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Is it just coincidence and happenstance that where we meet Flemeth in the Fade, where we learn some truths, happens to be under a statue/carving of what may be Dirthamen, Keeper of Secrets?

What’s also interesting is that in this distant shot, Flemeth is kneeling with her head bowed. When the cut scene continues and we’re closer to the two, she is looking directly at Kieran, seemingly kneeling so as to have eye contact. But in that brief bit prior - is it reverence? Is it awe, or sorrow? Why would someone carrying the essence of Mythal bow before someone carrying the essence/soul of an Old God?

Which begs questions about the nature of the Old Gods. Were they unique entities, or do they hold some parallel to the Forgotten Ones? Or… what if their manifestation as dragons was somehow the doing of Mythal herself? Seven beings that were supposedly ‘trapped underground’ by the Maker, given wings and the gift of flight by a goddess (depicted with wings of her own) as a means of escaping their imprisonment. But as that was not enough to break their prison, or their slumber, leaving them vulnerable to the darkspawn and the Taint.

So releasing an Old God’s soul from its corrupted form would then be freeing the entity from a different sort of confinement. Perhaps not primarily so that the recipient of the essence could obtain power, but so that a certain justice is met and measured. Thus Flemeth’s plan for the Archdemon, and thus her desire to take Kieran with her - to right the wrong that was done to one of the seven, to give the soul wings again.

(always with the speculating…)

Everyone Hates Bro Strider now?

Hence the update clarifying Bro’s abuse while raising Dave I’ve seen a lot of hate. This isn’t exactly related but I would like to point something out that I’ve found interesting. Bro and/or Dirk in some aspect got the short end of the stick in the beta session. Let me clarify now that I do not condone any of Bro’s actions or am in any way defending those actions. I simply find this depressing.

Rose’s mom aka pre-scratch Roxy lived in a gigantic home and was likely some sort of astronomer or scientist. This woman was wealthy enough to have giant decorative statues of wizards. 

Grandpa aka pre-scratch Jake was a famous explorer and was able to travel the world and go on adventures, He was able to sail the ocean without worry or care, owning several artifacts from across the globe such as suits of armor and ancient mummies. 

Nana aka pre-scratch Jane started off raised by the Batterwitch and kept away from her brother but was able to open the Prankster’s Gambit a joke shop. No longer having to deal with taking on the pastry empire in the end.

Bro aka pre-scratch Dirk was a man living in an overcrowded apartment and raising a baby. He spent time building an industry of smuppets… In Dirk’s conversation with Dave he said the following. 

It seems like everyone got to live the life’s they wanted. Dirk was frustrated and self-hating for most of his youth, and that’s when he is in control. Now only imagine what his thoughts must have been like on downward spiral. 

literally all that happened between me and madeline was that she abused and neglected her cats for two+ months and then got mad when i got tired of it??
she did not clean their litter box, would be gone for days at a time without feeding them and would not tell me she wasn’t gonna come home so they wouldn’t get fed. at one point when i was jobless and living strictly off of ebt i had to steal food for them and ask my other friends to give me food from their cats to feed them with. they have destroyed countless belongings of me and my roommate upstairs because they were bored and understimulated and didn’t have a clean place to go to the bathroom. i was the only person to ever buy them a scratching post or toys. recently they needed flea medication and when i confronted madeline about it she asked me to buy it for them even though i have been hard up on money for the past few months because i am struggling with $20,000 in medical debt and instead of buying necessary items for her cats i would see her posting pictures of new clothes she bought.
before she moved in a year ago i was VERY vocal about how i am allergic to cats and always have had bad experiences with living with them and she assured me she was a clean and responsible pet owner.
anyone, including my family and friends and roommate upstairs, who has been to my house recently can attest to the reek of cat urine and feces in my house and the general state of their neglect. even after she has moved out there is cat shit in the living room and her room still smells like urine.
finally after months of BEGGING her to commit to their care i said i was dropping them off at the spca because i broke my hand and was not capable of caring for them by myself and because when i went to vb for two days to visit my family it was clear when i came home that she had not been home at all to feed them. for two days. that was the last straw for me.
i have only been polite about confronting her about these issues and have receipt text messages of every text i have sent her in the past few months where i try to start an adult conversation about whatever issue i was having with her as a roommate and she either blew me off or responded in a way that didn’t assure me she was going to fix the problem or even apologize for it. i agonized over every text and would send them to our mutual friend first and ask “is this too much or too aggressive?”.
she has also been really bad about paying her rent and bills and my landlord was constantly getting angry at me about it because madeline would not answer his phone calls so i had to deal with the added stress of that.
and then she decided to move out without giving me any notification and without any intention of paying her last month of rent.
i have literally reached out to her asking her to talk to me and begging her to tell me why she is doing this and why she felt the need to be homeless over just coming home and taking care of her animals and being more present and she responded saying she didn’t feel like “dealing” with it.
so y'all can villainize me all you want, idk what she is telling people about me, but those are the facts of the situation. i still do not hate her and have not said a negative thing about her besides the facts. i do not wish her any illwill. i just hope this has been a learning experience for her and she prioritizes the care of her animals she claims to love so much in the future.

Thoughts at 3am...

The best part of summer break and not working much is spending time with the AwesomeCat. I just can’t ever express to y’all just how happy I am being able to hang out with him this much :)

When you’ve been together almost 20 years, and it feels like just a blink of the eye in time, well… it’s pretty damn special.

I’ve been spoiling him a lot too. New big bowl of catnip, new scratching post, new scratching box, and some new tiny mice that he loves. He is such a character. He’ll drag his bunny or teddy bear over to the mice, then boom… go straight into kill mode lol. then he’ll grab the teddy bear and find me and plop down on me for hugs. lol

I’ve spent the last hour laying in bed and reading comics, I find that 10 at a time is a good pace for me. Gives me a good feeling for an arc and storyline and is a good place to pause. The Awesomecat is just camped out with his butt shoved into my crotch and his front paws draped over my foot. Every now and then he’ll lift his head and meow which is his signal he wants a kiss or to be petted. … usually both.

My favorite is when we wake up. I’ll get up and sit in my recliner and he’ll sloowwwwly get his ass out of bed, plop onto my chest and fall back asleep. It’s so nice to just be able to hold him instead of having to put him down on the floor as i get ready for work or school

I may not be healthy, but i’m making the most out of my summer break and I’m pretty darn happy thanks to the worlds best cat :) 


I couldn’t find a cat tree anywhere that was sturdy and I was willing to pay for, so I made one myself!  When I adopted my cats, I didn’t know my tortie would grow up to be built like a beast, so stuff has to be arranged and built in a way that it accommodates this big, heavy, very strong cat who loves to climb and jump (and who might actually be part lion).  I ended up with about 20 pages in my tiny sketch book of schematics and measurements to make sure this this was right LOL.  Took 7 exhausting days to make (mostly because I kept having to run back to Home Depot D:).  The deceptive amount of carpet cutting and staple gun work (that you wouldn’t think would be thaaat much work) was so much work it left my hands swollen for the two days after it was done LOL.  They’re better today (I can bend my fingers again, yay!).  There is a definite reason construction folks have beastly hands *mad respect*

Now to return to cleaning the mess this project has made.  Colonies of carpet fibers are everywhere! 

In the meantime, here are some construction shots!

Now back to your regularly scheduled art tumblring.