I woke up to 200 followers this morning, and I got really excited. I know some people think nothing of this, but I am grateful that you all like my blog. ☺ So I thought I’d share my favorite movie, Scream! It’s the first movie I EVER remember watching and it’s the greatest movie ever to me. I can watch it over and over and over again and I will not get tired of it. I love love love Scream. What’s your favorite scary movie?! 🔪✉


I noticed people keep saying that Emma Roberts played one character, the bitchy girl similar to Madison Montgomery. So I chose ten of her biggest projects, mainly from when she was 18+ leaving out Aquamarine and Unfabulous and I decided to bring them to together and mark the main characteristics of each character that she played. The only roles that I see similar would be Madison and Poppy, both rich and rude (Poppy in the beginning of Wild Child) and these projects years apart. Jill is nothing like Madison but there is also a lot of violence and blood marked by the trademark Scream projects.