Look what I got today guys! I saw one when I went on holiday last year and I never bought it but finally I have. It’s the McFarlane version, and its the best one I’ve seen. I was going to get the Neca zombie one once but hmm didn’t like it as much as this version. It has a knife and a phone and like a sign behind him with Ghostface on it. Ahh I love it! But I dunno if I should keep him in the box or take him out :s? 

  • Sherif: She was right behind me!
  • Me: N., she was right behind him!
  • Friend: I know!
  • Me: SHE knows!
  • Friend: I know she knows!
  • Me: She knows you know!
  • Friend: ...
  • Me: What?
  • Friend: Does that mean I am a witnesss?
  • Me: I don't know... you are?
  • Friend: Oh God... I am! Scream-guy is gonna kill me!
  • Me.: Why would he want to kill you?
  • Friend: Because I know! And he knows I know!
  • Me: Are you sure he knows you know?
  • Friend: I don't know!

as everyone knows, i love horror movies. scream (the first) is my absolute favorite scary movie. i can resite it, me & brandon, my best friend, watch the movie and just take turns going back and forth saying the lines. having said that, i saw scre4m, and fucking loved it. it was fucking brilliant. i loved the ending. NO SPOILERS HERE. i love hayden, she’s always fucking gorgeous, especially with very short hair. it was a very well thought out movie for a very tired concept, and i loved it. already have it bootlegged. CHINGGG!