Buying Groceries Yesterday

Clerk: what is this?

Us: Vanilla bean

Clerk: What do you even use this for? 

Us: We’re making pudding!

Clerk: Just like Vanilla pudding…..?

Us: It’s really good Vanilla pudding. 

Clerk: *scans bottle* This is costs $10 for 3 beans. 

Us: um it’s REALLY REALLY good pudding 

Clerk: … You bought 2 bottles of this stuff. 

Us: Look lady you need to understand pudding constitutes a not insignificant part of our weekly diet. 

Octavia introduction model sheet!

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so i had a dream that i was in love with a criminal and he was in jail, and i was sneaking around trying to bust him out? and all the guards trusted me and then they start trying to tranq the guy and i rushed him out, and someone ( apparently one of the food employees at my school? ) reprimanded me very quietly about how bad it was to be associated with him. she was nice enough to me but i cried. why would i do this??? why would i ever

i think criminology is starting to affect me lajdshfjakdhfad.

  • su steven okay
  • crewniverse:[introduces a new fusion that constantly puts themself down]
  • crewniverse:[has steven fight amethyst because he wants to show her that he's a worse individual]
  • crewniverse:[shows steven stressing out about times that he had to defend himself and ended up hurting people]
  • crewniverse:nah not really