Well, the inevitable happened… While parking Lucy at my folks, I made the mistake of trying to make a tight right turn to avoid hitting the edge of the pavement/grass and tipping her over. Turning the bars all the way to one side or the other and moving forward tends to cause the bike to tip in the turn direction very easily.

And Of course, it was my bad (previously broken and in pain still) leg that it tipped towards. It was all I could do to slowly lower it down and not drop her. The damage was very minimal, just some scratching on the exhaust’s carbon fiber portion and the mirror, the latter I can easily use a nail file to smooth and touch up with some black anodize paint on stuff that matches it.

But it hurt my leg which was already in pain, and if I had tried to hold it up I could have rebroken or broken my leg or caused damage… and if I dropped her, it would have done big damage.

My brother came out and helped me get her back up. But my heart broke when it happened. And now I am extra aware of this happening… Worst part, I’ve made this turn around at my folks 2 dozen times and easily done this same thing catching the bike before it drops (on the Harley) half of those times. I tempted fate and she told me how she felt about it.

Not sure how to clean up the carbon fiber portion… maybe file the rough area and put some clear nail polish on it. The mirror, no biggie, worst case I replace it but its not damaged.

Now my leg, it hurt already from 4 days of biking (bicycle) in a row plus a mile of walking… and then this. Ugh.

Lesson learned.

Tiny Announcement!

(( hey guys! sorry I’ve been inactive for a few days! That thing planned on wednesday turned into a sleepover and all that, and ever since I got back I’ve been working on my dating sim game cause I’ve been neglecting it recently.

So due to this weekend being memorial day and whatnot also, I have no clue if I have any plans and whatevs (I know I got plans Sunday definitely) but I’ll probs not come back on here til around Tuesday or earlier, depending if I have the time. So yeah sorry for those who are waiting on me as far as threads/replies go. Plus Since I’ve decided to use a different game engine for my game I kinda have to rewrite everything (as well as learninG PYTHON //SCREAMS) I’ll use this weekend for that. Anyway thanks for understanding guys!))

i was browsing through some runway photos and thought this outfit from saint laurent fall ‘15 collection looked a bit too familiar??

most of the clothing was sold out ages ago but these are the average prices i managed to find, which means victor’s ep10 outfit is worth around 3300€ / $3500! the boy is loaded and i am not even surprised anymore

//EDIT: the sweater discourse inspired me to give video editing a try (x)

baneismydragon  asked:

2 B Chat (preferably Marichat but thats me being greedy) for the Falling in Love meme ^_^

Kitty ears are very sensitive and Marinette is going to use that in her advantage.

Blush meme

I’m not taking more requests im finishing the ones i have

you have no idea how incredibly reckless i would be if i didnt spend all my time stopping my best friend from being incredibly reckless

He’s our leader. If he’s not playing next game, we’ll play for him.