scratching wins

Some of My Pirate101 Headcanons

•Subodai actually loves books and reading, but doesn’t tell anyone due to the fear of it ruining his tough image.
•The Presidio/Parent’s Death companion you get used to read your pirate bedtime stories. (And they still do sometimes.)
•Ratbeard has a huge crush on Bonnie Anne.
•El Toro constantly talks about Mustang Sally and writes her letters whenever possible. (Unless you are a swashbuckler.)
•If your pirate is a Swashbuckler, El Toro and Mustang Sally constantly speak all lovey dovey to each other. Your crew also has contests to see who can stand the lovey dovey talk the longest. (So far Old Scratch is winning.)
•Your starter companion gives your Pirate piggyback rides to the life fountain if you lose/flee/get knocked out in/from a battle.

I really liked making these up! Please tell me if you want to see more, or if you have some of your own ideas!

I’m so happy like winning that scratch ticket makes it so I don’t need to put my summer job money into a car, which means I can put into that gaming PC I’ve always wanted to build

Okay, so, recap.

Stanley spent his entire life being considered the ‘dumber half’ of his and Stanford’s duo, and because of an accident after being confronted with the likelihood of a life of failure and the possibility of losing his brother his father kicks him out and his brother abandons him. So he spends years scamming people in hopes of getting a big break that would enable him to reunite with his family. He ends up in prison three times and evidently gets into a lot of shady business and owes dangerous people money, and he looks to have lived in his car when things got tough and was so desperate for money at one point that he resorted to scratch’n’wins. After over ten years of living like this, he is brought to gravity falls by his brother, who immediately tries to send him away with what he views as a mere book. They get into a fight, which ends with Stanford being thrown into the portal and Stanley begging for him to come back. Then he spends the next several decades trying to get his brother back. When he does, his brother still hates him. And the icing on the cake? Stanley probably never even managed to repair his relationship with his parents before they died.

This summer with Dipper and Mabel is probably the happiest he’s been in decades.

My sister got into a very serious car accident yesterday and she had to have her whole right arm amputated. Its been very hard and everyone’s emotions are running amuck, I got to talk to her today on the phone today finally since shes in Boston at Mass General and I had to come back to my hometown to take care of my youngest sister. But the first thing she said when she got to talk to us is “tis but a scratch” I dont think I’ve laughed so hard in my life, mind she is still currently on many pain meds but I’m glad her sense of humor can shine through.