has edited in*)

YouTube Channel: Sasquatch Central II - Video Evidence

Forest fic

I hate it. It was so beautiful . The whole time I was like controlling myself and the end FUCKING HIT ME HARD. I WAS IN MY MATHS CKASS AND I STARTED FUCKING CRYING. HYSTERICALLY. I WSD FUCKING UPSET. AND MY TEACHER PANICKED AND I WAS SCREAMING LIKE PLAY FOREST ! PLAY FOREST! AND AFTER MY BFF DID PLAYED it and AND MY CRYING GOT OVER. COZ KNOW I REMEMBERED EVERY BAD STUFF I ENDED UP kissing my crush. Thank you forest fic. I finally kissed him. And oh also then I stopped crying and went to the cafeteria.

Also I wAnt to tattoo the entire thing on my face


Day two: Fear

“Kyaaaahhh!!” The high pitched scream was accompanied by the body it escaped from curling into itself. This was followed by a loud “InuyaSHA!!”

Inuyasha had heard the scream from his forest, and, with ungodly speed, rushed to Kagome’s side. He gracefully laded in front of her, barely causing a whisper of wind with his arrival, but his face showed panic over calm.

“Where are you hurt?” His heart was pounding as his biggest fear faced him: Kagome being injured. He reached for her and started to pluck at her arms, legs, hair, sides, and clothes, inspecting her for any damage. She remained curled into a ball despite his best efforts to unravel her.

“Kagome!” He snapped, “show me where you’re hurt!”

Watery blue-gray eyes lifted to meet his blazing golden ones, only to widen with fear as she mouth let out another scream.

Inuyasha jolted backwards at the sound, his sensitive ears ringing and swerving at the sudden noise. “Damnit, wench,” he howled back at her, “what the hell was that for!”

After a few seconds of shaking his head and praying that his ears would stop ringing, he whipped his head around and looked at her. She was crying, her mouth agape and her eyes leaking tears like a waterfall, all the while pointing at his shoulder.

Realizing he wasn’t going to get an answer out of the small woman, he looked where she indicated was the source of her distress.

Sitting, very nicely perched in his wild mane, was a large black beetle. It’s pincers were moving rapidly, and its back was twitching indicating that it would readily take flight at another loud noise. Kagome let out a whimper, and sure enough, the beetle took to the air-

Directly onto Kagome.

This time her screams of fear and panic were meet by hearty and just as loud bellowing laughter from her male counterpart. The strange combination of noise finally drew the attention of the others.

Miroku was the first to approach. He was far more intrigued by the sound of Inuyasha laughing than concerned for Kagome’s screams. They were with Kaede, perfectly safe, and he knew Inuyasha would be there instantly for Kagome. The sight of Kagome flailing and swatting at a beetle while Inuyasha laughed sprawled out on the grassy hills was very unexpected.

Sango was next to join him, and finally Shippou. The three of them silently watched the other two, smiling and enjoying the antics.

Shippou finally spoke out. “Kagome is scared of bugs, but will run right into Inuyasha’s arms if he’s transformed. How strange…”

Miroku nodded his agreement. Sango smiled and softly shook her head as she walked away.

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Forest witch up to some forest witchy things

The Secret of The Ancient Maze

While secret angels watch my steps 
I walk inside a maze at night
I`ve heard about an ancient myth
excitement grows, so I turn right

I find small cracks in glossy walls
the maze it lights all by itself
how could this be? Inside this cleft?
I walk and wonder, then turn left.

No, right it was, or how was this?
I get confused by all this “same”, 
all cracked up walls, although in light
I start to feel the loss of bliss.

How could I think that this was smart!
Or wait a minute - never did,
just heard this myth and wanted more,
it speaked all clear and bright to heart.

And now, the longest passageway, 
in endless steps I walk again
and maybe now I wished I stayed
in velvet bed, escaped from rain.

But here I am, oh well I might 
as well begin to find the trail
I dreamt of clouds and ancient arts
and in this room: I found The Grail.

But now I heard this strangest noise
a growl or something from within
it was like screams from forest depths
and I`m quite sure it`s not my kin.

I want to turn, to go back home,
but all behind me stops to glow
It`s like I need to see and choose
what`s done is done, and now I know. 

So choice is made, I have to walk
towards this creature in the night
although the screams get to my bones,
I walk with safe and loving light.

Oh my, these walls! But finally!
I get to see an end in sight,
and now, this ends quite frightfully
my meeting with the darkest night.

And there it is, this beast of old
it searches in the open air
a beast like this with feet of mold
with dirty, smelly, ugly hair.

It senses me, yes this I see,
but now it`s quiet as myself
it`s like it asks me of my plea
it hurts and cries - like inner self.

At end I dare to get it close, 
it`s blind, it doesn`t see me there,
but oh, it senses and it knows
and in its eye I see a tear. 

I touch its head, and then I feel,
this growling deep inside of me
a sorrow lost, I need to kneel
I need to set this feeling free.

And now the beast, it starts to glow,
its eyes can see the sights again,
and I feel inner peace and flow
and heavy, healing, pouring rain.

The secret angels reappear
and give me smiles of warmth and love
they free the beast from chain and snare
and then return back to above.

At last I stand, alone in maze
I thought was meant for Holy Grail
but all was test of inner praise
of mind and body, although frail.

The Secret of The Ancient Maze
poetry prompt #daretowrite @inkstay, “lost in a maze”

oh how the gods must have wept
when you were born
how you must have bruised the sky
burned the waters
swallowed the light
you must have screamed
must have fought
said I do not belong here, said
send me
but now you are here
and you must love the moon
for the teeth she has given you
for the voice you split open
for the forest fire you bled
it, too, has no hands
—  Megan Virginia