scratchnhack said: fyi had that problem when I first tried? I thought I was just stupid.. I just wasn’t quite breathing in correctly- fully, is what I mean. Just- Food for thought there. Try breathing in fully IF you ever try again. I’m just saying.. I had that problem

yeah the guy kept telling me to like breathe it in so i feel it in my chest? i thought i was but maybe not? thank you for the tip ;v; if i do ever want to try again, i’ll do that!

xiactorvi said: 8( i’m sorry, that’s hella disappointing

yeah but i think its better i wasnt high with him. i thought itd be fun but it was mostly just weird. if i get high again then i wanna get high with you or someone else i trust and know ill have a good time with uvu <3

cloudfaeries said: drugs are weird like that. I know people who can take some of the harder drugs and feel nothing at all. each person is different.

yeah my fried said that im either doing it wrong, it was bad weed, or i just have a higher tolerance for it

dr-horribles-sing-along-blog said: ah sorry things didn’t go like you wanted friend. that sort of stuff can get expensive though, so maybe it’s was fate intervening on behalf of your wallet.

thank you friend <3 and yeah, it was also probably a good sign that maybe i should try getting high with someone i trust if i ever want to do it again. but yeah i saw how much he got and how much we used and its def way too expensive to do very often.

delsinsmixtape asked:

I know I said something here just recently but how are you doing?? is everything still fine with your parents and all? I hope you're well <3

things are good! things aren’t exactly smooth between them and the person im dating for other reasons but things will even out eventually.

Snakes yawning are pretty much the best thing you could use when needing a reaction image
Oh your favorite character died?— 

That video game you were looking forward to getting isn’t coming out for another few years

Your friends are having fun without you and undoubtedly will talk about it the next day and say “you should’ve been there”