Of Books and Dirty Cash pt 7

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Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for. 

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You weren’t sure what you were expecting Yoongi’s car to look like, but this wasn’t it.

“A mini cooper?” You said, glancing at him.

“Do you have a problem with that?” Yoongi asked, walking around the jet black car to the driver’s side.

“No.” You said quickly as you stepped in and buckled your seatbelt. “It’s just… Not what I was expecting.”

“Well excuse me for not owning a Ferrari.” He put the car in gear and pulled out of the parking space. Neither of you said anything for a few minutes as Yoongi switched on the radio, tried fifteen channels, and then turned it back off. “There’s never any good music on this late at night.” He complained.

“What exactly was that? Back there, I mean?” You asked quietly.

Yoongi glanced at you briefly before turning his eyes back to the road. “I don’t know what you mean.”

“I think you do.” You muttered, then said louder; “How did you know who that guy was? And why did he seem so scared of you?”

“Marcus?” He scoffed. “We went to high school together. I’ll let you in on a secret, kid. Knowing someone’s name is a big deal. He knows that if I know who he is, I have a name to give the cops. And no one likes a witness—especially not one who knows names.”

His last words gave you chills, but you weren’t sure why. “It seemed like more than that, though.” You said. “It seemed like he knew who you were.”

Yoongi shrugged, but didn’t say anything else.

You sighed. “What were you doing there, anyway?” You asked. Yoongi didn’t seem like one for parties or clubs, couldn’t figure out why he was out so late in the first place. Unless that was one more thing you didn’t know about him?

“I could ask you the same thing.” He said with a smile. “But I won’t, because I’m not your parent and it’s none of my business.” You took that as his way of saying “stop asking me so many questions” and you thought about keeping your mouth shut.

“I asked your first.” 

Yoongi laughed, shaking his head. He glanced at you again, and at first you couldn’t place what you saw in his face… Was he worried?

“Are you really okay?” He asked, and you nodded for what felt like the millionth time that night. You were fairly sure you were fine, but you also knew that the shock hadn’t completely warn off yet.

“I think so.” You said, and Yoongi frowned. You drove in silence for a few more minutes before arriving in front of the dorm building. “Thank you. Really.” You said. You weren’t sure what exactly had happened, or why, but you were sure of one thing—Yoongi could have just kept walking.

“Don’t mention it. Like, really. Don’t say tell anyone about what happened. Please.”

“How about,” You said, getting an idea. “I won’t say anything, if you’ll answer one question.”

Yoongi laughed at that, shrugging. “Ask away, but no promises.”

“What agreement was Marcus breaking by being there?”

Yoongi just looked at you, and you thought he wasn’t going to answer for a moment. “A very important one.” He said finally. “I’ll see you Monday.”

He hadn’t giving you a proper response, but you decided to let it go. “See you Monday.” You echoed.

“Wait a second.” Yoongi caught your arm before you stepped out of the car. He then grabbed an old receipt and and pen, scribbling a number down. “Call me if you need anything, okay?” You took it and smiled gratefully at him.

“I will.”

The rest of the weekend dragged on for what seemed like forever. Monday morning was the same as most, but your classes seemed particularly long. 3 o’clock couldn’t get there fast enough as a mixture of excitement and nerves ran through your system.

Yoongi seemed like his normal self when you got to the library, and didn’t even bat an eyelid when you asked if you could leave early. He just waved you off, informing you that the books would still be there waiting for you to shelve them tomorrow. You weren’t sure if this was meant to be reassuring or menacing, but you left anyway.

(You had, of course, tried to ask him more questions about what had happened Friday night, and he acted like he had no idea what you were talking about. Finally, he had informed you that you were driving him insane and had told you to stay on the other side of the library for the rest of your shift.)

You arrived at the mansion at 2:55 and looked up at the gates in front of the driveway. They were huge, and you wondered what their purpose was. Were the owners really that concerned about thieves? Or was it just a way to say “Yes, I do have that much money.”

“Rich people do strange things.” You thought, looking for some kind of bell you could ring or button you could push to alert the occupants of your presence.

The gate swung open, and you froze as you watched it move of its own accord. The door of the house had been thrown open as well, and a young man walked toward you waving enthusiastically.

“I was worried you wouldn’t show up.” He said, giving you a slightly square shaped smile. “But here you are!”

You smiled and waved back. “Here I am! You must be Taehyung.”

“The one and only. You don’t mind if we walk, do you?” He linked his arm in yours and began leading you around the side of the house. “I’m kind of avoiding someone, so if we could just go this way…” He sped up as you got to a garden—except it was more than that. Evergreen trees and flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors filled everywhere you looked, everything perfectly manicured and placed. It felt like you had just stepped into “The Wizard of Oz” and you were going to find the yellow brick road at any moment.

“Wow…” You said, looking around.

“It’s nice, isn’t it?” Taehyung said, leading you around some bushes and out of sight of the house.

“KIM TAEHYUNG!” A voice yelled from not far off. “YOU’RE DEAD WHEN I FIND YOU!” You glanced at him, and he smiled sheepishly.

“I might have replaced his shampoo with glue.”

There was another scream, and Taehyung laughed nervously. “And I might have also put powdered food dye in his towel.”

“Whose? And why would you do that?” You asked, bewildered.

“He started it.” Taehyung pouted, then pulled you around another bunch of bushes to a small table with two chairs. “Now, I believe we have matters to discuss.” He grinned at you, pulling out a chair and gesturing for you to sit. “We should be safe here.”

You weren’t sure what to say to that, so you just sat down as well. It was hard to believe that Taehyung and Yoongi were brothers, they didn’t look similar at all and certainly didn’t act anything alike.

Taehyung leaned forward with a smile that reminded you of the Cheshire cat, lacing his hands together. “I’ll go first. Who are you?”

You raised your eyebrows at him, then laughed. “You know who I am.”

“No,” Taehyung shook his head. “I know where you work. I know your name. I know Yoongi has taken a special interest in you, but I don’t know why. Who. Are. You?”

“No one.” You said. “I’m just a student. What do you mean, a special interest in me?”

“I mean, he doesn’t bother paying attention to just anyone. He doesn’t hire just anyone, and he doesn’t not fire just anyone. There’s something about you that he sees as different.”

You shook your head. Taehyung and Seokjin both were reading into your relationship with Yoongi too far—namely, in thinking that there was one. Yoongi had hired you because the other temps quit. And maybe there was something different about you working there, but that didn’t mean you were special, or that you had some kind of connection with him. All it meant was that you enjoyed Yoongi’s company, and he seemed to not mind yours.

“I know you’re here somewhere, Taehyung!” The voice from earlier yelled, from much closer this time.

Taehyung suddenly held a finger up to his mouth, signaling you to stay quiet. It was no use though, as another young man stepped from around the shrubbery to stand behind Taehyung. His damp orange hair had patches of blue, and the same color screaked his face and arms.

“You. Are so. Dead.” He hissed, blue-tinted fists clenching. Taehyung winced, turning around slowly.

“Wait, Jimin, I’m in the middle of a very important conversation.” Jimin didn’t hesitate to lunge at Taehyung, but the other was already out of the chair and behind you before you realized what he was doing.

“Jimin, hang on a second.” He pleaded, but he was also laughing and you guessed that didn’t help his case much.

“You have ten seconds to explain.” Jimin said.

“Look who it is, it’s the girl from the library! You know the one Yoongi told Seokjin to stay away from?” Taehyung said very quickly while pointing to you. “Well look! She’s here!”

Jimin was briefly distracted. “Are you really her?” He asked suspiciously.

“Why does everyone know who I am?” You demanded, turning to Taehyung.

“It isn’t your turn to ask a question.” Taehyung replied.

“Interesting.” Jimin sat down across from you, and you shifted uncomfortably. He looked like he was trying to see into your soul. “Does Yoongi know you’re here?”

“…No?” You answered. This was all too weird.

Jimin made a face at Taehyung. “Do you have an actual death wish?”

“Oh, come on, Jimin!” Taehyung pleaded. “Don’t be like that. Seokjin always leaves me out of this kind of thing!”

“What kind of thing?” You asked.

“You’re left out because you do this!” Jimin gestured at you.

“Sorry, can someone please explain what you’re talking about?” You said, looking between them. Jimin sighed, rubbing a hand across his face and smudging more blue onto his nose.

“Long story short, you shouldn’t be here.”

“She called!” Taehyung said. “And she wanted answers. All I’m doing is helping her.”

“It’s none of our business, Taehyung.” Jimin said. “You know that. Seokjin knows that too. Or he should know that.”

“What isn’t your business?” You said, speaking louder. You were getting tired of being ignored.

You aren’t.” Jimin clarified. “Yoongi isn’t.” He looked at Taehyung. “He made his choice.”

“But I don’t like his choice!” Taehyung complained. “I don’t like not seeing him. I don’t like not knowing how he’s doing, or what he’s doing! You don’t like it either.”

“No one likes it, Taehyung!” Jimin stood, crossing his arms. “That’s why Seokjin can’t seem to back off either! But it’s time we just accepted it. And getting her involved isn’t fair.”

“She got herself involved.” Taehyung muttered, folding his arms as well.

“Is anyone going to tell me what you’re talking about?” You asked, standing as well.

Jimin turned to you, then groaned and looked up at the sky. “Fine! You win, Taehyung. But we should talk inside, it’s cold out here.” He looked back to you for a moment. “I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into.”

You followed them into the house, though you still weren’t sure how much you should trust them. You had left a note for Diane with the address written on it in case you didn’t come back, but you were hoping there was no reason to have done so. 

Luckily the sun room was literally right next to the garden, and the door outside would be an easy exit if you needed it. There was something strange about Taehyung and Jimin, and you were reminded of what Jungkook had told you.

“You can leave, if you want.” Jimin said, flopping down on one of the pristine white couches. “I won’t stop you. And if Taehyung tries to, it’ll only be with tears.”

“I’m fine, thanks.” You said, though you did feel slightly relieved. You sat across from Jimin and Taehyung, in the chair closest to the door.

“So, you can go first.” Jimin said. “What do you want to know?” 

You thought for a moment. There were so many things, you didn’t even know where to start. “Why are Yoongi and Seokjin on such bad terms?” 

“Because Yoongi’s a butt.” Taehyung said simply.

Jimin rolled his eyes at Taehyung. “Because Yoongi wanted a different life than he had here. Organized crime only gets you so far, apparently.”

“Organized crime?” You whispered. Jimin leaned sideways over to Taehyung.

“She didn’t know?” He asked. “I thought you told her?”

“Nope, this is on you.” Taehyung said, hands in the air. “Your fault, not mine!”

“You’re a gang?” You said for clarification. The door to the sun room from the rest of the house swung open and you jumped. Seokjin was standing there, but didn’t seem to see you. 

“Taehyung, where is my phone? Has anyone seen Jungkook? And Jimin, why are you blue?” 

A/N I’m back! :D This chapter got a little ridiculous, I know. But hopefully you still enjoyed it! There’ll be more Yoongi time in the next part, I promise. Sorry this part didn’t have much plot development, but now Reader knows more about Yoongi’s background and Jimin has been introduced! Let me know what you think, and as always, thank you so much for reading! <3

The buzzing got a little louder.

He shifted uneasily, staring at the ceiling for what seemed like days as the moon and stars slowly turned, and the universe twisted in its unending and unfathomable journey through the great void that is everything.

According to his clock, it had been twenty-three minutes.

Danny slunk out of bed, as much as someone can slink when they’re half blinded by an infuriatingly persistent discomfort. He pushed his feet into well worn and well loved moccasins, dragging his blanket to keep it over his shoulders. The buzzing did not relent, and he did not feel better, but he did feel a bit nicer now with objects of comfort gathered tightly around him. 

He sighed in a way that told the world he was just not feeling it tonight.

Whatever ‘it’ was.


Being dead?

Living while he should have been dead?

Being dead, when he should have been living? 

He found himself anxiously tugging at the small hairs on the back of his neck and forced himself to shove his hands back down onto his lap. The house seemed quiet in the way most houses were. That is, not quiet at all. Pipes gurgled and clanked, wood floor screaked, and there was always this faint sense of settling. Like the house itself was trying to dig its roots further into the earth, planting itself like a great, hollowed out and ancient tree.

Danny closed his eyes, and breathed. 

Please remember me.

A/N: Hello! So here’s the Ravi belated birthday fic(><), hopefully it sounds fine cos I thought I did a pretty bad job); But still, I posted it up in celebration for Happy_RaviDay so ta-da! This is probably the longest fic I have written so far. Um it’s kind of angst, I think? (Not a pleasant mood for birthdays but still HAHA) Enjoy:)

“Hey darling, don’t reproach him when he comes later. He must have been busy with work.” My mother said as I opened the door for her to enter the cab.

“Okay, I know. Bye mom, call me when you reach the hotel.” I gave a small smile and closed the door, waiting for the cab to be out of sight before making my way back to my apartment.

“Hey,” I heard heavy footsteps and a familiar deep voice behind me. I turned to look and it was Wonshik, slightly panting for breath. He was definitely the last person I wanted to see right now. I deterred from the direction of my apartment and walked along the pavement hastily. No way I am inviting him into my apartment nor have him knocking when I shut him out.

“Hey babe, listen.” Wonshik came half-running from behind.

“This is not the way, Wonshik. My mother came to visit and I asked you to be available at least for a dinner! We waited for three full hours and you never came!” I paused at my feet and turned to stare at him.

“I am sorry. I was in the studio in the midst of composing a song for our upcoming album and I totally forgot about it. We can always have a dinner tomorrow or something,” He held on to my arm and I pushed it off roughly.

“Compose, compose compose! I have been reminding you since two weeks ago about this and you promised me. I am not asking too much Wonshik, just a dinner! And besides, I couldn’t even contact you. Do you know how embarrassing I was when I couldn’t even reach my boyfriend and don’t know where is he when my mother is waiting? Dinner tommorow? Ha! I guess you even forgot that she is leaving tomorrow morning.” I let out a sarcastic laugh and shook my head as I made my way across the road.

“Hey. Hey!” He called out. I forced his voice out of my head and continued walking.

“There’s a car coming!” This time I heard him and turned to the direction of a deafening screaking sound. And to my horror, a car was charging towards me at a high speed. My eyes widened as I stood rooted to the ground, too shocked to move an inch.

“BE CAREFUL!” I heard Wonshik shouted across the road as he came running towards me, but it all happened too fast. The next instant, I felt a massive impact hit me and sent me off the road.

Then, it was total darkness.

My head was spinning and I heard whispers around me.

“How long has she been unconscious?” I heard a familiar voice.

“Three days. Where are the others?” A voice beside me spoke.

“They are in the car, N says we should come in separately. Not to attract too much attention. ”

I rolled my eyes a little due to the brightness I was experiencing and shunned away from the light source. Shifting a little as I tried to open my eyes, I only managed to squint due to the sudden intensity of light. I let out a soft wince as I bring myself to open my eyes slowly, and there I vaguely saw a man in front of my bed.

“Look, she’s awake.” The man called out as he walked towards me.

Then, I felt a sudden ruffle of the sheets and turned slightly to look. There was this man sitting by my bedside, looking into my eyes as I stared back. He looked handsome, but was in a horrible shape, I thought. He looked haggard with his hair kept messy under his cap, and there were dark circles around his eyes, as if he hadn’t been sleeping for days. I stared hard at the haggard looking man who showed signs of concern in his eyes, before a voice interrupted me.

“How are you feeling?” The man who was in front of my bed came close and it was then I realised it was Leo.

“Um,” I only managed to cough out a sound before clearing my throat.

“Not good, my head is spinning. And my leg. Ouch..” My voice cracked and it didn’t sound pleasant. It was then I realised my right leg was in a cast.

Leo let out a little laugh before speaking up, “I think I will go and get the doctor. You two should have some time alone.”

You two? I thought to myself as I turned towards the other man, who was nodding to Leo’s suggestion.

“Thanks hyung,” he called out.

“W..wait. What some time alone? Who is him?” I forced myself to sit up a little and called out to Leo, and asked about the man sitting beside me. I surely had not seen him before. But the expression on the both of them told a different story. They both went speechless and Leo looked dumbfounded as he walked back to us.

I looked at the man beside me, as he stared back in confusion and disbelief. Wait, why was he looking at me in a way that I should know him?

“Hey, this isn’t funny. Are you okay?” He peered at me as he brought up his hands and gently cupped on my left hand. His touch was so foreign and I didn’t feel comfortable at all. I momentarily drew back my hand and turned to look at Leo.

“Oppa, who is him?” I asked again.

“He’s Wonshik. Your boyfriend.” Leo replied slowly with caution, as if he wanted to check if I didn’t know him for real.

Boyfriend? I had not even seen him before. I had been lying for days without knowing what exactly happened and the moment I woke up, I was being told that I have a boyfriend that I didn’t seem to remember? I gave a puzzled look as I turned back to the man beside me, hoping that something will pop out in my mind. He looked disappointed and said, “Do you remember me?” I shook my head. No, I don’t remember.

Then, the door opened and N, Ken and Hong Bin came in.

“Hey hey~~ You are awake! Doing fine?” Ken was the first one to talk and came beside me.

“Not feeling very good.” I gave a tired smile.

“She doesn’t remember Wonshik.” I heard Leo telling the others about it as I talked to Ken.

“Huh? Are you serious?” N exclaimed and Hong Bin’s eyes widened by the news.

N rushed forward and pushed Ken aside, peering into my eyes as he asked, “Then you know who I am?”

“Of course. N oppa, Jaehwan oppa, Hong Bin oppa, Taekwoon oppa.” I pointed out and named each one of them as they nodded.

“Okay, so what do we do?” N continued.

“You guys sing.” I answered.

“So what’s our group name?”


“How many members are there?”


“Which six?”

“You, Taekwoon oppa, Jaehwan oppa, Hong Bin oppa, Hyuk and.. and…” I was answering N’s questions with ease before I stumbled upon this. There were clearly six members in VIXX and I could only remember five. Who is the last one that I couldn’t recall? Don’t tell me it’s him?

“Okay, tell me how did you know us?”

“I am college friends with Hyuk of course! That’s why I know all of you. Saying of Hyuk, where is he?”

Everyone kept silent and was deep in thought before Hong Bin spoke up, “Oh Hyuk is still in school, he’s rushing here now.”

“She remembers everything and everyone, everyone except Wonshik.” Leo pointed out softly.

“I am going to get the doctor,” said the worried Wonshik, who was supposedly my boyfriend.

As soon as he left, I spoke up weakly. “Can someone explain to me what this is about? Why am I here? And why you guys said that guy is my boyfriend?” There were so many questions in my mind that needed to be answered.

“Are you sure you can’t remember what happened? You met into a car accident outside you apartment.” Leo came forward and took the space that was occupied by Wonshik moments ago.

I looked at him, trying to recall what happened but nothing came to mind.

“Apparently you two had a fight, and you rushed across the road. It was then the accident happened, a car came and knocked you down. And you are here now, injured and forgot who your boyfriend is.” Leo finished his explanation and surveyed me, trying to see if I could recall anything of what he had just said. But the truth was, I couldn’t.

“Doctor, just happened to her? She seems to remember everyone except me.” Wonshik rushed to the doctor’s office as he wanted to know what was going on.

“From the brain scans, we detected that she had a mild brain concussion, which may be one of the causes for her to lose some of her memory.” The doctor explained.

“So when will she recover?” Wonshik pressed on.

“I couldn’t give you a definite answer, as it depends on each individual. It may take weeks, months or even years. Some might not even recover.”

“What do you mean by might not even recover? You are the doctor, you should cure your patients!” Wonshik raise his voice and stood up, attempting to grab the doctor by his collar.

“Hyung! Take it easy!” Hyuk burst through the door and was just in time to stop Wonshik.

“How can I take it easy? She doesn’t remember me!” Wonshik slumped back to the seat and buried his face in his hands. Hyuk quickly apologised to the doctor on Wonshik’s behalf before exiting together with him.

On their way back to the ward was in silence. Hyuk looked at his worn-down hyung and gave a little pat his back, “Hyung, I heard everything from the others. It’s okay, I am sure she will remember you.”

“Thanks Hyuk, thanks.” Wonshik thanked wearily with his head hung low.

“Hyuk!” I called out as the door swung open and it was Hyuk at the door, followed closely behind was Wonshik.

“Oh dear, how are you feeling?” Hyuk came to my bedside, looking concerned.

I was talking to him while the others were having a conversation at the back of the room.

“Hyuk, I am still confused. Is this a prank or what? Why I can’t even remember that I have a boyfriend?” I whispered as I didn’t want the others to hear. As Hyuk is my best friend, I trust him and needed to hear it from him.

“Listen, it’s true. Wonshik hyung is your boyfriend. You met an accident, perhaps that’s why you couldn’t remember. Look, we will try our best to have you recovered alright? Get all the memories back and be happy together with Wonshik hyung again.” Hyuk held out to my hand as he explained. I just nodded blankly, as it was still too much for me to take in.

“Excuse me, we need to do some examination for the patient.” A nurse walked in and addressed the small crowd.

“Let’s go, she needs to rest too. Come on, Wonshik.” N spoke as they are about to leave.

Wonshik made his way towards my bed and held his hand up to my face, but drop it down halfway, “Rest well, I will come again tomorrow.”

As he was about to walk off, I spoke up softly “You too, you look tired.”

He spun around and managed a weary but genuine smile, “I will.”

The rest of the night, I couldn’t help but to think about what exactly happened to me. The more I tried to recall, the more my head hurts. Why can’t I remember a single thing about Wonshik?  Or the accident? I realised I kept asking myself questions that I couldn’t even answer.

Slowly, I drifted off to sleep…

The next morning, I woke up with a slight headache, perhaps I was brooding too much on the previous night. As I massaged my temples smoothly, I felt a presence beside me and turned to see Wonshik, still sleeping with his head resting on my bed.

I gazed at his striking profile and I involuntarily held out my left hand, caressing his cheek gently. There was moisture. He cried?

He batted his eyelids a little and woke up, causing me to jerk my hand away quickly. He stretched a little before realising that I was awake too. “Oh, oh! You are awake?” He rubbed his eyes and asked.

“Hm,” I nodded and gave a small smile. “Why are you here? And where are the others?” I asked.

“Of course I am here, I need to take care of you, silly. The rest of them are recording for our upcoming album. ” My face blushed a little at his words, as he stood up and poured some porridge out from the vacuum flask that was sitting on the bedside table.

“I cooked some porridge, eat it while it’s still warm.” He settled beside me once again and scooped a spoonful of porridge.

“Oh no, I can feed myself,” I took the porridge from him as I felt awkward to be fed by him. “Shouldn’t you be there too?” I continued, trying to stay on the topic as I avoid his disappointed gaze.

“Oh we have recorded the title track. I only participated in composing the song they are recording today.” He explained.

“You compose songs too?” I looked up from my bowl of porridge, surprised.

“Yeah, don’t you remember? With that being said, it was because of me composing that song which caused you landed in this state.” He pointed out with his face full of remorse.

“Why, why did you say that?” I asked, confused.

“It was my fault. I shouldn’t get too engrossed with my work and forgot such an important date. If not, all of this wouldn’t happen. You wouldn’t be lying here in pain, not remembering our relationship.” He started babbling his words out and I couldn’t understand what he was blaming himself for.

“Wonshik, ” I held on to his arm and addressed his name for the first time.

He looked at me, surprised. Perhaps he realised that too.

“I couldn’t remember what happened to me or to us. And in any case, I heard that I was the one who rushed across the road and got hit by the car. So it was at least partially my fault for landing myself here. ” I gestured to myself. “Please don’t put the entire blame on you. How about explaining to me what exactly happened? What were we actually fighting about?” I continued.

Wonshik took a deep breath and nodded, and started explaining the whole incident to me. About my mother came to visit but he wasn’t there for the dinner, and we argued by the roadside about it, then the accident happened. As I listened to him, I tried to piece up the information inside my head but I still had no recollections about it.

“Okay, I guess it was still my fault after all, being oblivious to the surroundings when there is a car coming right at me. And to be honest, arguing by the roadside? What was I actually thinking?” Yeah, what was I actually thinking? I thought to myself.

“No, I should have run across the road and save you but I didn’t manage in time.” He rebutted.

“Are you mad? Then I am glad you didn’t. I wouldn’t want to see you getting hit by the car as it would be the two of us lying in the hospital now.” I pointed out in a slightly agitated manner.

“You never seem to change even after the accident.” He eased his frown and let out a small, deep chuckle.

“Certainly, an accident can’t possibly change my character.” I laughed at his words.

“But an accident caused you to forget about us.”

I looked at him silently, trying to find some words to comfort him but I couldn’t.

“Um.. let’s not mull about it. Let me show you some pictures we took together. Perhaps it would trigger your memory.” Wonshik held out his phone and started swiping pictures after pictures that we took together. I couldn’t deny that that it was me in the photographs, and we looked so happy and candid in them. We even came across some silly pictures that we took, and I can’t help but to laugh at it. We seemed to have so much fun in the pictures, and I actually found myself wishing that I could remember them all.

“Give me some time, perhaps I could remember about us after all.” I blurted out softly with my eyes glued to the screen. Oops, what did I just said?

“I will wait.” Wonshik looked up and gave me an assuring smile.


It has been a month since I got discharged from the hospital after the accident, and that day was the start of a new semester in university. I was walking along the corridor to the lecture theatre when someone knocked me roughly from behind.

“Hey! Watch where you are.. Hyuk?” I almost swore at the person but quickly realised that it was Hyuk.

“Hello~ It’s just my way of greeting, no need for you to curse at me right?” Hyuk beamed as he nudged me lightly.

I literally rolled my eyes at this childish friend of mine and continued my way to lecture.

“Hey hey, didn’t you learn in kindergarten that it is rude to ignore people?” Hyuk followed closely behind and teased. I simply ignored him and continue walking.

“Give me some face, people are watching.” Hyuk whispered into my ears.

I scanned my surroundings and true enough, not far away there were a handful of girls looking at us. “Are you threatening me with your fans?” I asked in a defensive tone jokingly as I slowed down and kept my pace with Hyuk.

“Of course not! But I can’t help it if you think so.” Hyuk answered innocently and I gave a snort and his so-called innocence.

“So how are things with Wonshik hyung?” This time Hyuk lower down his volume to make sure the people around us couldn’t hear.

“He’s nice,” I paused. “But I still can’t remember a thing about us.”

“Oh…” Hyuk nodded at my words. “Wait. You said he’s nice? Does it mean that you like him?” Hyuk squeaked as he tried to contain his excitement.

I felt my face turned warm at his accusation. After the accident, we did spend some time together, and I couldn’t say I didn’t like him, either I felt comfortable saying that I liked him. “I.. I don’t know, I am not sure if I really like him or I am trying to convince myself to like him since he is supposedly my boyfriend.”

“Hm.. I see what you mean. But I guess what matters is the present. Don’t mull about the past. So what you lost your past memories with him? Like for now, if you think he’s the one, why not give each other a chance?” Hyuk suggested.

“Woah, looks like someone is being a love expert eh?” I joked.

“Of course! I am Hyuk, the love guru!” He exclaimed, but quickly covered his mouth when he realised he was getting audible.

“Haha! Please take good care of your image, Hyuk ah!” I sniggered faintly as we made our way into the lecture theatre.

Throughout the lecture, I wasn’t paying attention at all. My mind kept thinking about what Hyuk had just said. ‘So what you lost your past memories with him? Like for now, if you think he’s the one, why not give each other a chance?’

After school, I was walking together with Hyuk until he got interviewed by reporters waiting at the entrance, asking about his first day of school in the new semester. After throwing some eye signal at Hyuk, I quickly made my way out of the commotion and walked myself home. I turned into an alley that I always used to get home, and saw a slender man in a cap, leaning against the wall. I took no notice of him as I walked past.

“Hey,” He called out.

I stopped at my tracks and turned to look. “Oh hello! Why are you here?”

“Waiting for you, Hyuk said you guys end at this time today.” Wonshik adjusted his cap slightly and looked at his watch.

“Waiting for me? How do you know that I would walk this way?” I asked in a surprised tone.

“It’s a shortcut to your apartment. I remember, but you forgot.” He let out a little dejected smile as he kicked off the wall and walked beside me.

“Oh..” I uttered a small sigh, feeling embarrassed at my own question. As we were walking, I noticed that he was holding to a plastic bag and asked out of curiosity, “What’s in the bag?”

“This? Make a guess, it’s your favourite snack.” He held up the bag and gave an encouraging smile.

“Um.. rice cakes?” I asked excitedly, secretly hoping it really was, as I hadn’t eaten them since I got discharged from the hospital.

“I guess you have not forgotten about your favourite snack then,” Wonshik laughed at my enthusiasm and passed me the bag. I peered inside and true enough,

“Omo thank you!” I squeaked in excitement and hugged the bag of rice cakes.

“How about going to the hill behind your apartment and savour these?” He winked.

“Sure!” I agreed readily.

We went up the small hill right behind my apartment and sat on the wooden bench, which overlooked the small town and I began to dig into the rice cakes. It was really scrumptious, and I devoured the rice cakes while Wonshik was talking to me, unaware that I wasn’t really paying attention.

“Do you remember anything about this place? This was where we first met. Hyuk asked me to meet him here for some ridiculous reason, and you came up together with Hyuk.” He said, but more to himself as he played with his ring on his index finger. I stopped eating and listened to him quietly.  He looked up and smiled at me before continuing.

“It was then I realised we got set up by Hyuk, and he introduced you to me. I have to admit that I got that special feeling when I first saw you. I. I can’t really explain that, it’s just I wanted to know more about you. We started off quite awkwardly, but the more we interacted, the more I am attracted to you and your interesting personality. I could never forget the wonderful memories that we both shared. Even you had forgotten about me, I am glad you hadn’t change. You are still the one I knew.” He finished his little story about us with his eyes watery and turned to look at me. I just sat there and gazed at him blankly. For some reason, tears started welling up and I was sniffing. Why am I acting this way when I can’t remember a single thing about what he had just said?

Both of us went silent for a moment, before Wonshik shifted towards me. He wiped my tears caringly with his thumb and tucked my hair behind my ear. He then inched even closer, with his long arm stretched across the bench. I felt his warm and familiar breath right in front of me, slowing shutting my eyes. Wait, why do I felt his breath was familiar? Was that an illusion?

“Um.. um I need to throw this away.” I opened my eyes and jolted back as I gestured to the empty bag and stood up quickly.

“Don’t go,” Wonshik stood up the next instance and grabbed my wrist firmly, pulling me close and cupped my face with his other hand. Then, he leaned in and I felt his warm lips on mine.

I widened my eyes at the sudden contact and absentmindedly dropped the empty bag that I was holding. I tried to pull away, but the tenderness of his lips brushing against mine caused me to surrender within his arms and melt away in the kiss. Slowly, I went with the flow, placing my hand on his chest and returned the kiss affectionately. The moment felt slow and lasting, and I was getting lost in the kiss. Upon the realization, I quickly pulled away, feeling a little abashed.

“Sorry, I guess I rushed things too fast.” He whispered under his breath as he placed his forehead against mine.

I went silent for a moment, trying to find my words. How could I feel so comfortable and sweet when he kissed me? It shouldn’t be the case when I couldn’t remember who this person was.

“No,” I disagreed and held on to his hand that cupped my face. I found myself getting the answer to my questions.

“You remember something? About us?” Wonshik asked with his eyes shone with hope.

“No,” I shook my head and continued. “But Hyuk was right; it doesn’t matter if I could remember our past.”

Wonshik peered at me, confused at my words.

“I guess I did develop feelings for you after the accident. And perhaps you might really the one for me, so I thought why not give each other a chance?” I shy away and looked down, as I finally confessed.

“Then I will take this chance to prove that you are my only one.” Wonshik smiled widely as he tilted my chin gently to meet my gaze and sealed a little kiss on my nose.

- Love, Writer E<3

Under the Blanket - Request Sunday #12

~The Fanfic for today´s Request Sunday is based on the following Request~

You love Movie Nights over at Dan and Phil´s apartment. You always use to sit on the sofa, cuddled up under a giant blanket with the blinds drawn and Phil would make Popcorn, which he mostly ate himself. Due to Christmas and New Year’s happening, it´s been a while since you´ve seen the boys and you one of those Movie Nights. But now you are sitting cuddled up next to Dan on the sofa, Phil is eating his Popcorn as usual and you just enjoy spending some quality time with them. Dan has his arm tightly wrapped around you and his head is softly resting on yours. Even though you´ve been together for a while now, Dan´s touch still made you feel tingly and the fact you haven´t seen each other in a while doesn’t particularly help with you feeling already a little bit aroused.

Dan obviously feels the same way; a few minutes later a short sex scene comes on and he leans closer to your ear, whispering “I wish I could do that you right now” as the male lead actor throws a women on the bed and starts ripping off her clothes. As he presses his lips softly on your neck a shiver runs through your body and you bite your lip to repress a moan. Suddenly you feel Dan´s free hand softly caressing your breasts, gently playing with your nipples. You close your eyes, enjoying the feeling of his hands on your body. Under the blanket his hand moves down and he skilfully unbuttons your jeans and lets his hand slide down to your already wet delicate area. You gasp and tightly grab Dan´s arm that is wrapped around you. “Dan!” you whisper burying your face in his neck, hoping Phil doesn´t hear you. “Don´t tell me you don´t like it.” He whispers back in a deep and husky voice. He increases the pressure with which he is rubbing your clit and you have to bite your lip again to stop a moan from slipping out. You risk a little side glance to Phil, but he doesn´t seem to notice what is going and keeps quietly watching the movie. Dan slides his hand down even more and in a swift move he pushes your underwear to the side. He draws little circles on your delicate area before he starts to finger you. You forcefully bite your lip, overrun with desire, trying to avoid any noise as you are afraid Phil might catch you. Covered by the blanket Dan picks up a steady pace and pushes his fingers into you gently at first but swiftly does it harder. You go back to burying your head in Dan´s neck, still biting your lip. You need all your strength to keep your body from involuntarily moving in sync with Dan´s hands.

You can´t deny that being touched by Dan this way feels incredibly good and your body definitely longs for more. You want to feel his hard cock inside you. You tighten the grip around Dan´s arm. Thinking about things like this sure isn´t helping with containing yourself. From the corner of your eyes you can see Phil turning his head making a comment about the movie and Dan abruptly stops in his movement. He waits another few moment, only gently rubbing your clit with his thumb, before continuing. You can feel a little knot in your tummy, fearing Phil is going to catch you. But he just peacefully keeps watching the movie. You just hope that the movie is going to be over soon as you can´t take it any longer. “Dan! Not so fast!” you whisper as quite as possible. Dan only responds with a little side smirk and continues fingering you.

As soon as the movie ends, Phil stretches next to you. Dan stops again and removes his hand from under the blanket. Phil stretches again and yawns, before proclaiming that he is immediately going to bed. You say your good nights and as soon as Phil left the room, closing the door behind him. The second you hear the door locking Dan and you sink into a passionate kiss. You unbutton his jeans without hesitation, impatiently pushing them down and pulling him on top of you. Tangled in the blanket Dan pushes his hard member inside you. You let out a moan as his full length gets pushed inside you. Finally you can just let go and your hips start moving in sync with Dan´s thrusting. You get lost in the act, savouring the feeling of Dan´s lips kissing your neck, your breasts and your lips; the feeling of his bare skin against yours and the pleasure of his cock inside you.

You were just about to switch position when you get interrupted by the sound of the screaking lounge door. Startled the both of you look up to find Phil standing in the door frame looking at you with shock in his eyes. “I just wanted to get my blanket” he stutters terrified. You blush and your cheeks burn in embarrassment. You cover yourself with a blanket and avoid looking at Phil, feeling really ashamed. Dan let´s out an annoyed sigh and swiftly wraps the two of you in his blanket. “What are you doing?” you ask confused. “I´m getting us out of here. I want sex and I´m going to get it.” He answers and lifts you up, securing the blanket with his hands. Phil almost jumps out of the way, making room for you. Dan quickly carries you into his bedroom, slams the door and throws you onto his bed. “I want you so badly.” He breathes and pushes his cock back inside you.

keniplier  asked:

ARE YOU READY FOR HIS NEXT LIVESTREAM!!! I mean yea, I'm mad about the troll, but I have been waiting FOREVER for FUCKING UNDERTALE!! I'M JUST FREAKING OUT!! I"M SCREAKING!