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Do you have limits to what you put on your characters heads Like could one of them just have something ridicules like a scratching post or is that to far

I mean, look at Kingler. What type of object is Kingler? A chess piece crossed with a dice, crossed with a..something? and then there’s that one kid who was mean to Infinity as a kid, he’s a candle-head. My object-heads just range from pretty obscure and wacky to simple like, Beau, and Quence. I mean….he’s a box that smokes. Heh, I just have fun with them honestly, but I guess my limit is that their object heads have to be thick enough to look like a head? if that makes sense I don’t know I can’t describe. Hope that answered something

This is dedicated to Vivien - my dorky best friend with who I’ve shared a lot of tears and laughs over the last 9 months. It’s been unbelievable, everything we both went though.

Thank you for all the shared jokes, long chatlogs and friendly jabs. Thank you for saying “I understand” when everyone else said “cheer up”. Thank you for allowing me to experience what being an older sister is like and for all the promises we’ve made. You’re one and only person I ever opened up to like this. 

Happy birthday dear! <3

And I present to you — Nebulastuck.

Kanaya, Nepeta, and Sollux all have numbers over their heads because they’re the three characters I used completely separate nebulae on, and I wanted to make a note of it. (Though it looks like I used separate ones on most of the others too, they’re just colorswapped. Feferi was an arse to colorswap.)

Now with 100% more links!

Alpha Kids, Beta Kids, Pre-Scratch Trolls


I also forgot to post these pooplords I finished in the stream a while back OTL
I have been so forgetful lately.


Those Homestuck shipping rings got me hooked last night! I’ve found a new favorite thing to procrastinate with. 

This round- post scratch trolls!

this is illegal amounts of fun…

Beta Trolls
Troll Master Post
Sprites/Guardians/Minor Characters

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